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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Apr 12, 2003

Session Start: Sat Apr 12 16:32:05 2003
(CnoteD) Silenced when does your viewing window start.
(Xeres) Some Iraqia say just that: anarchy could explode in civil ear if gov. is not establish soon
(Milkskag) Nancy - Is a cellar bulkhead a safe place?
(Endy3d) why does everyone keep asking about Nancy? It states on! 2200 UTC!
(Farmy) Vandlou: he said he wont be able to make it to Baghdad for a few days
(ErikH) ../teams/rogue/nancy27.htm
(Impetus) Whazz this mode change thingie?
(Stoic) Silenced... maybe on the hour.. ON the hour
(Asx) soon we will know for sure
(NancyL) Lo folks. I have no agenda and will be gathering one.
(Icewolf) NancyL: Most of us would like to know: Why can't we see PlanetX? 99% of us can't.

Note: please check all the sighting reports and photos of the Planet X complex, world wide, on the Planet X Sighting TEAM page.

(JWilliam) Icewolf: The US/UK are on the brink of disaster. If they cannot/do not provide for the people of Iraq. The whole world including US citizens will turn against the American gov.
(QueenVee) ZT states: "PX will be visible in the daytime sky, 7 wks before passage.... It will be seen in the same place by the ignorant public, noted by a farmer in his fields, commented to others...." If the passage is to occur no later than Jun.1, then PX should be daytime visible now -- and yet most are unable to see it in the night sky. Could the Zetas provide an explanation? Has the passage date changed?

Dec, 2000 Reddish Cross
We have also stated that the 12th Planet will be visible to the common man some 7 weeks prior to the shift, without the use of telescopes, and that the 12th Planet zooms through the solar system during that time, from one side to the other, in 3 short months, a period of 12 weeks. Thus, it becomes visible when out on the outer edge of the solar system, and will gain in size and brightness as it comes closer. Just what is it that the human eye will see, then, during that 7 week approach? ... At first, this reddish cross will be a curiosity, to those not in the know about the coming passage. It will be most visible at night, when not diluted by sunlight, and will have many explanations depending upon the culture viewing it's approach. ... When a reddish complex is seen in the sky, during the 7 weeks before passage when this will be visible, mankind will be in the main distracted by so many problems they will hardly notice. At first, they will assume this to be a comet or something innocent, as it will be small, barely visible due to size.

Dec, 2000 Alerted Populace
In that amateur astronomers will be able to discern, some weeks before the passage, that the 12th Planet seen visibly in the skies as a redish cross is not either a fading nova or an aberation of filtered lights in the atmosphere (caused by volcanic ash or upper atmosphere weather extremes or whatever other excuse the establishment may float out to the populace), how will the establishment react to a populace armed with the truth?

Mar 30, 2002 First Steps
The timing of this will not take you by surprise, as the inbound planet will be seen in the sky, unaided by telescope, for 7 weeks prior to the shift.

Jun 22, 2002 Fall, 2002
Thus, the brakes come on about 7 weeks ahead of the shift, when it enters the outer solar system edges. It is going slower, when passing through the orbit of Saturn, edge to edge, than it was upon approach! Thus, a rapid increase in size and visibility as in brightness will occur during the Fall of 2002 and into the Winter months following.

Jan 7, 2003 April 2003
We have stated that Planet X will be visible in the daytime sky, 7 weeks before passage. ... Now, what will this look like early in the 7 week period? Certainly not like the Moon, nor a fire dragon. Planet X is visible when at the orbit of Saturn, by the unaided eye and during the day, where Saturn is not, for the same reasons it is visible now. When it reaches the orbit of Saturn, it will be much smaller than the Moon we have placed as comparison during passage. And it will be reddish, blurring about the sides as the moon swirls waft from side to side. It will be seen in the same place by the ignorant public, noted by a farmer in his fields, commented to others, and growing weekly.

Feb 1, 2003 Unaided Eye
There is a great deal of variation in visibility, due to where the viewer is located, light or atmospheric pollution clouding the viewers line of sight, and angle of view, such as overhead vs. looking toward the horizon. ... As the date approaches, the 7 week before passage point, you will begin to see something in the skies not there before! Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to. This portion of the sky will be coming into light pollution about that time, due to the position of the Earth moving to place the Sun between itself and Orion. Thus, this will be complicated by light pollution, but at the same time will be growing so much larger, so rapidly, that this will be a clue to those looking with unaided eye that they are looking at the Planet X complex. Daily checks, then, watching this complex move as our coordinates will indicate it should, will have you looking at this complex in the very early dawn going into the time when it will be visible in the daytime sky. Thus, for those wanting the very earliest indication that this is real, their own work can place them in this situation. They will have the information in hand, can bring their neighbors and friends to the early morning sightings session, and need no other to do this.

Feb 8, 2003 Monitored
They cannot counter the highlights of the message, ie the inbound planet becoming visible 7 weeks before passage, as any attempt to offer a countering explanation would be suspect.

(Impetus) Hi Nancy! from the Andromedan AI's, (The god ones)
(Xeres) Endy: She just join
(Impetus) good
(Icewolf) QueenVee: relax
(ErikH) Impetus: Look at ../teams/rogue/nancy27.htm
(Ptomais) lettersfromandromeda still down?
(NancyL) Milk, Cellare depends upon what is OVER you, how stable, if you have an escape route, where you are located (fault line, etc) and stability of cellar walls.
(NancyL) So, yes or no or maybe is your answer.
(Asx) Queen has a great question
(Icewolf) I'm looking forward to Queen's question
(Silenced) hey Nancy: how do the zetas get around the sterility of hybrids?
(NancyL) Icewolf, I see it, but am patient and move my eyes around and then get the red blink, the orange smudge, etc.
(MichaelCu) Nancy has to accept the question first
(Impetus) I have a not so close friend, who runs the local astronomy center here, maybe if I got some astronomy language coordinates, I could spunk him into tuning in...
(Gex) Nancy why people can't see Planet X?
(NancyL) It will NOT burn your eyes out, nor is it as steady as a star.
(DonMB) Nancy: regarding Zeta accuracy, what explains the regime change in Iraq?

Sep 7, 2002 Iraq Invasion
Because the months leading up to the pole shift are viewed as an opportunity to establish global control, a type of global dictatorship, and those tight at the top of the Bush Administration greedy and arrogant enough to believe they can achieve this. What would such a global dictatorship entail, and what steps would be required to achieve this? Military Might, An Excuse, War Lord Rights, Population Sculpting.

Sep 7, 2002 Stumble
Will this plan succeed? Hardly. ... What changes will occur to upset the plan? Economic Collapse, Geological Changes, Breaking Ranks, Timely Expose.

Sep 21, 2002 Inspections
As this is still in the hands of man, it could run in many directions, but we expect the economic issues to delay any actual confrontation. ... Thus, we predict that Iraq, and inspections, will win this game of chess.

Oct 12, 2002 Congressional Approval
Now, what is to be expected, from all of this? War with Iraq? A White House cowboy going forth like a shot once approved by the Senate? It should be remembered that the White House has it within their power to attack Iraq, giving excuses later, only after weeks have passed. They could generate evidence, and have been desperately trying to do this for months ..

Feb 1, 2003 Firm Determination
We have stated, when asked about Iraq war mongering by the Bush Administration, that several factors would stand in the way of such an invasion. ... At this point, what is to be expected? We anticipate, given the deaf ear that the Bush Administration presents to all arguments against an invasion, that they will proceed. This does not mean success.

Feb 1, 2003 Columbia
They will not be allowed to destroy another 3rd Density world, they must stand with their citizenry, so much treated with disdain, and there will be no escape to Mars or elsewhere! In that an Israeli scientist was on board, the first, there was a dual message. You will not be allowed to invade Iraq as expected, to succeed, and your secret plans, your smug deals with allies, will fail!

