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ZetaTalk: Firm Determination
Note: written during the Feb 1, 2003 IRC Session

We have stated, when asked about Iraq war mongering by the Bush Administration, that several factors would stand in the way of such an invasion. These included the Fall mid-term elections, but these elections failed to install a Democratic House and Senate, due to the Bush Administration using the technique of calling even maimed veterans terrorist huggers if they did not rubber stamp his plans. This technique, which was in the hands of man, worked, as a house threatened holds to the leader, a well known human trait. We also at that time, some months ago, cited deteriorating economic news, which is beginning to be used as a force against invasion. The man on the street knows that a war can go badly against the economy, which is already putting many out of their homes and jobs. At this point, what is to be expected? We anticipate, given the deaf ear that the Bush Administration presents to all arguments against an invasion, that they will proceed. This does not mean success. There are several factors converging at this time, that complicate their smug plans.

  1. Earth changes such as quake ravaged cities or floods and increasing illness will present the need for troops at home, or unable to function. This has already presented problems in that the deployment schedule is behind, both for the US and UK.

  2. International pressure, from former allies as well as Muslim nations. This today shows up as Russia and France and Germany are stating they will not approve, but the US saying they will go it alone. This today shows up as North Korea not simply rattling sabers, but compiling nukes in front of cameras! There are the unplayed cards, the wild cards, that the public is not seeing. There are the repeated warnings by other countries of what they will do if the US acts as the cowboy they assume can ride any horse. The public will see the result of this pressure not as a press release but as a sudden change in plans, most likely announced as a change in schedule, allowing the inspectors more time or the like. What really happened will not be divulged.

  3. Pressure by Republicans, those who are thinking of the future, those who consider that a scenario such as a pole shift will not happen, and see the party being utterly ruined for decades by what the Bush Administration is doing. This would result in what is called moderate Republicans siding with Democrats, and causing problems for Bush in his Congress. Calls for the impeachment of Bush have already started, in the streets, during rallies, and this will continue. All this tends to slow down the process, as the assumption is that a bit more time will allow manipulation, threats, perhaps an assassination of an adversary. Thus, as these blocks compound, the invasion of Iraq may be just at hand, but never happen!

  4. Intervention, such as recently happened with the shuttle, such that accidents utterly unseen and not due to human failure happen to the invaders. These are matters in human hands or not firmly decided as yet, so speculation is rampant. What we are saying is that the outcome is uncertain, so we cannot predict with certainty.
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