Doctored Mars
Mar 23

Re the Quebec, Canada photo:

All the photos [original .jpe as well as marked .jpg photo, at right] had the same type of anomolies leading me to believe the mars locations were altered. I didn't even have to adjust the contrast. the pixels are different at the mars locations than the surrounding photo indicating altering.

Anonymous Professional

From Pensacola, FL, the Original from the web site available for download also.The blowup at right was done by Nancy who also found a clear paste at Mars location.

Here is the first one analyzed. I copied the Mars area and pasted it in larger format to the right [in photo at left]. Note the Pixels in the blow up insert. The Words, Mars, and the Pleiades are all showing larger pixels indicating a type of altering. Perhaps a paste.
Anonymous Professional

From Cascade, CO, the Original from the web site available for download also. The blowups below were done by Nancy, example of pasted large stars over air brushed cloud cover, and pixel differences at the Mars location. The pixels in Mars are much smaller than in the Pleiades.

This photo is more clever. I adjusted the full contrast and brightness to bring out the photo art aspects. It is my opinion that the star background is genuine but the large stars, clouds and foreground are all layered on top. It makes the photo more authentic looking but is the reverse of a small cut and paste. In stead it is large art cut and paste. If you look closely at the cloud features by enlarging the area you will see large rectangular areas of apparent art brushing.
Anonymous Professional