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Issue 835, Sunday October 2, 2022
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Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has been a Double for the past 3 years, as detailed in our Newsletter Issue675 in the lead feature titled London Bridge Down. This Newsletter was issued on September 8, 2019 exactly 3 years before her official death on September 8, 2022. As noted by those familiar with British Law, the Royal Family is no more nor is the new Prime Minister, Truss, legitimate. As within the US where Biden was not inaugurated according to law, the UK is thus left without official leadership, and is obviously under Martial Law run by the White Hat Alliance.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2019: Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to be executed by the military Tribunals which are taking place in the US and the UK. What crimes has the Queen, personally, been guilty of? The Queen had Diana killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme - Netanyahu and his Khazarian banking empire at the helm. The Queen, as part of the Nazi bloodline, the Illuminati control, was fully involved, and this included child sacrifice, which she condoned. Queen Elizabeth was confident that due to her high position, and very public presence, that she would be spared and allowed to live out her life in luxury. But military Tribunals rise above political posturing or the power any royalty might assume.

Buckingham Palace Announced ‘Deeply’ Concerning News Today: British PM
September 8, 2022
The new British prime minister, Liz Truss, shared that Buckingham Palace delivered grave news today following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II has been put under medical supervision.
Queen Elizabeth Dies
September 8, 2022
Queen Elizabeth has died at Balmoral at the age of 96. All her children - Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew - were with her or traveling to be there. Here’s what to expect as Operation Unicorn - not Operation London Bridge, since she passed away in Scotland - begins. Within 10 minutes flags across Whitehall lowered to half-mast. PM & senior officials informed. A "black-edged notice" will be placed on Buckingham Palace gates. The BBC will switch to news feeds, presenters will wear black suits and ties, sporting events will likely be canceled, and TV programming changed. All government social media sites will carry a black banner. Her body will be transported by Royal Train and her coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall for four days so people may visit to pay their respects. Following her funeral on day 10 of mourning, the Queen will likely be buried at Windsor Castle. Prince Charles expected to be proclaimed King Friday morning.
Samantha Alderson Channel
So Truss becomes the new Conservative Leader only!!! Boris 2.0 is still Caretaker of the U.K. he never resigned as PM - only as the Tory leader. Liz Truss cannot be appointed in Scotland as it’s unlawful and goes against the English Constitution. The English constitution states the new PM has to take the oath in England by the serving monarch otherwise It’s null and void. Scotland has a different jurisdiction to England, so Doris 2.0 (Whitehat Plant) would technically still be P.M (Caretaker) of the U.K. The British Corporation (Government) has been fully disbanded and dissolved and so has the Royal establishment. There is no head of state there is no Government. We have no real PM because we don’t have a monarch to swear one in nor do we have a corporation to have one sworn into. As my friend pointed out all PMs have been null and void since 2001 when 25 Barons dissolved Parliament.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/8/2022: As we noted in Newsletter Issue 675, exactly 3 years before her announced death, the Queen has been executed and is now a Double. Her body has been on ice for 3 years and will be buried in case there is ever a DNA check requirement in the future. The timing of her “death” is full of symbolism for a reason. Just as the US is under Martial Law at present, though this is hidden from the public, the UK is likewise under Martial Law. Thus any crowning of a new King is purely symbolic to placate and sooth a frantic public.

Meanwhile, those with eyes to see can see the truth as the clues are all around them. Will the truth ever be officially announced? With the turmoil the pending New Madrid finale about to descend will bring to the UK, that will be the least of anyone’s concerns. Just as the present Congress of the US is hardly running the country, the new UK Prime Minister is neither in charge nor legal. Her visit to the Queen to take the Oath of Office in Scotland was illegal, just as Biden’s inauguration at 11:45 when the law states it must be at high noon. You are watching a movie on more than one continent at present.

