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Issue 825, Sunday July 24, 2022
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Guidestones Demise

The Georgia Guidestones were bombed on July 6, and despite surveillance cameras the perpetrators have not been identified. Days later GBI destroyed the remaining Guidestones, citing public danger. The Zetas have described the purpose of the Guidestones as a message to the survivors of the forthcoming Pole Shift to be obedient to New World Order dictates. Destroying the Guidestones sent the New World Order a countering message – you are not in control! This was the first of many such messages to the New World Order in celebration of Independence Day on the 4th of July.

Georgia Guidestones Damaged by an Explosion
July 6, 2022
State and local law enforcement and emergency agencies are on the scene at the Georgia Guidestones.
Part of Georgia Guidestones Damaged by Explosion, GBI says
July 6, 2022
An explosion at the mysterious Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia has caused significant damage to the stones. The preliminary information indicates that someone detonated an explosive device at around 4 a.m.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/6/2022: We have described the Georgia Guidestones as instructions for survivors of the Pole Shift. The Guidestones were installed by New World Order advocates, who anticipated that the Pole Shift would reduce the world’s population by 90%. This was based on information gained from MJ12 insiders, who were privy to estimates given by ourselves and other visitors during the era of Roswell. The Guidestone estimate that 500 million survivors should live in harmony with Nature was to build an aura of accuracy and thus truth around the Guidestones. Thus, the Guidestones would be able to dictate to the survivors, a type of New World Order religion.

The Guidestones were destroyed by those who stand against the New World Order plans to dominate the world. Draconian control measures such as the endless lockdowns over Covid-19 and enforced vax campaigns that are more deadly than the Covid-19 deaths themselves are now being pushed. Beyond control, the Covid-19 vax campaigns are a depopulation scheme, causing babies to be aborted via a shriveled placenta. The destruction of the Guidestones are thus a message to this New World Order crowd that they are not in control.   

On that same day, July 6, President Trump hinted that he would be returning far sooner than 2024, perhaps as early as the Fall of 2022. Is he speaking of the Mid-term elections whereby many Senators might be swapped out for those who are in favor of President Trump’s return? Per the Zetas, another route may be in process, involving the Junta’s Kraken evidence being presented to SCOTUS.

"Get Ready!" Trump Dropped Bombshell Clue That He's Still President and Will Be Reinstated in Fall 2022!!
July 6, 2022
Those with eyes to see will know what this means. looks like Biden, Harris and friends are heading to GITMO!

ZetaTalk Insight 7/6/2022: Many lawsuits were mustered after the 2020 election fraud, and many reached SCOTUS but officially none were argued before the court. Was there a secret debate, with a secret decision, unknown to the public? The Junta does not want civil war, but as the return of Q and the Roe vs Wade decision shows, the Junta feels it is now strong enough to address the 2020 election theft. The evidence before the court would have included what 2000 Mules detailed and what the Kraken evidence documented. The evidence from many lawsuits that rose to the SCOTUS level but were dismissed for lack of standing would also have been available to SCOTUS.

The many rumors that President Trump is coming back and that the Junta does not consider Biden to be the Commander in Chief are due to insider leaks. As with the Roe vs Wade insider leak that proved to be correct, this rumor is likewise based on solid facts. The Junta wanted the matter to be addressed in civil process – recounts and decertification of Biden by the Swing States. This has been done sufficiently to show that a fraud was perpetrated, but not finalized for any of the states due to the threats made to public officials and state legislators. But the documented fraud and theft are undeniable and consistent across the Swing States.

What now?  We have predicted that when the New Madrid finale occurs, Martial Law will be officially called and the fact that President Trump has always been president will be casually mentioned. But is there another option, to occur potentially before the New Madrid finale? Sidney Powell wanted to take the Kraken evidence to SCOTUS but President Trump restrained her. Unless he participated, lack of standing would be the excuse for dismissal. What if she could proceed, with President Trump participating, armed with the absolute Kraken proof that the Junta holds? SCOTUS can act quickly when the matter is urgent.

Doubles Demise

But the Independence Day celebrations reached beyond the shores of the US. On July 7 the news broke in the UK that Boris Johnson was stepping down. In that Boris became a Double in 2020, under the control of the White Hat Alliance, what could this mean? Per the Zetas, this means the Secret War the Alliance and the US Junta have been fighting for years has been won, and the need to maintain Doubles no longer necessary. Once more, the New World Order crowd is being sent a message.

