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ZetaTalk: Fire in the Sky
Note: written on May 15, 1996

The media portrayal of this true contactee experience did not adhere to the facts as relayed by the contactee. This is a common complaint from contactees who lose control of the process - their stories, faithfully relayed in exquisite detail, emerge from the hands of the media artists, painting an entirely different picture.

This episode was intended, by the good-hearted aliens and contactee involved, to promote the Awakening. The event involved a significant amount of missing time, witnesses to lights in the sky and the sudden disappearance of the contactee, and intense focus by the entire community on the sudden reappearance of the disheveled contactee. To that extent, matters went as planned. Thereafter, the contactee was subjected to the hostile denial that is so common as to be almost routine in visible visitations. Where anticipated, this brutalizing of the contactee leaves its mark, and standing up in the face of this hostility is no small matter. To add insult to injury, the media presented what was essentially a healing process as a terrifying capture, confinement, and experimentation. Horror stories pack the theaters, and this is, apparently, all that mattered.

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