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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 14, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

I would like ZetaTalk to respond to the following question regarding the diagrams below, which refute the ZetaTalk claim of a wildly wobbling Earth. These records go back all the way to May 19, 1976. Since ZetaTalk claims that the Earth's axis is wobbling about wildly in a gigantic figure 8 motion, at such a huge scale that the stars are supposedly seen in the wrong parts of the sky, at the wrong angle, or at the wrong time - how does ZetaTalk respond to 31 years of scientific proof that the Earth's axis has not, and is not wobbling in a dramatic figure 8 pattern? This is information that ZetaTalk recently pointed to as evidence of ZetaTalk's accuracy, and as such, ZetaTalk can NOT turn around and claim that the information has been doctored.
The reader will see that these graphs depict the path that the Earth's axis of rotation has traced on the surface of the North Pole as it wandered slowly through the years. It does not depict the motion of the magnetic north pole. The human figure in the first diagram demonstrates the minute scale at which the axis wanders about. As can be seen, the axis does not wobble in a figure 8 motion (which is a ZetaTalk claim), nor does it wobble even remotely as dramatically as ZetaTalk is claiming. Links that the readers can explore:

Is this the same government that stated that WMD existed in Iraq, invented the evidence, which later was proved to be a fraud? Is this the same government which claimed that JFK was killed with a single bullet that went through several bodies and emerged intact? Is this the same government that has claimed over the decades that UFO's, visitors from other worlds, did not exist, despite mass sightings that undeniably proved their existence? Indeed, this is the same government that is current muzzling the USGS from reporting earth changes to the public, muzzling scientists who wish to report on climate change, and in control of the Navy, which controls the observatories of the world. Need we say more? They are lying.

This address is a link to an article about the Bush administration's requirement that all scientific statements concerning "official interests" be authorized by the government now. Earlier I posted a link about the Bush administration's institution of essentially a Soviet style political officer for all government bodies. Through the recent years I have read many articles accusing the Bush administration of practicing pseudo science, of manipulating scientific data to suit their needs. These two recent political maneuvers seem to be fairly clear evidence of a maniacal need for control. In conjunction with that information, it is my understand that under the aegis of "Global Warming", the oceans, polar caps and glaciers are believed to be warming due to trapped green house gases in the atmosphere. My education said water is one of the most stable compounds on earth. With the oceans accounting for 97.2% of earth's total water, in some places to a depth of 11 miles and hovering just above freezing, combined with the fact that heat rises, how could a substantially lesser density atmosphere, that is above the oceans and only touches them at their surfaces, raise the temperature of the oceans by any appreciable degree? It seems a physical impossibility. Nor do I see how melting ice caps and glaciers, whose total liquid volume equals less than 3% of the oceans', could change the salinity of the oceans by any appreciable degree. Contrary to that hypothesis, a couple of years ago I read a solitary article by scientists that said the oceans were warming from the bottom up. With the real world physics of rising heat, that sounds far more plausible. Can the Zeta's comment.

We stated throughout the life of ZetaTalk that heat rises, creating air turbulence, not warmer oceans and ground, that a slight heating of a degree or two would make no difference in the ground temperature. Scientists have noted that rocks are heating, below ground, above the heating rate of the surface. The permafrost is several feet below ground, melting down in the Summer to only a foot or so on the surface, yet the permafrost is melting. This is hardly from the air temperature increase. Those with intelligence, who research the issue as this questioner has, are not fooled, but the common man, who works long hours at more than one job to feed his family does not have the time or education, in the main, to do so. They hear Global Warming and see groups of scientists pounding the table and pointing fingers and have no reason to doubt this. This is what the cover-up planned, to fool the common man until the last days when it will be too late for them. But there are other matters afoot, so those at the top of this cruel scheme will not succeed as planned. Trust us in this.

