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Issue 752, Sunday February 28, 2021
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

New Madrid Pending

In 2010 when the Zetas laid out the 7 of 10 Plate Movements they stated that several major earthquakes would occur in Japan (accompanied by similar major quakes around the Pacific Rim) before the New Madrid Adjustment would occur. This was to be the clue that the adjustment was to start. Of the 10 steps in the scripted Plate Movements described by the Zetas, the Japan quakes were step 8 and the New Madrid step 9, then the ripping open of the Atlantic to allow the European tsunami to occur as step 10, the last step.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: When S America rolls, almost in step with the folding Pacific, it tears the Atlantic Rift on the southern side. This allows Africa freedom to move and it rolls too, dropping the Mediterranean floor above Algeria. What is holding the N American continent together has thus eased, so that when the Japan adjustments are made, there is less holding the N American continent in place than before, and the New Madrid gives way.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: So what would constitute large earthquakes sufficient to be a herald for the New Madrid adjustment? We are speaking here of quakes with a magnitude of 8 or higher, truly in the scale of a 9 but perhaps not called that because of the USGS coverup on quake magnitude. These quakes will rival the large quakes that Japan has historically suffered periodically, but will be characterized by sympathetic adjustments in the Pacific Ring of Fire not normally accompanying large Japan quakes. The whole region will be seen as under pressure from subducting Pacific plates and the reaction to this pressure.

Does the February 13, 2021 Magnitude 7.1 quake in Japan qualify? Remember that the Zetas said the Fukushima quake in 2011 was manmade and not one of the big quakes they had predicted to precede the New Madrid. Per the Zetas the USGS is downgrading Magnitude by 2.5 points at the present time, so this quake was a 9.6. Combine that with the hammering the Loyalty Islands are getting at present, starting on February 12, 2021 and the precursor to the New Madrid seems to be in process!

Tsunami Confirmed in Australia after Major Swarm of Big Earthquakes (M6.0, M6.1, M7.7, M6.1, M6.1, M6.4) and their Aftershocks Hit the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
February 10, 2021
There is something weird happening in the Royalty Islands, an administrative subdivision of New Caledonia in the Pacific ocean. Within the last 4 hours, a swarm of powerful earthquakes (M6.0, M6.1, M7.7, M6.1, M6.1, M6.4) is rattling the area. Afterschocks are strong between M5.0 and M5.7.
Major M7.1 Earthquake Strikes Japan off Fukushima near the Site of the Great East Japan Earthquake
February 13, 2021
Just 3 days after the powerful earthquake swarm off the Loyalty Islands, a powerful M7.1 earthquake jolted Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures in the Tohoku region.
Asia is Shaking Hard: Just after the M7.1 Earthquake off Fukushima, Japan, a M6.0 hit Papua New Guinea
February 13, 2021
Less than half an hour after the M7.1 earthquake off Fukushima, Japan, a M6.0 struck Papua New Guinea.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/28/2021: When we the Zetas provided the 7 of 10 sequence of Plate Movements, we predicted that large earthquakes in Japan would precede the New Madrid Adjustment. We predicted several in the range of Magnitude 8-9, but since the USGS dumbs down the Magnitude lately to be fully 2.5 Magnitudes below actual, the 7.1 quake in Fukushima on February 13 can be considered a Magnitude 10. The Loyalty Islands had been battered just the day before on February 12 with a series of quakes that could be considered Magnitude 8. This meets the criteria we gave in 2010 for these Japan quakes to herald the New Madrid Adjustment.

There is tension on the opposite side of the N American Continent too. The bowing stress on a plate that cannot roll, because it is a flat top continent where the border runs through the Arctic, encompasses the East Coast of the US. But the Atlantic has been pulling apart, splitting open, and on both sides of this split there is evidence that land is being pulled down. Historically, this has been shown by buffalo corpses under the water off the East Coast of the US, and former villages under the water off the West Coast of the British Isles.

ZetaTalk East Coast 2010: Continental rip, which is what occurs during pole shifts rather than continental drift, occurs down the length of the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to the rip, there is tension and consequent dragging down of the coast line on either side. The East Coast of the US south of the New England area will suffer during the pole shift, due not only to the heavy population of the area but also to this general stretching that the plates under the Atlantic during the crustal tension ahead of the shift, with the crust resisting a ripping apart so that the land on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean are pulled down.

ZetaTalk England 2010: The land essentially flattens between the East Coast of the US and the islands of the UK, or attempts to do so. This deforming seldom returns to a pre-deforming state, and after the pole shift even less support along the rift edges exists, so the land is also drooping for this reason. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales face the Atlantic Rift more than the east coast of England, and thus take the brunt of the droop. One can see from the underwater shelf that lies to the west of these islands that this has happened before.

So while the Loyalty Islands and Japan are exploding with large quakes, what is to be made of the wildfires all along the Scottish coastline? It is surely not from the low temps and frosty fog as the BBC suggests. Both these factors would be fire retardants. The Zetas state that these fires along the West Coast of the UK are due to rock stress and from the land being pulled down.

