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Issue 722, Sunday August 2, 2020
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Buoys Blinded

There is a long-running cover-up over Nibiru, which has resulted in many lies foisted on the public. Earthquake magnitude is dialed down, the erratic weather is blamed on a mythical Global Warming, and any signs in the skies are either ignored or claimed to be ice crystals or your imagination. If ocean buoys tend to confirm plate movements, then they are temporarily turned off, sometimes for months and years at a time. On July 7 almost all the buoys along both the East and West coasts of the US and all the buoys serving Europe were deactivated - the NOAA National Data Buoy center showing only 90 stations of the 1431 available being operational.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2020: The tsunami buoys administered by NOAA have often been turned off in active locations over the past few years. The cover-up over the accuracy of the ZetaTalk predictions even resulted in a buoy maintenance man being murdered in 2012 when he tried to reactivate a buoy in Indonesia. The Indonesia government preferred that their public think the coastal flooding was due to rain, not incursions from the sea due to the sinking that we, the Zetas, had predicted. Now, on the cusp of the New Madrid adjustment, the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US and the European coastline are being blinded. Why?

Where the publication of buoy data is managed by NOAA, the buoys themselves are private, owned by corporations. NDBC is the primary consortium, managing the buoy data collected from 167 different corporate sources at present. When NDBC decides to go black, the entire N American continent, both East and West coastlines, are blinded. ZetaTalk is on record warning the public that when the New Madrid adjustment occurs, massive tsunami waves up to 200-300 foot high will roar toward Europe and a backwash up to 50 foot high will wash against the East Coast of the US.

NOAA recently tested their East Coast tsunami alert system, showing they anticipate having to use this in the immediate future. But the wealthy elite who control corporate matters have another opinion. They want the public dumb and calm and ignorant. In their view it is better to have the public continue shopping and paying their mortgages on their coastal homes and businesses and vacationing on the coastlines than safe from harm. The outcome of this current attempt to blind the public is uncertain, as man has free will and many agendas are at play.  

Following July 7, on a daily basis, the buoys in the Atlantic serving the East Coast of the US and serving the European coast were blinded at night but turned back on during the day! This mystery was quickly solved when the effect of the Daily Earth Wobble was factored in. The Daily Earth Wobble follows a Figure 8 wherein there is a lean to the East when the Sun is high over India and a lean to the West when the Sun is high over Italy. Thus both the Atlantic and Pacific would slosh against the coastlines during those times.

But after this tilt to the East and West, the Daily Earth Wobble has a bounce back when the Sun is over the Americas, and during the Polar Push when the Sun is over the Pacific and the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon. This up and down push, a North/South motion, does not cause sloshing against the coastlines of the US and Europe. So the buoys are turned back on. Can we expect this blinding of the buoys to continue? As long as corporations are in control, yes. 

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2020: How to hide the Daily Earth Wobble? During the cover-up over Nibiru, this conundrum has troubled the establishment who mostly chooses to simply ignore the evidence. If the Sun is rising and setting at the wrong time and in the wrong place, the less said the better, is their view. They hope each person noting these irregularities concludes their lying eyes have deceived them, as else it would be in the news. Erratic weather also can be explained away by chatter about factors that affect the weather.

But when the wobble slings the globe to the East and then to the West every day, this causes water in both the Atlantic and Pacific to rush against the coastlines, and this simulates tsunami activity. Buoys are programmed to sound the alarm during such times, and when a vast number of the public have registered to receive tsunami alerts the public might be erroneously alarmed by wobble activity. Thus during those hours when the sling to the East and West is in process, the buoys are blinded, but allowed to function when the bounce back and Polar Push occur.

SOHO Capture

The Stereo Ahead and Behind satellites were launched in 1995, to travel with the Earth, on either side, as it rounded the Sun in its orbit. Ahead kept increasing the distance between itself and Earth, and Behind likewise increased the distance between itself and Earth by lagging. Thus at a certain point just after 2014, both the Ahead and Behind satellites were expected to cross paths, with the Earth on the opposite side of the Solar System. In 2014 the Earth was stalled in the August position, though NASA claimed otherwise.