British PM Boris Johnson Steps Down after Scandals Prompt a Wave of Resignations
July 7, 2022
Scandal-ridden British Prime Minister Boris Johnson capitulated to mounting pressure to step down Thursday, announcing his decision after days of high-profile government resignations and calls from fellow Conservative Party members to quit. Johnson also said he planned to remain as prime minister until a successor is chosen — a move that may face opposition from others in an increasingly hostile Parliament.  He hailed his government's achievements, including supporting Ukraine after the Russian invasion and weathering the Covid pandemic. He becomes the third consecutive British prime minister to resign before their term in recent years, following in the footsteps of Theresa May and David Cameron.
Die-hard Boris Loyalist Andrea Jenkyns tells Goading Crowd gathered outside Downing Street that 'Those who Laugh Last, Laugh Loudest'
July 7, 2022
Mr Johnson finally announced his resignation today admitting 'no-one is indispensable' - but is lining up a 'unity Cabinet' as he battles to stay in Downing Street for months longer. In a statement outside No10, the PM tried to sound an upbeat tone as he confirmed his MPs 'clearly' want a change and his time in office will come to an end when a new Tory leader is installed.
UK PM Johnson to make ‘Statement to the Country Today’: No 10 Spokesman
July 7, 2022
He will resign as Conservative leader, triggering a party contest to replace him as prime minister. It follows more than 50 resignations by ministers of various ranks and their Tory MP aides, as Johnson’s support dramatically dropped away following a slew of recent scandals.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/7/2022: The New World Order crowd wanted to rule the world after the Pole Shift devastation and planned to own it well beforehand via debt slavery. Thus, driven to borrow money at high interest rates from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and using farms and homes and promissory notes as collateral, the public would be debt slaves working for the New World Order. It seemed nothing could stop this, but the BRICS network began offering a welcome alternative with low interest rates.

Coming from the Colonial era, when Britannia Ruled the Waves and controlled much of the world via the Commonwealth countries, the Satanic elements embedded in the Western countries seemed invincible. Even after the US declared her independence in 1776, infectious Satanist practices remained. Western banking practices survived within the US. If the common man had few weapons against these practices, the US Military and their associates in Europe did, and began a Secret War. To avoid civil war and panic, this Secret War required the use of Doubles to hide Tribunal trials and executions.

More than the Queen and Hillary were replaced by Doubles during this cleanup. Boris also was replaced and executed by the White Hat Alliance in Europe. Boris had seemed to be a man of the people, supporting Brexit, but this was a mask of lies. The Western media, owned by the Satanists, reported only what their masters desired.  The Secret War has now in essence been won so the time has arrived when the common man can learn the truth. Thus, steps are being taken to gently awaken the common man.

The return of Q and destruction of the Georgia Guidestones and reversal of Roe vs Wade are signals that this time has arrived. The anticipated return of President Trump to the White House at the hand of SCOTUS can also be anticipated. The Boris Double is seemingly being driven from power in the UK because a scapegoat is needed to focus the rage in Europe against the political landscape. The use of Doubles requires the appearance of normalcy, so the Merkel and Trudeau Doubles and other political Doubles will take the blame for the misconduct of the original they replaced.  

The Zetas have stated that maintaining a Double takes a dedicated team, and is only done to disguise ongoing investigations from the public eye. Once the war has been won, why bother? Thus it should be no surprise during this week of Independence Day celebrations that the Double maintained for former Prime Minister Abe of Japan was apparently killed while giving a speech in Nara on July 7. Shot point blank in the back, he reportedly died of heart failure. But the Zetas give a different view.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated during Campaign Speech
July 8, 2022
The suspect reportedly told police that he was dissatisfied with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and wanted to kill him.
Japan's Former PM Abe Dies after Shooting
July 8, 2022
Abe was taken to hospital in grave condition after a gunman injured him during a public appearance in the city of Nara in western Japan. He was campaigning for a candidate in an upcoming parliamentary election. a suspect had been arrested. The man as Yamagami Tetsuya, said to be in his 40s and to have served in Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force for three years. Witnesses said the gunman fired on at 67-year-old Abe from behind, and reported hearing two loud bangs before seeing the former leader collapse on stage.
Shinzo Abe, Former Japan PM, Dies after being Shot in Nara
July 9, 2022
Nara city’s emergency services said he had been wounded on the right side of his neck and left clavicle. Abe was making a campaign speech on a street outside the train station. Two consecutive bangs were heard during Abe’s speech. His security personnel were seen rushing to his aid.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/8/2022: The death of former Prime Minister Abe was a staged event, and the man supposedly shot in the back was not Abe. As Ben Fulford and ourselves have detailed, Abe was no innocent and was a puppet of the Khazarian Mafia. He cooperated with the Israeli bomb scheme that caused Fukushima. Japan politicians in the past felt vulnerable and sought the protection of powerful interests. Nakasone, another former Japan Prime Minister, cooperated with the CIA during the Bush/Reagan era and was subject to the US Tribunals in 2019 as a result.