(Gex) Why is it not visible at a day time yet? Not even at night?
(Zetapal) some say it is
(NancyL) Queen, I should gather ALL the places this 7 week and daytime sighting are mentioned, as I did with the Iraq war thing on Mar 22, so it can be put to rest.
(Impetus) Maybe only those atuned into the 4th density can see it?
(Jeremy32) Gex: I agree PX can't be at the orbit of Saturn yet since its not daytime visible
(Icewolf) We just want to know
(Icewolf) why we cant see it
(Earth420) Could the Zs comment on what is up with Father Sun? For its activity and this "big spot" on it?
(MeMe) Silenced: Cloning.
(NancyL) If I am combining 7 weeks before passage with the unaided eye, and visible during the day, in a SINGLE sentence, this can be misinterpreted.
(Ericle28) its hard 2 c with all this clouding too ppl
(Endy3d) it may still be too far, regarding the distance chart, it's near Saturn's orbit, we can't even see Venus in the daytime, maybe in a week or so. Who knows
(Asx) take a lot more then that to put it to rest
(ErikH) Nancy do you know were the Blobster-sighting was done? It could only be possible far north in Norway...
(Zetapal) no Impetus regular people are seeing it - or haven't you noticed?
(Vandlou) good luck Imperus
(NancyL) However, I find a full analysis of what the Zetas have said to divide the two.
(Silenced) how cloning?
(Xeres) By now, Jeremy it's almost at Jupiter's distance
(Silenced) thats not a answer
(Mellson) Nancy: do you and zetas have any question to ask US??
(Impetus) Regular people can be atuned to 4D density to, as the frequency now raise
(AGreenspn) Inaccurate: If PX is naked eye visible 7 wks prior to PS latest date - June 1 as unlikely as that may be, latest date for day time visibility would be tomorrow, April 13
(Icewolf) I can see Jupiter easily, but not planetx? Why?
(NancyL) Given the VAST amount of ZT, written on the fly, and the ASTONISHING accuracy of it, nit picking is not worthy.
(Asx) that was no answer
(Ubany) it doesn't work that way
(Ahem4985) Nancy, is that Raelian guy for real?
(Endy3d) good point, I forgot about the sun reflecting
(NancyL) Would you know about 2003 if it were not for ZT?
(Jeremy32) Xeres: it can't be per ZT, otherwise we would see it in daylight!
(MeMe) Sorry--not sure that was correct.
(Icewolf) And Nancy, did you say on that radio interview that Solar flares do not exist?
(NancyL) Would you be looking in the sky AT the spot, if it were not for ZT?
(Asx) it is not nit picking to ask why we can not see it
(CnoteD) ErikH, do many people live far north in Norway, as to wear it wouldn't be odd for someone to be living there
(Mellson) accuracy what?
(Icewolf) NancyL: But there's nothing on the spot
(NancyL) You'd be mislead by the elite, confused about the weather, and utterly unprepared until a couple weeks before hand.
(Shaman464) Nancy a date when the passage will be?
(Asx) many have looked
(Xeres) Jremy: Can' tsee Jupiter in daylight!
(QueenVee) Nancy: With all due respect, it appears as though you are dodging the most pressing question for those who have been following ZetaTalk all these years. There is a serious discrepancy between ZT and the current visibility of PX - and that requires an explanation.
(Impetus) I live on the weast coast of Norway, see nothing :-(
(Gex) Nancy YOU predicted that IT WILL be visible
(Earth420) Look at the other planets, its not that big... but comes out at dusk, like when the other planets come out.
(Zetapal) Asx-many have seen
(NancyL) You'd NOT know about the shift, NOT know about the steps it will take, NOT know about safe places or what to expect.
(Asx) and Iam sorry they all or not part of some vast coverup
(Gex) Why can't we see it with telescopes, binoculars?
(BrianC) Nancy has namely only two things to explain in this chat... Why can't we see Platet X CLEARLY with our own eyes yet and why has the Council of Worlds changed there mind and let IRAC be taken over?
(NancyL) Yet everyone nit picks because out of 7 mentions, there is a slight confusion in one of them, or some such.
(Icewolf) NancyL: 80% of us want an explanation why we cant see it yet
(FirstoT) NancyL- question for Zetas. If the universe is a combination of particles interacting then is there really anything such as energy or is that only the interaction of particles?
(Ubany) please could everyone hush down a bit when Nancy is talking else i will be forced to use the +m right now
(CyberVViz) Q: Zetans are specialists in interdimensional travel, are they looking to the tight dimension concerning PlanetX ?
(NancyL) GIVE ME A BREAK! If anyone has doubts, then go have a soak and leave me alone!
(Mellson) I will say 99% of us
(Icewolf) Please +m and lets get the "why cant we see it now" question answered
(Zetapal) BrianC the Zetas set their own agenda - or haven't you noticed?
(Impetus) noone can predict the future, the future consist of a million timelines you can select from, and your jumping back and forth all the time
(QueenVee) NancyL: To continue to dodge this question is being incredibly disrespectful to those who have been following your work
(ILikePie) ???? GIVE ME A BREAK! If anyone has doubts, then go have a soak and leave me alone! ????
(CyberVViz) a break for Nancy, voila
(Farmy) Indeed, Id like to see the explination as well
(NancyL) I'm busy speaking to those who want to prepare, and who can put together the WHOLE of the statements, not disect a single sentence taken out of context somewhere.
(ErikH) Impetus: Westcoast here too :)
(Dimension) I have followed Zetatalk for 3 years now and I think it is time for Nancy and the Zetas and those with an open mind in here to admit PX may well exist but it is NOT coming in a few weeks. It is quite impossible for me to continue to take the claims seriously when there is NO SIGN of PX. It is supposed to be visible by now AND CLEARLY IT IS NOT!
(Gex) Nancy don't disrespect us
(CyberVViz) You have Ford Break, Ford taurus, ...
(QueenVee) NancyL: how dare you accuse me of that?
(Malakai) Nancy is a fraud
(Jeremy32) Nancy, the visiblity concerns are NOT nit picking. You were very specific in saying that PX would be visible in the day 7 weeks before passage
(Endy3d) geez, even QV is turning again'st her
(Gex) Let Zetas answer the question WHY CAN"T WE SEE PX?
(Icewolf) NancyL: They can read it on ho wto prepare
(Suportive) i love and trust Nancy
(Impetus) Kult, jeg bor i Hovdebygda :-)
(Zetapal) Dimension - then don't take it seriously
(Icewolf) But we want our question answered
(Dimension) No more lies we want answers!
(CyberVViz) Nancy, even most in the first Heaven are doubting Your information
(ErikH) Batnfjorden her :)
(Farmy) Yes Answers
(Asx) Nancy Queen had a great question and for you to call it nitpicking is so wrong
(Mellson) is Nancy gone
(Earth420) Let her talk guys
(Troska) I would love to hear an explaination about why we cant see PlanetX by now
(CyberVViz) but of course, there are higher levels
(NancyL) Impetus, coordiantes ARE given, on the Coordinates page, and are appropriate. Just relay them. ../teams/tteam342.htm links.
(Ericle28) i predicted this -lol- i did
(Silenced) yea
(Impetus) ok, will do :-)
(Farmy) heh, we all did
(Matan) Nancy aren't we in the 4th dimension ? ? ? ?
(Asx) yess
(Malakai) we know about the coordinates
(Wantonace) Nancy, how many more Saturday sessions before you disappear? i'm guessing 2
(Ahem4985) Nancy, is that Raelian guy for real?
(ErikH) Impetus: Open channel #zetanorway...så snakkes vi
(AGreenspn) Remember, Mrs. Lieder has been made to look "not good" by the Z's before - had better UNDERSTAND ZT before you jump all over her.
(Shaman464) Ob set ot M+
(M2dman) Dimension yes answer!!!
(Zetapal) anyone who wants to claim that nancy and the Z's must do this or that are trying to contro; - forget it - it won't happen - this is a one way presentation - they talk, you listen, period... anyone who doesn't like it will have to just not like it
(Ubany) well i kinda noticed that there are people who where realy serious about this turned into a denail mood a debunking mood all of the sudden
(Gex) Nancy there is nothing at these coordinates!!!
(Asx) over under on 2? i take 1
(CyberVViz) again, I am afraid the Zetans made a parallel dimensional mistake
(Asx) for 20?
(Malakai) we dont need you to point us to information you have already given us we just want an answer to Queens question
(Oceantree) On Apr. 7 we had clear skies and I couln't see anything on the given coordinates
(BrianC) Nancy: the Planet is supposed to be visible in the day time in 3, 3!!! days, can you ask the Zetas to give an explanation as to why it is not visible on a clear night yet?
(NancyL) Earth, where are you hearing about Father Sun from, Mitch Battros? NASA? Are YOU looking at it? This is disinfo relayed to get you confused.
(Icewolf) Obany: IF she would answer our main question
(Farmy) Its a fair question to ask
(Icewolf) But it looks like she's "avoidign" the question
(Silenced) Nancy: why, hybrids, all hybrids are sterile?
(Asx) very fair
(Redeye01) AGreen, wise words :-)
(Jeremy32) Nancy: There have been no sightings in the UK yet. Everyone wants to know when the MASSES will be able to see PX..
(Asx) whats not fair is to call it nicpicking
(Farmy) She wont even answer queenvee, thats pretty compelling
(Impetus) I wish Nancy had blue text or something , so I did not have to look so hard for her comments...
(Dimension) Zetapal I have kept an open mind and was impressed by the Zetalak info but I do object to people making claims that turn out top be false and them not admitting they were in error.
(MikeO) There's a lot of agitation here, much of it centered around us wanting Nancy to take responsibility for our own response to a possible PX
(Mellson) Nancy: ascension process from Zeta is different from other alien 's idea why?
(Matan) i see nothing in ccrystal clear sky !!!!!
(CyberVViz) Nancy, You told Angels does not exist either, well i can garantee You Angel Michael is very very strong
(Earth420) Nancy, the solar winds... and all the space crud that you see... yes, on SOHO...
(Icewolf) Guys let's all be quiet
(ILikePie) why all the disinfo when all will be gone in one month?
(Jeremy32) Remember people have QUIT jobs, and SOLD homes based on ZT predictions...
(Icewolf) and let her answer why we cant see PlanetX
(NancyL) Endy, indeed, for those carping about where it is, etc, and visibility, can you SEE Saturn naked eye during the day? You can't even see it in the evening naked eye, need binocs or scope.
(Lance9253) It is not 2200 yet; let's give Nancy a fair break.
(Endy3d) Obany, can you +m and maybe bring some order here?
