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Steady Tilt/Lean Increase
in March 2004

March 23
At 6:45 today I noted the Azi of the Sun to be 97°, and the Alt a full 30° up. Per Skymap, this is the correct Azi, but the Alt should only be 8°! We have consistently noted an extreme arch in the sky.
March 15
At 1200 hrs Sun N/S shadow was 330/140°, Azi 165°, Alt 60°. I then, about 1230, measured E/W & N/S shadows cast by Sun shinning on house corner and porch roof and N/S was 352/172° while E/W was 89/269° and the shadow told me Sun Alt was 60°. [Note: Sun cutting over too quickly to the West as at 12:00 should be at 150°, not 165°. Arc again too high as at 12:00 should be up 53°, not 60°, and at 12:30 should be up 55°, not 60°.] Then today Mar 15 in Wisconsin at sunrise or shortly after I found it at 6:45 AM to be 95° Azi and 30° Alt but per Skymap it should be at 100° Azi and 10° Alt. [Note: too high and too far to the north.]
March 14
Sunday, Mar 14, in El Paso, I noted at 12:00 hrs MST the N/S shadow was 335/155°. The Sun Azi was 155° and Alt 60°. At 13:15 Alt approx the same 60°. Sunday, yesterday, at 17:15 hours, Sun shadow was Azi W 240° and E 60° and Alt 31°. [Note: Sun cutting over the the West too quickly as at 12:00 should be at 150°, not 155°, and setting too far in the South as 17:15 should be at 250°, not 240°. Arch is consistently too high as at 12:00 should be 50° up, not 60°, and at 13:15 should be 45° up, not 60°, and at 17:15 should be at 25° up, not 31°.] I found on Mar 14 in Wisconsin at 9:00 AM that the Sun was at 110° Azi and 45° Alt, but per Skymap should be at 127° Azi and 30° Alt. [Note: too high and rising too far to the north.]
March 13
Saturday, Mar 13, I was on Ft Bliss at 12:35 hrs the Sun was Azi 190° and at 16:35 hrs, in South East El Paso, Azi was 245° and Alt was 50°. [Note: Sun cutting over too quickly to the West at 12:35 as should be at 165°, not 190°, and too high in the sky as at 16:35 should be 32° high, not 50°].
March 11
The Sun is way far North here in Arizona. [and from another source] The poor moon is almost south, definitely in the southwest. The other night here in Missouri it was due west! [and from another source] This morning the sun was higher than normal for 9 o'clock here in Ohio.
March 10
At 1750 hrs MST, Wednesday, 03-10-04, A Monster Sun, extremely brilliant behind a wide bright yellow sky, went behind a 5,000 feet high Franklin Mtn peak at Azi 245°. (US Navy Obs DS Sun Data for El Paso today 17:30 Alt 7.8 Azi 260.8°). [Note: again, as noted in Wisconsin, full 16° too far to the South at sunset.]
March 8
Monday, Mar 8, in central Wisconsin the sunball came up at at 95°, almost directly East. [Per Skymap, for a Dec 1 position assuming orbit halt, the Sun should rise at 115° (not 95) but the Ecliptic angle 25° off as measured in Norway due the the tilt/lean would place it there. For a Mar 8 position assuming no orbit halt, the Sun should be at 95°. The Sun set at 252°, 18° shy of due West and not balanced with the sunrise. Mar 8 would place it at 265°. ]
March 7
The moon appears to have rotated counter clockwise by about 45 degrees. The reading I've done on the Internet this evening shows that my view from the Northern Hemisphere, here in Spokane Wa. seems to be the view that I would see from somewhere near the Equator. The folks in the Southern Hemisphere have an upside-down view from ours. The feature that makes up the man in the moons left eye, on the right side of the moon, is now on the top of the moon. In the past when I've looked at the Man in the Moon, the moons left eye almost looks like a figure of a man with a body and two legs sticking down. It doesn't look like that anymore and that's an undeniable fact. The appearance of the full Moon is is known by everyone. This change in the Moons face can be checked by anyone with access to a computer or a library card.
March 3
Today, Wednesday, March 3, 2004, in El Paso, Texas, at 1200 hours MST I went to my backyard North/South Sun Shadow zone to observe a noontime shadow. At that time the Sun was at Azi S 160-N 340 and Alt was 50° N of horizon and 40° S of dome. The N/S Sun shadow arrived at 1245 hrs. [Per Skymap, for a Dec 1 position assuming orbit halt, the Sun should be 35d high (not 50°) and at Azi 165. Tilted also, the Sun would crest higher. For a Mar 3 position assuming no orbit halt, the Sun should be at 47° high (not 50°) and at Azi 150.]
March 2
Oops, we've tilted again. The sun was way too high at noon. My noon shadow hit its mark where my July marks were. The moon, on the other hand is way too far north; just about where it belongs in July, maybe even farther north than that. Planets don't flip around on their own. Basic physics says bodies in motion want to stay in motion. Some massive force is changing the moving body called Earth. It's not doing it by itself.