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ZetaTalk: Newton's Clock
written May 19, 2004

What are the forces that keep the Solar System running, like clockwork, the Earth turning so that only a fraction of a second is lost in a year? It is known by man that the outer planets will speed up and slow down when approaching or leaving each other, termed perturbations caused by the tug of gravity. Then why would the planets return to their prescribed place, afterwards? The rigidity of Newton’s Laws are set aside at such times, while human theorists sputter about with Conservation of Energy abstractions, supposedly some elf in the cosmos registering the slowing and inserting a commensurate acceleration later, with some kind of cosmic balance scales, ignoring the fact that the last adjustment would carry by the weight of momentum to be a permanent effect, all other factors being equal. Newton states that the status quo continues, contradicting man's explanation, but man cannot put his theories together on the same page, though continues to state they are all infallible. Why are perturbations only temporary? As with all things in the solar system, the answer lies in the Sun, which dominates the scene.

We have Stated that the Earth, along with Venus and Mars and the Earth Dark Twin coming up behind her, have all halted in their orbits, presented with Planet X coming toward them in its retrograde orbit. This is not immediately clear to humans gazing at the sky, as Venus and Mars were coming up behind the Earth at the time the Earth halted in its orbit, and choose to keep their distance from each other, so the distance approximates what was expected, though making the cover-up Artists nervous.

We have Stated that the Dark Twin coming up behind the Earth would be one clear piece of evidence in the fog of the cover-up proving a halted orbit. There all along, but like the dark asteroids that absorb, rather than reflect, light, a stealth planet.

We have Stated that the Moon, unlike the planets, is Earth centric and seeks to hug the Earth’s middle and even during the pole shift will not leave the Earth, such is the force of this hug. We have stated that the Navy timekeepers, in anticipation of this time, preset the Moon rise and set Times after the discovery of Planet X in 1983 by the IRAS team, so that a slowing rotation would not be noticed by the Moon Phases coming early until the last days. This has been the case during most of the past year, one of the strongest indications outside of an erratic Moon orbit that something is terribly amiss.

We have Stated that the Constellations at first simulate what is expected due to the tilt of the Earth toward the Sun and the Lean of the Earth toward Planet X, but that the constellations will eventually be noticeably Out of Place. Where this tilt and lean simulate the constellation pattern expected, it puts the Arc of the Sun too high in the sky, which many have noticed.

We have Stated that slowing would increase significantly after the orbit halted, but would be masked by the automatic adjustment that human clock systems insert, a loss of approximately two hours for every month that passes in order to allow the Sun to be overhead at noon, the night sky overhead at midnight. For the Earth to align, in her rotation, to the clock systems, it would have to slow that two hours per months, so that the position to gaze into the night sky is appropriate for a mid-Winter position, not late Spring. To the relief of the cover-up artists, the Earth slowing kept pace, and where they had no explanation for this, it allowed the cover-up to continue past the level Orange alert called during orbit halt, when imminent panic was expected and Almanacs were put on the FBI list as terrorist tools, in anticipation of the need for denial and panic control. By what magic then did the Earth continue to turn, facing in the correct direction as the months passed?

We have Stated that Rotation is caused by elements in the Earth’s core, by no means homogeneous, chasing after what it is attracted to or repulsed by. In that the Sun dominates the scene, it should be no surprise that these elements are within or controlled by the rotation of the Sun, and this is the case. The entire solar system sweeps in the direction of the Sun’s rotation. The Earth faces the Sun, once a day, in keeping with the Sun’s own rotation presentation, a touch point from matter on the Earth’s surface and within its core to similar matter within the Sun. Likewise, perturbed planets in the solar system, temporarily out of place as they pass each other, are pulled back into their orbit positions not by some vague Conservation of Energy theory but by outreach arms from the Sun snapping them back into place.

When will serious Slowing, out of sync with Newton’s clock, commence? When Planet X, during its passage, inserts itself between the Earth and the Sun, standing, as we have stated, as the only voice the Earth can hear, the Sun’s voice blocked. In that the presence of Planet X is lost in the glare of the Sun, in the blaze of light reflecting from the dust cloud shrouding Planet X, this Slowing will be the single most compelling indicator that the long wait is about to end and the time to travel to safety has arrived.