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Blue Orb Recognized

I know that it was at least 3 times bigger than Venus has ever appeared. Possibly more. And the color also! That yellow was flaming yellow! Then two minutes later -blue!
New York City, April 16

Might the odd blue persona seen in the Jan/Feb time frame have been the Dark Twin emerging from behind the Sun? Captured in photos, this blue persona was assumed to be one of the Planet X presentations, a Moon Swirl perhaps. But Planet X emits light in the red spectrum, and the light reflected from the red dust cloud is likewise in the red spectrum. With the observations that the Dark Twin has a blue starlike appearance, as a light spectrum it reflects, the blue persona emerging from behind the Sun, along the Ecliptic in the proper counterclockwise orbit motion, could have been the Dark Twin, in plain view all along!

Italy, Jan 11, 2004, close to the Sun.
China, Jan 20, 2004, reflecting both the blue and yellow colors observed to be reflected by the Dark Twin.
New Jersey, Feb 9, 2004, moving along the Ecltipic away from the Sun, a very blue orb.