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Issue 873, Sunday June 18, 2023
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Plate Movement Disasters

The Earth’s plates are on the move, and these Plate Movements are creating disasters all around the globe. On May 3 India had a monstrous train wreck in the coastal province of Odisha. Per the Zetas, it was a combination of factors that caused these 3 trains to collide – all related to geography and Plate Movement. The Indo-Australian Plate is plunging under the Himalayas. Odisha Province has thin crust along a river so was prone to crush during compression. And thus electronic screech was a factor when signals failed.

Nearly 300 Killed in One of India's Deadliest Train Accidents
May 3, 2023
At least 288 people have been killed and more than 850 others injured in a train accident involving three trains in India's eastern state of Odisha, according to officials. At least three trains were involved in the accident on Friday night. There is no official version of the sequence of events. But according to local news media reports and eyewitnesses, a passenger train, the Coromandel Shalimar Express, derailed and hit stationery goods train at about 6:50 pm local time – resulting in many coaches flipping over. Then after about 20 minutes, the Yeshvantpur-Howrah Superfast train, approaching the accident site, rammed into the derailed coaches on the adjacent track.  In 1981, more than 800 people were killed when a passenger train derailed and fell into a river in the eastern state of Bihar during a cyclone. More than 300 people were killed in 1995 when Purushottam Express collided with a stationary train in central Uttar Pradesh state. In 2016, 152 people were killed when a passenger train derailed in the same state.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/3/2023: As the Indo-Australian Plate is tilted and pushed under the Himalayas, there is pressure on India. Mountainous areas have more solid rock so win in any contest, while low lands with thin crust crumble. Looking at a relief map of the state of Odisha, one can see the 2023 train wreck occurred in a thin crust area between coastal mountains. The signals for the colliding trains failed due to electronic screech from stressed rock. Thus the 3 trains were, essentially, unstoppable.

The Eurasian Plate is currently under an extreme stretch, from the UK to the China coast. Stretch zone accidents are usually silent but are just as deadly as the jolt from a quake in a compression zone. The dam on the Dnipro River in the Ukraine's Kherson region faltered for several days in early June and then breached. This was clearly not by human hand as there wasn’t a bomb blast or drone activity, but finger pointing resulted anyway.  Per the Zetas, this was thin crust pulled apart.
30ju106.jpg Dam Location

What we Know about Nova Kakhovka Dam Attack
June 6, 2023
The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant is in the city of Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine's Kherson region, which is currently under Russian occupation. It was built in the Soviet era and is one of six dams that sit along the Dnipro river, which stretches all the way from the very north of the country into the sea in the south. Stills and video show a massive breach in the dam, with water surging through it and flooding downstream in the direction of Kherson. It's unclear when exactly the dam was first damaged, but satellite images verified by the BBC suggest its condition has deteriorated over a number of days. A road across the dam appears to be damaged from 2 June, but there does not seem to be a change to the flow of the water until 6 June when the breach of the wall and collapse of nearby buildings can be clearly seen on video. It is currently unclear whether the damage to the road is linked to the 6 June breach.
Kiev's Long-Term "Last Resort" Plan to Blow-Up the Kakhova Dam Exposed
June 6, 2023
The partial destruction of the Kakhovka Dam  saw Kiev and Moscow exchange accusations about who’s to blame, but a report from the Washington Post (WaPo) in late December extends credence to the Kremlin’s version of events.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/6/2023: Although the Ukraine leadership in Kiev has tried to disable Russian supply lines to the Crimea in the past, using a car bomb to disable the bridge to the Crimea, and although the Ukraine has attempted to blow up the nuclear facility in Zaporozhye, the problems with the Nova Kakhovka Dam are not due to Ukraine mischief nor by Russian hands. The Eurasia Plate is in an extreme stretch at present, as earthquake maps show. Rivers run along thin drooping crust, seeking as water does the lowest level. These 3 major rivers in the Ukraine show the vulnerability of the dam location, which pulled apart to cause the dam to breach.

