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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 21, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Do hurricanes cause earthquakes?

As Nancy has been stating, excuses that they can point to are desperately needed. They have used global warming and solar activity as their mainstays, announcing this over the years that the sun was very active and that global warming was proceeding faster than the models predicted. So how can they explain earthquakes, how can they explain increased volcanic activity just as with the face and dark global shuttering that is following along the lines of what we have explained and pointed to. They have no explanation that fits with global warming or with solar activity. You can either ignore it or you can try to twist what's happening into a global warming explanation. Well this is an example of that being done. The weather can be pointed to as a global warming phenomenon. Air heats up and the turmoil increases and this affects the weather and the weather creates earthquakes. That's why we have a rise in earthquakes. Good try fellas but if that were the case then why was there no correlation mentioned in all the many centuries before. It's a false connection.

As gamma ray bursts increase in frequency and magnitude and as Earth's fault zones charge up (capacitor charge) to maximum, there will be more of these until, near 2012, there will be profound quakes in excess of Richter 9 and 10. Paul LaViolette speaks of GRB/cosmic ray waves from galaxy center and causal relationship to increased energy in solar system resulting in warming of all planets of Sol's system as well as extended active cycle of Sol himself.

We have stated way back when ZetaTalk first started in 1995 that people would blame the Sun, or attempting to do this. They were planning to do this. There are actually people active on the Internet with their own radio shows and the like who make this their forte. Planet X is claimed to not even be in the solar system, and they have a tight association with NASA. This was done because it was anticipated that a charged dust cloud would waft into the solar system with Planet X. By history and prophecy and folklore there is reputed to be iron oxide dust falling on the Earth in large amounts at the time of the passage, with lots of lightning storms. Any irregularities they could possibly blame on the Sun, such as brownouts or blackouts or electro-magnetic pulse would be blamed on the Sun. So this was the plan, and they were set for that. There has been an active Sun, more active than it should have been during the solar maximum, certainly more active than it should be during the solar minimum. It seemed we never went into the minimum, it just kind of stayed active.

We have stated that this is not the Sun itself that is disturbed. It's actually ruffles or ripples on the surface. There are particle flows that man is not aware of to a huge extent. Mankind is aware of perhaps 1% of all the particles that exist, which makes for a large number of particles that man is unaware of, which does not mean they are not present and operating. Why do you suppose all the planets line up around the Sun like the rings around Saturn? This is due to particle flows emerging at the Sun's poles and coming in at the waist of the Sun, and brushing these planets back in at this point, in the backwash. The Repulsion Force keeps the planets out there, and then they are brushed in at the Sun's waist. We have also described the sweeping arms of the Sun, particle flows that mankind is unaware of, so that the planets all move counterclockwise in orbit and rotation around the Sun. Man has no explanation for the Ecliptic lineup of the planets or the fact that they all roll round counterclockwise around the Sun.

Planet X is between the Earth and the Sun, holding the Earth in a locked orbit as it slowly creeps toward us. The Earth is caught in an eddy flow in front of Planet X. There are particles flowing out from the Sun such as the solar wind, which is only a small degree of the number of particles flowing out at the Sun's waist. These particles come round Planet X and create a roiling in front of Planet X and the Earth is caught in that roiling. Planet X is too large for that orbit position, where is currently rides. It's interfering with the smooth outward and inward flow of all these particles. And by interfering in this way, the particles crowd up or are diminished in certain places and this causes ruffling on the Sun's surface. And that's what's going on. It's not a deep disruption, it's very superficial. If the wind were blowing your hair a bit, this does not mean you're about to fall over. So it's very minor.

How long will the economy be able to go like this, with $75 a barrel oil. Will the economy fail? I this an attempt to force a New World Order?

We have stated that the very, very wealthy, the Puppet Masters, control by their great wealth who gets elected. They control corporations by stockholder percentages, which are not always apparent because there are many fronts for ownership. They are not interested in bank failures or corporate failures. That's they're assets. It's a confidence game, where the value of money that banks lend out can disappear. Corporations are not just land and buildings and inventory, but they are also the talent among those employed by the corporation and the public's view of the corporation, how trustworthy it is as a business partner. All this can go out the window quickly if the personnel disburse and leave the corporation. Likewise with banking. It used to be that the dollar was based on gold, the value of a countries currency had some solid backing. But as Argentina showed, the value of a countries currency can disappear in a wink if the country defaults. The US is in that situation also. This is not to any Puppet Master's benefit, because their assets are in banks. They own the banking systems and they don't want a collapse. Therefore, they're willing to pump plenty of money and manipulate matters to make sure there is not a collapse.

