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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Dec 23, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Would the Zeta be interested in commenting upon the "Sale of Toll Roads in the USA to Foreign Corporations"... Is this a BushCo incentive to generate money all the while knowing full well that the roads will be useless in the aftertime? Or is this a method to control the right of travel or passage of folks seeking refuge before the pole shift?

This phenomena is a just a trend that has shown up in the Republican mindset, for years. They are selling off government to private corporations who then charge more for the function and do it poorly. Meanwhile, their buddies get rich. This goes hand in hand with the trend to ease taxes on the rich so the poor get fewer services or have to bear the brunt of any tax increases. Meanwhile, their buddies get even richer. Lest it seem we are attacking the Republicans, when there are many good folk who call themselves a Republican, we point to how the good folk are leaving the Republican party in droves. It is the core values, which have been twisted of late toward Service to Self, that are nauseating. If the ports can be sold, the industries in the US outsourced, and the school systems attacked while money to support them is withheld, what is next? Nail down your grandmother, they will try to sell her to the highest bidder too. Anything for money, such is their mindset.

As a kid I was taught the Colorado River "cut" the Grand Canyon and that is the prevailing theory. I questioned that theory as I couldn't understand how the narrow river could have possibly cut something so wide and ragged with so many spires left behind and with much of its lower elevations appearing roughly the same height, yet extending miles across. The idea of mudslide and wind erosion causing the breadth of the canyon troubled me. The theory seemed illogical. The spires and general appearance suggests crustal tearing, to me, not river cutting. If you look at the Grand Canyon on Google Earth and the surrounding topography, it seems clear to me the land was crumpled and torn with the Colorado River merely following the path of least resistance. I can picture the canyon being cut by a massive back flow of water in one cataclysm, but not by river flow and wind. Is this part of the diagonal tear of the North American continent? Would the Zeta's like to comment on the Grand Canyon?

We have mentioned that the meteor crater in the Arizona desert was not formed in rock, a meteor hitting rock, but by a meteor hitting mud. In the distant past, when Earth was a water planet, it rode in the Asteroid Belt and only setting in her current orbit after being stuck and losing most of her water. This is why Mt Everest has seashells in the rock, as it was at one time seabed. Raised above the sea, the fractured Earth had much mud presenting to the sky, hardening slowly over the eons. It was at such a time that the water trapped inland drained, and as river deltas show, deep cuts in the mud can occur when the water flow is focused. This is what occurred for the Grand Canyon, which subsequently hardened into rock, presenting the wonder it is today.

The "Terminator Seed" was a joint creation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Delta & Pineland. It was reported Monsanto purchased Delta & Pineland and Monsanto is owned by Jackson Stephen's private equity bank which had strong ties to BCCI. The CIA, of course, was steeped in the BCCI and its subsequent scandal. Monsanto has successfully prosecuted farmers for having Monsanto licensed, genetically modified genes in their own crops, having been cross-pollinated through natural means, i.e. insects, wind, etc. and effectively put these mom and pop farms out of business. To me, these links suggest MJ12 activity and not just corporate financial conquest. Will the Zeta's please comment on whose concept the suicide seed was and its comprehensive purpose?

BCCI did indeed have connections to the secret government, as it was funded in the early days by drug running and money laundering. This does not mean that the governing boards of MJ12 wanted this activity to exist, nor approved of the nefarious means used by the CIA to achieve their ends. Intel operations are on a need to know basis, and this include the need of their superiors to know what the heck they are up to. Those who ran BCCI had no morals or scruples, whatsoever. The mindset is extremely Service to Self, control of others, domination, enslavement, etc. In that MJ12 was aware of the coming pole shift, and what the world would become, these types got wind of the coming changes and have been plotting how to take advantage every since. Seeds mean food, and if one can control the seed banks, one has enslaved everyone who needs to eat or farms for a living! The plot has been to enforce this before the shift, making all seed not purchased for these companies sterile. They have a long way to go, as the opposition, world wide, was intense. This plot, thus, will not even get on its feet, much less succeed, by the time of the pole shift.