Now that weather extremes and moon/Sun placement anomalies are becoming more evident, it seems that the press of the debunkers is even more desperate. Kind of like Bush's "troop surge" where they keep pressing ahead no matter how wrong they are. Apart from the individuals who are in serious denial, will the professional debunker ever change his tune, or will they be shrill to the bitter end, particularly when they no longer have the cover of Bush and Co to operate under?

The debunkers are paid, and promised a place in well stocked bunkers, so are motivated to continue until the bitter end when they discover that they are to be forgotten like the rest of humanity. Look at the White House, which drones on that Iraq is winable, they are winning in Iraq, th corner has been turned, that things will get worse rather than better if the US leaves Iraq, all the while evidence is the opposite. They are not expected to change their tune, ever, even after the US is run out of Iraq by Civil War and Earth changes. They will simply not be listened to anymore, whether clothed in their current personas or trying to bring the same old chants wearing new personas. They will be ignored, as they are today.

With the announcement of troop tours being extended to 15 months, along with the failure of the troop surge, are we at a point that the military might openly rebel and arrest Bush/Cheney? The military is clearly being broken in front of our eyes day by day.

The Military is in an odd position, as to openly rebel against the White House is making a statement to the American people that Bush is no longer the Commander in Chief, which he is not. They discuss these matters endlessly, among themselves as well as among others in Congress and the Judiciary and the various agencies such as the FBI who know that the White House is criminal and are awaiting the right time to set things right. Thus, they effect the same end, by ignoring Bush's orders, blocking them, as they have been doing since August 2003. You will continue to see open rebellion, pronouncements mostly by retired military, as this progresses toward its inevitable end - the arrest or assassination of Bush and company.

I have read the reasons that the Zetas state that the Pole Shift will be allowed to happen, (it is natural event, opportunity for clarification of Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation), etc. and I still am a bit puzzled. Most all of the people that I know will be unable in one way or another to come to terms with the events that will soon be upon us, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or preparedness wise. I plan to do what I can but it will be a drop in an ocean in terms of the overall needs of people and I suspect it will be the same with others that prepare as well. My question is given what the Zetas have said and all of the horror and suffering that millions will endure, is this truly the only way for Earth to transition? Surely other worlds do not have such a difficult birth into 4th dimensional density? It seems like such pain will leave scars on individuals souls for many incarnations. What am I missing here?

Imagine that we were warning about a tornado swarm, pointing to the Earth changes, pointing to the evidence that this is to come in the future. Do you suppose you could convince those in the path of such a pending swarm to move, to take action, simply because a compelling warning had been given? The pole shift is a result that is basically no different from other natural catastrophe's. People get hit by lighting, endure starvation, get cancer or intractible infections, today, so this is no different except in scale as it will affect more people. Thus, since life is not a cake walk, not intended to be, but is an opportunity to learn to love one another and prove this by action, you are not going to be rescued from the pole shift any more than you are from tornados, starvation, lightning, cancer, or infections!

What is the distance, mass, and eccentricity of the orbit of the incoming binary object? The binary's periodicity is 3652 years.

Planet X, which goes by many names, is 4 times the diameter of Earth and 23 times its mass. It is not the Sun's binary, which is a dark unlit sun lying 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances out. Planet X is a planet, which orbits both its suns in a sling orbit. This is all within the body of ZetaTalk, in the Science section primarily. Go read. Regarding distance, mass, and eccentricity of the orbit. You are asking for mathematical variables that mankind uses to compute comets that go round the Sun, and Planet X has a sling orbit, which your astronomers claim cannot exist. For details on these arguments, made early in the life of ZetaTalk, go into the sci.atro debates section of the ZetaTalk website. Your request is akin to asking us when we stopped beating our wife, or when a dead man will return to life. There is no answer. For the nature of the sling orbit, check the Science section of ZetaTalk. Planet X is currently within your inner solar system, has been photographed there, is moving away from the Sun now at about the orbit of Venus, toward Earth, and the Passage will happen at some indefinite point in the future. Earth is in a halted orbit, cannot move out of the way, caught in an eddy flow, and her seasons are being artificially simulate by benign aliens as ourselves by tilting the Earth toward or away from the Sun. This is all within the body of the ZetaTalk website, the latter in the Orbits section.

