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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 8, 2012

Was curious, is this pic from the Mars rover real? It looks like a skull. Rocks don't erode in such a way, with holes where the eyes sockets are supposed to be. You can tell that there's holes because the shadow on the eye socket. I Google searched the image and didn't find any other version which makes me wonder if it's fake or just someone trying to promote their Facebook. Link to NASA's image

What did the Annunaki eat, after being chased off the Earth during their quarantine from mankind? The quarantine was imposed during the time period between visits by their home planet, Nibiru. Thus, they had prepared to eat crops and the flesh of animals or fish, none of which was on Mars. Mars, as we have explained, did not develop life forms beyond moss and bugs, hardly what the strapping Annunaki preferred as a diet. Temporarily, until their home planet could return and give them proper food stocks to live on for their long sojourn of 3,600 years, they took provender from Earth – grain, dried fruit, and herds of sheep and goats that could live on the moss that covered the surface of Mars in those days.

Is this another excuse for the Dark Twin or asteroid increases etc. or Moon Swirl or Nibiru as he mentions it will been seen during sunrise or sunset , can the Zetas comment as there is no mention of Trojan Asteroids on Zetatalk? and [and from another] A tiny space rock that's partially tethered to Earth by a gravitational leash is our planet's first known Trojan asteroid, astronomers say. Earth's newfound Trojan is about 1,000 feet (300 meters) wide and sits about 50 million miles (80 million kilometers) in front of Earth. It is in orbit around the sun in the same path that our orbital path is, and it is controlled partly by our gravity, but the sun's gravity controls it more.

We predicted early on in 2003 that asteroid swarms would be used as an excuse for the moons and debris in the tail of Planet X. The public has been regularly prepared for such an excuse by increasing chatter about asteroid swarms or asteroids making a close pass to Earth. Meanwhile fireballs have increased, screaming across several states or provinces. At first fireballs were blamed on space junk but when smoking meteors were discovered on the ground, NASA fell silent.

The larger worry for NASA has been the moons of Planet X, which are increasingly visible outlined against the Sun, and so many in the public have cameras capable of shielding the Sun’s glare so as to be able to see these moons clearly. Since the fact that the Earth is stalled in its orbit is denied by NASA, how to explain the static placement of these moons. Trojan asteroids, which drift along with the Earth as it orbits, were invented to explain the increasing appearance of the moons of Planet X between the Earth and the Sun.

My question is about the island Ibiza and the underwater city Es Vedra. When I dive there I am able to witness UFO activity close to the Magic Mountain. I have seen plenty of UFO activity and I have been told there are other inhabited underwater cities. That there is an inhabited underwater city at Ibiza I have no doubt of. I suspect the Mediterranean was created during a pole shift, it would be great if the Zetas could give insight here. Also sometimes a cloud parks itself over the mountain all day on a cloudless day. The locals supply the mountain with goats every week, I suspect this is for the city underwater. [and from another] The island has inspired countless legends through the centuries. Some say it’s the remnants of Atlantis. Others, that Odysseus stopped here. Some of the hippies that live on Ibiza and Formentera even claim that it is a frequent UFO landing site – a sort of interstellar airport!

Whether undersea or deep inside mountain caverns, UFO haunts always stir theories about what transpires. Why this spot, and what are the UFO’s doing there? Though able to hover up in the atmosphere and disappear into 4th density, we do not park in the atmosphere. Do you drive your car around incessantly? You park, and on occasion you perform maintenance on your machine. Even when parking in 4th density, the visitors prefer a spot where the transition from 3rd to 4th density is not under observation by mankind. Would you want the curious walking about your house constantly, peeking in every corner?

We have stated that the Mediterranean dropped during prior Pole Shifts, when Africa rolled and pulled apart in the Mediterranean, creating less crustal support for the edges of the continents there along the plate borders. For a time, the Mediterranean was a swamp, allowing migration from Africa to Europe for early man. The Black Sea was likewise fresh water only, but is a mixture now due to the sinking in the region. Evidence of sunken cities in the Mediterranean give rise to the hunt for Atlantis, which as we have explained is off the coast of Europe in the Atlantic.