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Planet X Position

May 12, 2007
The last month the land was in 27 of September, and today what is the position?
There has not been that much change in the position of Planet X, which is prehaps in the Sept 16 position now, turned approximately 147° along in its 270° roll. The Earth is at present trying to lean to the right, to align side by side with this monster, but will at some point begin trying to lean to the left, N Pole away from Planet X, but dither. It is at this point that the quiet period of quakes and volcanic eruptions will ceased. There are of course plateaus in these matters, which is not a lineal process. And as we have stated, there will be surprised not mentioned previously in ZetaTalk, for the establishment to deal with.
Apr 14, 2007
When the earth halted in orbit , then did the earth reverse orbit and is now going in a reverse orbit, now its October position, once in the August position then the pole shift happens, am I right?
When the Earth halted in her orbit, it was because Planet X was in her orbit, standing in her way. As Planet X is in a retrograde orbit, the reverse of all the other planets in the solar system, it then moved toward her and she did indeed reverse, pushed back, and has been doing so every since. She moved from Dec 25 position and is now at the Sep 27 position, approximately, and will move all the way back to the August position before the passage.
Mar 3, 2007
I believe the sweeping arms of the sun have come around again since the Zetas last commented on the position of Planet X remaining at around 135°. Can they comment on whether any progress has been made or is it still stuck so to speak?
We mentioned that surges and plateaus would occur, during the 270° roll. At present, the tail of Planet X is turning toward Earth, gathering in the space between the two planets, and its electrical charge is affecting progress. Just what the time frame is for this adjustment, we will not say, for the reasons we have repeated endlessly.
Feb 3, 2007
I'm also wondering if Planet X has moved closer to the 270 degree mark from 135 degree.
We reported recently that Planet X was at the 135° point, and it has not progressed past a degree or two beyond that. This is not a lineal process, as is it also lifting up to encounter the Ecliptic backwash, and fights at times in a virtual plateau. This does not mean it will not move rapidly at times, forcing an adjustment in Earth at the same time. These are matters we will not detail at present, as the establishment is to stay off kilter, true karma for the lack of knowledge they give the common man about what is coming.
Jan 13, 2007
You recently stated that Planet X has rotated through 135° from the position directly facing the sun, The last 45° in approximately 60 days. Where in this rotation is Planet X now? Where is Planet X relative to the ecliptic? The speed of rotation through the 270º you have stated is nonlinear. Is it increasing or decreasing?
The speed of movement through the 270° roll is not linear, not even logical to the human understanding of how magnetics work. Planet X has moved faster while the Earth has been resisting its influence, because the magnetic fields of Earth and Sun are aligned. When Earth starts to tip, lean to the left, this will create a magnetic conflict, slowing things down. Magnetics prefer an either/or situation, with another magnet either aligned with it, side by side, or directly in opposition, a right angles, and lastly end to end. Another aspect is the elevation to the Ecliptic, as when slightly below the Ecliptic it can point its N Pole out into space, but when at the Ecliptic, it must hose at an inbound particle flow (that man is unaware of in the main) and this pushes back against Planet X. Thus, a linear rate cannot be assumed. By the same token, rapid movement can happen.
Dec 23, 2006
Are there any additional effects from the tail of Planet X that the Zetas can comment on? Cell Phone coverage seems very bad the past few weeks. Is the tail of Planet X interfering with cell coverage? Will it get worse?
We have stated that the tail of Planet X, which hoses out of the N Pole of Planet X, will be pointing toward the Earth increasingly during the 270° roll. At present, Planet X has turned its N Pole 135° from a direct point toward the Sun, and thus the tail is now beginning to shed red dust on the Earth and interfere with the Earth's satellites and the grid systems on Earth. This will get worse, certainly, and steadily. The coverup will claim this is activity in the Sun, when it is not. The amount of red dust will be your clue.
Oct 21, 2006
On Sept 18, Nancy had a vision recall of Planet X having progressed to approximately 80 degrees roll out of 270. Can the Zeta's comment how how this roll has progressed since then and how able or aware is the establishment in monitoring Planet X in it rolling ways?
Planet X is closer to a 90° turn, pointing not at the Sun or the Earth but sideways, than since Sept 18. The Bush administration plans to send out the Stereo probes, but these have not yet attained position, nor can they accurately, from a distance at Earth's orbit, determine the magnetic field turn of Planet X. Thus, they will only be able to gauge distance from Earth, which the human scientists in their employ will misinterpret. They do not know danger when they see it!
Sep 23, 2007
NancyTalk: A couple days ago I got an update on the position of Planet X, how far along on a line drawn from the Sun to the Earth is it, ie is it closer to the Sun than the Earth? I was taken on a space ship to be shown this. On this line, it's 43% along, 57% to go. And I was able to gauge how far along the 270° roll has proceeded. It's moved along quite a bit since Apr 21, 2006 when the Zetas stated on GLP that it is 28° along. It's now about 80°, about 50° in the last 5 months. Here's my recall of that trip on Sep 18.
NancyTalk: I'm on a space ship with the Zetas, an observation ship, hovering somewhere near Planet X. Nancy sees the water planet, with little land and the haze of creamy colored dust that shrouds it. The ship backs away so the Sun and tiny Earth can also be seen. This distance of Planet X on a line between the Sun and Earth is approximately 43% of the way along from the Sun. The tail can be seen blowing away from Planet X. It appears like dark dust with hunks in it, in the main, but some of the moon swirls are like light dust tubes. Since the tail blows out from the N Pole, the degree of turn in the 270° roll can be determined, and appears about 80°.
Apr 21, 2007
Where about in the 270° roll are we?
It is not at the 90° point. The N Pole is not yet pointing to the right. It's no longer pointing toward the Sun's S Pole and is certainly not yet pointing toward us. You'd know it if it were. We'd be into leaning to the left and the 3 days of darkness that we have predicted. We would state about 28°. It has started turning to the right to the point where you are starting to see the tail waft to the side and even wrap around. The tail goes out from the N Pole of Planet X and wraps round along the magnetic field lines of Planet X to its S Pole. So therefore you're seeing the tail components of Planet X to the right and to the left. We would anticipate the roll should proceed 195° before rotation slowing to a stop leading into the pole shift would occur. At this point you're into a roller coaster ride and it's a very short time until the pole shift itself. This does not mean that the pace it going to remain as slow as it has been. We've been talking about the slow 270° roll for some time. This is not an equal pace. This picks up at some point, with the N Pole swinging away from the Sun and up, and attempting to align with the Sun's magnetic field, N/S. There are many factors in how quickly it moves. These are matters we have not discussed and will not discuss because it would give the establishment as to the time frame and pace. So we hold that information close. But we can tell you that things can speed up, and they can slow down, and you have to be prepared for either time frame as part of the populace struggling with the cover-up and not being told the truth.