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ZetaTalk: Iraq Invasion
Note: written during the September 7, 2002 IRC Session

Going into the Fall elections of 2002 in the US, the Bush Administration was beating the drums of war. Despite immense pressure from allies, the UN, prestigious Republicans with impressive credentials, an utter lack of new or alarming information about Iraq’s capability to wreak havoc, the Arab nations warning that an attack would horrifically destabilize the region, and polls showing the American public absolutely wanting both the UN and Congress on board before any action, the Bush Administration kept insisting it was going forward. Why? Because the months leading up to the pole shift are viewed as an opportunity to establish global control, a type of global dictatorship, and those tight at the top of the Bush Administration greedy and arrogant enough to believe they can achieve this. What would such a global dictatorship entail, and what steps would be required to achieve this?

Military Might
This entails beefing up the military at the expense of all other government programs, and placing the military in strategic places around the globe. Of course, the US military is already in strategic places, due to the long standing view of the US that it must be the world's policeman and deterrence the best approach. The confusion about why the Bush Administration allies with Israel, forgiving atrocities against the Palestinian people, when seen in this light, has an explanation. Israel is in a strategic location in the middle east, with a reach to an increasingly reluctant Europe as well as Arab and Muslim countries. Combined with bases or potential bases in Japan, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina, this is viewed as having the globe covered, militarily.
An Excuse
To muster the military, and optimally put the US under Martial Law, a proper excuse must exist. If the threat of terror attacks from Bin Laden and his group is not enough, then staged terror attacks will be considered. Best of all, of course, is to so enrage and destabilize the middle east that rabid attackers throw all caution to the wind and simple go berserk. This is of course the goal of any war with Iraq, that sleeper cells worldwide would awaken and take action, allowing the US to attempt an essential Martial Law worldwide. Europe is expected to properly line up with the US in this instance, with all other global allies snapping properly into place, putting their self interest in line with US interests.
War Lord Rights
Americans assuming they live in a democracy, where citizens must be charged with a crime if detained and imprisoned, are stunned to find that citizens not charged, without any evidence of a crime in hand, are being indefinitely detained by their country under the guise of being enemies of the state during a time of war. Hundreds of individuals rounded up and detained indefinitely, off-shore to ensure that any brutal handling of these individuals would escape scrutiny. Where this approach has invoked protest, in the US as well as around the world, and has stepped lightly because of this protest, this would be the approach during the planned military takeover of the world. No rights. A dictatorship. And those in the Bush Administration sitting as judge and jury over any and all peoples.
Population Sculpting
It has long been rumored that the CIA had a hand in the spread of AIDS and the Ebola virus, with an eye to sculpting the populations of the world, and the expanding use of chemtrails outside of the US is an indication of an intent to sculpt the world’s populations during the chaos preceding the shift. Combine this with the seemingly illogical insistence that abortion never be allowed, in a world already so overpopulated that feeding the starving is an impossibility, and you see the sculptors clay. Eliminate the undesirable, force the desirable to breed and bear, and you have a work force worthy of the arrogant war lords, or so the theory goes.
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