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Issue 645, Sunday February 10, 2019
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Ginsberg Rumors

Rumors have been swirling around Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, who has not been seen nor heard from since she had surgery to remove a cancerous lung node on December 21. She is reportedly working from home, but until votes and decisions are released, some months from now, her absence from court participation cannot be confirmed. She or her aids have canceled two appearances, one in LA and another in New York City on February 9. Meanwhile, there are rumors that she is dead or in a coma.

Resilient Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fights Back from Latest in Line of Health Woes
December 23, 2019
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is resting in a New York hospital following surgery to remove two malignant growths in her left lung, the third time the Supreme Court's oldest justice has been treated for cancer and her second stay in a hospital in two months. The nodules on her lung were found during X-rays and other tests Ginsburg had after she fractured ribs in a fall in her Supreme Court office on Nov 7. Among other health problems, she also broke two ribs in a fall in 2012 and had a stent implanted to open a blocked artery in 2014. She was hospitalized after a bad reaction to medicine in 2009.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancels 2 Upcoming Events
January 16, 2019
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not attend scheduled talks in the upcoming weeks in Los Angeles and New York, following her surgery in December, after she missed Supreme Court arguments earlier this month.
'Fox & Friends' Accidentally shows Graphic saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Dead
January 21, 2019
The hosts of “Fox & Friends” apologized for showing a graphic saying Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, blaming a control room error. The graphic, similar to those marking the deaths of other famous figures, briefly showed a photo of Ginsburg and the dates “1933-2019.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Watch Nears the End of its Second Month
January 29, 2019
Could this be why Nancy Pelosi is so defiantly postponing the president's State of the Union address – because it might reveal to the world an empty seat where RBG is supposed to be?
Ginsburg can Stay on the Supreme Court and Vote, no matter how Sick or Disabled she Becomes
January 9, 2019
In addition to reviewing relevant case material from home, Ginsburg has also voted in matters before the court. There is no written rule prohibiting justices who are missing from the bench from casting their votes. Before her cancer surgery last month, for example, Ginsburg voted remotely to deny a request from the Trump administration to enforce its new asylum policy, according to reports.

ZetaTalk Opinion 1/31/2019: Is Ginsberg dead? As close to death as a living human can get, with multiple infections, including deadly pneumonia, and in a coma. This is all being denied, though her immediate attendants and Chief Justice Roberts are aware. Technically, this falls in the realm of privacy, as just what medications a justice needs, or their particular diseases, is private. But until a death certificate or a resignation letter is issued, technically she is a member of the court. Her written instructions to her doctors and Roberts are to consider her alive until circumstances change.

Now what? Ginsberg’s return to health and participation are unlikely. Her absence will become obvious when votes are cast and decisions written. Eventually, the Senate, which can impeach in instances of incompetence, will call for an investigation and vote on the matter. Roberts may be forced, thus, to reveal the truth. In the meantime, the Democrats, such as Pelosi, are stalling the State of the Union which traditionally has the Supreme Court in attendance, though being ill, she could be excused for this.

On the eve of the State of the Union, claims that Ginsberg attended a concert in her honor, given by her daughter-in-law, sitting in the back of the darkened hall. No photos were allowed, though Washington Post claimed she was really there, as did a member of a DC law firm. Was it she, or a double? Washington Post stressed that she would likely not attend the SOTU, as she had skipped in the past.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes first Public Appearance since Cancer Surgery
February 4, 2019
The 85-year-old justice attended a production of “Notorious RBG in Song” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington. The program about Ginsburg’s life in the law was created and performed by Ginsburg’s daughter-in-law. Ginsburg did not speak, and many in the crowd did not know she was there. She sat in the back, and most saw her only as they left the performance. Her son James said Ginsburg walks a mile a day and is working with her trainer again.

Venezuela Civil War

Whither Venezuela? Starvation and a mass exodus of millions to neighboring countries and inflation of the Bolivar, the worst in history, has finally resulted in civil war. The Maduro administration did this to itself, as the Zetas explain. They chose paying interest on their IMF debt over supporting agriculture in the country, and starvation ensued. An estimated three million refugees have fled to neighboring Colombia and Brazil, even migrating to Chile, in desperation.

ZetaTalk Opinion 7/31/2018: Under the United Socialist Party, Chavez initially sought to commandeer oil profits in Venezuela, giving the profits to the people. But Chavez was a poor manager and fled the scene into a cancer death in 2013. Venezuela has become a disaster.

ZetaTalk Opinion 1/31/2019: The Maduro administration took command of seed distribution and tractor repair parts and dropped the ball utterly. Instead of keeping agriculture going, they paid the interest on their IMF debt. Meanwhile, Venezuela starved, the people fleeing by the millions to Colombia and Brazil. The Bolivar inflated into oblivion, the worst in history, and cannot be used.

