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ZetaTalk: Brazilian Roswell
Note: written Jul 15, 1996.

The continent of South American is caught in a tug of war between visiting aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. These groups have engaged each other, and in some cases extreme measures are being taken. The psyche of the populace, having been influenced toward fear and self concern by false stories of blood-drained and weakened contactees, required shock treatment. These false stories gave the impression of loss of blood in the contactees, who in fact were only symptomatic of this. These episodes were as a result of visits from the Service-to-Self, where these contactees, having given The Call, allowed themselves to be intimidated into compliance with such treatment. Without this compliance, any physical change in a contactee or even any visit is not possible. The human controls the situation. However, in keeping with the intent of the Service-to-Self aliens, rumors of blood drained and weakened contactees spread.

The shock treatment of choice was similar to the Roswell scenario, where the populace would be given the impression that aliens are vulnerable, can be in pain, and can require the ministration and pity of humans. Where such a situation does not directly counter the blood-drained and weakened contactee story, it has the effect of negating this story as the exact situation with the weakened contactees is not known. Their story could be taken many ways, including human altercations, lovers bites and the weakness that comes from excess, for instance. Thus rumors spread about vulnerable aliens would tend to lean the weight of public opinion into such directions, rather than domination by aliens. Thus, the Service-to-Other win the struggle for public perception, and pity and concern replace fear.

Of course, to create a situation where pity and concern are called for there must be pain and injury and desperation. As in Roswell, several aliens in the Service-to-Other determined to sacrifice themselves and undergo terror and injury, pain and death, in order to achieve this end. As with Roswell, their ship was deliberately crashed, but unlike Roswell where all were supposed to die in the crash, most of the occupants were to live, and live in a pitiable situation. This they did, and their angst was not acting, as they were injured and terrified. Per plan, they met with talkative and impressionable children, who told their story to everyone they could, as expected. Open and innocent, these witnesses have never been doubted, and because UFOlogy nowadays is organized, tidbits of the story were snapped up before they could be drowned in a cover-up. Thus, the cover-up being effected according to tactics well-known in Brazil simply adds to the realism of the situation.

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