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Issue 323, Sunday December 9, 2012
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Sinking Admissions

During the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate, and the steady tilting of the Indo-Australian Plate, the notable excuses have been rain, rain, rain and more rain or settling of the ground due to extraction of drinking water, heavy buildings in cities, mining operations, or and lately extraction of oil or gas from the ground. India and Bangladesh will be severely affected during the Pole Shift and this Scripted Drama is already apparent. Now there seems to be an admission that sinking has been taking place along the coastline of India, though still cloaked in the excuse of “oil and gas exploration” .

Land Subsidence Confirmed
November 18, 2012
Exploitation of natural gas has caused land subsidence in the Krishna and Godavari deltas. Upland areas like Vijayawada, Eluru, Nidadavolu and Pithapuram, among others suffered damage due to backwaters. East Godavari farmers recalled that in the past, before exploration of oil and gas, any amount of rainwater even due to cyclones would get cleared in 24 to 48 hours. Since this is not happening now it is confirmed that elevations of delta lands have reached near sea level, thereby the topographic gradient has come to near zero level and water is unable to flow in to the sea.

Sri Lanka, an island on the southern tip of India, likewise admit sinking, calling this “subsidence”, “earth sinking” or just admitting the sea water is rolling inland.

A Land Subsidence was Happen at Polgampala, KalutharaE
August 23, 2012
A sudden land subsidence has been occurred during the mid night on 10th July 2012 at Polgampala, Agalawatta in Kaluthara district.
Sea Waters have Reached the Inland
August 22, 2012
The Director General of the Department of Irrigation, Bhadra Kamaladasa said that sea water had reached about seven kilometres inland, through the Mahaweli river.
A Minor Tremor in the South-Attributed to a Possible Earth Sinking
April 20, 2011
No earthquake was marked in the earth tremor gauges set up in Mihintale, Pallekele, and Hakmana of which the last was quite close to the vicinity. One house was seriously damaged while six other houses were partially damaged in the incident, which the bureau attributed to a possible earth sinking.

Jakarta on the island Indonesian island of Java was predicted to be affected by the 80 foot loss of elevation predicted by the Zetas to occur during the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate to begin in early 2011. This has been steadily occurring though Jakarta points to extraction of drinking water and heavy buildings as the cause. Jakarta now seems more willing to admit that the tide rolls inland. A comparison of MODIS satellite images show the degree of flooding, where predicted by the Zetas, has occurred along the northern Java coastline and the region surrounding Jakarta.

Hundreds of Homes were Flooded in Kamal Muara
November 16, 2012
Floods as high as 70 centimeters rob hundreds of homes inundated Kamal Muara, North Jakarta. Yet people still opted to stay in their homes. 600 homes inundation due to high tide in the morning around 07.00 am until 12.00 pm and from Bogor plus flood flowing into Kali Kamal.
No Worries
November 16, 2012
Flood waters or not, it is business as usual at Pasar Ikan in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Increasing land subsidence constantly inundated several parts of the northern coast of Jakarta.

Sinking in Jakarta had been progressing steadily since the 7 of 10 plate movements at the start of 2011, as shown in the MODIS chart comparisons in Issue 283 on March 4, 2012. But at that time, rain, rain, and more rain was still being blamed.

Jakarta Annual Flooding in February 2011
February 28, 2011
In February 2010, the floods inundated more areas than the previous year’s floods despite a lower level of rainfall. In February 2011, the worst flood inundated Jakarta on February 15, 2011 that caused severe flooding in the neighborhood of Jl. The East Flood Canal project has been completed and reached the sea on December 31, 2009. This massive project was considered as the most feasible solution for preventing future floods in Jakarta, but it clearly cannot prevent the flooding entirely.

What would the pending announcement by Obama that Nibiru, aka Planet X, was a fact and was in the neighborhood do to these countries, which ZetaTalk predicts will be so severely affected by the coming Pole Shift? The populace of India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka will drown, and the countries on the Sunda Plate in harm’s way when the compressing Pacific pours water past the island nations on its way to the Indian Ocean. Is warning these countries that the truth will out be one of the reasons for Obama’s late November visit? Per the Zetas, this is precisely the reason.