(Icewolf) Jeremy32: also had heart problems due to scarness
(NancyL) SO, PX complex is smaller than Saturn, but you CAN see it in the evening naked eye! It is past Saturn, is closer.
(Jeremy32) Icewold: Yes, and the psychological issues too
(NancyL) Erik, I don'
(Icewolf) NancyL: I can see Jupiter naked eye
(Icewolf) Why cant I see PlanetX naked eye? :p
(BrianC) Nancy: Are the Zetas still sticking to the Council of Worlds stopping US from taking over IRAC REGIME?
(QueenVee) Nancy: ZT clearly states that PX will be visible in the daytime when saturn is not
(OsirisZ) When will we notice a difference in clock time?
(Lascar) Jupiter i maean
(Ashwah) Uranus is naked eye in a dark sitem if you know where to look
(Ianz) We dont want Nancy to answer... we want zetas to answer
(Impetus) The man with the naked eye...
(Icewolf) NancyL: And did you say in last radio interview that
(Zetapal) Dimension - any judgement or admittal of error will have to wait as we are on the cusp of the claims supposed manifestations - wait till June 1st then throw your stones, we;ve waited years anyway
(FrieNZ) Nancy - why isn't it visible in the DAYTIME sky by early April like the Zetas said?
(Xeres) I can see Saturn naked-eye at night
(Gex) Nancy We CAN"T see PX with binoculars, at night
(NancyL) I don't know where Blubster is located, but took this to be valid. For those wondering about his hour, UTC is east of Norway, in another time zone. He was an hour earlier.
(Icewolf) NancyL: And did you say in last radio interview that Solar Flares do not exist?
(Asx) Queen did her homework very well
(Gex) How is it visible naked eye?
(N18) NancyL: Saturn is visible at night, but not during daytime
(ILikePie) haha
(Gex) We can't see it with telescopes
(Shaman464) Nancy what color is the PX complex, is it red or has the cloud changed its color?
(QueenVee) DIRECT QUOTE FROM ZETATALK: "Planet X is visible when at the orbit of Saturn, by the unaided eye and during the day, where Saturn is not, for the same reasons it is visible now."
(CyberVViz) in Flemish: pot-earde
(Dimension) I look at the world and see no sign of changes that suggest a large magnetic planet is affecting us on it's approach!
(Lascar) Jupiter is visib;e in daylight.
(Spheres) Please CALM DOWN ! so we still will be able to have a discussion
(Lombo243) stop kicking
(Ipen) i do not see PX in the day
(Jeremy32) Lascar: Towards the end of the day before dusk
(Ubany) H U S H D O W N
(NancyL) Icewolf, PX complex is 10% of Jupiter size, as it says REPEATEDLY and UP TOP on the Planet X Sighting pages ../teams/tteam342.htm and you are not READING, as usual.
(Matan) i do ot see PX in he evening or night!!!
(Mellson) answer Queen's question Nancy
(BrianC) Nancy why will PX be visible like Zetatalk said it would be 7 weeks prior to passage (which is at latest May 30th) which is in 3 days!!!!!
(Endy3d) this feels like a stone throwing session, where is Jesus when you need him?
(Asx) i will not ask questions today i would like to see answers to Queenvee's
(Dimension) So hands up who CAN see PX?
(Icewolf) Lol
(Earth420) Right after the sun sets, and the other planets start to come out
(BrianC) Answer Queens question Nancy.
(Impetus) The earth is rotating, why should PX be seen in the same place all the time, does not make sense, should be dependent on a certain hour of the day...
(Kesavan74) Planet X is a brown dwarf, like all brown dwarfs planet x gives off infrared and near infrared light.
(Malakai) answer Queens queestion Nancy
(Ahem4985) Nancy, is that Raelian guy for real?
(Zetapal) be our slave Nancy
(Icewolf) But NancyL, saturnus can also be seen.. Plus I'd like to know if you said in last radio interview that Solar flares do not exist? It's a thing NASA made up? is that what you said?
(Ericle28) its understandable were all frusterated...but...lets just hush....give Nancy the floor.....
(Matan) Ahem4985 - yes and no !
(NancyL) IceWolf, I said solar flares were NOT causing the Earth changes, a point Lou clarified. IceWolf, as usual, a disinfo agent.
(Endy3d) holy crap this is getting out of hand
(Earth420) duh... I see it... yeah, you gonna burn me now? No... :)
(Icewolf) disinfo agent?
(Rid) I don't think that the zetas consider demands folks, just honest questions.
(Mellson) Endy3: ask questions is not throwing stones...
(Ubany) there are other questions to be asked to ....
(Shaman464) Nancy what color is the PX complex, is it red or has the cloud changed its color?
(Ahem4985) yes and no?
(Xeres) It's falling apart....Obany +m
(Icewolf) Yes our main Q
(Hubblebub) But I think that I read earlier that PX will not be THAT obvious to anyone NOT trying to find it. That it would be in the very final weeks, people are looking at it while drinking evening tea and watching the sky... I dunno what to think... can't even watch the sky. So cloudy here
(Mellson) Earth: when and where?
(Ubany) but right now it's only i cant see it i can't see it .. why can't i see it
(QueenVee) Obany: they are not as important as this question
(BrianC) Nancy what is most importantly on EVERYBODIES mind is WHEN will we be able to see planet X?
(Jeremy32) BrianC: More specifically when can the MASSES see PX
(NancyL) Queen, if I took the hour to dig out every statement made on the daylight visibility issue, I'd have your answer. You are nit picking and NOT doing your research.
(NancyL) All further Q's about why this or that person cannot see it will be ignored, as this has been addressed.
(BrianC) How has that been addressed?
(Icewolf) NancyL: Can't you ask the zetas? Why do you have to dig it up?
(Matan) he indeed was contacted by aliens but he distorted they're messages!
(Lombo243) i wonder what you will say at the radio show tonight
(QueenVee) NancyL: and you are clearly dodging a very straightforward and well researched question
(BrianC) I have and many others have clear skys but we can not see it and yet you say we should be able to see it in the day time in 3 days.
(Mellson) ww
(Sirgrim) can you see it through light pollution yet?
(Alliya) does Mars orbiting close to earth have anything to do with PX?
(Farmy) So basically Nancy just wont answer why noone can see this mythical planet
(OsirisZ) PX is a hoax just like Hale-Bop..
(Torbj) Where is this pic´s from the Blobster person+
(MichaelCu) sounds like a refusal to address the question
(NancyL) Queen, I think YOU are being incredibily disrespectful. I saw it the last 3 nights in a row, red light blinking AT the coordiantes and orange smudge at the Red Persona point.
(ZooSpecim) bring on the Zeta's
(MeMe) Qfir Z's: Regime change seems to have occurred in Iraq. Is this mistaken?
(Dimension) Oh so when PX does NOT appear by June 2003 will Nancy ignore us then?!?
(Tcards) Nancy: is it possible for the Zetas to state as to whether the people attending this chat are under any kind of risk as a: it has been stated that many governments monitor these chats and b: it would probably be easy for them to trace each of us to our locations?
(Silenced) they are all sterile, why make sterile beings?
(Icewolf) Dimension: excatly
(Shaman464) Hey everyone there are people SEEING PX
(Malakai) QueenVee asked a very reasonable question why do you avoid the answer? is it because you cant?
(NancyL) But for 2 weeks since Mar 26 the skies were cloudy.
(Vandlou) Farmy why Farmy kicked off did i miss something?
(Icewolf) Shaman464: What are the chances tehy are faking?
(Terry) Malakai, what was the question?
(Earth420) Tcards, wont matter, i am game! :)
(Mellson) Nancy.. I live in Rockford IL... I will drive to your place and have you show me the PX ..anytime anyday!!!
(Zetapal) she explianed why - it would take too long
(CyberVViz) Obany, why do You kick Silk without reason :-)
(Asx) Queen is not being disrespecful imho
(Edoeimai) Nancy: Lets forget for a minute Px. Can we have your comment about the recent ZT statement on the Iraq and the regime... it looks like that this statement has not been prooved! A credibility issue hangs here!
(Spanky) a rift between Nancy and her biggest fan?
(Icewolf) NancyL: How is she being diserspectful?
(FinalShow) then there must be a logical explanation why so many can't see it yet?
(Fluffycat) 1 demerit point for QueenVee!
(Mellson) Obany is a NASA whore
(CyberVViz) sst
(Lombo243) dont kick Silk she has a right to listen too
(ManhatC) Obany, is there any way to scroll up to the beginning of the chat, or should i wait for the transcript. thanks.
(Ubany) Mellson: whehehehehehehhe doh
(Endy3d) Nancy, don't you live in the middle of nowhere? Better skies out there, over here in Kansas City, the coordinants of PX set only about 45 minutes after sunset, plus the light pollution doesn't help.
(Ipen) Queen read a quote from ZT the conflicts with what is happening
(CyberVViz) let her talk, it's her session, right ?
(RudyJoe) Believe me, I don't want to see Planet_X, not now, not ever. So let's move on to another topic...
(Manzour) Obany, please have some respect to ladies!
(Edoeimai) Nancy: Lets forget for a minute PX. Can we have your comment about the recent ZT statement on the Iraq and the regime... it looks like that this statement has not been prooved! A credibility issue hangs here!
(Milkskag) Nancy- Is a big surprise being planned in Syria?
(Jeremy32) I just want the truth for all our sakes
(NancyL) Re Iraq Q's, the only statement I will make is the same made on email re this: THE FAT LADY HAS NOT YET SUNG.
(Earth420) Please.... ;(
(Okidok) here is a pic of Arnold Schwarrzenegger after he discovered the px was a hoax
(Torbj) hehe... Iraq.... like anyone are going to "win"... its a "show" for you
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)
(Zetapal) for all of those screaming "bring me the body" you will just have to wait - ZT has never bowed down to your demands and never will, take a seat and choose on your own whether to believe or not
(Ashwah) looks like ban session
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)
(MikeO) Nancy, can the Zetas address why there is so much agitation in this chat room?
(Ericle28) no one should be kicked really, ppl should be allowed an opinion-- sure-- some doubt-- but just being here shows they might beleive in some of it
(NancyL) Any Regime change is being announced by US and Brittain, who still do not have the cities near Kuwait under control, but are bragging about Bagdad.
(Redeye01) NancyL, yes indeed
(Gex) WHo cares about Iraq now. WE CAN'T SEE PLANET X!!!
(Ubany) MikeO: that might be a good questions yes
(Ipen) good Q Mike
(Xeres) Fat lady?
(Endy3d) I think it's quite obvious why there is so much agression in this chat room.