New Madrid Brink

On September 9 Iceland had over 400 quakes. The Azores also has had quake swarms recently, more than 2,000 on March 19. Azores is a major rip point for the New Madrid finale, tearing open when the Turkey rock hook snaps off thus allowing Africa to roll and drop. Most dramatically, a deep quake occurred on September 8 along the snap line drawn by the Zetas months ago and the Big Sur Heliplots showed something had changed. Formerly constantly black on the Heliplots, it now looks almost normal. What has changed? The Zetas as usual explain.

Sao Jorge Island (Azores) Volcano-Seismic Crisis 2022: Latest Updates
September 9, 2022
An earthquake swarm started under the NW part of the island on 19 March 2022. More than 2000 mostly small quakes of magnitudes from 1.6-3.5 have been registered within the first few days of the activity. The swarm is likely caused by a magmatic intrusion at 10-15 km depth and could indicate renewed eruptive activity in the future. There is also a risk of larger quakes occurring as the processes continue.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/9/2022: During Plate Movement the pressure points between plates often shift. For the N American Plate, the compressing Pacific has allowed the Mainland Portion of N America to shift to the West and downward over Mexico and the Cocos Plate. This has been shown on the Big Sur Heliplot which was consistently black with activity, and Siberian Heliplots along the Arctic which showed the Mainland Portion wanting to drop. This process has been going on for over a year. This process in the Mainland has forced adjustments along and under the Seaway and challenged the New Madrid Fault Line, creating disasters such as sinkholes, collapsing buildings, and exploding gas lines.

Now the pressure points have shifted. The Heliplot for Big Sur has eased, as have the Siberian Heliplots along the N American Plate border through the Arctic. The focus is now on the Atlantic. We have explained the sequence of events that will lead to the New Madrid finale as a movement of the Antarctica Plate into the S Atlantic, then a ripping open of the S Atlantic to allow the Africa Plate to slide into this void, thus putting pressure on a rock hook under Turkey that has until now prevented the Africa Plate from sliding down past the Sinai Peninsula.

Where the Africa Roll has only started, it is already creating changes in the position of the Eurasian Plate, which is being stretched toward the East. This is shown most drastically by the incipient rupture of a new inland bay along Pakistan and Afghanistan and thence up toward the Ural Mountain plains. As the Eurasian Plate pulls eastward away from the border it shares with N America Plate in the N Atlantic, Iceland emerges as the pressure point for a rip. What will change this dynamic will be the New Madrid finale.

When the Turkey hook snaps and the Africa Plate drops along its East side, the Azores will rip open. The pressure on the Eurasian border in the Atlantic will be eased because the Africa Plate roll will rupture the Eurasian Plate border through the Mediterranean. New dynamics will emerge, reducing stress on Iceland, and shifting the focus for N America. The Mainland Portion in Canada can now cling comfortably to the Eurasian Plate in Europe, but the SE Portion of N America is put into play by the Africa Plate, which continues to drop and roll. The New Madrid finale is the outcome.  

ZetaTalk has long predicted that there would be oil well explosions in Iraq during the Plate Movements associated with the Africa Roll. Specifically, a year ago they predicted during the snapping of the Turkey hook, that such explosions would occur because the Saudi Plate would be pushed first one way, then another. Now there has been a rupture in Iraq in the Babil Province, just as predicted. We are on the brink!

Explosion in Iraqi Gas Station Kills, Injures Dozens
September 11, 2022
CEO of Red Crescent Society of Iranian western Province of Ilam on the shared border with Iraq said on Sunday that according to preliminary reports, in an explosion in Shumli petrol station in Iraqi Babil Province dozens were killed or wounded. The Iranian official said that Iranian medical and rescue services working with the Red Crescent have been dispatched to the area to help the injured.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/31/2021: The African Roll involves pressure on the Saudi Plate, as the NE corner of the African Plate slides down from a hook at Turkey, thence scrapes past Syria and Israel, and finally scrapes past Saudi Arabia. This at first pushes the top of the Saudi boot to the East, then later to the West, creating turmoil in the oil fields of Iraq.