SOHO images are regularly manipulated to airbrush constellations and planets into the background and hide evidence of Nibiru, but they show activity close to the Sun. The SOHO Lasco images are taken from a satellite at the Lagrangian point sunside in front of the Earth. Since the Nibiru complex is in this region, close to the orbit of Venus, Lasco frequently shows evidence of Nibiru and its vast tail.

A fuzzy round object began appearing to the left of the Sun on SOHO Lasco images in June and by July 5 when enhanced showed more than a couple fuzzy large orbs, it also showed a considerable amount of debris! The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2020: As has been repeatedly shown by eye witnesses and Alberto's photos, the Moon Swirls go retrograde from the traditional 4 o'clock to the Sun position where Nibiru rides thence under the Sun and to the left in a retrograde swirl. This particular capture on July 5, 2020 was taken when the Sun is in the Solar Minimum, so this is hardly a CME. The vast tail has bunched up and when thick it can appear as a solid object. Here we have more than one orb, and lots of individual Moons. SOHO is a 2D view, and the tail is between the Sun and the SOHO satellite, so the moons are not so much huge as close to the Earth.

The vast tail of Nibiru has been captured on the left hand side of the Sun regularly over the years by Alberto. Nibiru rounds the Sun in a retrograde orbit – clockwise. It also has a retrograde rotation, and this has an effect on the vast tail that follows Nibiru. It too swirls in a retrograde manner. Thus the tail, wafting between the Sun and Earth, nearby at the orbit of Venus, can be seen in 2D wafting below the Sun and thence up to the left! That may be in 2D, but in 3D that’s fairly close!

China Floods

When China floods there is much death, in part due to the over population in China. Tens of thousands of people have been known to drown. Now in July, 2020 they are having horrific floods again. An additional worry are reports that the massive 3 Gorges Dam is warping, and satellite views confirm this. Per the Zetas, China is in the stretch zone and is being pulled apart, so dam failure is in their future. In fact, the Zetas have predicted all dams will fail by the time of the Pole Shift.

China – Floods Affect Millions in Central and Eastern Provinces
July 10, 2020
Flooding in central and eastern provinces of China has worsened over the last few days, with over 14 million people affected across the worst hit provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang. Floodwaters first hit Sichuan, Guizhou and Chongqing in the southwest and Hubei in central China in late June. High river flows have since moved eastwards along the Yangtze river basin. According to China’s Ministry of Water Resources, rivers are above danger levels in over 80 locations.
China Insists Massive Three Gorges Dam is Safe after Satellite Images show the 'Distorted' Structure is at Risk of Collapse
July 9, 2020
Safety experts with the government-run China Three Gorges Corporation said on its official website that the Yangtze River dam had moved a few millimetres due to temperature and water level changes, but safety indicators remained well within their normal range. They were responding to a Twitter user who posted satellite photos from Google Maps last week purporting to show the dam had bent and was at risk of breaking. The photos were circulated on domestic social media, sparking concerns over its structural integrity.
China Braces for More Severe Flooding as Heavy Rains Move North
July 13, 2020
Since June, average precipitation in the Yangtze River has reached the highest level since 1961 and water in 433 rivers has risen above flood alert levels, according to official data.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2020: Torrential rainfall is increasingly besetting the Earth, but the larger issue for China is the stability of her dams, as she is in the stretch zone as the roaring dragon of Guizhou Province shows. Stretch zones pull apart, destabilizing dams, and the 3 Gorges Dam already shows evidence of this in satellite photos. We have stated that all dams will fail, and most will fail before the hour of the Pole Shift. In some cases it is the dam itself that will crack, in other cases the rock beneath the dam. The floods in China are caused not just by the rain, as heaving land creates slow drainage.

Wayfair Traffic

Could it be true? That Ellen DeGeneres is allowing her name recognition to be used to facilitate child sex trafficking? These explosive claims emerged in July, with proof aplenty that many products sold on Wayfair, with a celebrity brand, are overpriced. Click on that exorbitantly priced item and you can buy a child! There are too many examples to ignore. Wayfair, likely another victim in this process, denies all and has scrubbed their website of these overpriced items.

The Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy is just a Runaway Theory Based on Cabinet Pricing
July 12, 2020
One of the allegedly missing girls posted to Facebook Live to debunk the theory. Of course, some individuals doubled-down and insisted she was just covering for her tormentors. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI, 2019 saw 421,394 missing children entered into their National Crime Information Center. Of those, 1 in 6 are probable victims of sex trafficking. That means that multiple names belong to children reported missing by their families, even monikers that may be seen on nail polish colors or furniture listings.
Wayfair Confirms ‘No Truth’ to Cabinet Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory
July 11, 2020
Wayfair, the online furniture and home goods retailer, denied a bizarre conspiracy theory that trended on Twitter, claiming the company was behind child sex trafficking and its expensive cabinets were involved. The social media speculation went wild after a Reddit user claimed there was something strange about the cabinets listed on its website for $12,699.99 and $14,99.99. Wayfair later deleted the listings, which only resulted in the conspiracy theory to spiral further.
Ellen Questioned for Wayfair Partnership Amid Conspiracy Theory
July 13, 2020
The talk show celebrity was questioned on Twitter for her Wayfair collection that allegedly included a five-figure pillow but really sells for far less. Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of a lumbar pillow with a $10,098 price tag, but a search of the product, which does not have a child's name attached to it, resulted in a page on the Wayfair site for the same pillow with a $99 price tag.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2020: What is the likelihood that children are being sold on the web, packaged with furniture to be delivered from Wayfair? Are special arrangements being made when a high priced item is sold, so that a double transport occurs, the child in one, the furniture in another? What would occur if a buyer did not intend to buy a child, and called the police or FBI upon delivery? This is, frankly, not how the sex trade operates. Buyers are carefully vetted, and nothing about the transaction is public. Why then the odd overpriced furniture on Wayfair?

Ellen, as Oprah, are Satanists and do indeed participate in the child sex trade. Oprah was a big fan of John of God who had a baby farm in Brazil. Both Oprah and Ellen have celebrity status, shows on TV that provide name recognition, and thus can influence the public. Both appeared in photos this past Spring of 2020 with ankle monitors on their right legs. That the Wayfair conspiracy theory is emerging now is due to leaks from investigators, and yes, this is indeed a route by which child trafficking is promoted.

The ads featuring overpriced furniture have a special phone number, where client lists are maintained and the buyer vetted. Any accidental requests thus do not prove to be vetted and are directed to the regular priced item, with the overpricing excused as a typo or accident. Wayfair as a corporation was unaware of this activity, and is in horror. Middle management ran this operation, as did the celebrities who promoted their name brand items.

How can these trafficking networks work with such confidence that they will not get caught! Is it all just intimidation and bribery? A threat of slashed tires or a cut in the brake line, or getting punching in the face? A threat that your reputation will be ruined with a smear campaign, or your job at risk? Or perhaps an offer that is too lucrative to ignore, a good job offer or an evening with the girl of your dreams. A recent police raid in the Netherlands, the heart of pedophilia in Europe, shows yet another inducement - pain.

Dutch Police Uncover Makeshift Torture Chamber in Sea Containers
July 7, 2020
Dutch police arrested six men after discovering sea containers that had been converted into a makeshift prison and sound-proofed “torture chamber” complete with a dentist’s chair, tools including pliers and scalpels and handcuffs. The messages also revealed identities of potential victims, who were warned and went into hiding, police said. The grisly discovery was made last month by officers investigating leads generated by data from encrypted phones used by criminals. The communications network was cracked recently by French police.
Detectives in Britain and the Netherlands have already arrested hundreds of suspects based on the encrypted messages. Dutch police said last week that their investigations, code-named 26Lemont, based on millions of messages from the EncroChat phones, had led to the arrest of more than 100 suspects and seizure of more than 17,600 pounds of cocaine and 2,600 pounds of crystal meth as well as the dismantling of 19 synthetic drugs labs and seizure of dozens of firearms.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2020: Where these Dutch torture specialists are described as robbing drug runners, their skills were for sale. Why would they not market their skills? Those involved in the drug trade are known to be brutal, with turf wars famous for the violence and that often consumes neighborhoods. The public is afraid to go out onto the streets in such environments, such is their violence and uninhibited retaliation. If the Dutch torture chambers were just being applied to fellow drug runners, then where was the retaliation? Where were the turf wars?