(Fluffycat) NancyL: since PX is coming and all, would you think it would be ok to have a good time and charge up all my credit know, since I wouldn't have to worry about paying them back?
(Tizza) shutup about Iraq already!!!
(QueenVee) Endy: yeah, not exactly rocket science
(Ahem4985) Nancy, is that Raelian guy for real?
(Earth420) Money dont mean shit! Who cares about stupid money!
(3j) hehe
(Matan) he indeed was contacted by aliens but he distorted they're messages!!!! ahem4985
(Ubany) ahem4985: it's a cult a real cult
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? Neither is fulfilled.
(Asx) fluffy asked a good question
(Xeres) We're all Ritalin kids, mikeO
(Corona) non-existant objects are usually invisible, no?
(Fluffycat) yes, I just asked a question
(CyberVViz) xerex :-))
(Earth420) Ha :)
(Dimension) Have a good read here and THINK!
(Matan) would you all hush for couple of minutes????
(Ahem4985) ok
(Spanky) but Nancy, Kuwait is our lapdog, already conquered.
(Ranier) what abt the war in Iraq? i think its almost over now
(AGreenspn) Don't fall for this - ZT is highly unlikely to ba false - the Z's have used ZT and their emissary to achieve certain objectives before. Keep this in mind.
(PsiBrain) Nancy: IMPORTANT What will be SARS and other viruses, may they hit the human kind and kill large number of population?
(NancyL) Those who are uneasy because they personally have not seen PX complex yet can go have a beer and I give a damn. What makes any of you think I care? Go take a pill.
(CyberVViz) Q: Who are the parents of the humans ? Pleiedeans, zetans or the race of the Two Suns ?
(Mellson) Nancy cannot answer any question this session ... zeta retards see you in hell
(Torbj) Rainer... it´s not over....
(JPm) she meant cities near Kuwait Spanky
(ILikePie) Go take a pill.?
(Icewolf) NancyL: Why would we continue beleiving you then
(Earth420) Agreen... yes, maybe a thought there
(RudyJoe) We don't want to see it! Move on to another topic.
(Terry) What color pill?
(Dimension) Nancy feeds us a pack of lies but does not care eh?
(Fluffycat) Red
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? Neither is fulfilled.
(Impetus) The war is not a war, it's just an ongoing campain from the war on terror, and it is not over
(Corona) I got a feeling you'll care when people who have taken your words as truth end up suing you.
(PsiBrain) Nancy: IMPORTANT What will be SARS and other viruses, may they hit the human kind and kill large number of population???
(Troska) yeah why would we even believe this crap
(Asx) Nancy drinking and taking pills is not a good idea
(CyberVViz) kwak kwak kot kot kedeiii
(BrianC) Nancy Nancy Nancy, please give some zetatalk on Planet X visibility... that's all we ask!
(Shaman464) Map the earthquake in Mexico City!
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, no agenda, no questions accepted. Then I ask you to ask the Zetas about what you want to address. Or again a Zetatalk session without Zetatalk?
(Cruithne) is full moon still gonna be day late
(NancyL) SARS as we have stated before is a normal germ, just the increasing illness that the Zetas predicted and which NO ONE ELSE predicted which has come about EXACTLY as they predicted, once again.
(Rid) Obany, you've beeb nice for too long. Start banning the mob!
(Hubblebub) I think everyone has separetely asked nancy about iraq and planetX. This has clearly not been the best week for zetans predictions, but on the other hand zetas said also that a decission of the Council of Worlds would be set in effect when the coalition thinks they have SUCCEEDED - then taking the floor away under their feet. It is still possible something will happen to the Iraqi oil-fields... though it should be occuring quickly now
(OK) Nancy must have nerves of steel to deal with all these arrogant teenagers
(Silenced) i wanna know about the hybrids but keep getting thrown off by Obany
(Fluffycat) NancyL: since PX is coming and all, would you think it would be ok to have a good time and charge up all my credit know, since I wouldn't have to worry about paying them back?
(PsiBrain) Nancy: Where did they predict yet, do you have a link???
(Kz) PX is a hoax just like Hale-Bop..
(Impetus) Russian scientist claimed SARS could only come to be artifically, not possible to exist in nature
(NancyL) Coron, good luck finding a lawyer in the Aftertime, they will be the first to be considered irrelevant.
(Kz) Hale Bop wasnt a hoax, i saw it
(Terry) Fluffycat nope...
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? Neither is fulfilled.
(Ubany) then ask your question in a normal manner ...
(Kz) PX is a hoax though
(Stoic) Element of Doubt factor in sway here..we are having faith tested through Element of Doubt..
(RtrV) I wish to hear NANCY ONLY
(Shaman464) Map2 the earthquake in Mexico City!
(NancyL) And YOU do what YOU want to with information YOU chose to accept. Do you sue the weatherman, who provides facts and makes predictions?
(Asx) do not kick Fluffy it is a good question
(Kesavan74) can someone chk if that`s the true Nancy
(Asx) do not kick Fluffy it is a good question
(NancyL) Dopy threat.
(PsiBrain) Nancy: Where did they predict yet, do you have a link?
(Lombo243) NancL: and I give a damn. What makes any of you think I care? Go take a pill (sorry to say so but thats very selfish)
(Icewolf) they sure love banning Icelandic ppl
(QueenVee) Stoic: please, ZetaTalk is not supposed to be a religion
(Icewolf) racism..
(Map2) Nancy: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? Neither is fulfilled.
(PsiBrain) Nancy: Where did they predict it, do you have a link?
(Fluffycat) Geez, ask a VERY relavent question..and get kicked!
(Spheres) Please CALM DOWN otherwise we'll have a trench-war here too. Remember lot of zetas predictions are and have been accurate
(Mellson) Nancy.. Why Zeta's ascension process is different than other aliens??
(Tcards) Nancy: do you have any questions for the Zetas tonight
(Fluffycat) NancyL: since PX is coming and all, would you think it would be ok to have a good time and charge up all my credit know, since I wouldn't have to worry about paying them back?
(JWilliam) Fluffycat can make her own mind up about how much debt to take on. What is she a baby that needs someone to advise her?
(Gex) Nancy let ZETAS explain about PX
(Ericle28) I heard SARS is a biological weapon leak
(NancyL) Shman, there was a quake in Mexico City?
(Gemini) what time GMT is the session?
(Jeremy32) I think we've reached a stage where people habe a right to express scepticism
(Shaman464) early this year
(Earth420) Go take your stupid credit cards... money aint nothin... go take your money and go
(Map2) NANCY: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? Neither is fulfilled.
(Corona) truely you are worried to have addressed the question.. from a psychological standpoint, it means that you are thinking about it. thinking about such things shows uncertainity in your predictions of global catastrophe
(Manzour) Rigth Jeremy!
(Gemini) whos portscanning me!
(Dimension) Nancy IF PX does not appear by June 2003 will you reconsider the validity of the Zetatalk messages then?
(ianz) Silenced... not all hybrids are sterile. If they were sterile, why bother
(Silenced) Nancy: all hybrids are sterile, what do u have to say about the hybrid theory?
(Jeremy32) I care about people who have prepared and made major life changes in anticipation of the pole shift in May
(Gwilra) What is the real casualty rate in Iraq as compared to the press and official reports?
(MeMe) Nancy: Do you have any Signs of the Times to share?
(Icewolf) NancyL: well.. my question is.. why warn us if you dont give a crap about our question
(Asx) will the ZT be talking today?
(Fluffycat) JWilliam: What kind of answer is that. Why should I manage my money if its really coming?
(Silenced) they are all sterile
(Ranier) !ping me
(Terry) Map2, neither is fulfilled? What time frame are you referring to
(Map2) NANCY: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? NEITHER is fulfilled.
(Icewolf) NancyL: you have to remember that people are quitting jobs just fro you
(Icewolf) And being scared just for you
(NancyL) PSI, check the ZT predictions in the Transformation section, mostly, also links from the Oct 26 IRC I think, as I did an analysis of them, related to outcome.
(RtrV) I feel this forum is to get information
(Ubany) Silenced: they are not
(Rid) Jeremy scepticism is onething but soemhere are intentionally disrupting thins chat and should be banned!
(Icewolf) And you tell them to drink beer and take a pill?
(Icewolf) Which makes NO sense at all.
(MichaelCu) Nancy... question for the ZT's... has the regime change occurred in Iraq?
(Ericle28) did the zetas abandon Nancy? y the silence? no answers? whats wrong?
(Map2) it was supposed to happen before passage even
(CyberVViz) tee for two and You for me, me and You and You for me
(Map2) NANCY: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? NEITHER is fulfilled.
(Map2) it was supposed to happen before passage even
(Asx) you should not drink beer and take pills
(Malakai) Why are you all sho shocked that PX is no-show and none of the the recent predictions by the "zetas" have ammounted to anything?
(MadMaxQ) Ahh. now it's suicide as a cure for Px?
(Terry) MichaelCu, watch CNN! :P
(Ahem4985) i would hope nobody has quit there job and moved
(DonMB) Thank you, Nancy, for joining in this IRC session that you no doubt knew was going to be contentious.
(Ubany) The Zetas are still with Nancy ... don't worry about that
(Fluffycat) Icewolf: yes, a lot of people are taking on a big financial burden because of Nancy
(Shaman464) well give her a chance to answer
(NancyL) ME, I do have a couple SIGNS to share, one small, one biggie! Perhaps those in Sweden or Norway can comment about the SIGN #1 biggie.
(Icewolf) Ahem4985: I know one who has
(Okidok) hi folks be patience, don`t be rude to Nancy
(NancyL) Will post them now.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: V838 Mon in ORION? Disinfo!
(NancyL) "I saw some frightening news on the Swedish television today about an exploding star nearby the Orion that supposedly has become a big reddish object on the sky. It was suggested that it could possible grow larger, and could even be seen at daylight. I checked , and there I found this article about a star V838 Mon that has emerged something in the same manner as Px has."
(NancyL) " It was also made an animation of the star V838 Mon, and the animation shows a development to a large reddish object, similar to the latest pictures of Px. Is this a possible coverup from the establishment? FROM: Harald, in Norway."