Wildfire Warning as Firefighters Tackle Benbecula Blaze
February 12, 2021
In vegetation that had died off since last year and then been dried out by frost and low temperatures.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/28/2021: We have stated that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will be pulled down during the forthcoming Pole Shift, due to lack of support when the Atlantic rips open. The Eurasia Plate has already been in a stretch, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and this stretch tension creates heat in the rock. Prior to the New Madrid Fault Line ripping open again, there will be tension on both sides of the Atlantic. Until the N American Plate releases this tension by a New Madrid adjustment, Western Europe can anticipate stretch tension. Most vulnerable will be those lands closest to the Atlantic and those lands which have been pulled thin by prior Pole Shift stretch actions. Western Scotland qualifies on all counts. 

What will happen to Washington DC, which was built on a swamp! It is lowland, known as “Foggy Bottom”. The Zetas have predicted a 50 foot tsunami against the East Coast when the New Madrid adjustment rips open the Atlantic at the Azores, but due to tidal bore up the rivers around DC, this tsunami will rise to 150 feet or more. The Satanic tunnel systems under DC will thus be permanently flooded, and in fact washed clean. DC will be abandoned, with the new site of government likely to be moved to Denver.

Foggy Bottom
The Foggy Bottom area was the site of one of the earliest settlements in what is now the District of Columbia.
Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children from Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill
February 7, 2021
In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow. The children were believed to have been abused, tortured and killed by political elites in an elaborate tunnel system that ran beneath Capitol Hill and connected to other systems for 200 miles. All was thought part of an international Child Trafficking Ring run by global and political elites with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island – that lay next door to Biden’s Water Island.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/28/2021: Just as the New York City underground was flooded by a mere 12 foot storm surge when Hurricane Sandy struck, Washington DC can expect far worse when the New Madrid adjustment strikes. DC can expect a 50 foot tsunami along the East Coast, but because tidal bore can be anticipated up the rivers on either side of DC, this will at least triple in places to a 150 foot tide. This will do more than wash the roadways and lower floors of the federal buildings, it will permanently flood the tunnel systems, taking with it all the evidence of Satanic practices – a literal draining of the swamp will occur.  

As is known, the US Government has been quietly moving its operations to the Denver area. But Denver has its own Satanic shadows. Nevertheless, the greater Denver area will likely be the site of the new federal headquarters, with many operations migrating to electronic communications. Face-to-Face conferences and voting was logical in the distant past, when DC was established. But pen and paper and black-and-white photographs have long been replaced by electronic meetings. Thus relocating participants to the seat of government will not be required when the Deep State is finally drained.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2019: Washington DC is lowland, originally build on a drained swamp. The US has steadily moved federal headquarters to their western White House in Denver. But in the event of a sudden tsunami flooding DC, classified federal records will be relocated to higher ground and stranded workers rescued. DC will be abandoned.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2020: ZetaTalk is on record warning the public that when the New Madrid adjustment occurs, massive tsunami waves up to 200-300 foot high will roar toward Europe and a backwash up to 50 foot high will wash against the East Coast of the US.


Hedge Fund managers game the system so that they make money coming and going, whether a stock goes up or goes down, and often they arrange the outcome by buying and selling stock themselves. So what is to be made of the GameStop gambit where the little guy, the 99%, beat them at their own game? Per the Zetas, this is perfect karma. Likewise for the Bezos loss, which he is trying to hide by talking up grandiose plans for the future. The Zetas predicted his Amazon loss in 2019 when he was in the process of trying to shelter this during a divorce. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Angry Hedge fund Billionaire Leon Cooperman is Mad at Redditors for Attacking Wealthy People
January 28, 2021
As you’ve probably heard by now, shares of GameStop, the video game retailer, have surged approximately a gazillion percent in the past six months, spiking sharply in the last several days. You might wonder why that happened, given that most people don’t go to the store to buy video games anymore, particularly during a pandemic, and the short answer is that a gaggle of small-time traders, many of them posters on the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets, decided it would be both funny and a bit of cosmic retribution for them to drive up the price of GameStop’s shares, screwing over the hedge fund managers who’d bet the company’s stock was going to drop precipitously.
GameStop Short Sellers are still not Surrendering Despite nearly $20 Billion in Losses this Month
January 29, 2021
Short-selling hedge funds have suffered a mark-to-market loss of $19.75 billion year to date in the brick-and-mortar video game retailer GameStop, according to data from S3 Partners.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2021: Even during the pandemic, the 1% got richer and the 99% lost. Hedge funds are designed to gamble on the Stock Market, and despite their protests of course they manipulate the market to their advantage. They contribute nothing to the world – no rise in standard of living for society at large, no improvement for the fauna and flora of the globe. The rage of the Hedge Fund manager Cooperman at being bested at his own game is amusing. This is exactly what they do to the common man! Gang up on a stock to make it go up or down.