What is the Zetas take on Turkey, going after the Kurds - is it about the Oil, or some other reason?

Turkey, as is known, has Kurds, and has long been concerned that if the Iraqi Kurds gain strength, then their own Kurds will join and Turkey will lose population. They prefer a suppressed Kurdish population, and would like to see Turkey control of the oil fields the Iraqi Kurds control. This is unlikely to break into open warfare, but become a restless truce, however, especically since the region will have headaches aplenty with Earth changes shortly.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent low key meeting between Blairs' successor Gordon Brown and Bush? What are we in the UK going to get? Another Bush poodle? Doesn't he know Bush is on the way out as well?

Bush knows that Brown will be another Blair, and is not worried. The one worried is Blair, who fears no longer getting the perks he was guaranteed before. Brown is willing to take the risks, as the gains for him are immense.

NASA aims to clear up mystery of elusive clouds at edge of space. NASA claims it's from aeronomy of ice in the mesosphere. Is this another way to cover up the strange looking clouds that are actually chemtrails?

NASA and other scientists cooperating with their coverup of Planet X are inventing excuses for everything that the Earth is experiencing, and has been for some time. What they will have problems with is the wobble, the lurch, which will soon get so obvious as to be undeniable. Then what!

US involved in Algeria bombings?

Note the degree of violence in the Middle East in years prior to the Bush invasion in 2003. Subtract that from the violence you see today, in these countries besides Iraq, and you will have some idea of what the US is fomenting. In general, outside of Iraq and Iran, these are not fomented by the US or Britain.

Geologists say the glacial lake Missoula burst free after an ice dam broke 12,000 years ago, forever altering the landscape of the eastern side of Washington State. As a piece of geological evidence to this cataclysm, they point to the state's channeled scablands. According to Charles Ginenthal's work, The Flood, he defends Immanuel Velikovsky's assessment that the "coulees", which the geologists point to as evidence of these raging waters, could not have been formed by such an event or by retreating glaciers, but rather, they were formed by retreating water such as the backwash of ocean tides on a sandy beach. Ginenthal claims an ice dam, as described by geologists, could not have formed to hold that much pressure due to the lack of sufficient tensile strength of ice as well as the seeping of water underneath the ice which would undermine the dam. I am very interested in what the Zetas have to say about this.

Velikovsky gave an immense gift to mankind in his research on geological evidence of prior pole shifts, their periodicy, and folklore supporting the passage of a large planet causing these changes. Indeed, the book Earth in Upheaval is a read that none should miss. Velikovsky was mistreated terribly during his lifetime, and debunkers will still try to paint him as a kook, as they either are told to do so or fear his message as they fear our message. Niagra changed its course 3,600 years ago, the oceans of the world dropped an average of 16-20 feet 3,600 years ago, and many lakes in the N American continent likewise show the stamp of the past pole shifts quite clearly. It's all there for those with courage to take in and ponder!

Tyranny in the USA: The true history of FDA raids on healers, vitamin shops and supplement companies. That is currently taking place. Will earth changes put a halt to this plan as well? With the assassination of Bush or his arrest or leaving office will this stop in its tracks things like raids on Health Food stores?

The partners with Bush and company, who were to benefit for supporting the Republican agenda, giving contributions to Republican's for Congress, include the pharma companies and the oil companies, as well as military contractors such as Halliburton. Bush arranged for all support of these industries, in return. Thus you see FDA approval of harmful drugs, and suppression of drugs and goods helpful to health. What will become of this? All will fall, as this crowd in on the run. They will fail in their mission before it is accomplished.

Does anyone else think that Heroes on NBC seemed to have a bit of a pole shift message in the story. You have the nuke going off in NY as the pole shift, random people waking up to their new abilities, timed release of information for contactees, all having to work together to avert the catastrophe, working together to form survival groups.