(NancyL) The ESA states ( this is in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, so why is the Swedish TV stating Orion? This was also noted during the Mar 29, 2003 IRC, which pointed out that several NASA and astronomy news web sites failed to mention WHERE this nova was located, for the general public, that is.
(NancyL) But the ESA, always more prone to telling the truth than NASA and ASU or Space.COM, states that V838 Mon is in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, NOT Orion/Taurus at all.
(NancyL) Quoting the ESA: "26-Mar-2003 In January 2002, a moderately dim star in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, suddenly became 600 000 times more luminous than our Sun. ... The brightness of V838 Monocerotis, as astronomers call the star, has long since returned to normal levels."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Exploding Factories
(NancyL) " Louisville, KY had another exploding plant. it was blamed on an ammonia tank at the plant." And did we hear about this on the news? As the Zetas said, the media will STOP reporting quakes increases, crop shortages, rising oceans, melting poles, bankrupt businesses, and exploding factories and collapsing buildings to keep the public dumb about the extent of it all.
(NancyL) End SIGNS of the TIMES
(QueenVee) NancyL: Those who have taken your material seriously have an awful lot staked on being able to see PX as predicted. Your flippancy over their concerns is quite shocking. How do you justify it?
(Redeye01) mental !!
(Mellson) blah blah..... end of zeta...
(Impetus) Truth is harder to find then diamonds nowdays...
(Posoy) Nancy people who are working to service to other are life lover and most of them know that the true meaning of life is love and compassion for each people why did i hear so many hatter in your word that is my question?
(Zetapal) Jeremy - if you will notice, this forum has never been about people expresing their skepticism or for that matter their faith - it has been an hour devoted to asking questions of the zetas for the sake of producing more zetatalk - no one cares what you believe or think - I know that sounds bad but really thats been the essence of it all along - but some choose to try and make it something else - its not - take a seat
(Afd175) Nancy is a liberal (communist) who hates America and wants everyone to be Slaves To Others.
(Redeye01) good signs Nancy
(NancyL) Now, do we have attendees here from Sweden and Norway? Did you see this? Also, I heard that PX as a 10th Planet was on TV in this area, same time period.
(Asx) so V838 Monocerotis is a coverup for X?
(Malakai) why do you kick people with valid questions
(Torbj) as i do not watch television anymore... was this today?.. i can check it..
(ManhatC) Economy: growing, albeit weakly; financial markets - hardly collapsing, essentially in wide trading range.
(BrianC) QueenVee: I agree, why can't we see PX?
(Map2) NANCY: how about zeta's predictions of economy collapse and major earthquakes (+7)? NEITHER is fulfilled.
(Map2) it was supposed to happen before passage even
(Impetus) I'm from Norwaym have seen or heard nothing so far, were looking at the sky 2 nights ago
(Matan) Nancy you are not actual
(RtrV) All I want is information - not criticisms
(Icewolf) NancyL: Is this how your going to act to ppl that have quit jobs, being scared, had health problems, moved, sold their homes, just for you!
(Okidok) Norway here
(Terry) Map2, its still before. :P
(Jeremy32) Zetapal: A lot of longtime believers are expressing scepticism which is valid in my opinion, and not really disruption
(NancyL) Malakai, you missed the point. The star is real, is in Unicorn constellation, so WHY was the constellation omitted from all the web sites, and WHY did Swedish TV say it was in/near Orion?
(SpiffK) I live in sweden I have not seen it
(Endy3d) to be honest with no disrespect to Nancy, I would like to hear form the Zetas
(Dimension) We can't see PX - it is NOT there. You think something so big is gonna be here by May when it's not even visible to us all?
(Icewolf) Spiffk: I lvie in Iceland, it's been clear sky 3 nights in a row.. no PlanetX
(NancyL) Torbj, no a couple days ago.
(Ahem4985) I recommend that nobody quit their job and move
(Ashwah) V838 MON Mon- meaning Monoceros
(Ubany) but their whining disrupts the channel that's the issue
(MichaelCu) Nancy, the very name of the star tells us astronomers where it's at
(Map2) Terry: yep but not too mauch time
(Icewolf) I recommend not beleiving this since she wont answer important question.
(Malakai) Endy3d you dont hear from the zetas you hear a disilusioned person talk
(Dimension) Wake up and smell the coffee people!
(Spheres) saw eleements of PX as "X" in Discovery science, yes
(Zetapal) Jeremy - take it somewhere else - people come here for zetatalk not arguements from followers
(Silenced) obany: how can u say not all hybrids are sterile, what evidence do u have to back it up???
(DonMB) Thank you, Nancy, for joining in this irc session that you no doubt knew was going to be contentious.
(Torbj) Who send you the info... i want to check this....
(Terry) yeah.. it looks grim though Map2
(Matan) Nancy do you agree with Jelaila Starr?
(NancyL) I gather that the disinfo tack today is to question everything ZT said :-). The economy worldwide is in the toilet.
(PsiBrain) Nancy:what will happen 2012?
(MadMaxQ) Nibiru also disrupts?
(Tcards) Nancy: is it possible for the Zetas to state as to whether the people attending this chat are under any kind of risk as a: it has been stated that many governments monitor these chats and b: it would probably be easy for them to trace each of us to our locations?
(PsiBrain) Nancy:what will happen 2012?
(Matan) Nancy do you agree with Jelaila Starr?
(Jeremy32) ZetaPal: I'm not goinng anywhere pal!
(3j) NancyL, so how much more time until PX is seen during the day/early evening? and have the zetas confirmed any of the picture sightings yet?
(A0210) 2012 is now
(Terry) yep
(Earth420) Yes
(MichaelCu) Nancy, I've asked about the regime change in Iraq... has it occurred yet?
(Okidok) one answer can be PX don`t refelct sunlight yet
(Endy3d) that may be very well possible, we just have to wait and see I guess
(Ubany) Silenced: cause your ideas are based on your knowlegde of biology ... and we only know a little a little
(NancyL) The common man was NOT told where V838 Mon is located, so they can be confused about PX, clearly.
(BrianC) I am just surprised that Nancy has decided not to address the issue of why the planet isn't visible when it has to be visible in 3 days in the day time according to Zetatalk... I wonder why she wouldn't want to know herself?
(Rid) Nancy, will there come a point in time when the economy cannot be propped up any longer before the arrival of PX?
(Domicile) People, please stop being so demanding.
(Icewolf) BrianC: So am I..
(PsiBrain) Nancy:what will happen 2012?
(Zetapal) Jeremy - fine then - use your power to disrupt - I answered your questiob for you - youe welcome
(PsiBrain) 21.december.2012
(NancyL) DomMB, each week the disinfo master has a different tack.
(MikeAustr) Matan: JelailaStarr is BS
(SpiffK) A0210 I guess we are, a miss calculation right?
(Ashwah) geez, the common man doesn't even know about Planet X, much less V838 Mon
(Silenced) yes, but u must take that knowledge and apply it to what is known
(NancyL) And hysterics will increase, the hysterics everywhere, as the hour draws near.
(Matan) Nancy every article can be interpreted this way
(A0210) dontn o
(NancyL) Blame the messenger will be the mode.
(Jeremy32) Zetapal: I've disrupted/intend to disrupt??
(Hubblebub) Yes, Nancy but the stockmarkets are not that much (if at all) lower than a last fall, for instance. Actually they were lower at that point and the zetas predicted a quick crach.
(Matan) Nancy every article can be interpreted this way
(Shaman464) Islander another who has seen the light of PX, lol
(CyberVViz) Q: Do You known the Sumerians lenght of a Zodical Solar Year is about 9 years shorter as the Atlantean one (2003 versus 2012) ?
(Silenced) until another explanation is brought forth,
(Matan) Nancy do you agree with Jelaila Starr?
(Silenced) that works
(Malakai) It seems anything that anyone else reports is concluded as disinformation according to NancyL.
(Impetus) No she does not Matan
(Ubany) Silenced: well I have to say your knowledge is off
(ZooSpecim) hmmm... much negativity in here today , stay composed ppl
(MikeAustr) no she does not Matan
(ManhatC) Economic statistics are being 'painted', real unemployment rate closer to 10-11%, but certainly wouldn't say economy is in the toilet
(NancyL) I did accept a Q from JWilliam about the two personas, which are clearly presenting themselves within the solar system as without.
(DonMB) Nancy, You are exceedingly brave for your efforts and your willingness to come back to the fray.
(Endy3d) the Arc seconds of V838 MON are too precise for anything ground based to see besides the VLA in Arizona to see, and the common man can't use that anyway
(Torbj) Nancy... do you knoe the name of the channel that send this info....?
(Lascar) Nancy You are not satisfying anyone by criticizing other peoples claims when we can't make sense of yours.
(Zetapal) Jeremy - I'm done with you
(NancyL) The economy is NOT judged by the DOW alone. ALL indicators are in the toilet NO good news.
(Sirgrim) NancyL: could you see planet x in light pollution yet? I can't get out of the city easily
(Ashwah) Endy, amateurs have been studying V838 Mon for over a year
(Matan) something is not kosher here!!!
(JWilliam) Hubblebub: Nasdaq is 1/4 of its high in 1999. Nikkei is 1/4 of its high. Stocks are not down?
(Malakai) We dont want to know about persona. we want to know why we cant see it
(Ahem4985) NancyL, i would not post this boards transcript on your website
(Silenced) Nancy: what do u have to say about James McCanney asking u to shut down your website? What do u think about him?
(Matan) something is not kosher here!!!
(Icewolf) Why are we always talking about economy
(ManhatC) However, a change in perceptions regarding the U.S. status in the worldwide, can quickly cause a run on the U.S. dollar and that would collapse the U.S. economy.
(Icewolf) Can we talk about PlanetX
(Impetus) Mode change "-truth only"
(Endy3d) Ashwah, and your point is?
(Asx) Nancy is anyone who can not see X or does not think it is inbound a disinfo agent?