As the Africa foot slides into the void opened in the S Atlantic, while the top part of the Africa Plate remains frozen in place along the Mediterranean, the Africa Plate is forced into a bend. The stress of this showed up on NASA’s FIRMS service map, and on the maps showing Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

ZetaTalk Followers
Wow, Africa Roll is heating the superheating the ground and starting fires over a wide swath of Southern Africa!  Nowhere is there a word that Africa and Madagascar are now almost solidly burning, judging by the look of NASA's FIRMS service map. Someone better try to check a map of carbon dioxide emissions or something, because it's too many fire sources per last 24 hours, there are literally thousands of them on this map.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/13/2022: The sequence of events that would lead to the New Madrid finale are in process, and the S Atlantic is now spreading open, allowing the foot of Africa to shift over into the void being opened.  This process has been documented on the quake maps by quakes along the Antarctic border while the Antarctic Plate pushes up into the S Atlantic. Until the rock hook under Turkey snaps off, allowing Africa to drop on its eastern side, the slide into the S Atlantic attempts to bend the south part of Africa. This can be seen from hot Earth, CO2 emissions, SO2 emissions, and the Zambia Heliplot.

Ukraine Snare

On September 10 Kiev and the Cabal controlled western media were crowing about a supposed victory in the Russian controlled regions of the Ukraine. But did they celebrate too soon? As someone noted on the GodlikeProduction forum, this is Military Tactic 101, and the Art of War book by Sun Tzu and Book of Joshua in the Bible agree. Russia moved their troops out and when the Kiev mercenaries rushed in, they were like sitting ducks out in the open. Reports of Kiev casualties are in the thousands, and weaponry has also been demolished. Blackouts all the way to Kiev followed, caused by Russian hands, the better to work in the dark. The Zetas explain.

Reasons for Regrouping of Russian Troops in Kharkiv Region Named
'Our military knew that an offensive was being prepared, so now the troops are regrouping to destroy the group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), which came to the areas of Balakleya and Izyum. It should be borne in mind that there are no fortified areas there, so the task of destroying the most combat-ready Ukrainian units will be solved quite successfully. This will take a few more days,' said Konstantin Sivkov, Doctor of Military Sciences. The expert emphasized that over the past three days, as it became known from the Defense Ministry's report, more than 2 thousand Ukrainian and foreign militants, as well as over a hundred armored vehicles and artillery were destroyed.
Art of War by Sun Tzu
Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
Art of War by Sun Tzu
All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
Joshua 8, in the King James Bible
3 So Joshua arose, and all the people of war, to go up against Ai: and Joshua chose out thirty thousand mighty men of valour, and sent them away by night. 4 And he commanded them, saying, Behold, ye shall lie in wait against the city, even behind the city: go not very far from the city, but be ye all ready: 5 And I, and all the people that are with me, will approach unto the city: and it shall come to pass, when they come out against us, as at the first, that we will flee before them, 6 (For they will come out after us) till we have drawn them from the city; for they will say, They flee before us, as at the first: therefore we will flee before them. 7 Then ye shall rise up from the ambush, and seize upon the city: for the LORD your God will deliver it into your hand.
Judges 20, in the King James Bible
29 And Israel set liers in wait round about Gibeah. 30 And the children of Israel went up against the children of Benjamin on the third day, and put themselves in array against Gibeah, as at other times. 31 And the children of Benjamin went out against the people, and were drawn away from the city; and they began to smite of the people, and kill, as at other times, in the highways, of which one goeth up to the house of God, and the other to Gibeah in the field, about thirty men of Israel. 32 And the children of Benjamin said, They are smitten down before us, as at the first. But the children of Israel said, Let us flee, and draw them from the city unto the highways. 33 And all the men of Israel rose up out of their place, and put themselves in array at Baaltamar: and the liers in wait of Israel came forth out of their places, even out of the meadows of Gibeah. 34 And there came against Gibeah ten thousand chosen men out of all Israel, and the battle was sore: but they knew not that evil was near them. 35 And the LORD smote Benjamin before Israel: and the children of Israel destroyed of the Benjamites that day twenty and five thousand and an hundred men: all these drew the sword.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/11/2022: Russia of course was aware of Kiev’s plans to muster an offensive into Russian held territories. Russia has their embedded spies and information the captured Zelensky provided. With the announced death of the Queen and the pending return of President Trump, it was clear to the Cabal they were running out of time to make their move. Unless they were able to drive Russia back and invade the Russian oil and gas fields, they would lose control of Europe. Thus a snare was set.