Obama Arrives in Thailand
November 18, 2012
The president landed here to begin a four-day Asia trip on which he’s set to make history by becoming the first U.S. president to visit Burma. The trip to Thailand, Burma and Cambodia had the potential to be a post-election, international victory lap for Obama.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/24/2012: Why did Obama chose to go to Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia when his schedule is crowded with the Fiscal Cliff and he is planning to restart the announcement process? He feels he must personally warn them about his upcoming announcement. Cambodia is where the East Asia summit is to take place, so all the countries on the Sunda Plate will be available. But why Myanmar and Thailand? They form the coastline across from Bangladesh and India, which are sinking. Already there are tensions between Myanmar and Bangladesh with refugees forced into boats with nowhere to land. What will happen when a frantic populace from Bangladesh and India try to migrate in earnest? At the very least, Obama is planning to tell Asia to brace for the announcement and its likely impact on the plans of its peoples. 

Christmas Hammer

Will the Christmas Hammer strike this year? This title emerged after the 9.5 quake in Sumatra on December 26, 2004. Preceded by two magnitude 8+ quakes near Tasmania, near the S Pole, the Indo-Australian Plate lifted at the eastern end and allowed domino quakes to emerge around the world. The Indo-Australian Plate is considered the “brake” point, and when the brake is lifted, plate movements can proceed. This brake point was also the major factor in the start of the 7 of 10 plate movements toward the end of 2010. Pakistan sunk, permanently, in the Indus Valley at that time as the plate was tilted, and Australia’s rivers along its eastern coastline ran backwards, flooding inland. December has been a time or regular, exceptional quakes since Planet X arrived in the vicinity.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/23/2005: What would cause a plate as large as the Indo/Australian plate to pop, springing from its lock of jagged rock all along its edges, miles deep and snagged in an infinite number of places resisting any motion at all? What force would cause these rock fingers to rupture along a 600 mile length along Sumatra?

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/21/2007: Great quakes that affect the globe in its entirety must first occur at one of the brake points in the global mesh of plates. For the Earth, this is primarily the point where the Indo-Australian plate dives under the Himalayas. The Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, show how often this brake point has been hammered in the past.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/4/2010: Enter the Christmas Hammer, the end of the Magnetic Trimester on December 17, the time frame of the great 9.5 Sumatra quake on December 26, 2004. Do our predictions that the 7 of 10 scenarios will occur prior to the end of 2010 have something to do with December as a month of magnetic changes affecting the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth? Yes!

The Christmas Hammer has a relationship to the Magnetic Trimesters described by the Zetas because one of the trimesters ends on December 17.  Magnetic Trimesters are a major theme of crop circles and have recently been confirmed by NASA.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/30/2006: Since magnetism is viewed as polarized, a N Pole and a S Pole, with particles flowing from one to the other, the idea that there would be trimesters is confusing. We have explained that the Sun's magnetism reaches to the ends of the solar system and beyond, and dominates. Imagine the solar system itself aligned along a magnetic flow line of a larger field, which pulses. It is no accident that the Earth, a magnetic planet, is going round the Sun every 365 days or so, as the magnetic trimesters have something to do with this progression.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/26/2011: The Christmas Hammer is caused in great part by the December switch in Magnetic Trimester which occurs at approximately December 17 on the Earth calendar.

Moon Swirl Correlation

Nothing confirms what is captured on film by the public, around the world, than the type of correlation in Moon Swirl position recently on November 19-20, 2012. As shown in the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to Planet X photo and video captures, a grouping of three Moon Swirls offset by a fourth Moon Swirl appear in photos from Italy, Malaysia, and Reno, Nevada.

Italy: Cloud Cover and a Red Filter, Revealing PX Moonswirl Orbs 2012/11/19 12.05 [and from another]  Mayalysia: 20thNov12 12.40pm Kuala Lumpur Camera Phone [and from another] Reno: 11/19 with my iPhone 4S and a floppy disk filter.

The Moon Swirls around the Sun are becoming increasingly bright and quite visible without filters. An example is this video taken in Brittany on November 21, 2012. Many of the Planet X components can be best seen on cloudy days, when the clouds block the glare of the Sun. Note that the Moon is not anywhere in view, and is not full as is the orb in question. The Sun is huge, and this orb a fraction of the size. Nor are they in the same place in the skies. The Moon Swirl is in front of the Sun, brighter than the Sun, and on the move.    


Took this video today at about 12:30 in Brighton 21/11/12 this is not the Sun or the Moon. What is it?

There are Moon Swirls to the right, left, top and bottom of the Sun from our view, as these SOHO images show. When zoomed, there is the drifting tail! When slung to the side, there is the String of Pears persona. Undeniable.