These types of disaster movies have been pointing to pole shift scenarios for several years - Day After Tomorrow, Armaghedon, The Core, etc. All some hypothetical disaster scenario with a pole shift hue to it. What has changed is who is supposed to be the hero. In the earlier movies, it was the government, NASA, with the populace kept dumb until the end, passively and trustingly waiting for the government to act. Then faults in the government were emphasized, as in Yellowstone Supervolcano movie. This was as the government realized they were impotent to address the horrors, and did not want people expecting this. Now the trend if for individuals to be the heros, as this will be closer to the facts!

Would the Zetas please comment on air travel safety? I'd read on the ZetaTalk site about funnels forming in the jet stream, and the recent near-miss of an asteroid with a plane. Considering the additional skewing of the planet causing unusual air movement, what is the Zetas take on air travel now and up to the shift?

Air travel has always been risky, but the risks were known and taken into consideration by those encouraged to fly. Lately, the risks have increased, but the public is not informed. Micro-bursts, lightning strikes, meteor hits, all increase the risks. There will be, until the last weeks, safe flying, but the ratio of this to disasters will increase. This is an individual choice to fly, so beyond stating that the risks are going up, we can have no comment.

What is the purpose of having so many 'new' souls incarnating for this shift? On the site I read that of the over 6 billion souls that incarnated for this event, only 1 billion were reincarnating. The rest were 'new'.

We have explained, in what Nancy calls the Density section of ZetaTalk, that more is required to form a soul than an opportunity to incarnate into a conscious intelligent creature such as man. The stuff of souls may gather in such a creature, but not spark into a coherent soul. At death, such a gathering of the stuff of souls will dissipate and there is nothing for the Sprit Guides to gather at death. Trouble, challenge, adversity, all help this sparking process, as it helps the young soul develop empathy for others and move toward the Service-to-Other spiritual orientation. As Earth is in a population explosion, more bodies than there are souls to reincarnate, most are young souls who will not spark. Most lives without incarnating souls do Not spark souls, please be advised. This is termed a soul abortion, which is not cause by anything but the life itself, is natural, thus.

Could Zetas explain what is this machine?

The Annunaki were assisted by aliens in the Service-to-Self who helped them move large stones into place in Egypt and Central America and Easter Island, fine cutting these stones so they fit amazingly close. But not all Annunaki were compliant with these aliens and their demands for cruelty to humans, whom they used as slaves for mining operations and household chores and pleasure as sex slaves. Those who resisted found themselves forced to do their building with machines, which they had the technology to create. They are peers of the human race, and you have such massive machines doing surface mining, for instance.

When the earth halted in orbit , then did the earth reverse orbit and is now going in a reverse orbit, now its October position, once in the August position then the pole shift happens, am I right?

When the Earth halted in her orbit, it was because Planet X was in her orbit, standing in her way. As Planet X is in a retrograde orbit, the reverse of all the other planets in the solar system, it then moved toward her and she did indeed reverse, pushed back, and has been doing so every since. She moved from Dec 25 position and is now at the Sep 27 position, approximately, and will move all the way back to the August position before the passage.

Some of the alien technology mentioned in another post described some kind of a cloaking device. By chance was this used to protect Immaculée Ilibagiza so she could survive and tell her tale about genocide in Rwanda? Seems so unfortunate for her to come through all that, live to tell her story, finally have a family, and then have this shift come and ruin it all. Hope she knows this thing is coming.

Life goes on until the end, and this is not the case only where the pole shift will interfere. Life today for humans is very unpredictable. One should view all life as an opportunity to love one another, to take action in this regard, as though there were no tomorrow! In this way, no moment is lost or wasted!

Do the Zeta's have any comments on the validity of the claims made by Peggy Kane, who works with EVP and reverse speech techniques. In particular the Youtube Video UFO Hypothesis Vol I and II. Her claims seem to combine the "Planet X" and "Reptilian" camps together a way that's logical and comprehensive. Particularly the "Lower Astral" she talks of is textbook Service-to-Self society, existing amongst us on our little sphere; this has been mentioned before out of the Vietnam War when true IR tech was "seeing" a world interlaced with our own.