Is it a coincidence that Quebec fires sprang up in the first week of June at the same time that the Nova Kakhovka Dam in the Ukraine was faltering? The Mainland Portion of N America has been under an extreme stretch for over a year, with Western Canada being pulled down toward Mexico. Thus SO2 Methane charts showing where rock layers are being pulled apart showed deep red in Western Canada. Suddenly Quebec was deep red on the SO2 charts too. This was not arson, but extreme stretch. Once again, Plate Movement was the cause.

“We will have to let Clova burn,” says François Legault
June 5, 2023
François Legault announced at a press conference on Monday afternoon that it was the end for the municipality of Clova, in Mauricie, because of the forest fires raging in the region. Crews are trying to protect the municipality by carrying out ground work and helicopter spraying.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/5/2023: Until the New Madrid Rupture pulls the Mainland and SE Portions of N America apart, there will be extreme dynamics pulling on the Mainland. As the Pacific compresses, the Mainland is pulled West and is pulled down heavily onto Mexico. The tug-of-war between the Portions shows up along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway in the record of almost constant building collapses, pipeline breaks, and train derailments. But the tugging that Canada must endure is relatively new, and is due to the African Roll continually pulling the SE Portion to the East.

The northeast portion of the N American Plate above the Seaway is firmly attached to the Eurasian Plate. These plates are bonded through the Arctic and remain bonded at Iceland and Norway until they reach Africa. As the Africa Roll picks up the pace, the Mainland Portion attempts to yaw open the Seaway. Stretch zone tugging is a silent matter, but the rock layers nevertheless pull apart, release methane from trapped vegetation, and cause underground fires. Thus Canadian provinces are showing SO2 and CO emission and wildfires emerge.

At the Isthmus of Tehuantepec there is a 3-way tug between the Mainland Portion of N America, the SE Portion of N America, and the Caribbean Plate. The FIRMS fire map from NASA does not match the drought map because the Plate Movement stress is not taken into account.  The SO2 map matches the FIRMS fire map, because hot earth from the tearing process is what is causing the N America fires.

Drought Tightens Grip across Corn Belt – 34% now Hit with Drought
June 7, 2023
The latest U.S. Drought Monitor paints two very different pictures across the country: A remarkable recovery in drought across the Plains versus declining conditions in the Midwest, as drought expands its grip and moves into the East.

Crop Circle Season

In recent years many frauds have populated the Crop Circle sites but so far in 2023 new designs appear to be genuine. Per the Zetas, the timeline laid out in the Field Barn design in the UK warns that a Severe Wobble may occur at the hands of the Council of Worlds to force the New Madrid Rupture to stay on schedule.  The design in Italy relates to the Earth being engulfed by Petrol and Red Dust and magnetic interference as Nibiru approaches.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/5/2023: Where in recent years many of the Crop Circle designs have been frauds, in 2023 the three entries are all legitimate. The Italy design represents the scope of Nibiru’s influence, which is engulfing the Earth. The Petrol Blobs, aflame at times, are engulfing the Earth as are the Red Dust clouds. The magnetic influence from Nibiru’s N Pole is now growing. The UK Field Barn design is a timeline showing that the retrograde orbit of Nibiru is sweeping the Nibiru Complex to consume the Earth in its effects, with a Severe Wobble effect where day becomes night likely during this process.

Recently the charged tail of Nibiru has even affected the path by which lightning grounds in Idaho. During the first week of June, a DNA twist was captured on film. Per the Zetas, charged air is forcing the electrons in the lightning bolt to turn inward, as is the process when Ball Lightning forms. Also known as MinMin lights in Australia, Ball Lightning will chase people through their home or follow a car. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Description 1995: Humans are familiar with arcing, where two poles or points are electrified, carrying an electric current, and suddenly the air between them is filled with a minor lightning bolt - zap. This is, of course, what causes lightning in the first place, an uneven distribution of electricity between natural conductors, between a buildup in the clouds and the water table below the Earth. What allows lightning to find its path? It is using a little understood path formed by sub-atomic particles, electrical waves of a sort, that have not been measured yet by Earth's human scientists. These emanate from any highly electrified field, and when they touch the arc is now possible.