Long known to be a military tactic, one appears weak to draw the enemy out into the open. Thus Russia cleverly withdrew and Kiev foolishly plunged into the trap where thousands of their hired mercenaries and weaponry provided by the Cabal were demolished. All that is left is a mopping up operation. Will the media in the West admit this turnabout, after crowing that they had put the Russians into a retreat? This will eventually occur in some form as the cold of Winter is descending upon Europe. The sanctions will be lifted and Russian oil and gas will again flow to Europe.

Ukraine Suffers Massive Blackout after ‘Russian Strikes’
September 11, 2022
Multiple regions of southeastern Ukraine suffered electricity shortages and blackouts. President Vladimir Zelensky has said the cause was missile attacks by Moscow on “critical infrastructure.” So, far Moscow has remained silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying its involvement. Still, the incident has been preceded by a reported launch of multiple cruise missiles from Russian ships positioned in the Black and Caspian Seas.
Putin's Revenge: Devastating Missile Strikes hit Ukraine's Power Grid as Payback for Military Humiliation
September 12, 2022
Russia blew up Ukrainian power plants overnight, plunging a third of the country into darkness in apparent revenge for its armies being routed in the east. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to President Zelensky, said strikes on Kharkiv's largest electric plant cut power in that region and Donetsk, and caused partial blackouts in Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy. Separate strikes took out water supplies.
Ukraine says it’s Repaired Damaged Power Infrastructure
September 12, 2022
Blackouts allegedly caused by Russian strikes on the Ukrainian power grid were partially dealt with overnight, according to President Vladimir Zelensky’s deputy chief-of-staff. Kiev blamed the blackouts in several of its regions on Russian missile attacks targeting power stations and key nodes of the transmission grid. The Russian military has neither confirmed nor denied carrying out such attacks.

Covid-19 Collapse

In August the CDC capitulated and declared that Covid -19 masks and vaccine boosters were no longer needed. Herd immunity had been established. Now there is a tsunami of truth from the scientific community too.

Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID
September 14, 2022
As boosters that have not been tested on humans are being rolled out across the country, a new study indicates that the jab is far more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. And the CDC has provided false information regarding their tracking of adverse events linked to the vaccines. A new study conducted by scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins, currently in pre-print, reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines were up to 98 times worse than the virus itself.
COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities
September 12, 2022
Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ?3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.

NEIM Study Confirms that Covid Jabs Destroy Natural Immunity
September 15, 2022
Within the first few months following “vaccination” for covid a person’s immune system degrades to the point of developing negative immunity. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published the disturbing paper, which looked at 887,193 children aged five to 11 in North Carolina. Scientists determined that the shots fail rather quickly post-injection and eventually eat away at immunity in a manner similar to AIDS – hence why many now refer to post-injection immune degradation as vaccine-induced AIDS, or VAIDS.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/31/2022: The CDC has decided that herd immunity has been established, and US based cruise ships will not insist on proof of vaccination. This comes shortly after the Biden Administration was pressing for children even as young as newborns to be vaccinated. Statistical evidence shows that the Pfizer vaccines were maiming and killing more people than the Covid flu ever did, by blood clots, heart attacks in the young, nerve damage and weakened immune systems. Why did this sudden capitulation happen? We have detailed the 5 front war the Junta was forced to engage, and that all but the 2020 election fraud had been resolved.  Just a month ago House Bill HR4350 attempted to give Biden dictatorial powers over the US Military. Though the Junta controls the Biden Double, the Biden administration is most certainly not going to go quietly. The announcement by the CDC regarding social quarantine and masking rules shows this last front, to reinstate President Trump, is making progress.