Would the Zetas like to comment about the consensus of the last election, obviously with reference to the Iraq war and mandated by the American public for withdrawal from Iraq, why would the President appear on public television and announce the need for more troops, after he recognized this was against the wishes of the people. In addition, with the build up of the US armed forces near Iran, do the Zetas perceive a war with Iran as inevitably near, making an allowance for the insanity of this man? [and from another] Although this is in the hands of man and man has free will, and thus any predictions must be predicated on this, we predict that Bush will not succeed in invading or bombing Iran, though orders may be given to the military to do so, will not publicly declare martial law in the US in order to dictate his ways, though may write executive orders to this effect which will be ignored by any but the tight cabal surrounding him, will not be assassinated or impeached because the tight cabal around him prevents alternative leadership from stepping up to the plate, but rather Bush and those he has pulled close around him will be treated as irrelevant as the Earth changes overtake the attention of the nation, with the branches of government attending to emergencies and ignoring the orders the pretender barks from the Oval Office. ZetaTalk: Iran Boondoggle, written Mar 17, 2006.

Bush and Cheney did not anticipate losing the mid-term elections. They had the Rove election fraud machinery in place, and as we mentioned in our Countering Fraud explanation, they had levels of fraud to make this failsafe, or so they thought. When to their shock the combination of the Puppet Masters wealth employing many hands and our telepathic intel and Nancy's interpretations when communications between ourselves and this human crew faltered, succeeded in countering this fraud, they were in shock. Bush is still in shock, though his countenance and body language are showing he is gradually realizing the reality of this outcome. Being rigid, he is pursuing the plan as though they had a rubber stamp in Congress. The plan was to stay in Iraq and expand to Iran and the Saudi fields. Thus, his only reaction to the many options presented to him is the one he had already selected. Stay the course! This will not succeed, for reasons we wish to hold close so that Bush may stumble, but trust us, this will not succeed!

Would you ask the Zetas if they would care to comment on the dangers of cell phone use? There are so many conflicting reports: Some say cell phone causes brain tumors, or brain cooking, or similar stuff; and of course the cell phone industry says: There is no problem with cell phone radiation. Which is it?

Of course there are dangers from putting electronics close to the brain. People living under high-tension wires get cancer at a higher rate than those living elsewhere. Microwaves cook flesh as well as food, so one should not hug the microwave just in case it is leaking. The truth about cell phone usage is somewhere in between the doom sayers and the industry spokespersons. Use cell phones in moderation, don't live on them just because they are so portable and constant chatting is a comfort. Break the umbilical cord, or do your business in the office or via email.

If you have the time could you ask the Zeta if the Russian UFO video footage is real or not? The Russians indicate the space ship or whatever it is is too narrow to house normal sized occupants? Is this really a crash site? If so, when was it? Will we ever get the truth to stuff like this?

We have stated before, that alien ships do not crash unless on purpose, as in the case of Roswell and in Brazil, the Brazilian Roswell. Here no such intent existed, so this site is not a crashed UFO. In dealing with the alien presence, one should understand that the governments involved, the military involved, is loathe to admit that some force other than themselves have such power and technology. They therefore lie about events. They try their hand at emulating the technology and when they fail, claim an alien has crashed. They mock up video footage so they can point to an alien involvement. Thus, we are telling you this is all false.

It seems to me that the pace of Earth's rotation slowing has picked up lately. It used to be that we lost 1-2 seconds per week. Now it seems like we lose 3-4 seconds per week. Has Earth slowed down in its rotation even more recently?

When Planet X was at a distance, and afar from the Sun, there was some slowing as the synching the Earth did with the Sun was interfered with by the tugging on the Atlantic Rift, which was not symmetrical with position of the Sun. Now that Planet X is so close to the Sun, these synch points are aligned more closely, so slowing is imperceptible.