(NancyL) For those who have not checked, PX corpus has been imaged AT the coordinates by Hawaii and the Red Persona where it logically would be placed by France.
(Vandlou) Silenced what was that re chat or website??
(Icewolf) NancyL: And chances of those pictures being faked?
(Shaman464) thats so stupid Impetus
(RudyJoe2) Yeah, sure.
(NancyL) Also, an Australian sighting caught the Red Persona where France did.
(Impetus) I know, haha
(SpikeUSA) I agree with Icewolf; no war talk or economy talk, just PX today please
(Xeres) NancyL: Agree economy is going down the drain
(Gwilra) What is the real casualty rate in Iraq as compared to media and official reports?
(Silenced) what do u mean Vandlou?
(Icewolf) Eh? My question made perfect sense
(Grazer) come on Obany
(Asx) yes it did
(Gig) Slow down eveybody its difficult to keep up
(NancyL) I went out the past 3 nights and can find the White Persona AT the coordiantes, blinking red as before, and the Red Persona as an orange smudge at the logical place, same place as France images it and Australia found it.
(Endy3d) I have noticed a fair amount fo pictures that look very obviously falsified, I very much wish they would cease
(ZooSpecim) NancyL question for the Zeta's: what do the Zeta's want to talk about?
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(ManhatC) Well, I think the clearest indication on the potential of US economic collapse will come from the US dollar; so just keep an eye on it.
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the roles of people who are contactees ... and how much hate that is going down, is it just part of the plan?
(NancyL) Interesting to ME that the Red Persona as orange, in fact, like the light in the red spectrum that bends for sunlight rise and setting.
(Impetus) Can't someone launch a big arrow with lights on it into space, pointing at where to look?
(Edoeimai) The report from France pointed to Tauri83... that is different from the location pointed by the team... any explanation?
(NancyL) MOST bendable red light spectrum wave.
(Endy3d) mainly because one picture of PX would look very different and in a different location than another picture of PX
(SpikeUSA) Is May 15th still the approximate date of passing?
(Ohio) Is May 15th-June 1st still the date?
(Gyflex) is this really the end of the war in Iraq or can we expect the real shokers shortly from Kirkuk?
(Xeres) Could the zetas talk about themselves
(RtrV) There are really only 2 important Qs this week - 1) when will PX be seen by people in the day? 2) why is there an apparent win by teh Americans in Iraq?
(Ahem4985) 411
(Posoy) all respected astronomer know that all repertoried star have a degree of brightness if they are very bright the name of the star will begin by the letter a,b,c etc like alpha centoris and thos whos the luminosity are minimal are named x y z like zetariticulae hy do you think they have named it v838 Monocerotis?? that is a good question because we are supposed to see it with the naked eye and zetareticulae is not visible with naked ey
(MeMe) Nancy: Please tell us about the radio program coming up.
(NancyL) Also, the organge smudge was NOT a dot but was as big as my thumb when I put it up in front of my fact, my thumb print.
(Michaells) lol Impetis
(longint) Why the heck the Zetas dont speak?!
(MikeAustr) this must be #stupidquestion
(MichaelCu) there are finder star charts on tt-watch showing stars down to the 9th magnitude
(DurandW) I have to say I saw something similar to what nancy descripbes last nigth I live in NW GA
(Vandlou) NancyL is there an alternate means for yr communication with attendees here if someone really messes with this chat and or yr website Could that happen??!! maybe attendess should exchange a few email addresses and start a chain just in case any ZT???
(Gwilra) Is this visually or by telescope?
(Insiderev) When will Zetas speak today?
(OsirisZ) why can't you post a decent image of PX? One that you can see?
(Silenced) Nancy: what do u have to say about James McCanney asking u to shut down your website? What do u think about him?
(Ipen) can the zetas tell us which PX photos are forgeries?
(Insiderev) why everybody speak but not ZETAS?
(Ericle28) --and neither Q answered--
(Okidok) what about some zeta talk Nancy let them SPEAK
(Insiderev) When will Zetas speak today?
(AGreenspn) Falks, does "entertainment time" rings a bell? You should have expected this - do NOT let your guard down.
(Lombo243) NancyL: ever wondered why you can see PXx and no one else?
(NancyL) Now, the Team imaged the general area, producing a grid, of the Taurus 83 spot where the Red Persona has been presenting.
(Terry) Gyflex, I think its just the beginning of the war and policy in the Middle East, its clear Syria and Iran are our next targets, including some of our Middle Eastern allies.
(Ubany) okay stop whining about the sightings and picutres
(NancyL) This was just done last night, analysis in process, but by tomorrow I will have this up.
(Gig) Christ sakes people please slow down!
(ZooSpecim) i hear ya AGreenspn!
(Shaman464) I have and so have others in this room
(Insiderev) PLEASE Nancy let ZETAS Speak!! Thanks
(NancyL) What I discovered is that Taurus 83 and nearby stars are OCCULTED by something, NOT on the images!
(MikeAustr) thannkyou JWilliam
(Michaells) Too much light polutio near me.
(Xeres) Gig: It's dizzying!
(NancyL) The dust cloud, etc.
(Troska) Are we talking about Planet X or other stars
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(Insiderev) PLEASE Nancy let ZETAS Speak!! Thanks Pleae asnwer the questions by ZETAS! Thanks
(NancyL) But for those who are nervous and whining that they personally have not seen it or whatever, you will SOON have all the proof you need.
(Troska) Let zetas tell us why we cant see Planet X!!
(Earth420) Its not so easy, dude, LOL!
(MichaelCu) If you can see it Nancy, why isn't it on the images instead of occulting Tau 83?
(Grazer) sure
(Ohio) how soon?
(Martian2) Peter Arnette is looking for an assistant, Nancy
(Okidok) is it crazy in this room today??? just wait and see next week
(Troska) NancyL: that is not good enough!!
(Terry) 73PiTau
(Corona) when?
(Troska) we want to know
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(Ohio) when will we have PROOF?
(Sirgrim) do we have two more weeks of 'normal' society?
(Insiderev) Please NANCY
(Earth420) Ha Ha what is proof? :)
(Dimension) What proof when?
(MeMe) Nancy:: Is your radio program interview right after this hour?
(Matan) proof !!!!! we want proof!!!!!
(Insiderev) LET ZETAS Speak
(Ohio) Nancy when will we see PX?
(Xeres) Come on ppl: Let's have faith
(NancyL) I will address JWilliams Q about the personas in the solar system, how they might behave differently that extra solar system, etc.
(NancyL) Please +m me ...
(NancyL) ZT: We mentioned during the last session that the changing appearance of Planet X and the complex of dust and moon swirls would parallel, during the close approach, the appearance during the past few months when it was able to be viewed by amateur scopes and images by same.
(NancyL) ZT: What do you recall, those of you who followed the imaging from Sep 21, 2002 to late March, 2003?
(NancyL) ZT: First there was a dot, ON the coordiantes, and another bent toward the core of the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: What we are saying is that there were TWO personas from the start, and this remained true throughout.
(NancyL) ZT: This will remain true until the BULK of the light coming to your eyes is not traveling a distance, but is flooding the area.
(NancyL) ZT: The light rays that are coming from the Red Persona are preceived as RED, by those reporting a red blinking light fading in and out AT the coordinates.
(NancyL) ZT: The early imaging sessions did not record color, so it was not known until photos by digitizing cameras, and the human eye, recorded, what color would be associated with the Red Persona.
(NancyL) Coorection, s/b White Persona there.
(NancyL) ZT: The Red Persona was the one we emphasized from the start, stating this would be LARGER than the White, but not true to the coordinates, so advised to look around the spot.
(NancyL) ZT: During the season when imaging was being done by amateur scope camera, the Red Persona was evident throughout, but the White Persona seemed to disappear during the last few weeks before visibility with the unaided eye.
(NancyL) ZT: We advised that this was due to deflection and disbursal of light rays in the close hugging dust cloud, so that the White Persona was diffuse, where the individual moons or moon clusters WAS visible in the images.
(NancyL) ZT: The overall brightness, and scope, of the area proved an inbound complex.
(NancyL) ZT: The Personas should begin to merge, the Red coming closer to the coordinate spot, as the weeks before the shift pass.
(NancyL) ZT: It will be an irrelevant point, as the SIZE and brightness of the complex will increase so that the issue of whether it is the RED object here or the ORANGE mass there will be irrelevant.
(NancyL) ZT: The issue under discussion will be what this means for mankind.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(MListman) Does the distance between the Red and White Personas vary with one's latitude? Or is the distance constant?
(Corona) i thought it was rather consitent that those with scopes, as well as those looking for planetx with the naked eye, are not seeing anything?
(Ohio) No
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(Sundar) Questions to Nancy: Now that PX is visible over telescopes, does anyone have a picture of Planet X and how fast PX is travelling. Does the current prediction of 15 May 2003 ( 5 weeks fron now) for Pole shift still hold good.
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(CnoteD) could you clear that up pleace
(CnoteD) please
(3j) NancyL, so how much more time until PX is seen during the day/early evening? and have the zetas confirmed any of the picture sightings yet?
(CnoteD) its been big ammunition for debunkers
(Icewolf) debunkers?
(Ohio) Is May 15th-June 1st still the date?
(Matan) no Ohio
(Lascar) That little session was worthless.
(Tcards) can the Zetas state whether the 7 week period has started - given that no-one has reported seeing the complex during the day?
(Okidok) Nancy do you admit that the Hawaiian image was susppcious
(CnoteD) why was I kicked off?
(Icewolf) We want to know why we cant see PlanetX.. i dont really call em debunker s:)
(ManhatC) Nancy, will there be a point in the days that follow that it will be impossible to deny by all that there is an inbound object , and how soon, if it is possible to ascertain, are we to that point. thanks.