Should the price of oil or a commodity like that get to the point where it's stifling trade, and affecting confidence to the point where people feel 'lets not look to the financial system, lets default on our mortgages, lets forget our jobs, lets begin looting or standing up and going rogue, refusing to pay our taxes' - these are all stories that the Puppet Masters do not want to see emerging. People feel rooted in their debt structure. 'Oh, I owe these bills, and I have all this invested in my mortgage, and I don't want it to go away. I need to stay in the rut, keep walking.' Therefore, some slippage like high bankruptcies, some bank failures, some corporations going belly up, can be tolerated. But when it becomes a flood rather than a trickle it would potentially result in rebellion in the masses where people stop paying their bills, stop thinking they need to go to their jobs. In other words, 'what's the use, my pension is not going to be there for me anyway'. Instead, they would attempt to assume control, take over corporate lands and corporate functions and say 'squatters rights'. 'We're sitting in this factory now, we're taking over'. That kind of an attitude terrifies the Puppet Masters, and that's the last thing they would want to see. So they will invest moneys and in essence use their influence which is immense to tell oil producing countries to drop the price of oil and not go beyond a certain point.

The Puppet Masters in fact want to see the order that's in place continue rather than what is called a New World Order which is a way of describing a consolidation of control but not a change of the control. They would like to see more debt, more virtual slavery of the masses by virtue of their debt and in the cse of the US. We have stated there would be a decapitation of George Bush, trying to punish errant puppets. Cheney, Bush, Rove and this group attempted to put themselves as peers to the Puppet Master in charge of the United States and therefore they're being punished ever since the 2004 election was stolen. So in the case of the US with high oil prices, this is an extension of rising interest rates done by the federal reserve steadily even though the US is struggling and is having corporate bankruptcies and high unemployment not admitted to in the media. This is the reason for high oil prices now but not an affect of trying to create massive chaos and rebellion and some sort of New World Order that is different from what is in existence.

What is the moon sized object that people have observed rising just before the rising sun?

We've spoken of the massive tail of Planet X. As it approached the inner solar system in 2003, at times sunlight would reflect off this massive dust cloud, giving the appearance of a Second Sun rising before the real Sun rose, or two sun's setting. It's massive, and reflective, filled with a charged red dust, and blows out from the N Pole of Planet X. Planet X has a couple dozen moons, and they form into seven moon swirls which go into tubes as they swirl around each other, and from the side look like a tube. From the front, as the sunlight is bouncing down through these tubes, they can look like a bright orb in the sky because its capturing light and focusing light as though mirrors are lining the inside of these tubes. Thus, more intense light reaches the viewers eyes. This was undoubtedly a moon swirl, because the tail wafts to the right of Planet X, turning its N Pole to the right in a clockwise direction. Planet X has a retrograde rotation as well as a retrograde orbit, where the Earth and the other planets in the solar system go counterclockwise both in rotation and orbit. Planet X is the opposite to all the planets in the solar system. Thus, as it turns it's N Pole away from the Sun's S Pole, turning it toward Earth, which will ultimately result in the 3 days of darkness leading into the pole shift, it's doing so by pointing its N Pole to the right, and the tail is being blow out to the right. So what you are seeing is to the right of the Sun. You're seeing wafting tail moon swirls capturing sunlight that is about to arrive. Why would you see this when the Sun is not yet up? Sunlight striking the moon swirls at the end of its tube bounces down through the tube and presages the sunrise. You are seeing the light that would normally bounce off into space, but it has been captured at the end of the moon swirl.

Where about in the 270° roll are we?

It is not at the 90° point. The N Pole is not yet pointing to the right. It's no longer pointing toward the Sun's S Pole and is certainly not yet pointing toward us. You'd know it if it were. We'd be into leaning to the left and the 3 days of darkness that we have predicted. We would state about 28°. It has started turning to the right to the point where you are starting to see the tail waft to the side and even wrap around. The tail goes out from the N Pole of Planet X and wraps round along the magnetic field lines of Planet X to its S Pole. So therefore you're seeing the tail components of Planet X to the right and to the left. We would anticipate the roll should proceed 195° before rotation slowing to a stop leading into the pole shift would occur. At this point you're into a roller coaster ride and it's a very short time until the pole shift itself. This does not mean that the pace it going to remain as slow as it has been. We've been talking about the slow 270° roll for some time. This is not an equal pace. This picks up at some point, with the N Pole swinging away from the Sun and up, and attempting to align with the Sun's magnetic field, N/S. There are many factors in how quickly it moves. These are matters we have not discussed and will not discuss because it would give the establishment as to the time frame and pace. So we hold that information close. But we can tell you that things can speed up, and they can slow down, and you have to be prepared for either time frame as part of the populace struggling with the cover-up and not being told the truth.

What about the 2006 mid-term elections?