Are there any additional effects from the tail of Planet X that the Zetas can comment on? Cell Phone coverage seems very bad the past few weeks. Is the tail of Planet X interfering with cell coverage? Will it get worse?

We have stated that the tail of Planet X, which hoses out of the N Pole of Planet X, will be pointing toward the Earth increasingly during the 270 roll. At present, Planet X has turned its N Pole 135 degree from a direct point toward the Sun, and thus the tail is now beginning to shed red dust on the Earth and interfere with the Earth's satellites and the grid systems on Earth. This will get worse, certainly, and steadily. The coverup will claim this is activity in the Sun, when it is not. The amount of red dust will be your clue.

Can the Zetas comment on the extent/purpose of psychic targeting of contactees/light workers by government psychics? I know this goes on to a certain extent and is somewhat countered I assume, Correct?

In the past, authors or influential people were targeted by telepaths, who would send these people the message the CIA wished them to mutter or write. Other than producing a certain number of highly confused people, this did not succeed. The CIA still uses these methods to secure information, but has essentially given up on directing people by these means. Many of the CIA attempts, such as brain washing, creating Manchurian Candidates and the like, failed likewise.

Would the Zetas like to comment on Nancy Pelosi's and John Conyers recent traitorous postures concerning impeachment proceedings of President Bush, especially since both had declared brazenly their own support for an impeachment before the elections?

It was a decision among the Democratic leadership that impeachment should be avoided during and after the elections for obvious reasons. One, this should not be an issue during the elections, turning people away from voting for the Democrats for fear of a fiasco in DC during Bush's last 2 years. Two, there was extremely important work to be done that would be set aside and overcast by impeachment proceedings, namely the minimum wage, getting out of Iraq, and stopping the bleeding from the budget. Three, Cheney, as well as Bush, needed to be dealt with at the same time, and impeaching Bush would only put Cheney there, in his stead. Four, they knew if they were to bring impeachment proceedings later, this would be accepted by the American people, who are increasingly disgusted by the actions of Bush and company. Thus, they will go after Cheney, and when he is at the point of their spears, simultaneously go after Bush. All this is no secret.

I would like to share with the audience, my honest planosphere observations from the past month of December. I noticed the constellations were reasonably close to their normal positions for this time of year. However, I did notice something real strange. The constellations of Orion and Canis Major, just above the horizon in the South, should have been slanted in a clockwise manor, about 20 degrees for Orion and a little more for Canis Major, for most of the night. Instead I found they were slanted in a counterclockwise fashion, and to the extreme. The best example I can give is to take the star Sirius, which is in Canis Major and is it's brightest star, and find the fainter star just to the right. If you drew a line, starting with Sirius and connecting it to it's neighbor star just to the right, it should then continue and hit the ground. But instead it goes up into the sky.

As we have been explaining since early 2004, we are tilting the Earth and bobbing it up and down in the Ecliptic, in order to simulate the seasons. See Apparent Precision, Simulating the Seasons, and Soltice as examples. The Earth is currently in the October position, being pushed back into September. Your calendar currently says Dec 21, so some tweaking of the position is being done. Your excellent documentation shows this!

Can the Zetas comment on a very contentious issue. Did the Nazis exterminate 6 million Jews? And what would be the closer figure if they did not exterminate that many.

Millions of bodies can be hidden, as the wars in SouthEast Asia showed. Pot Pol killed millions, in that small country. The deaths in Iraq are approaching a million, in a country of only 26 million. Such figures, and the bodies in support of those figures, can be hidden. Mass graves, unless the location is known, keep their secrets. Bodies buried under water, thrown into rivers or weighted down, as the NAZI were known to do, become fish food and the bones covered with mud. Thus, the exact figures will never be known, but a rough estimate on our part of the number of Jews, gypsies, and handicapped or aged killed by the NAZI in some manner would exceed 6 million. Should that be astonishing, look to Iraq, where Bush claimed 30 thousand Iraqi dead, but a careful study found a likely 655,000 dead! Where are the graves? They are quietly buried, by their relatives. Where the NAZI did not allow burial by relatives, if out of sight, the count is not complete!

