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ZetaTalk: Inspections
Note: written during the September 21, 2002 IRC Session

Following the Bush UN speech on September 12, 2002, and in view of his lack of new ammo re the 911 anniversary, Iraq and others around the world connived to run Bush into the briars. The Bush plan was to allow and even smooth the way for terrorist attacks against American installations in Indonesia and elsewhere, such that he could incite support for his war with Iraq. Dozens of attempts were set forth, and blocked by ourselves and others determined to prevent the Bush administration from having this ammunition at hand. Thus, on September 12, 2002, Bush went forth with a Plan B, which was to detail the lack of Iraq cooperation with inspections, a known and undeniable fact. Bush and his handlers reasoned that this could not be denied by the UN or the world, and they anticipated the usual response from Iraq - refusal. Thus, Bush et al. assumed they had a sure press into war, as

  1. the UN could not deny their resolutions had been ignored
  2. Iraq would refuse, and
  3. Bush could bully all into allowing the US to act in their stead.

When Iraq, after intensive consultation with Russia and the Saudis, determined how best to tangle Bush in his own words, they put Bush into another, rather obvious, mode. Bush et al. now stated that regardless of inspections, Iraq needed a regime change, which was never stated in former UN resolutions, and revealed in fact the Bush administration's true grasping fingers and goal. They have no plan for running Iraq after a regime change, except to allow Cheney to run the oil fields. What will come of this reversal on Iraq's part?

As this is still in the hands of man, it could run in many directions, but we expect the economic issues to delay any actual confrontation. The economy, and the US Stock Market, are very fragile, much more so than the current indicators indicate, and heavy crashing is at hand. Companies going belly up have at first only an impact on those laid off, but then a domino effect starts, and other companies must adjust their earnings projections, and likewise lay off and go bankrupt. This is not a linear effect, but an explosive effect, going round the world. Those inclined to go to the US polls are those with the greatest worries, and the little man, voting Democratic, will be in the majority this Fall. Many Republicans are pressing Bush to address the economy, which he is refusing to do until an Iraq resolution passes Congress. He again puts himself into a bind, silly arrogant man that he is, and will allow the Republicans to go on record as not caring, until a spiral downward in the Stock Market is so horrific that he will, once again after 911, look like he knew, but did nothing. Thus, we predict that Iraq, and inspections, will win this game of chess, cleverly run by those out to defeat the Bush administration at their own games.

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