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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2016

Every death of a celebrity of course doesn't mean something, but a few things lead me to venture an enquiry about the musician Prince.   He had a mystical bent, his death is mysterious and his most famous song may be Purple Rain, which made me think of what the Zetas said about Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze song.   Partial lyrics of Purple Rain:  "Honey I know... times are changing, It's time we all reach out for something new, That means you too, You say you want a leader, But you can't seem to make up your mind, I think you better close it, And let me guide you to the purple rain....  If you know what I'm singing about up here, C'mon raise your hand....   I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain"   I suppose this can be construed to mean that he wants to know if others have had the contactee spaceship experience and wants others to have it.   Lastly, he was apparently into the chemtrails issue and maybe some other issues which pissed off the establishment.  Is there anything significant about Prince and his death? [and from another]  Prince clearly states that he believes chemtrails are a public health nuisance, with particular concern for black and ethnic neighborhoods. Shortly before his death, in an Instagram post, that has since been deleted, Prince posted the very cryptic message, “Just When U Thought U Were Safe…”. There have also been numerous reports of him working on a final memoir, fueling speculation that he believed his life was in danger. [and from another] Doctor D - who has built up a vast knowledge of opioid pain killers over the years - believes that if indeed Prince was being prescribed Percocet by doctors - the combination of Tylenol and opiates in the drug may have killed him. The problem with Percocet is that it is an opiate mixed with Tylenol - but he would have been taking much more than the recommended dose because he had developed a tolerance to opiates over the years. He self medicated for years and was fine - so it wouldn't have been the opiates that killed him but the Tylenol.

Prince was not murdered, but died due to mixing too much Tylenol into his opiates. He was temporarily out of his normal opiates, so while on the road allowed doctors to prescribe Percocet, which contains Tylenol. A former drug dealer familiar with Prince’s routine explained to the Daily Mail that Prince did not trust doctors, so did not share his routine with them. Then to achieve the opiate level needed, he took too much. Tylenol kills, causing liver and kidney damage, when taken in excess or for too long a period.  Was Prince, as Jimi Hendrix, a contactee? Without a doubt, and when referencing Purple Rain was referring to the same experience he recalled on space ships as Jimi Hendrix with his Purple Haze rendition.

So if these were nuked they cannot be considered part of the 7 or 10? Or doesn't it matter how the EQ happens? [and from another] It is a given on Japanese internet chat boards that the recent spate of earthquakes in Southern Japan were all artificial earthquakes. The evidence presented is that the seismographs all resemble earthquakes caused by explosions with a sudden huge shock followed by steadily decreasing aftershocks. [and from another] The next target will be the New Madrid fault line in the South-Western United States, according to threats originating from the Nazi George Bush Senior faction of the U.S. government. An undersea nuke was used to guarantee enough tsunami height to swamp the Fukushima diesel generators. It was all designed years ago by the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers were trying to extort more money to keep the Federal Reserve going, but Japan said no more money.

Ben Fulford reported in the past that the 9.5 quake causing the Fukushima disaster was not natual, but man-made, the result of disputes between western bankers and the Japanese government. We, the Zetas, do not choose to become the Ben Fulford confirmation source, as the focus is financial and our attitude is that mankind should not deal with money at all, but share all resources fully in a solidly Service-to-Other manner. But our statement at the time on Fukushima confirmed that this quake was not related to the series of large quakes we predicted for Japan in the 7 of 10 sequence.

What about the hammering that occurred in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan on April 15? These were accompanied, almost immediately, by large quakes in Vanuatu on the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate and Guatemala on the western edge of the Caribbean Plate, and followed within days by a massive quake in Ecuador where the Nazca Plate noses into the S American Plate. Clearly the plates around the Pacific Rim were involved, where Fukushima did not have a reaction elsewhere. Our prediction for the 7 of 10 quakes in Japan was for them to be accompanied by “sympathetic adjustments in the Pacific Ring of Fire”.

So is Fulford wrong? He is correct that the Kumamoto Prefecture quakes, at the start, were manmade, but the Council of Worlds quickly lifted the brake on the 7 of 10 plate movements to allow what had been held back to occur. Thus the April 15 quakes in Japan were both manmade and as a result of 7 of 10 plate movements. Releasing the 7 of 10 brake to this extent was done by the Council to remind the arrogant banking factions that there is more facing the Earth, their home as well as home to the common man, than their petty arguments over finances.