Would the Zetas like to comment on the corporate media's hype over the deportation of Illegal Immigrants, when the US Government attempts are in opposition and in secret to pass laws encouraging illegal immigration?

We have mentioned that the Bush plan is to use Mexican labor as slave labor in the Aftertime, and his Guest Worker program is focused on facilitating this. This flew in the face of many conservatives around the country who were finding their locals funding illegal aliens, breaking their budgets for schooling and free medical assistance and welfare and the like. So a dance has ensued, where everyone tried to mouth the right phrases. The fence is proposed but not funded and of course will not work in any case. The Reserves are sent to the border but cannot arrest anyone. Occasional raids are performed, with lots of TV coverage. None of this changes anything, and we do not anticipate any changes as we move into the pole shift era.

According to past shows, there are certain strong Service-to-Other souls in human incarnation who are being protected as they obviously have important roles to play. Are the Service-to-Self aliens protecting certain strong Service-to-Self humans?

There are rules put in place by the Council of Worlds preventing the Service-to-Self from operating as they would like. Of course they would like to descend and take over, and would use their human contacts to do so if possible. They are limited in what they can do, and must work though humans in all their endeavors. They lie, and do not meet their promises. But they cannot interfere in any physical way to assist. Is this an unfair, and unlevel, playing field? Yes, but in that the majority of incarnating souls want the world to migrate to Service-to-Other, appropriate.

SOHO must have gotten jostled, as there seems to be a double exposure But something odd showed up at the 2 o'clock position, an orb. What could this be, as it seems too small to be the Sun.

A malfunction in SOHO such that the imaging camera was not place precisely behind the disc that blocks the Sun, showing something near the Sun, unexpectedly. Why was this not caught by the airbrushing artists eliminating Planet X from the C3 SOHO images, a fact recently noted. We predicted that NASA would be more conscientious about airbrushing it out of the images, in light of its discovery as a shadow, and they have. They installed automated airbrushing mechanisms, to keep up with the pace of SOHO offerings to the public, which are issued every few minutes. They pointed the mechanism to the area to be eliminated, the general area of the pixels to be smoothed to appear as background, providing the background to be inserted. This only needed a check once a day or so, to see if the relative position of Planet X had changed, tweaking the position and perhaps providing a new background to be inserted. But what happens when the imaging equipment suddenly jostles, putting Planet X in a different spot than expected?

There is of course a double exposure, part of the image with the sun-blocking disc in place, part without. Of course, there is light overload when the Sun hits the image full on, which for camera equipment is a black spot where the light overload is most intense, not light as would be expected, though where the over-exposure is not as intense it appears as light. But what is that orb at the 2 o'clock position to the Sun? Not a glare from the arm holding the disc in place, else the glare from this arm would be regularly making an appearance, and this is not the case. Not a ghost of the Sun, which is much larger than this tiny orb. Once again, SOHO offers a glimpse of what NASA is hiding. So close to the Sun as to be lost in the glare of the Sun, when viewed from Earth, the public cannot regularly see this intruder nor film it unless sun filters are used to block the glare. The question is often posed, if it were there, would not NASA tell us, or would it not be showing up on the SOHO images? Look closely at this accident, which escaped into the public realm while the airbrushing artists were feeling smug in their automated system's ability to keep the common man blind and ignorant. It slipped into the public realm unnoticed by NASA, until under discussion on the message boards and passed around on the Internet. Too late to withdraw this image, it will be ignored or explained away in some manner. But this second slip, in the span of less than a month, shows that cracks in the cover-up are increasing!