Abe resigned in 2020 because mischief against the US mainland was being planned. Desperate to unseat President Trump, the Biden crowd had planned to bomb the mainland and needed Abe’s cooperation. Since he had cooperated during the Fukushima episode, the assumption was that he would cooperate further. When Abe resigned in August, 2020 - supposedly for health reasons - he was in fact arrested and taken to Gitmo. A Double was put in his place. It was the Double that collapsed during the staged event on July 7 in Nara. Why was this staged event arranged? During the current era of truth, political Doubles no longer needed will be eliminated.

Bugout Bags

Bugout bags are often described from the viewpoint of being temporary, for a few days away from home. But the reality will likely be that when one must rush from home to escape a tidal wave or volcanic dust or because the house had fallen into its basement from earthquakes - there will be no return to home. Instead, basic survival via what Nature provides or from local survival camps will be one’s new home. Small but indispensable items, difficult to replace when one can no longer go shopping, might be treasured.  

A First Aid kit and books on basic steps like stitching up a wound or setting a broken bone or assisting with a breach delivery are indispensable and can be stuffed into one’s Bugout Bag. The Troubled Times info, hosted on the ZetaTalk website, recommends many such books, such as:  Where There is No Doctor, Where There is No Dentist, Special Forces Medical Handbook, Ships Captains Medical Guide, Emergency War Surgery, Ditch Medicine, and the Book for Midwives: A Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and Midwives.

Where never mentioned when the Bugout Bag is being discussed is the necessity of the venerable toothbrush. Imagine being without, month after month. It is beyond tooth decay and teeth falling out from bleeding gums, it is living with munge mouth. Likewise a nail file and clipper. You may be able to bite your fingernails off, but what about those toenails? Such a small item, and so necessary. Toss in a comb and brush and some hair pins too, and you will thank yourself forever. Small things, but imagine yourself without.

What if you find yourself in the flood plain, having to rely upon what the waters deliver to eat? Let’s say the flood lingers, as they so often do. You can cobble together floating trash into a makeshift houseboat but how to fish? A basic necessity for everyone, but especially those living in areas that might flood, are fish hooks and fish line and perhaps nets. You would not want to be without such basic items when you cannot go shopping. Fish hooks in particular. How would you make one? These are super cheap items. I have a box of 100 for which I paid $1.89.

And what about repairing clothing that might start falling apart? Did you forget to pack a needle and thread in your bag of basic necessities? Like fish hooks, needles are easy and cheap to buy now but impossible to manufacture later.

Another small item that can be slipped into a Bugout Bag are a pair of knitting needles. Yarn can be fashioned from sheep wool or even twisted from hair or linen fibers from plant material. Then you can knit scarves, blankets, footies, and be snug.

One might run out of matches but hold onto that BIC lighter. The flint will last forever and can spark a fire, with or without fuel in the BIC. Or one can start a campfire the old-fashioned caveman way – by friction. Halcon is an expert at this, and I highly recommend getting his ebook – the Halcon Hand Drill booklet in PFD format, free on the Internet. He shows step by step how to work a bow or a hand drill and voila, there is the smoke for the bit of tinder you have at the ready. Print these few pages off and add to your Bugout Bag.

Another basic item likely overlooked by almost everyone is a short wave radio. This is the standard communication route for emergency services worldwide.  Get a crank radio, so you do not have to worry about dead batteries. You will not regret making room in your Bugout Bag for this item, and you can charge your cell phone with the crank!