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ZetaTalk: Stumble
Note: written during the September 7, 2002 IRC Session

Will this plan succeed? Hardly. Such a plan assumes that the status quo would freeze in place, such that no opposition would develop, the pawns on the chess board remain available to be moved about at will by the chess master, and no breaks in the ranks of those considered already under control. What changes will occur to upset the plan?

Economic Collapse
We have predicted an global economic collapse to the extent that the status at the date of our late 1999 prediction would fall to a quarter of this strength by the time of the shift. As of the date of this writing, it is approaching the halfway mark, with all countries around the world participating in this collapse. The collapsing US economy, going into the Fall 2002 elections, threatens to put the Congress in Democratic hands, effectively blocking the military increase and war lord plans of the Bush Administration.
Geological Changes
Increasingly, leading up to the shift, the globe will suffer earthquakes in unexpected locales, unabating droughts and firestorms, rioting among the starving and economically desperate, mechanical failure in equipment subjected to stress or repaired inadequately by distracted personnel, cities staggering and imploding due to a shifting base beneath them and trains increasingly derailing, coastal and river bank cities flooded out and swept away, and opportunistic infections clogging the hospitals. The US military will be required to assist, pulled back from global takeover positions, especially given a new Congress more concerned about the population than rubber stamping war plans.
Breaking Ranks
During August, 2002, the world was stunned to see one after another staunch Republican ally of the Bush Administration break ranks and announce that war with Iraq was unwise, ill considered, and unnecessary. Former Republican administration officials, generals familiar with Iraq as an enemy, and notaries joined a long list of countries publicly making the announcement. If war with Iraq seems unlikely in this context, add to it breaking ranks within the US Military, already enraged by being treated as pawns rather than defenders of the people. Missing laptops from the Control Center at the Pentagon? Have these been recovered? And what revealing information might these laptops have contained, poised like a knife above the heads of the arrogant war lords, ready to drop when the time is right.
Timely Expose
An apparent break-in at the bio-chemical weapons plant in Utah, where Sarin and Anthrax and other such horrors are manufactured for the US and the CIA, at a time when Iraq is painted as a monster for having such plants, threw this site and its mission into the news in a timely manner. Was there a break-in? No. Did an alarm go off? Yes, and no human hand did the deed. Imagine the mess on the home front for the Bush Administration if revelations on election fraud, at the hand of the Bush family, were to hit the news, or Haliburton and Harken Energy and Enron revelations, or all the skeletons in the closet not allowed to come out during the US Presidential elections. The world loves a scandal, especially when it involves a house that is rapidly becoming the most hated in the world.
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