ZetaTalk Description 1995: But ball lighting hangs together, is not moving, it would seem, from a high charge to a lesser charge, the normal distribution of electrons that is so familiar and runs all manner of handy appliances. Consider that an electrically charged field may be immense, covering the horizon that can be seen from end to end, and rising for miles up into the sky. Consider that within this charged field, there are not simply electrons and the particle that creates the phenomenon of magnetism, but all the other 387 particles that operate in a similar manner, each with its own desire to equalize its distribution in the vicinity. Ball formation occurs when the particles that would disperse are forced to remain in the vicinity by a greater pressure from other particles surrounding them.

Now this process whereby lightning can turn inward in a circular manner, to avoid the heavily charged air in the vicinity, has produced a new lightning shape – the DNA shape. The Zetas, once again, explain.

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/5/2023: Lightning, as everyone knows, is electrons on the move, seeking to dissipate a large amount of electrons which are, in God’s design, destined to always be on the move. Electrons are attracted to each other while at the same time wanting to avoid crowding.  Lightning that forms during storms is generated from the friction between air masses, which force electrons to crowd together so they seek a path to dissipate. Normally this path is to down to the ground or into water, targets which allow a strong flow of electronics to move quickly. If the surrounding air masses are more inviting, the lightning will not ground but will move horizontally.

So what has occurred that this lightning is taking the shape of DNA? The path to dissipation can be blocked if the surrounding air is heavily charged, which occurs during Ball Lightning.  Ball Lightning finds it cannot easily move outward so turns upon itself. This is the path of least resistance. The DNA formation is new, unlike the usual branching shape that lightning takes, because it combines the Ball Lighting rotation direction with the normal grounding direction. What is forcing the rotation? Charged air from the charged tail of Nibiru, which is increasingly engulfing the Earth.

Disclosure Pending

Admitting that the Earth is not alone and mankind is not the only intelligent species in the Universe has been hard for arrogant mankind. The Christian religion is based on the notion that man and only man was created in the image of God, so how could those weird aliens people report meeting on space ships be real? In addition, the Military wants to appear strong enough to defend their nation, so admitting that they cannot outrace space ships that can disappear into another dimension is hard to do. Thus, for many reasons, denying the Alien Presence has been a long running battle.

ZetaTalk Insight 2009: As one country after another opened their UFO files, one stood apart - the United States, the country with the most official information on the existence of the alien presence. During the life of MJ12 the US had extensive contact with aliens, and examined their ships. The US has relics from that era, including mummified alien bodies. But where the US has the most to present to the world, has proof positive, they are also the most reluctant. We have stated, when repeatedly asked about this issue in the past, that such disclosure would deeply embarrass those officials who were at the forefront of denial over the decades.

In that the highly popular and well known ZetaTalk website holds proof of a kind in the ZetaTalk Accuracy record, there is an additional fear. If the alien presence is acknowledged, then is the presence of Planet X and the reality of a pending pole shift also being acknowledged? We have predicted that it is increasing mass sightings, increasing sightings of alien bodies, that will drive public awareness of the alien presence. Official disclosure by the US government is highly unlikely to occur, though they may back off some of their debunking campaigns.

The coverup over the Alien Presence required that true stories be countered or denied. Prior to the time of Roswell, all contact with aliens was recorded in the conscious. Thus stories in the Vedas, the Bible, and ancient mythology are true, reflecting what mankind saw and experienced during contact. Skulls from Peru and the Star Child skull are likewise valid, but recent frauds such as Geer’s tiny alien are not.