Clues that the torture chambers were broadly used are the police admission that they warned potential victims during their investigation. There was a list? When we describe the techniques used to force compliance with Deep State agendas, we refer to bribes and threats, without being specific. Threats are assumed to be death threats, but a dead victim can no longer cooperate. It is pain that is threatened. Pain that leaves no marks when applied and is excruciating. The victim sees there will be no relief and no abatement until they cooperate. 

Bonhomme Richard Burns

As a result of an explosion in a storage hold, the Bonhomme Richard, a US Navy vessel, caught fire that took days to extinguish. Was this retaliation by Iran, who has suffered numerous “accidents” throughout their country over the past few weeks? Iran had threatened retaliation. Meanwhile, subsequent to the Bonhomme Richard explosion, Iran suddenly had several ships set ablaze in the port city of Bushehr. Certainly seems like tit for tat.

21 Injured in Fire Aboard Ship at Naval Base San Diego
July 12, 2020
The cause of the fire was under investigation. It wasn't immediately known where on the 840-foot  amphibious assault vessel the blast and the fire occurred. The Navy thinks the fire began somewhere in a lower cargo hold where marine equipment and vehicles are stored. There are a million gallons of fuel on board, but that is well below any heat source. San Diego is the Bonhomme Richard's home port, and the ship was undergoing routine maintenance at the time of the fire.
Inferno on San Diego Navy Ship Rages into Second Day
July 13, 2020
In 1967, a fire on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal killed more than 130 sailors after a rocket accidentally fired on the flight deck and ignited several explosions. The episode has been used as a lesson on how to tackle safety procedures aboard Navy vessels. The USS George Washington, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, caught fire in 2008 when oil was improperly stored on the craft. At least 37 sailors were injured in the fire, which took 12 hours to put out and cost $70 million in repairs.

ZetaTalk Opinion 7/31/2020: The explosion that set off the Bonhomme Richard fire was not a result of casual negligence during routine maintenance nor the heat of the day. Unlike the USS George Washington in 2008, which was fueled by 90 gallons of oil illegally held on the vessel, the Bonhomme Richard’s fuel storage was not involved in the explosion or fire that followed. The Bonhomme Richard’s fire is due to an explosion, from a bomb deliberately placed in the storage hold, and was intended to utterly destroy the vessel.

Is this retaliation for the continuous sabotage ongoing in Iran? As has been noted, since early July Iran is suffering explosions in their nuclear and missile development sites, often hidden by Iran behind civilian facades. Iran suspects the US and Mossad of this sabotage. They are unable to counter this by appealing to the UN as their activities are illegal. Nor are any of their partners such as China or Russia willing to challenge the US. Iran hopes to send a message and get the US to back off by sabotaging US military sites.

Who placed the bomb, and why was this not discovered until it was too late? The Bonhomme Richard  was under routine maintenance, which involves contractors. The Halon gas system, a fire suppressant system, was turned off during this routine maintenance. Due to our assistance to the US Military intel at such times, they know exactly who was involved, and whose hand was at the helm. There is no escaping our Zeta telepathic intel. If it is in the mind of a human, it is data available to us. Justice will and has already been served.

Fire Contained at Iranian Petrochemical Complex
July 12, 2020
Iranian officials say a fire that caused a short halt to production at a major petrochemical plant located southwest of the country has been fully contained. A spokesman of the Shahid Tondgooyan Pterochemicals said that technical problems had caused installations at one of the factories of the sprawling complex to catch fire earlier in the day. Hamid Kiaei said that hot summer weather in the port of Mahshahr, Iran’s main hub of petchem industry on the Persian Gulf, was also to blame for the incident. The blaze at Tondgooyan plant came less than a week after a gas leak in Karoon Petrochemical Complex, located in the same region, left some 70 people with injuries caused by inhalation.