Petraeus Affair

Why are so many US Generals suddenly running into trouble over affairs and lavish expenditures? The Washington Post notes that 5 generals have been prosecuted in these matters within a 2 week period. Could it be related to the upcoming announcement by Obama over the presence of Planet X in the near vicinity? Per the Zetas, the DIA and CIA had a vested interest in keeping the cover-up going, and the Obama administration is reducing their influence and punishing their past efforts to block his announcement.  

5 US Generals Reprimanded or Investigated in Past 2 Weeks
November 14, 2012
5 US generals reprimanded or investigated in past 2 weeks. CIA Director David Petraeus, the former four-star general and top commander in Afghanistan, resigned as spy chief after the FBI uncovered evidence that he was having an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.  Ward, former head of U.S. Africa Command, was demoted and ordered to repay more than $82,000 for inappropriate and lavish spending on travel.  Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair is facing multiple sexual misconduct charges, including forcible sodomy, involving five women, including female officers who served with him. Gen. John Allen, top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is under investigation for potentially inappropriate communications with Florida socialite Jill Kelley. Adm. James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, was cautioned by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to exercise better oversight of his staff after an investigation into travel and expense questions, including a trip to a wine dinner in France.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/24/2012: If the DIA and the CIA were the primary source of the 3% fighting to keep the cover-up in place, what might they be planning to unseat Obama? Petraeus and Allen were both among the top brass working to keep the cover-up, and trying to embarrass Obama. When Libya erupted, the embassy attack, it was at the hand of Israel who hoped to make Romney look strong, Obama a failure in the Middle East. But al Queda was an opportunist and mustered a stronger attack against the Libyan embassy, and this fact was kept from the White House by Petraeus, though his excuse is that he was keeping covert operations secret. How else were Rice and the initial briefing of the Congressional committee ignorant of the fact?

Petraeus hoped to make the Obama administration look inept, and the truth is only now coming out. Thus as soon as Obama had won the election, those within the administration who knew this approached him about replacing Petraeus, with the information they had in hand for some time – the affair. This is obviously not an accident, as these two generals are in powerful positions and the planned announcement ran amuck of the cover-up crowd, of which the DIA is a player. Petraeus was forced to resign, though Obama feigned reluctance. The FBI was instructed to involve Allen, as his flirtations were likewise known. Both these men have now been removed from power, and others within the military wanting to block Obama’s announcement have gotten the message.

The plan in midsummer was to put those who were aggressively carrying out the Reagan Executive Orders for secrecy on the approach of Planet X via assassination under house arrest until after the announcement. But how does one do this to the Director of the CIA or someone as powerful as General Allen, currently under consideration for promotion to a yet more powerful position?  House arrest was not possible, but removing them from power and diminishing their status within the military is possible.  Three other generals were added to the mix – Sinclair, Stavridis, and Ward – all prosecuted almost simultaneously though their offences were known for months or even years. The 3% are being warned.

Mars Admissions

The plethora of images from the new Mars rover Curiosity have included evidence of life, past and present, on Mars. A goat’s skull, a live mouse, and much evidence the Annunaki lived there in the past. Beyond evidence that the water on Mar’s surface disappeared underground, as the Zetas long ago described, to wash the Annunaki ore, the famous Face on Mars documented by Richard Hoagland shows they visited Mars in the past. But there is more, and more promised, but per the Zetas NASA will only creep forward toward the truth.

Mars Mystery: Has Curiosity Rover Made Big Discovery?
November 20, 2012
The discovery was made by Curiosity's Sample Analysis at Mars instrument. SAM is the rover's onboard chemistry lab, and it's capable of identifying organic compounds — the carbon-containing building blocks of life as we know it. In addition to analyzing soil samples, SAM also takes the measure of Red Planet air. Many scientists are keen to see if Curiosity detects any methane, which is produced by many lifeforms here on Earth. The news will come out at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, which takes place Dec. 3-7 in San Francisco.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/27/2012: For decades Hoagland has tried to get NASA to film the Face on Mars with more detail, while NASA has studiously avoided that part of Mars on their flyover missions. When evidence of dust covered city streets, roads, and irrigation ditches show up, NASA falls silent. The cover-up over the presence of Planet X is collapsing. The cover-up over the presence of alien life, intelligent life other than mankind, has proved burdensome. Why not just say it? They would prefer to avoid the sharp slap of anger and disgust from the public, would prefer to ease into so as to dilute the public’s anger.  They will say that Mars sustained life in the past, hinting that such life bearing planets may exist elsewhere in the Universe.