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Issue 827, Sunday August 7, 2022
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Continental Drift

The Zetas predicted that during the 8 of 10 phase some continents would drift out of their current position vis a vis each other. This drift was not part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements predicted to start in 2010, but yet another phenomenon. In 2011 when this prediction for the 8 of 10 phase was made, the Zetas declined to give details. Accordingly, the New Geography Map on the ZetaTalk web sites does not include this Continental Drift. But now the Zetas are providing those details.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/9/2011: The exact position of the continents is not in complete accordance with their post poleshift alignment, however, but to detail these changes would be getting into the 8 of 10 scenarios prior to the time when we are ready to discuss these scenarios.

On July 12 and again on July 15 huge quakes hammered the Easter Islands on the edge of the Nazca Plate. The S America roll portion of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements was supposedly 100% completed, per the Zetas, as was the rising of the Indo-Australian Plate at New Zealand, yet this area also remains a high quake area. Is this new 8 of 10 phenomena emerging? The Zetas are now detailing the continents involved in the 8 of 10 drift, and their direction of drift.

ZetaTalk Details 7/15/2022: During the violent Plate Movements caused by the Daily Earth Wobble, the Atlantic gets pulled apart while the Pacific is forced to compress. We have detailed how New Land rises at the S Atlantic, between the tips of S America and S Africa, as the Antarctica Plate is pushed to rise there. We have also detailed how the African Roll will tear open the Atlantic at the Azores, facilitating the New Madrid rupture. Ruptures along the Atlantic are ongoing, from Iceland on down to the Sandwich Islands.

The weakened Atlantic Rift can no longer hold the continents on either side of the Rift together, and this allows those plates with scant glue to others an opportunity to drift. Nothing is preventing S America from drifting further to the West, nor preventing Africa from drifting further to the East. They continue their rolls, non-stop. We have alluded to this in 2011 when the 7 of 10 plate movements were detailed, as part of the 8 of 10 to be clarified later. That time is now. S America is falling to the West, thus the pressure on the Nazca Plate.

Meanwhile the 7 of 10 Plate Movements continue. Unlike S America and Africa, which can roll in place, N America and Eurasia are locked together at the top where their plate border runs through the Arctic. The pending New Madrid Fault Line rupture will result due to this lock. Meanwhile the N American Plate is under extreme stress, with the Mainland Portion steadily dropping down into the Pacific. N America is the stress center of the world at present, with the only Heliplots regularly turning black located along its borders in the Arctic or Pacific.

Recently this unrelenting pressure made the news when a volcanic hot spot emerged under water near Kamchatka. Seen and filmed by pilots who passed overhead, and seen from the ISS, this seemed to be a mystery. But the Zetas point out that until the New Madrid rupture occurs, all parts of the N American Continent will be subjected to this pressure. That part of the N American Plate that lobs over the Far East and down past Kamchatka toward Japan is being pulled down along with the rest of the Mainland Portion.

North Pacific Mystery: Strange Red Glowing Lights observed from Commercial Flight at 39,000 feet – No Land Around
July 17, 2022
So, this was spotted over the North Pacific early yesterday morning from a commercial flight at 39,000 feet. Near 50N/167E; no landmass nearby.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2022: In 2014 red lights were seen at night near Indonesia and were determined to be from fishing vessels hunting squid. The red lights were an attractant for the squid. Now in 2022 similar red lights are seen near Kamchatka, along the border between the N American hook of land that extends down toward Japan and the Pacific Plate border. These 2022 lights were recorded by pilots and by the ISS. Kamchatka has numerous volcanoes due to this plate border pressure, as do the Aleutian Islands, and this volcanic release occurs underwater as well on land.

The constant pressure on the Mainland Portion of N America that precedes the New Madrid finale shows up on the Heliplots aplenty. On a given day, there are only 3 locations that consistently go black – Tiksi and Bilibino on the border in the Arctic and Big Sur where the Mainland is dropping. We have stated that the rock hook extending down toward Japan will not snap off, but the pressure there is extreme as the bubbling magma that rises along the plate border shows.  

The interior of the N American Continent is under stress too, while awaiting the New Madrid Fault Line rupture. Thus it was assumed when the Hoover Dam had a transformer burst into flames that this was related to the pending New Madrid rupture. Yes, the Zetas predicted the Hoover Dam would seize up after the New Madrid rupture and before the reflex reaction to this rupture along the San Andreas, but the July 19 fire at the Hoover was not due to this prediction. It was due to the low water level on Lake Mead.

Explosion at Hoover Dam: Huge Fireball Rises Up from Turbine House as Black Smoke Engulfs the Nevada Landmark
July 19, 2022
Gould said that the Hoover Dam's A5 transformer caught fire at about 10am, and the blaze was extinguished within about 30 minutes by a fire brigade the Bureau maintains on-site. Video from the dam showed flames and smoke rising from a turbine house on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, at the foot of the 726-foot-tall dam, as terrified tourists were rushed to safety.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/19/2022: When the Hoover Dam was designed and constructed in 1935, the engineers did not contemplate the current drought of 2022. The Colorado River had a steady and strong flow, so the only concern over water levels was being able to keep the waters of Lake Mead from topping the dam. Now under the Daily Earth Wobble caused by the presence of Nibiru, the SW is having severe droughts. The waters of Lake Mead are disappearing. What does that mean for the quality of the water being siphoned off to run the turbines of Hoover Dam?