Service-to-Self aliens such as the Omnipotent Krlll contacted the US military, establishing conscious contact with the US military. Thus as a result Roswell occurred and MJ12 was born, and the stories about Area 51 are primarily true. To provide balance Service-to-Other aliens arranged for the Roswell crash in 1947, and a similar crash in Brazil in 1996. These are true stories, consciously recorded by the witnesses.

What followed Roswell was a period of denial by the US and other governments involved in MJ12, the Blue Book era, and posturing for attention. The Tuscany UFO blitz in 1954, a true event, was staged to counter the Roswell weather balloon lies. If the US could have Roswell in 1947, a true story, then the Russians could have Sverdlovsk in 1969, a fraud. The Falcon Lake incident in Canada in 1967 was a fraud, but the story of Travis Walton in Arizona in 1975 was true, though painted by the media as a horror. The Billy Meier stories that emerged in the 1970’s were likewise true at the start, though per the Zetas Billy eventually enhanced and exaggerated, having become addicted to fame.

Roswell was reputed to place both living and dead aliens in the hands of MJ12, which was true, and not to be outdone, the Russians emerged with an autopsy film in 1969, a fraud. The Santilli film which emerged in 1995, supposedly of the Roswell autopsy, was later also admitted to be a fraud. But the Skinny Bob tapes were the real thing, as were reports of the Tall White aliens that MJ12 entertained. Yet another true story is the Volgograd park incident in Russia 1989, where a large robot controlled by a non-hominoid creature communicated with children in a park. The 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe encounter by 62 schoolchildren is also a true story, as an intensive investigation concluded.

Of course the 1991 UFO blitz in Mexico City can hardly be denied, recorded by hundreds on home videos, and likewise the 1997 UFO blitz in Arizona, seen and reported across the state. Now in 2023 we have even more evidence being presented, this time from a Whistleblower on the UAP team. This time, per the Zetas, we may see disclosure action.

Military Whistleblower Comes Forward to Allege U.S. Has Alien Craft: Report
June 5, 2023
A whistleblower on the U.S. government’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” task force is coming forward to allege that federal agencies have secretly recovered and studied alien craft—a claim that NASA and other departments deny strenuously.  He claims that a number of high-level intelligence officers approached him with evidence, including oral testimony and physical documentation of a crash-retrieval program that was being hidden from the UAP task force.
Military Whistleblower Claims US has UFO Retrieval Program
In recent years, the government has taken a more vocal role in investigating such sightings, with Congress forming an official U.S. government “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” task force, recently renamed to the “All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office,” or AARO. At the same time, NASA and other government agencies have repeatedly said there is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth, attributing most sightings to natural phenomena or human-made objects.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/5/2023: Disclosure over the Alien Presence has been an issue for decades. The US lied broadly during the Roswell incident, and since they have the most evidence that man is not alone in the Universe as an intelligent creature, they are the main reason other countries are reluctant to disclose. Nevertheless, in 2009 country after country was opening their UFO files, albeit without US participation. Now this issue is again in the press, with a whistleblower on the US UAP task force giving interviews on TV about the extent of the coverup.

What is the agenda here? Is the US secretly trying to admit? The Junta finds the coverup over the Alien Presence increasingly burdensome, and in addition knows that ZetaTalk will soon be pushed into the media due to accuracy on various predictions. ZetaTalk is well known, of international fame, and the public frequently reminded of their predictive accuracy by the TV series on the American Heroes Channel. UFO displays are on the increase, and polls show that the US public thinks ET has already arrived.

In the past, it was the hand of the CIA that pushed denial and pushed Hollywood to present any aliens as up to no good. So how to reverse this hard-line stance? Creeping disclosure was apparent by 2015, and Hollywood did produce ET friendly films, but for the Junta to make the leap to an admission that ET indeed has arrived and is friendly and even helpful as the ZetaTalk website shows, the fastest route is to find a scapegoat. That scapegoat will be NASA who indeed has been in active denial over the Mars Rover photos.