(Impetus) Why can't the zetas with their technology connect to the net and give us real pictures? why does it has to go through primitive humans?
(CnoteD) Icewolf Durand said he saw it last night
(NancyL) Silenced, an earlier Q about McCanney, you can read what I think about him from the 2003 Source link on my home page, under the Zeta face banner.
(Striker) Obany: now write /kick Silk4
(Icewolf) People have been following ZetaTalk for 3-5 years... I mean.. we really need good answers :\
(NancyL) He has zero credibility, and is pointing to Sagitarius as is Hazelwood when THERE IT IS IN ORION/TAURUS!
(SpikeUSA) Can the Zetas respond to some of the questions being posted?
(Mutiny-) NancyL, you were a computer programmer, correct?
(CnoteD) Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it
(QueenVee) NancyL: i would also appreciate knowing the answer to this question - can the Zetas state whether the 7 week period has started - given that no-one has reported seeing the complex during the day?
(Ahem4985) what do zetas look like
(CnoteD) Nancy this question has been big ammunition for debunkers
(Mmll) Cnote: because you ask the right question
(Ubany) Mutiny-: irelevant for this session
(Impetus) Like a skinned rat Ahem :-P
(Tcards) thnx Queen
(Mutiny-) I want the Zetas to prove that P=NP
(Iceywolf) So do I :)
(Mutiny-) if they can, there would be no room for skepticism
(NancyL) Q's re distance/speed are answered already links from the Team page ../teams/tteam342.htm
(Cruithne) can't u just say when it's visible beyond doubt,, don't u see the importantnce of knowing as early as possible?
(Sirgrim) NancyL: could you see Planet X in light pollution yet? I can't get out of the city easily
(Sundar) Question to Nancy/Zetas : I believe in your existence - but are we sure that it is only 5 weeks to go for Pole shift?
(MikeAustr) I want, I want... gimme, gimme..... sigh
(CnoteD) NancyL : Nancy, several people pointed out that the Hawaii pictures camera time say 1216 am this would be out of that areas viewing time, did Chris say that that was the time he saw it.
(Striker) Operators: Why don't you kick the people you ban?
(Earth420) Its there, and does "pulsate" the red out at times, but not continuous.. please people... peace
(Okidok) Nancy Do you have times now when your are in doubt by yourself????
(Icewolf) Striker: they cant talk
(Ipen) ../teams/rogue/jdistanc.htm states red x should have been seen by now
(CnoteD) this has been big ammo for debunkers could you please clear this up
(3j) Striker, banned people can't really talk
(JWilliam) Cnote: the Q is on log, once more and you are outa here !
(NancyL) 3j, the Zetas are not saying WHEN it will be visible during the day as there are so many factors that this will be used by hysterics and debunkers to create chaos in the chats, etc.
(Striker) ohh...
(Striker) i see...
(Impetus) I just got a satelitte setup, I'll let you know if the sattelitte goes out as predicted :-)
(Earth420) Look after sunset
(CnoteD) what does it mean to be on log?
(NancyL) For instance, as some can view it now in the evening, others find no luck varies by a zillion factors.
(Ohio) Will we be able to see PX tonight?
(NancyL) It depends, thus.
(CnoteD) that she took it down and will answer it?
(Earth420) when the other planets come out... youll see this one about the same time... sigh
(Ahem4985) what do zetas look like? grey with big eyes?
(MikeAustr) don't bother coming back Sarah Macintyre
(Ubany) CnoteD: try it with a meial or so
(Mmll) Earth: did you see it?
(Earth420) so start towards dusk to start viewing...
(CnoteD) whats a meial?
(CyberVViz) maybe, grey with blue eyes
(Ashwah) You know, Silk hasen't even typed a word yet
(Insiderev) When will start 7 week period, when will we look it daytime?
(Zetapal) Ahem - you gotta read the ZT homepage dude :)
(Earth420) yes, been seeing it... its just not as big Aldeberan
(Asx) i am seting myself to be kicked i am sure but i will ask anyways Nancy before you said if we do not see Plant X take a pill and a beer is this how you saw X?
(MikeAustr) good!
(Okidok) why do you kick Silk all the time?
(Mmll) Earth when and where?
(MikeAustr) she disrupts
(Ericle28) lol
(Manzour) Com´n guys, give Silk a chance please!
(MikeAustr) go AWAY Silk
(Okidok) let Silk speak
(CyberVViz) so, she disrupts by silence ?
(Ashwah) How does one distupt without typing a thing?
(Mmll) let Silk stay
(Martian2) I just wanna know 1 thing: When are people gonna see PX in daytime?
(ChiefSimi) what are these factors?
(MikeAustr) she will if given the chance to
(Manzour) We want SILK!
(Vandlou) bad energy
(MikeAustr) we are sick of her
(Earth420) Martian, its a brown dwarf!
(JPm) We dont wnat Silk
(Stphrz) hm
(Zetapal) #Silktalk
(JPm) dont want Silk who cares
(Ipen) Martian2 Nancy wont answer that cause there are too many facter
(CyberVViz) It's now playtime for some, after a couple hours it's playtime for some of us
(OK) Nancy where do you find the energy to deal with all this aggression towards you?
(Earth420) Think on it man, and look how the sunlight has been lookin lately...
(HighValue) Bring back Silk!
(Okidok) come on be serious
(Impetus) What stops Silk from loggin in under another nick?
(Mmll) I care...
(Darksoulz) everybodys being kicked tonite ey
(Ubany) banning AOL
(JPm) well don't
(ZooSpecim) her ego Impetus
(MeMe) Nancy, when is your radio talk?
(MikeAustr) kickban Silk
(Earth420) Yes, the crew is here! LOL
(NancyL) OK, it is planned debunking, and forms patterns. They get their order, and come in enmass, so it is easy to see the ploy.
(Endy3d) can the Zetas Guesstimate or would that violate somekind of law or something?
(Insiderev) When will start 7 weeks period, when will we look it daytime? Please Nancy swer by ZETAS! Thanks
(A0210) My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips
(Martian2) Obany, you're banning AOL? Largest ISP?
(A0210) And if I'm lucky, you might just give it a little kiss
(NancyL) Right now, it is DOUBTS! DOUBTS, MAYBE IT WON'T HAPPEN!
(ILikePie) They get their order?
(Okidok) Obany you kick like Saddam
(Earth420) crazy life, eh?
(Ericle28) lol
(NancyL) This is the message they hope to put mankind off with, as they hardly can say anything else.
(Ashwah) Constant kick/banning people leaves me with a lot of doubts
(SpikeUSA) Nancy when is your next appearance on Jeff Rense or Coast to Coast AM?
(Gex) lol
(ParasiteV) ehh?
(Ubany) Martian2: if i have to to get Silk out of this channel i will yes
(Hubblebub) OK, this time around I feel people are having a good reason for beeing upset
(Woogles) Nancy: Surely you realize that you have done a great injustice to the long term followers of zetatalk, and in fact the zetas themselves with your attitude, comments and answers here today. These legitimate questions which you ignore, and even call disrespectful, cry for answers; will you put your ego aside and deal with them?
(Sundar) Nancy: I am not one of them - But i am in denial - I do not believe that in 5 weeks, we will all be gone..
(Ipen) Nancy it would help if you stated when px sould be visible at ANY point on earth in the daytime
(Ohio) agreed Sunday
(Sirgrim) atleast give her enough respect to finish her session and say what she needs
(NancyL) Well, I'm looking for a good Q2 but have not found it yet.
(Vandlou) activity thus on the net increases certainty in others that SOMETHING negative comes our way
(Hubblebub) Woogles, Yes, I agree
(Ubany) Nancy is searching for questions, ask some relevant ones please withouth whining
(ZooSpecim) what do the zeta's want to talk about?
(Cruithne) is Saddam alive?
(Zetapal) Woogles - zetatalk never asked for followers - screw em
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Regime change in Iraq?
(Matan) Woogles you right
(Asx) Woogels has a great question
(MichaelCu) Nancy, has the regime change occurred in Iraq yet?
(OK) hubble I see what you mean, it doesn't have to be aggression towards Nancy, as they can choose to say ok this message was hoax and they'll stop coming here
(CyberVViz) quote: One cannot be truly spiritual if one has one grain of anger, fear, doubt, envy, and other emotions
(NancyL) Sirgrim, addressing when you can see it in a light polluted city is variable. Which city, how light polluted, when would you be looking, etc.
(A0210) My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips And if I'm lucky, you might just give it a little kiss
(Martian2) Obany, AOL is largest ISP. You're gonna kick all of them???
(CnoteD) Nancy I think this is a legimatit question
(Tcards) Nancy: have the Zetas advised you when they will give the date for the pole shift?
(Jiminy) please don't turn this into talk about war in Iraq
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on roles of contactees, anything that we may start preparing for? Or thinking about? :)
(Kesavan74) Nancy will there be any nuke attack before PX
(ManhatC) Qnvee, do you expect Px passage to occur in may15, june1, given all that you know. thanks.
(Nenadl) will it be visible by all till the end of month for sure, or week before passage, or when, just say something
(Impetus) Q: Why can't the Zetas go public in a more direct way?
(Terry) MichaelCu, that question can be answered by watching CNN. Of course the REGIME is gone. ;]
(Ranier) abt the war in Iraq, its almost over now. the zetas said Bush will not succeed... hasnt he succeeded yet?
(NancyL) So, the answer remains the SAME. Look where you should, regularly, and one day you will see it.
(Manzour) Nance, what about the slowing rotation?
(Vandlou) Zetas- does the survivability of humans as humans and humans as hybrids vary as the weeks pass before passage and how does it look so far
(Gwilra) What is the real casualty rate in Iraq compared to media and official reports?
(ParasiteV) ahhhh cant read that fast
(Matan) one day... lol
(Ranier) NancyL: abt the war in Iraq, its almost over now. the zetas said Bush will not succeed... hasnt he succeeded yet?
(Hubblebub) Nancy, there are only 2 questions that seem to be important now a few week prior to the shift. 1) Why does people have so difficult in seeing PX? and 2) Why did the Coalition take over the oil-fields in iraq despite zetas said Council of Worlds wont accept this?
(Steve12) Nancy, are the Hubbel's keepers letting any news out to their own families?
(Tcards) Surely it must be within 4-5 weeks now
(Oceantree) further comments on SARS?
(Insiderev) When will it be visible daytime at BUDAPEST? Thanks
(Lato) Nancy, do you think the elite will try to make a run for the stars soon?