The intake for a dam is normally positioned toward the top of the water source, to eliminate mud and trash that might settle to the bottom. As time passed, the slowing flow of the Colorado allowed this mud and trash to thicken and accumulate toward the bottom of the intake sites. The dropping level of Lake Mead accelerated this process, until the turbines were forced to deal with thick water that required more force from the turbine. Thus the turbine overheated in the middle of a heat wave for the SW.

This incident is not the total failure of the Hoover Dam spillways we predicted to occur after the New Madrid Adjustment. We predicted in 2012 that during the bowing pressure the N American Continent was enduring, the spillways could potentially be squeezed shut even before the New Madrid Adjustment. The obvious outcome of spillway failure would be flooding of Lake Mead waters into Las Vegas but this 2022 transformer fire is not the result of any spillway squeezing. To prevent any further fires the transformers need to be switched off, or the spillway water flow stopped.

As the New Madrid finale approaches both the N American Plate and the Africa Plate are tugging the SE Portion of the US in different directions. This has caused endless disasters along the New Madrid Fault Line, as the ZetaTalk Followers forum notes. When a massive sinkhole opened up on the streets of the Bronx, the Zetas explained that 4 fault lines arrive there to touch and twitch around. These sinkholes were in fact a ZetaTalk prediction in 2011.

Video: Van falls into Sinkhole in the Bronx
July 18, 2022
A van fell into a massive sinkhole on Radcliff Ave. on Monday night. First, parts of the street crumbled under one of the van’s rear wheels, then the entire van fell into the hole. A car parked nearby looked like it was in danger of falling into the hole. No injuries were reported.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/18/2022: New York City sits atop the convergence of two East Coast fault lines – the Ramapo and the East Coast Fault Line. As the SE Portion of the N American Continent is tugged back and forth - first to the East to remain glued to the Africa Plate and then to the West to remain with the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent – these fault lines break. The rock strata shifts and separates, and the ground above shifts accordingly. If the nexus of the East Coast and Ramapo faults were not enough, the New Madrid and the Brevard fault line rising along the Appalachian Mountains are also tugged back and forth. This will accelerate as the New Madrid finale approaches.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2011: During a violent wobble, sinkholes and crevasses appear in stretch zones because the ground is pulling in first one, then another, direction. This drops soft soil down any vent that has been established by this action, and thus the sinkhole.

ZetaTalk predictions are proving true on more than one front these days. A year ago when a UFO display over Hawaii was under discussion the Zetas provided their interpretation – Wobble waves would assault Hawaii and the residents were being warned. What can we say but Zetas RIGHT Again!

Huge Hawaii Waves Crash into Homes — and Weddings — in 'Historic' Swell
July 19, 2022
The large waves — some more than 20 feet high — came from a combination of a strong south swell that peaked Saturday evening, particularly high tides and rising sea levels associated with climate change, the National Weather Service said. Chris Brenchley, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service office in Honolulu, said several factors came together to create such huge waves. “Waves over 12 or 15 feet, those become extremely big and really rare to have,” he said. “It’s the largest it’s been in several decades.”

ZetaTalk Interpretation 6/30/2021: This UFO display represents the tidal waves that will assault Hawaii during the sloshing of severe wobbles anticipated to occur soon. As detailed in prior Safe Locations warnings for Hawaii, the islands of Hawaii can anticipate the waves going around the islands, not over them. Nevertheless, it will be a terrifying experience. Severe Wobble has been detailed for the Last Weeks but episodes could occur before then too. The Council of Worlds feels the people of Earth need to be aware of the approach of Nibiru, and have formulated a plan to force the issue past the cover-up in place. The Cabal controlled media refuses to admit Nibiru, so all who say otherwise are ridiculed. The Council of Worlds has approved increasingly severe wobble, to increase gradually so as not to panic the people.

Changing of the Guard

When the Roe vs Wade reversal was announced at the same time the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed and Q reappeared, it seemed the US was on a rapid track toward correcting many wrongs. The Secret War the Junta was conducting while it dealt with multiple fronts had been won. Antifa and Defund the Police riots had been quieted, the CCP invasion from Canada had been stopped, child sacrifice for Moloch worship had been arrested, and Deep State treason secretly prosecuted at Gitmo. President Trump’s reinstatement would surely be next.

Martial Law Amendment Snuck into the Ntl Defense Auth Act, Gives Sole Power of Military to President Biden, no Congress Oversight
Democrat leadership has the votes in the House and Senate. And when turned into law, HR 4350 will allow the president to use the military for domestic operations, which Jones described as unbelvably illegal. The said legislation has been added to the new spending bill last week by Representative Adam B. Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The amendment is set to be added to the act, which the House plans to take up this week.

