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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 15, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What do the Zetas say about the Schwassmann Wachmann comet that broke up and was supposed to pass by May 12-25th? Will they pass, or collide with earth? Any fragments that might hit?

We have stated before when questions of Near Earth Orbit asteroids came up that the Council of Worlds has granted an exception, a waver in interfering with anything that would devastate the earth, snuff out life on earth, or start any kind of a chain reaction that would preclude life from continuing on earth. This includes large asteroids, and this would include anything that would impact life on earth to the extent that the handwringers are reporting. Should something just drop into the ocean and cause high tides this is not the case. Should something drop on Earth, and open up a super volcano that would be the case. So to those who worry, we are telling you no such impact will happen on Earth that would cause an extinction level event, as it's often called.

Secondarily we would like to emphasise that comets in the main are flashy and are seen because they contain a lot of water which melts and streams off as it rounds the sun, thus you have the tail of the comet. This is not the type of thing likely to rip open the crust of the Earth. Third, your Earth has more water than land surface so anything falling is likely to land in water rather than land. And fourth, it's likely to burn up in the atmosphere on its way down. You have today large chunks of rock, meteors that fall here and there and these meteors have been on the increase but they don't create an extinction level event. And fifth, we don't anticipate that there's going to be any kind of a close call for Earth with any piece of this comet.

Are there any government agents who post on Nancy's threads?

Certainly. We were asked this years ago and stated that about 50% of the people that hover around her on message boards are government agents. That's not altogether those who post against her. She has some who post in the affirmative, they play good cop bad cop, but there is a stronger percentage against her in those who try to denigrate her simply by the level of noise. They try to pretend that they are from different areas. They in fact have mechanisms where if you were to trace their TCP/IP, it would appear coming from different directions, even countries, but it's the same individual sitting in his office - which might very well be Langley.

The CIA does not like ZetaTalk and does not like Nancy. They fear being out of control, not being able to control what we say. They fear the tone where we say people should be empowered with information. They fear that much more of their doings and goings on are going to be reported without any pre-knowledge of when this might be happening. There are people assigned full-time to Nancy's website, to listening to her phone conversations, to checking her emails, to try to actually ascertain any trend or direction that might indicate that Zetatalk is going to come out with something that they are not prepared to counter.

That's how frightened they are of the ability of Zetatalk to read their minds and know what they're up to, but this is not our intent anymore than to have Nancy be the 911 spokesperson and get embroiled. Our intent is not to have her enter punching matches with the CIA's little gambits so they don't need to worry. We have a broader message and a broader agenda which is to get the message out to the general public about the pole shift and the Transformation. What this means for their life, what it means for their future and not to be living in ignorance and fear when the changes hit the Earth.

Why can I see Capricorn before dawn? If the Earth were halted, it would be impossible to see

The constellation view obviously changes during the seasons as the view from the darkened side of the Sun changes, but only to the extent that direct sunlight interferes. Major constellations seen in the dome are overhead in any case, during the night, regardless of location in the orbit. The constellations vis a vis each other in a stalled orbit will appear to be skewed too far to the East or West relative to each other, but the N/S position will be correct in the view. For instance, for a Spring view, at dead of night, a viewer looking dead South would see a particular constellation toward the right hand side, but one taking this view in the Fall out see this constellation toward the left hand side, but to what degree? The Earth would have moved but a hair around the Sun, in her tiny orbit, but the constellations are a vast distance away, so their relative relationship to each other remains the same, as viewed from Earth.

If the constellations chosen for discussion are on the horizon, only viewable without light pollution at dawn or dusk, they are to the extreme right or left in the view, and the view is switched from dawn to dusk or visa versa. To see this view in the Spring one looks to the East at dawn, but in the Fall one looks to the West just after dusk. This is in general not noticed or noted by any but the astute as star watchers in general like a fully darkened sky, going out close to midnight, and there the skewing is not as extreme and is excused as camera position, uneven ground, or whatever. The view just before dawn, or after dusk, is so light polluted as to be arguable. Light pollution starts a full hour before the first hint of dawn is seen, so it is only the hours surrounding midnight that this can be discounted. Thus, it is arguable what the poster is reporting. Can he take a photo of what he is seeing? Can his integrity be determined, his motives examined?

For best results in this argument, the nighttime sky should be recorded, the absolute Azimuth and Altitude recorded, and compared to planetarium programs. This is what Nancy and her many friends did in 2004 and into 2005, in the Orbits section on her website. The skewing of constellations in the night sky, to the East or West, was unmistakable. This is still the case, for those willing to do their own homework. Do not take the work of posters in this, as the enemies of truth are many, as anyone following the Bush party line from the White House can see. Do they lie? Do they employ disinformation? Does the messenger get attacked? Just ask Joe Wilson.