Jeff Bezos Stepping Down as Amazon CEO
February 2, 2021
Bezos, who started Amazon selling books out of his garage in 1994, is stepping back from the day-to-day operations on a high note. The company he took public in 1997 at $18 a share now trades at $3,380 a share as Bezos has morphed it into an online retailing giant responsible for a massive 37 percent of all online sales in the US, according to data tracker Statista.
Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy to Take Over in Q3
February 2, 2021
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will leave his post later this year, turning the helm over to the company’s top cloud executive Andy Jassy. Bezos said he will stay engaged in important Amazon projects but will also have more time to focus on the Bezos Earth Fund, his Blue Origin spaceship company, The Washington Post and the Amazon Day 1 Fund.
After Amazon, Jeff Bezos will Devote his Time to Building Multi-Billion dollar Rockets
February 3, 2021
Jeff Bezos said he's going to focus more on his space firm, Blue Origin, once he steps down as Amazon CEO. Blue Origin, founded by Bezos in 2000, aims to transform space travel and colonize the solar system.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/28/2021: Two years ago Bezos hit the press as he was in the process of getting a divorce and giving half his wealth to his soon-to-be ex-wife. We stated that this was to evade President Trump’s EO allowing assets of those found guilty of participation in child sex traffic to be seized. Bezos had been blackmailed into allowing his Amazon container ships to be used to this end. These assets are obviously being seized by the Tribunals, leaving Bezos to save face with an excuse about focusing on his Blue Origin space travel plans. The Amazon stock will be sold or hidden behind a façade of Bezos ownership.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2019: Bezos, who is currently the sole owner of the Washington Post, has posted public notice that he is in the process of a divorce from his wife of 25 years. Normally, when a pre-nup is not in place, assets are divided equally, but just where ownership of the Post will go is not yet known. Q has implied that the CIA was behind the purchase of the Post in 2013, and as is known many of the most intractable Deep State members are within the old timers of the CIA, Brennan included. Is the Bezos divorce an attempt to shield much of the Bezos family wealth, estimated at 135 billion at present, from confiscation by Trump’s Junta? Having secured the cooperation of Bezos, the CIA set to using his company and fortunes. Among the unsealed indictments awaiting tribunals are those which would seize the Bezos fortune. By putting as much as possible into his wife’s hands, the couple hopes to minimize the damage.

Petrol Monster

A Petrol Mass in the tail of Nibiru large enough to block the light of the Sun first became apparent last November 8, 2020 in one of Alberto’s photos. This has rapidly progressed so that by December 2, 2020 a Petrol Mass was captured on film from Sarasota, Florida showing Petrol masses charging over the horizon.

ZetaTalk Description 11/30/2020: Petrol Bubbles create their own light bending phenomenon for several reasons. Oil catches and distorts light, thus the rainbows that form on oil spills. Large Petrol Bubble clumps turn the light beams round and round, so they appear to be a large mass. This is not the Monster Persona phenomenon, which is simply light rays heading out into space pulled back to a gravity sink to form the illusion of a large ball. The Petrol Mass shows the actual boundaries of the Petrol Mass.

How large might these Petrol Masses become? Now in February, 2021 both Alberto and Mario of the ZetaTalk Followers group have captured a monstrous blob to the lower left of the Sun.  These talented Nibiru photographers are confirming the captures of the other. What is this gigantic blob, and how close will it come to Earth? The Zetas explain.

February 14, 2021
I observed new constant fixed aspect. Ciao Nancy
February 9, 2021
We see the magnetic field lines and what appears to be a huge round ball on the left which is the magnetic field that surrounds Nibiru. To the right is the Ball which is a moon swirl. Mario has hit a Home Run with this one! How much longer do you all think before it will be undeniable?

ZetaTalk Description 2/28/2021: There are several aspects to the Nibiru complex which can produce a large orb. One is the Monster Persona, where light reflecting off an object is turned around and returned to the viewer on Earth, as Earth is a gravity sink. This Monster Persona is not the real size of the object but only showing the outer edge of where the light rays were before they were turned back toward the Earth. The object that Alberto and Mario captured on film is not a Monster.

Then there is a Magnetic Field around either Nibiru or a Moon Swirl, showing the Magnetic Field lines. These can likewise be huge as the field can form around a small object or a group of objects that have lined up, magnetically, so that they in total can form a larger Magnetic Field. In these images, the magnetic field lines can be seen, and these field lines are missing from the object that both Alberto and Mario captured. This is thus not a Magnetic Field.

Then there is a recent phenomenon which we have been calling a Petrol Mass.  Here the light bouncing around within the Petrol Mass cannot escape, but constantly turns around within the mass. These Petrol Masses do show the actual size of the mass, and here in Mario and Alberto’s dual photo captures, which confirm each other, show what mankind will soon encounter. These giant Petrol Masses will block the Sun to some degree, and be without any explanation other than the presence of Nibiru.