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ZetaTalk: Hezbollah Attack
written July 15, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Israel was battling with Hamas in Palestine. Then another front opened with the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Now Israel is giving ultimatums to Syria, claiming they are working with Hezbollah. Israel and the US are even blaming Iran. Is this going to lead to WW III?

Why would Hezbollah suddenly decide to enter the fray, kidnapping Israeli soldiers and lobbing missiles into Israel? Is it an alliance with the embattled Hamas? Was it some offense against Hezbollah, perpetrated by Israel? All seemed peaceful until this sudden explosion. Israel has used the violence and suicide bombing done by Palestinians as an excuse to push them off their land and retain what land they have already grabbed. The issue of Palestine could be easily solved by Israel if it were only reasonable and fair, so the matter is in their hands. What led into the situation where Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier? The Hamas government was squeezed financially, Israel holding back funds rightfully Palestine's, and Israel encouraging other nations to financially starve Palestine too. This finally exploded, as it was expected to explode. But there was no such recent incitement with Lebanon, so what caused an explosion there?

We have often mentioned that things are not what they seem. The Iraq insurgents creating an unstable situation in Iraq are often British soldiers, who have been caught dressed as Arabs with bombs in their cars, arrested by the Iraqi police, and then sprung from jail by the Brits. Once incited, fingers point in all directions and the street fighting and retaliation is assured. The Berg beheading was not done by Arabs at all, as could be seen by a simple analysis of the dress and mannerisms of the executioners. The Golden Mosque was bombed by the US, to incite civil war in Iraq, which the US hoped would spill over into Iran, avoiding a need to get approval from a now reluctant US Congress for such a war expansion. But civil war in Iraq has fallen back to a simmer, with the new Iraqi government taking steps the US does not want. They plan to call the insurgents resistance fighters, and give them amnesty. This would bring the Sunni closer to the new Shia government, as partners, reducing the street fights. They plan to ask the US to leave Iraq, entirely, with a time line established. As a sovereign and elected government, Iraq will demand the occupation end, and has the right to rescind any oil contracts handed out to the US before they were elected. None of this is going the way the Bush Administration expected.

Is the sudden Israeli confrontation with Lebanon incited? Look at the rhetoric from the mouths of spokespersons for the US and Israel. Iran and Syria must stop their activities! Lebanon attacks, and now we are engaging Syria and Iran! Just what the Bush Administration and Israel wanted! While the reluctant US military is stuck in Iraq at present, trying to bring the troops home and slip away as quickly as possible, the Bush Administration is trying to force them into a war with Iran. A move to invade and control the oil fields in Saudi is only a step away, with the excuse that the Middle East is now further destabilized and the oil fields need protection. Bush and those who put him into power in the White House are arrogant, and determined to carry out their plans. If a civil war in Iraq didn't spill the conflicts over into Iran, then what to do? Kidnap a few Israeli soldiers, with the cooperation of Israel, and demand Lebanon produce them! Can they do this when they don't have the soldiers? Hezbollah has been infiltrated, as one might imagine, by Israeli agents, and why would it not? In the past it has been a major headache for Israel. This was an Israeli arranged kidnapping, with the soldiers in the hands of Israeli agents.

How will this end? Will escalation occur until the entire Middle East is in flames, Israel using their nuclear arsenal? One should remember that any nuclear activity in lands bordering Israel pollutes Israel too. One does not defecate in one's own bed. The hope is that Iran and Syria will engage, will give the US and Israel an excuse so the US Military can invade those countries. But this requires that Syria and Iran cooperate with this game plan, and that the US Military will allow themselves to be pushed to take steps they are reluctant to take. If Syria or Iran attacked Israel, then the ploy might work, but if they are restrained, the ploy will fail. In the meantime, Israel has weakened itself, by opening up a second front, battling both Hamas and Hezbollah and on both ends of the country. What will this mean for Israel if the US is forced to withdraw troops from Iraq and go home? They've stirred up a hornets' nest, and are sitting in the middle of an angry swarm! Such is karma!

Signs of the Times #1621
Hezbollah Drone Attacks Israeli Warship [Jul 14] Hezbollah rammed an Israeli warship with an unmanned aircraft rigged with explosives and set it ablaze Friday, after attack jets smashed Lebanon's links to the world one by one and destroyed the headquarters of the Islamic guerrilla group's leader. The attack on the warship off Beirut's Mediterranean coast - which left four sailors missing - was the most dramatic incident on a violent day in the conflict that erupted suddenly and appeared to be careening out of control despite pleas from world leaders for restraint on both sides. [and from another] Syria calls for Hezbollah cease fire [Jul 14] In a significant move, the Syrian ambassador to London, in an interview with the BBC, called on Hezbollah to stop firing missiles at Israel. [and from another] Israel gives Syria ultimatum [Jul 15] Israel gave Syria 72 hours to stop Hezbollah's activity.