Is Maduro even legal? Irregularities during the May, 2018 election included obvious vote buying of starving Venezuelans, and a suspiciously low voter turnout. At one point in 2017 Maduro tried to disband the Legislature! This move was blocked by the Supreme Court, but was considered more evidence that the Maduro regime had become a dictatorship. Maduro was Chavez’s chosen successor, and thus had the faith of the Venezuelan people, but this is wearing thin. Meanwhile, the people starve.

Venezuela's Maduro Re-Elected amid Outcry over Vote
May 20,2018
Turnout at the election was just 46.1 percent, the election board said, way down from the 80 percent registered at the last presidential vote in 2013. Poor Venezuelans were asked to scan state-issued “fatherland cards” at red tents after voting in hope of receiving a “prize” promised by Maduro, which opponents said was akin to vote-buying. The “fatherland cards” are required to receive benefits including food boxes and money transfers.
President Maduro Strips Venezuela’s Parliament of Power
August 19, 2017
Venezuela’s political crisis has deepened after a new pro-government “superbody” stripped the opposition-held parliament of its legislative powers and the fugitive attorney general accused President Nicolás Maduro of links to a corruption scandal.

Maduro now faces a full blown civil war, with an opponent, the head of the National Assembly, asserting he can take control. This is akin to Pelosi declaring herself President, citing voter fraud that elected Trump, but it does have a constitutional basis. The Venezuelan Constitution states this can occur if the President “abandons” his office. Meanwhile, the standoff continues, and is unlikely to be settled until the Venezuelan military abandons Maduro. Meanwhile, the world has become polarized on the issue.

Venezuela: Call It What It Is—a Coup
January 23, 2019
The opposition strategy is based on Article 233 of the Constitution, which grants the National Assembly the power to declare a president’s “abandonment” of the office. Of course, the kicker is that Maduro hasn’t done anything of the sort, and only the Supreme Court can disqualify sitting presidents.
Venezuela Cuts US Ties Citing its Support for 'Coup' Attempt
January 24, 2019
Any change of government, however, will rest on a shift in allegiance within the armed forces. So far, the military has stood by Maduro through two waves of street protests and a steady dismantling of democratic institutions.
In a Month, Venezuela's Guaido Emerged from Obscurity to Challenge Maduro
January 23, 2019
In less than a month, Juan Guaido has gone from a virtual unknown in Venezuelan politics to the country’s most-watched figure, assuming the presidency of the opposition-controlled congress. He declared himself interim president, a move swiftly recognized by the United States, Canada and many Latin American countries. Guaido assumed the parliament’s leadership as part of a power-sharing agreement between Venezuela’s main opposition parties. He animated the opposition’s upper-class base and won over many working-class Venezuelans fed up with the country’s hyperinflationary economic collapse, who have taken to the streets demanding Maduro step down. Yet Guaido still needs the backing of the armed forces to achieve his goal of forcing new elections.

Before Venezuela, US has Long Involvement in Latin America
January 24, 2019
Since the advent of the Monroe Doctrine in the early 19th century, the United States has involved itself in the daily affairs of nations across the hemisphere, often on behalf of North American commercial interests or to support right-leaning forces against leftist leaders. The U.S. has been accused of granting at least tacit backing to coups in Venezuela in 2002 and Honduras in 2009.
Trump-Bashing Iraq War Architect Elliott Abrams to Lead US Regime Change in Venezuela
January 26, 2019
Abrams is expected to coordinate all diplomatic efforts to replace President Nicolas Maduro with the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, recognized by the US, OAS and several EU members. As the Reagan administration’s assistant secretary of state for human rights in the 1980s, Abrams supported the US-backed dictators in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in their campaigns of repression, including death squads. He played a key role in the 2002 attempted coup in Venezuela against President Hugo Chavez, and was one of the architects of the 2003 Iraq war.

ZetaTalk Opinion 1/31/2019: Is the US fomenting a coup in Venezuela? They are certainly encouraging the process, which is a natural outcome of the mismanagement of the Venezuelan economy under Maduro and even under Chavez. Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil have similar climates and do not have food shortages, nor do they have the oil resources that Venezuela has enjoyed. Belatedly, Maduro has switched to seeking loans from BRICS, from Russia and China, and attempting trade with the Chinese yuan. It is not sabotage by the West that has created this situation, but mismanagement by Maduro.

The situation will go one of two ways – an increasingly suppressive dictatorship by Maduro, or an increasing erosion of this dictatorship by the popularly supported Guaido.

Support for a coup is divided around the world. The Americas, both North and South, are almost united in support of a coup. These countries are affected by the Venezuelan disaster, Colombia and Brazil struggling with starving refugees. This disaster can only aggravate the flood of migrants coming to the US from Central America. BRICS nations, already invested in Venezuela with new loans, want their investment to pay off. The IMF wants their old loans honored. But Venezuela will continue to spiral into the drain without improved management.

