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ZetaTalk: Berg Beheading
written May 15, 2004

There are rumors on the internet that the beheading of the U.S. soldier was actually carried out by U.S. intelligence to cover themselves for the Abu Gharib revelations. Could the Zetas comment on this and on what will be the further upshot of what is now happening in Iraq?

The many inconsistencies noted about the Berg beheading video make it obvious that this was not as purported, a retaliation against the United States for detainee abuse. Did the Iraqis not know of the abuse before the photos started circulating? Was the detainee abuse worse than bombed mosques, tens of thousands of civilian deaths, and the ransacking of the Baghdad museum? Did other US citizens captured as contractors or soldiers meet such a fate? Why Berg, and why at a time when the US was trying to place themselves, morally, over the former prison operators, in comparison. Yes, we didn’t apply the Geneva Convention but by comparison the Iraqi are so much more brutal. When in Rome, you do what the Romans do, or you don’t get their attention. The media, as expected, jumped from the prison photos to the Berg beheading issue. So who benefited from this? Not the Iraqi.

CNN read an email from a woman this morning that said she felt that this was a staged act to help this admin, take the heat off of themselves.

The hooded figures being white or the disconnection between the speech and the person ostensibly speaking.

How did the so called Iraqis get their hands on him when the Americans were the last recorded to have him in custody. Why would real American soldiers be released from captivity in Iraq and not made an example of?

The orange suit? Why was he wearing an American issued orange jumper? And they’ve said nothing about his escaping from the Americans. So if he was released, did he leave in an orange jumpsuit?

If you views the video up to when the knife was drawn, take a close look at how the knife was drawn. It was overhand, the west/American way. Among the Islamic/Moslem way it is always an underhand grasp.

Just look at where things were heading this week post Tabuga Report and Congressional Hearings. Until this Berg diversion occurred, there was an intense focus being generated on role of General Miller and his activities running the Guatanamo Torture/Death Camp. Right before this story broke, the big talk was how Miller how been sent to Iraq to get more intel out of the prisoners.

Anybody notice how a couple of them black-hood characters standing behind Berg were real big guys - like NFL linebackers? And they had very white hands

‘Allah o Akbar’ they pronounce not with Arabic, but with a Russian-like accent. Also, their demeanor was not Arabic at all, but resembles that of people from the North Caucasus. Those were not Arabs! I think they were all Mossad - new recruits from the Jewish-Russian diaspora.

Attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the sand dunes. Not a single reporter/newspaper worldwide had the ethics to report that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed a long time ago.