We have stated that reverse speech is not true, as humans were not designed to go in reverse. Thus, one can see this person is pushing a falsehood and no need to address her other claims.

I would like know if Yuri Gagarin was assassinated. If so, why? First man in space. Soviet.

We have stated that the astronauts have been leaned on to remain quiet about what they see when aloft. They are carefuly chosen to have the personality to cooperate with such a routine. However, many of the astronauts have broken from this suppression, and talked about their belief in aliens and the like. None have talked about the Planet X phenomena, which they were informed about even in the early days as what can be seen above the atmosphere differs from what can be seen from Earth. Many astronauts have not died of natural causes, because they were getting older and cooperating in such a coverup preyed on their minds. All that said, Yuri was not among those so assassinated.

Is there really such an economic restructuring plan called NESARA which is sometimes also called GESARA, in that it's supposedly now a global movement?

We have stated that this effort is a fraud, to test the gulibility of mankind. Bankers and the wealthy elite would never release the control their positions give them. Beyond that, how would such a gift be handled? Some owe a pitance, having been frugal, others spendthrifts. Should all be given equal treatment? For all these reasons, but mainly because it was never considered in the first place, mankind should not expect this. Paper money will become worthless, the barter system will spring up, but until the last weeks the banks and stock markets will pretend that all is well. Banks will limit withdrawals, stock will have value on paper but be unable to sell as no buyers exists, but your creditors will still be demanding payment until the phones go dead and all travel is impossible!

The Zetas have commented a few times on cancer being mainly a soul/subconscious decision to die (I believe??). I would like to ask the Zetas if they are aware of a healing method developed by Cary Reams around the 50's that included, (but wasn't limited to) determining the body's pH. I would like to know if they think there is/will be any value in it for helping people? It also included methods for determining soil energy available to plants and growing highly nutritious food. But, what with the shift ruining agriculture, I'm questioning if any of this information will have any value at all??

Cancer is an escape valve whereby human who have emotionally depressed their immune systems can die, commit suicide. Animals in painful situation likewise get cancer. That said, it is also true that unhealthy living can produce cancer and overwhelm the bodies immune system. Chemical assaults, poor nutrition, constant irritation, genetic susceptibility - all factor in. A proper pH is helpful, for soil or an animal. Thus such concerns should be treated in the same light as good nutrition, proper rest, and protection from exposure to harmful elements!

How does a body without a soul function?

How does a dog function, or a cat or bird? The human is an animal first, and an animal with an indwelling soul second. It is a misconception that an out of body, where the soul leaves temporarily, will cause the body to collapse. What nonsense! Does an ape collapse, without a soul? An incarnated body feels the force of its soul, an agenda, has knowledge that does not come from experiences during the lifetime, and other signals that is has a soul incarnated. When the soul is out of body, the human animal often feels more passive, less motivated, but other than that, no indication that the soul has temporarily left.

I've read the few comments on the site about alternative therapies, and that acupressure mainly works simply as a relaxing mechanism than opening any channels. (I assume this applies to acupuncture too). Considering cancer (often considered a chronic disease) being a subconscious decision, where do some other 'chronic' ailments fit in? Many people have eczema, psoriasis, allergies. They're not killers, but downright bothersome. Are these buried in the subconscious too? Acupuncture has been shown to help some of these things, so is it just a relaxing mechanism in those cases then too?

Both man and animal have many illnesses that develop under stressful conditions. The body, as we have stated, is designed for fight or flight and not endless stress. The matter is supposed to be resolved, either one is eaten or killed or escapes. In human society, one does not escape but must fret and return to the fray tomorrow. If survivors are allowed to see where they can take action, to better the community, then this goes an immense long way toward ridding the group of stress diseases. We recommend an action list, laid out before the pole shift so it can be put into action immediately, as the stress of the pole shift will have most survivors ready for fist fights. They will be angry, at what occurred, and action dissipates this anger.