Asteroid Traffic

During the cover-up over the near presence of Nibiru, the increasing onslaught of debris in the tail of Nibiru has required that excuses be proffered. Asteroid traffic is the favored excuse. The bolides that scream across provinces or states are asserted to be asteroids. Or perhaps they are meteors in one of the periodic meteor showers, even though the bolides are huge and bright and meteors are tiny needles in the sky. Asteroid traffic, or what is being called asteroid traffic, has spiked since Nibiru arrived.

Scientists Warn of Steady Increase in Asteroid Impacts on Earth
January 26, 2019
Having examined data collated by NASA, scientists determined that “at least three times as many” asteroids hit our planet today as compared to the times when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Space rocks that plummet towards the earth usually come from the asteroid belt where asteroid collisions “generate lots of fragments, which over time can get nudged towards the earth”.

ZetaTalk Summary 10/31/2018: The establishment has been calling this traffic Asteroids or Near Earth Asteroids since 2009, but the uptick in the numbers is obvious. Are Asteroids suddenly propagating out there in space?

ZetaTalk Expose 9/8/2012: We predicted early on in 2003 that asteroid swarms would be used as an excuse for the moons and debris in the tail of Nibiru. The public has been regularly prepared for such an excuse by increasing chatter about asteroid swarms or asteroids making a close pass to Earth. Meanwhile fireballs have increased, screaming across several states or provinces.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2001: There is a great deal of trash that trails behind Nibiru, caught in its gravity field. Several moons, and lesser objects such as boulders and dust. There are likewise asteroids from the Asteroid Belt which attach during a passage, but can be torn away when a passage close to another gravitational object occurs. These minor objects assume new orbits, in many cases around more than one planet if they are in close proximity to each other at the time, and finally to become disconnected or to assume what is termed a Near Earth Orbit object. How do you suppose they got into those orbits in the first place?

The line between asteroid and meteor is blurred, so that the increased asteroid traffic is sometimes blamed on periodic meteor showers. But the bolides that turn night into day are not arriving when the meteor showers are expected, as the Pole Shift ning blog recording these incidents shows. Nor do they arrive from the constellations expected. The Lyrids appear in April. The Perseids appear between July 17 and August 24. The Draconids arrive October 6 - October 10. The Taurids peak around November 12. The Leonids happen every year between November 17-18. The Geminids occur between Dec 4-17. The Quadrantids show up December 28-January 12. This does not stop NASA from pushing this this theory, however.

A Fireball ‘turned Night into Day’ in Spain
November 5, 2018
A ball of fire that shone brighter than the full Moon flew over the south of the country. The luminosity was so unusually high that nighttime in the southeast of Spain turned into day for an instant.
Bright Green Fireball Recorded over Hungary
November 29, 2018
The event lasted up to 4 seconds and was recorded by numerous web cameras located in Austria.
‘Refrigerator-Sized’ Meteor Zooms over Minnesota in one of the ‘Biggest Events of the Year’
December 21, 2018
The meteor, which was “refrigerator-sized,” according to the Star Tribune, was visible for more than 50 miles from where it passed. Minnesota residents reportedly called authorities after hearing what they later learned was the meteor’s sonic boom.

‘Fireball’ Meteor Streaks across Virginia Sky
January 9, 2019
A 'fireball' meteor lit up the Virginia sky shortly before sunrise. AMS said on their website that the fireball was seen from New York State to North Carolina.
Stunning Footage of a Meteor over Shetland
January 20, 2019
The meteor is called a fireball because it is brighter than the planet Venus which can be seen very clearly in the southern sky.

How bad will it get? Per the Zetas, we will not have an Extinction Level Event (ELE) because the Council of Worlds has granted an exception to the Rule of Non-Interference. The Zetas also point to how the Russians handled the Chelyabinsk bolide, shooting it down as it approached. Where an ELE will not occur, large bolides can thud to Earth as the passage approaches and particularly during the hour of the Pole Shift itself.

ZetaTalk Reassurance 4/15/2006:  We have stated before when questions of Near Earth Orbit asteroids came up that the Council of Worlds has granted an exception, a waver in interfering with anything that would devastate the earth, snuff out life on earth, or start any kind of a chain reaction that would preclude life from continuing on earth. This includes large asteroids.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/16/2013: Fireballs will increase in frequency as the time of the passage approaches. Attempting to deflect the massive amount of debris in the tail of Nibiru is fruitless, as this debris is more entranced with the gravity draw from objects within the tail than with any gravity draw the Earth may present. It is in a constantly changing dance, assaulted by many particle flows likewise on the move, so that even if mankind were to understand the dynamics, mankind’s fastest computers could not compute the outcome. The trajectory of large asteroids or tail debris is known before impact, as Chelyabinsk proved. The Chelyabinsk technique proved to be a success. Copy that.