(FirstoT) Nancy- question for Zetas. the idea that the universe is made of particles and energy is the interaction between them is unique. Do I understand this correctly and is there something seperate called energy?
(Mmll) Nancy... what if we don't see it
(Darksoulz) hmm 5 weeks before we all get vaporized
(Torbj) Nancy.. i scanned 2 of the Swedish TV stations backlogs not finding anything.... it would be nice if you could talk to the sender of that info regarding the televission program and ask him about what channel, if he/she is here tonight.
(NancyL) Iraq is a swamp, the troops wading into the swamp, and the Fat Lady has not Sung yet at all!
(Sundar) Watch CNN - for accurate upto date reports on war and gallup polls
(Terry) Dark energy
(Earth420) We will be fortunate to make it to this pole shift people!
(Ohio) USA is winning
(Michaells) Mars comed 14millions mile close in Aug.... hhmmm...
(SpikeUSA) Are SARS and chemtrails related?
(Gex) What are you singing about Nancy?
(Ptomais) CNN most reliable... yeah
(ILikePie) fat lady?
(Darksoulz) i just cant believe it
(Alliya) saw that Michaells
(Earth420) So many dying every day! We will be lucky to live till May 15th... sigh
(KarenSue) Nancy: Bush was on TV Friday his wife next to him looked disturbed no smile face as usual with her the camera's stayed off of her most of the time
(Impetus) What is the fat lady gonna sing for us? :-p
(ManhatC) Nancy, what do you expect to happen In iraq when 'the fat lady sings'. thanks.
(Martian2) OK. Question: Why zetas wrong about Regime change in Iraq?
(Vandlou) Heard that other contactees are learning the ways of MANIFESTING the future will Zetas address this metaphysical question???
(OK) Manhat: it will be ugly...
(Mmll) Earth40... get educated first..
(Insiderev) Nancy: Q for ZETAS: When will it be visible daytime at BUDAPEST? Thanks
(Ahem4985) May 15th, the Matrix...
(Corona) Nancy, can you absolutely gaurentee, without any uncertainity, that earth will go into a poleshift within 1 week of may 15, 2003?
(Xeres) Could someone tell me the meaning of : The fat lady has not sung yet
(NancyL) Hubble, the Zetas did NOT say the Council would not let them wade into Bagdad or the like, they said "not succeed as planned" and "breath taken out of the body".
(PsiBrain) NANCY: What big events will happen within the next 30 days?
(Michaells) It boggles my mind, the sped it supposed to be hitting
(ParasiteV) yeah i know... i wanna see the matrix reloaded on May 15th damnit!
(Ptomais) seems they did not really have an establised order overthere.. allthough you will not see that on CNN...
(Ahem4985) i can
(Ericle28) lol
(Lato) Nancy do you think the elite will make a run for the stars soon?
(InSoM420) Has ZT started?
(Michaells) speeds
(Impetus) My granny will be 100 years old PsiBrain
(Alliya) lol Parasite
(MikeAustr) Xeres: READ ZETATALK!
(Kesavan74) Nancy, where will the fat lady sing? (Zetapal) Gex it aint over yet
(Earth420) They are only looting, and lawless
(JWilliam) Xeres: it means: it aint over til its over, and it aint over yet.
(Lato) or try antway?
(Terry) I see no order on CNN lol, CNN admits that
(Insiderev) Nancy: Q for ZETAS: When will it be visible daytime at BUDAPEST? Thanks
(OsirisZ) why can't you post ONE good picture of Planet X if you all can see it?
(canBear) Nancy what immediate signs can we expect right now that will be obvious to those that look out for then but maybe not reported widely - would the Zs give a few details to disarm the debunkers for the benefit of those still uncler about what to do
(Earth420) no success, they wont allow a regime change
(canBear) could they give something for the NOW specific - not a general outline
(Ohio) Nancy when do the zetas say the fat lady will sing??
(Martian2) Why no good pix of PX since Nancy sees it with her averted eye?
(Tshane) Nancy, could the Zetas address the need for the planet to be purged of most humans because of the natural tendency to become immoral and corrupt?
(RtrV) Besides seeing the planet, what, if any, major event can or will happen before May?
(NancyL) OK, accepting PSI's Q re big events in the next 30 days as Q2.
(SpikeUSA) Nancy is there any relation between SARS and Chemtrails?
(Ptomais) CNN is pure propaganda
(NancyL) +m me please, thanks.
(FirstoT) Nancy - what is the leapseconds change now?
(DonMB) Nancy, Are there any near term events to watch out for that will give the skeptics something to chew on?
(NancyL) ZT: During many predictions made by ourselves regarding events to unfold, we have differentiated between geological changes that CAN be predicted and those in the hands of man.
(Ubany) sigh
(NancyL) ZT: Geological changes are likewise divided, by ourselves, into those we CAN speak about and those we are not allowed to address.
(NancyL) ZT: We are not allowed, for instance, to predict what city will be affected by a quake, on what date.
(NancyL) ZT: We are not allowed to relay our awareness of what volcanoe might erupt, within the next few days.
(NancyL) ZT: We can only relay general earth changes to occur, or would be set packing by the Council of Worlds, as this Earth is man's school house and such predictions interfer with the nature of this schoolhouse.
(NancyL) ZT: Those issues in the hands of man encompass false reports in the media, such as failing to report increases in quakes, weather irregularities, exploding factories, and rising seas.
(NancyL) ZT: The economy fails, NO good news, but chirping is done on the news about various predictions that all WILL be well soon.
(NancyL) ZT: If the reality is withheld from the public, and what is reported counters our predictions, then THIS is an issue in the hands of man.
(N18) obany: I clicked CANCEL. The software I am using has bugs.
(NancyL) ZT: The hands of man also control whether nuclear power plants will be shut down, whether bridges will be blown up to prevent cities from excaping into the countryside, and whether martial law will be imposed in this or that country.
(NancyL) ZT: These issues could change in a HEARTBEAT, and is always in the hands of man.
(NancyL) ZT: That said, what is likely to unfold over the weeks before rotation stops, that has not already been addressed by ZetaTalk.
(NancyL) ZT: We will divide this into two sections, those NOT in the hands of man, and those IN the hands of man.
(NancyL) ZT: What astonishes those who have been following ZetaTalk is that a pole shift of the ferocity we have described will affect the Earth in a short time, but the Earth seems to be trucking along as usual today.
(NancyL) ZT: This is of course not true, as the slowing rotation has already been noted as several leap seconds per day, by those doing careful clocking, and the weather is wildly out of step with what it should be.
(NancyL) ZT: Temperature swings during the seasons are SO wide, world wide, and erratic, that sowing and reaping crops is something that farmers have come to view as a gamble.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet, no explanation for this, and not treatment of this in the news.
(NancyL) ZT: For those wondering WHY the Earth is not shuttering with quakes, the oceans washing over land, some weeks before a major pole shift, we would suggest this practice.
(NancyL) ZT: Consider that your planets pass by each other, in their orbits, PASS each other at closer proximity than the Planet X is today to Earth, with no measureable effects.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you notice it coming, or going? You may be informed that this is the state, the planets lining up or some such, but the man on the street does not notice as there is NO effect!
(NancyL) ZT: The silly prediction made for May 5, 2000 that planets lining up in a row would cause all manner of effect on Earth, which we discounted as a false worry, correctly, did NOT cause any notice on Mother Earth whatsoever!
(NancyL) ZT: So why should the approaching Planet X cause the catastrophies some demand should be occurring if it is to cause a pole shift soon?
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X is causing effects in the slowing rotation, the magnetic diffusion and the weather irregularities ONLY because it is a large magnet, where the other planets are not.
(NancyL) ZT: Mercury is magnetic, but is closer to the Sun, which dominates the field with its magnetic field, so is negated.
(NancyL) ZT: It is the influence on the Earth's core, which allows Planet X to affect the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: After pondering that the passing planets in orbit round and round the Sun do NOT affect each other during passage, do this practice.
(NancyL) ZT: Nail a small magnet on the table top, so that it can turn freely, the nail in the center.
(NancyL) ZT: Line a second magnet, larger, up with the smaller, so that both North Poles point in the same direction.
(NancyL) ZT: Push the larger magnet toward the smaller, North Pole to South Pole, but with a very slight offset so the larger can pass the smaller.
(NancyL) ZT: Note that the smaller does not notice, or seem to notice, the larger until a POINT of passage when it will suddently overcome the friction of the table top, and turn WITH the larger.
(NancyL) ZT: THIS is what we are referring to when we report that until the week or rotation stoppage, there will be little effect on Earth that can be called dramatic.
(NancyL) ZT: The quakes will continue to be lineal as an increase, the weather will continue to be more erratic, on a lineal scale, and the slowing rotation will be gradual so that not an hour a day will be lost except for the last day before rotation stops.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for those looking for trumpets from heaven, announcements loudly made, earth changes that are SURE, they will not come.
(NancyL) ZT: As regards matters in the hands of man, they continue to be something we cannot accurately predict, BECAUSE they are in the hands of man.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, and I must go because of the Nexus interview!
(NancyL) Bye all!
(Jiminy) and now the floodgates are opened!!
(Domicile) The magnet experiment can be done by floating the magnets on a peice of cork on water for least resistance.
(Sirgrim) can we have radio show information, where to find information on listening please?
(LexD) Now everything is lineal... Where that come from... ? Another week has past therefore I would think a convincing picture on the team page would heip, don't you agree? Gee I'm so impatient!!!
Session Close: Sat Apr 12 17:56:43 2003