Of course we always preface these predictions by saying 'in the hands of man' because the rules allow man to have free will, so there is the rule of Non-Interference. As with the election of 2000 where we declared that Gore would win and he did win the popular vote, even in Florida, he just didn't capture the White House because the hands of man interfered. This year it has been much predicted that the Democrats will sweep. It's been shown that the Democrats are motivated, will go to the polls, where Republican are disappointed and will not. That many people have turned from declaring themselves Republicans to declaring themselves Democrats, and that from all the statistics there should be a strong sweep. The issue comes down to voter fraud. In 2004 voter fraud was heavily done to ensure Republican seats and certainly to ensure that Bush gain the White House. As statistics show, rather than Bush having 3 million more votes than Kerry, Kerry had 5 million more votes than Bush, had the 1/3 of the votes lacking a paper trail not be toyed with. The tallys were just adjusted in the tally machines, with no way to do a recount.

What about this year? There been a lot of press by the Republicans to get electronic voting equipment into every state, demand it, with the lack of a paper trail and all the hackability that goes along with it. This is their scheme, now Republicans will rule forever. This sword cuts both ways. A vote count that could be hacked by a Republican agent, sitting with a laptop in a parking lot or some such device where they can just go in and slam in the totals to replace the totals that were counted from the vote can be done by Democrat agents as well as Republican. And lets not forget the Puppet Master who wants to see Bush greatly punished. He wants to see Bush decapitated to where the White House is completely ignored and held at bay by a Congress and the US run by its bureaucrats and its Congress. By statute, and according to need, and Bush and Cheney and Rove completely destroyed. Not necessarily impeachment, which puts in a succession of people that Bush has surrounded himself with, all just as undesirable as he, but a decapitation where they are irrelevant. In 2004 the Puppet Master sent agents forth to counter the voter fraud attempt, but they didn't anticipate the massive hammering that the Bush administration had put in place. They weren't able to counter all of the fraud. This time around they won't be taken by surprise. So therefore, the Puppet Master will counter anything Rove can muster forth, and we would anticipate the Bush White House will not win. However, the Bush administration is confident they did it in 2004, they can do it again. You can see their cocky attitude. They are not dealing with what the loss is going to be. The Puppet Master will prevail this time, putting the election results back to what they would be in a true election, more in line with the true intent of the people. This is what our prediction would be. Both the House and the Senate will go Democratic, and it an astonishing degree. But as this is in the hands of man, this could change and go counter to our predictions.

Any comment on the rise of fascism around the world?

We have described the kind of tensions that would emerge as the times got tighter. We are in an economic depression worldwide, it's not called that like the Great Depression but in essence that's what it is. The figures are false, the employment statistics, aren't things going wonderfully well and yet companies are going belly-up and more people are losing their jobs, their pensions and having to take what ever kind of a scraping job they can get their hands on. They know otherwise.So all this creates tensions. The weather is getting erratic, this makes people fearful, they see insurance companies not paying up but defaulting. They see disasters not being attended to. Is New Orleans really ready for the next hurricane season? This makes them deeply anxious. People who have been told they can count on the government and count on their neighbors' good graces are seeing people tense up and not be as generous because the money just isn't there and the charities find their sources drying up. Soup kitchens have less soup and more people arriving with bowls.

All of this makes people mean, not everyone but those people that inclined to worry about themselves and not keep their eye on the long range which is to say that life is temporary, death is not the end and we have many lives and reincarnate. As they don't bear this in mind and don't feel this down deep, they are inclined to go for a 'me first' kind of attitude and get stingy, get mean, and this includes pushing on any kind of a group that is vulnerable. This is happening in Europe to immigrants who are no longer wanted for jobs that are no longer there. Please go home is the message and if you don't go home we may attack you, we may brutalise you. This is beginning to happen in the US with the attitude about illegal immigrants. Rather than a guest worker program, they're going to be told to go home. State after state or locale will say we're not giving you benefits and we're going to make sure employers don't hire you either. So then these people are sitting on the street in the rain in essence and cold shoulders turned to them.

This is what happens when times get tight and there's a rising of the feeling of, for instance, the KKK or the Nazi cult. It's white people banding together saying, we're special and we get to sit on top of the pile, and everybody else has to take less or go away. It's the same insecurity that's driving that attitude. But at the token, you'll find good hearted people, that there'll be a rise of love and concern that will come forth also. There all the time but not necessarily expressed, but when times get tight, helping hands reaching out. There are just as many good hearted people as those who are tense and insecure and lashing out and this is part of the polarizing that we have described would occur going into the end times. The good hearted grouping together and living together and coming forth with more determination at the same time as the self-centered go into their enclaves and attempt to turn their back on those in need.