ZetaTalk: Warnings

Written December 4, 2010

On If many heads of government are taking the 7 of 10 warning seriously (due to signs, monitoring and ZT) is there any consideration given to coming out with some type of warning? I understand that we are not at the point where PX can be acknowledged but can the excuse of geological instability or something like that be given as a reason for a warning? Are governments still worried about a "White Lie" scenario? The Zetas have mentioned in the past specifically that there are alignment issues and crust related stress around the Christmas day or Boxing day timeframe. Has most of the previous ill intentioned parts of the Bush Administration legacy in areas like the Military, CIA and FEMA been routed at this point? Is the leadership of these government heads well in hand now?

We are asked almost weekly how the governments of the world plan to respond to the 7 of 10 scenarios, and have responded to this in the past. They will not warn their populace nor is Obama at liberty to do so for many reasons. This is, at the current time, considered just another prediction from just another source, despite our accuracy on hundreds of predictions that have come about. Our predictions tend not to be dated, except for the 2003 prediction on the passage, which they consider a fizzle despite the obvious arrival of Planet X precisely as we predicted - where and when expected. Where our predictions on the 7 of 10 scenarios starting by the end of 2010 have made some nervous, the specter of the public becoming solidly aware of the ZetaTalk message and aware of the presence of Planet X nearby scares them more.

Indeed, there is vulnerability during the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth during December. That the wobble becomes worse during this time has been pointed out in the past. Since March of 2010, when an 8.8 quake struck Chili, we and the public have associated the obvious plate movements that have occurred since then to the 7 of 10 predictions. The plate holding India has been sinking on the western side, in Pakistan, as predicted - a fact which can no longer be denied as enough time has passed since the July floods for the rainwater to drain. Jakarta is sinking and Thailand is folding while the number of volcanoes in the region, particularly along the Sumatra/Java edge of the tongue holding Indonesia, are exploding to a degree beyond what has occurred in the past.

Meanwhile, in the S America region, matters are even more obvious. That the Caribbean is under pressure has also been noted since the Haiti quake on January 12, 2010 and the lifting of the northern border of the Caribbean Plate since March of 2010. The Andes Fault is showing mountain building while the sea off shore from Colombia is sinking. This is all of record and occurring, date wise, simultaneously. Oil and gas rigs have been exploding with unexplained and unexpected accidents in the Caribbean all year along the Caribbean Plate border, as occurred in Bonaire on September 2, 2010 and in Trinidad and Tobago on May 13, 2010. Even Africa showed her eagerness to roll by late November of 2010.

At the current time, 2010 has been a year when all the plates along the Equator have been loosened up by the continuous daily jerking about that the Earth wobble incited by the near presence of Planet X. The plates are greased, so that at the present time one can find quakes on all sides of the various plates involved, occurring almost simultaneously. They are twitching, almost unimpeded in their motion, and just waiting for a push to set them into the plate movements we have described. Enter the Christmas Hammer, the end of the Magnetic Trimester on December 17, the time frame of the great 9.5 Sumatra quake on December 26, 2004. Do our predictions that the 7 of 10 scenarios will occur prior to the end of 2010 have something to do with December as a month of magnetic changes affecting the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth? Yes!

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