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ZetaTalk: Congressional Approval
Note: written during the October 12, 2002 IRC Session

Over the past few months, the public was presented with a changing picture re the Bush Administration's determination to attack Iraq. In mid-summer, there were a series of heavy-weights, including senior Republicans, who went public to say they did not advise war with Iraq. This included Snowcroft, an adviser to Reagan, James Baker, a Reagan Chief of Staff, and Schwarzkopf, the general in charge of the Gulf War. Bush stood alone, and until Blair went on record with his support, stood alone in the world, also. Then came the Bush UN speech, on September 12, wherein he placed the need to attack Iraq on Iraq's failure to abide by inspections, solely. When Iraq, to the surprise of the Bush Administration, changed its stance, Bush changed his reasons for his planned attack to be the supposition of weapons being developed in Iraq. Is this not in actuality being done in North Korea, India, and Pakistan? The logic is not there, but the intent of the Bush Administration is clear. Then came a few weeks of politicizing the issue, with any Democrat not supporting Bush claimed to be a virtual terrorist hugger. Polls showed that the American public is more concerned about the economy, by a 2-to-1 margin, but still the rhetoric by  Bush et al. proceeded. Was the capitulation by Democrats, in the House and in the Senate, giving into the Bush Administration on this issue? Several factors, both apparent to the pubic and behind the scenes, are at play here:

  1. The mid-summer warnings by senior Republicans and experienced generals and world leaders against a war with Iraq were to level the playing field in the public's eye. They were hearing Bush, from his bully pulpit, and not what was being said behind closed doors, so this campaign was to allow the public to hear all sides being expressed.

  2. When despite the clear announcements of a lack of support, Bush pressed forward with his UN speech, the behind the scenes plans changed from public opposition to dead-serious work behind the scenes. A virtual silence in the opposition occurred, astonishing when the parade of senior Republicans et al. were so recently coming forth.

  3. Bush politicized his plans, such that Democrats in opposition were supposed to lose elections coming up, or so he hoped. In fact, the public, as recent polls have shown, is more worried about the economy because of his saber rattling, and the Democrats are leading.

  4. The opposition, behind the scenes, arranged several embarrassments for Bush et al., including reports on the accounting of Harken Energy, aligning this with Enron, point by point. Also planned were documentation showing that the US itself conducted Germ Warfare experiments, nerve gas and biological agents, and tested this on US soil. The public was exposed, but not informed, and Bush left with his own shoe in his own mouth re this.

  5. The Bush Administration, arrogantly assuming the election was keying off the Iraq issue and refusing to address economic issue until the Congress had rubber stamped his plans, finally looked up and noticed the public was not playing along as expected. Thus, worried, they compromised on what the Congress was willing to approve.

Now, what is to be expected, from all of this? War with Iraq? A White House cowboy going forth like a shot once approved by the Senate? It should be remembered that the White House has it within their power to attack Iraq, giving excuses later, only after weeks have passed. They could generate evidence, and have been desperately trying to do this for months, so why not just proceed? What has been presented to the White House is a worst-case, best-case scenario, not re Iraq, but to their power-mad clawing for world domination. They have been warned by Russia, with small pox threats, by the US Military with exposure of former secrets, and by powerful Republicans with a united front, should they, the cowboys, persist. Persisting, they were warned again and finally presented with a few horrors on the plate, passing under their noses. However, what the public is aware of, in counter-Bush tactics, is hardly the full gamut. The US Military arranged, via the veterans network, to bring forth evidence of prior nerve gas and biological agent experiments by the US. Harken Energy, exposed in their accounting to be just like another Bush corporation, Enron, at a time when the public is in horror of lost value in their 401K accounts. This is the tip of the iceberg, not the full gamut, and more will follow if and when Bush, the cowboy, starts strutting his stuff. Thus, you saw a solemn Bush in front of the White House, surrounded by a bipartisan Congress, announcing an agreement.

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