Rumors that SCOTUS had secretly reviewed the 2020 election fraud and decertified Biden as President were confirmed by the Zetas. All that was left was for the Junta to inform the people. In a panic at losing control of the White House and Democratic appointments, the Democrats and their Satanist handlers have set up plans to blackmail the US Military with threats of chaos. New York City and New Jersey promptly issued warning to their citizens on how to handle a nuclear attack.

Then evidence emerged that the House was considering a bill – HR4350 – that would give Biden dictator powers with utmost control over the Military. Monkey Werx provided evidence that nuke sniffers were scanning the DC area. The Dark Judge issued warnings that residents of Blue States should flee. Has the Secret War just escalated to another level? The Zetas, once again, explain.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/20/2022: The Biden Administration is not expected to go quietly into the night. Though the Junta has control of the current Biden Double, most of the appointees done by this so-called President are Democrats, else the illusion of a Biden in control would not be believable. Those who maneuvered the 2020 election theft also want their advantage to continue. Now that the Secret War has in essence been won, allowing Q to return and the reversal of Roe vs Wade to be announced by SCOTUS, President Trump is set to be reinstated.

What is emerging now is panic among the Democrats and their handlers. Martial Law has been in effect since the Fall of 2015 when General Dunford took steps to remove the Khazarian bankers from any control over the Federal Reserve. A further tightening of Martial Law occurred after the 2020 election theft when President Trump issued another EO just before Biden was inaugurated. Due to having to fight several fronts at once, the Junta chose to proceed with a Secret War using Tribunals at Gitmo and Doubles. But the public is unaware.

Anticipating no longer being in power, the Democrats are trying to maneuver a dictatorship under “Biden”, with control of the Military under Biden and his appointees. The Dark Judge recently posted a warning about those in Blue States needing to flee. The only nexus to this comment and pending dangers would be that the Governors in Blue States must request that the National Guard be activated, and if they did not do this then the Military would not be able to proceed to quell riots.

Since so many of the leaders in Congress are Doubles, the originals taken to Gitmo, will HR4350 be approved and become law? No, but as in past coup attempts, if they can get the American public to believe the script, they hope to win. They hope that riots in Blue States will overwhelm the Military. They hope that the illusion that General Milley is in charge of the Joint Chiefs will force cooperation with his dictates. They hope to continue, by invoking chaos. So anticipate chaos!

Ivana’s Fall

On July 15 the media was replete with news about Ivana Trump’s death from a fall in her Manhattan townhouse. At 73 years of age she had been having hip problems, and the spiral staircase was considered “treacherous” by a friend. Cause of death of course was the fall, but why did she fall? Well liked and with many close friends, we get a clue as to the cause of her fall in the report on her reactions to the many booster shots she sought. Planning a trip she had another booster just days before her fall. Many neurological side effects had occurred from prior boosters.

Ivana Trump Died of Blunt Force Injuries to her Torso, Medical Examiner says
July 15, 2022
Emergency responders investigating a call from Ivana Trump’s home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side found her unconscious. They pronounced her dead at the scene and noted that there did “not appear to be any criminality”, police said in a statement.
Ivana Trump's Cause of Death Revealed as Friend Confirms Declining Health
July 15, 2022
Trump's friend Zach Erdem said she had not been "feeling well" for weeks and had been unable to "get out of her house." Erdem reportedly said that Trump's mobility issues caused by a problem with her hip forced her to skip recent plans to visit him. Erdem said that he had urged Trump to visit a doctor the last time that they spoke but she refused, reportedly telling him "I hate going to doctors" and "I get more sick going to doctors."
Ivana Double-Vaxxed Days Before Death
July 19, 2022
It is being reported by Michael Baxter that Ivana Trump was double-vaxxed days before she died. The former socialite and ex-wife of Donald J. Trump reportedly received a second Covid-19 booster shot and a Monkeypox vaccination as a precautionary measure in advance of a vacation to St. Tropez. This much was told to news outlets by Ivana’s longtime friend, Nikki Haskell. Ivana had adverse reactions to the Covid-19 clot shots. Her initial vaccination caused temporary facial paralysis, which subsided after two days, and after the second dose she developed night tremors and a fever that spiked to 104. The first booster really did a number on her: she manifested a peripheral neuropathy in her legs that caused numbness, tingling, and nerve damage. After each incident, she had voiced concern to both her R.N. and primary care physician, both of whom told her vaccine side effects were mild, temporary, and part of the “new normal.”

ZetaTalk Conclusion 7/19/2022: Ivana’s close friends in New York paint a picture of a woman so worried about catching Covid-19 that she sought repeated boosters, and had yet another booster just days before her fall. Despite adverse side effects such as neuropathy in her legs, she continued to get boosters. The Pfizer vaccine is known to incite painless Bell’s Palsy and painless Guillain-Barré paralysis which can emerge with little warning. Ivana’s friends worried she might fall down the ‘treacherous’ spiral staircase, but it was vax induced nerve damage that caused her fall.