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ZetaTalk: Israel War
Note: written during the Mar 2, 2002 IRC Session

Israel is being pressured of late to ease back on what is seen, worldwide, as a repressive regime. The US Government has for years considered Israel an ally that would stand when all Arab nations turned. Thus the arrogance of those in control, hard liners, ultra-right, in Israel, made for a situation scarcely different from how the Nazis treated the Jews. Palestinians are pushed off their homeland, without cause, or incited cause. They are not allowed free movement, are arrested at a whim and killed in jail, and most of this out of the news. The street fighting will increase and not die down until steps are taken to right the original offense, land grabbing and mistreatment of Arabs as second class citizens. This is unlikely to proceed to any degree during the coming year, a tense year in any case.

Note: below written during the September 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Israeli aggression against the Palestinians is not expected to subside until the shift, but continue along the usual lines. They grind the Palestinians into the dust, killing civilians, caging them so their children starve. Then Palestinians counter by killing themselves in suicide bombing, and the cycle goes round again. Though the UN has placed this issue first, ahead of any Iraq inspections, this is unlikely to change. Each country now is dealing with climate impact, economic downturn, and facing inward more than usual. Thus, as long as this dispute does not spill over boundaries, there is unlikely to be a concerted change instituted by any other country. The shift, of course, will change all that.

Note: below written during the November 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Israel and the US have been in bed for some time, for reasons other than stated by these two countries. The US is dependent upon oil from the Middle East, but finds the Muslim nations rejecting their advances. The US has used the excuse of anti-communism to fight many battles not otherwise justified, when the raw desire behind the gun was wealth for the elite. The CIA has long been used to topple legitimate democracies and movements in Argentina, Australia, and Central America so that corporate interests would be more secure to do business as usual. The US has been building Israel up, sending massive aid, far more than any other country, so have an ally in just such an effort as exists today. Israel abuses the Palestinians to the point where they throw rocks, and then bombs their villages, children and aged and alike. This enrages the Arabs, who then are deemed terrorists if they raise an eyebrow. All this has behind it corporate greed, desire for oil, and none other.

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