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Issue 256, Sunday August 28, 2011
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Gaddafi Falls

During the revolution in Egypt, the Zetas predicted social unrest, the Arab Spring, to spread throughout the Arab world and to similar despotic regimes throughout Asia and Africa.

ZetaTalk Insights 2/5/2011: What is happening in Egypt, sparked by a single young man immolating himself in Tunisia, will spread. Throughout the Arab world, the model is one where a despot rules with an iron fist. They will topple one by one, and similar regimes in Asia and Africa should consider themselves next on the list. The times are changing! The Earth is in a transformation, and not all of this is merely geological!

Has this happened? A Pole Shift ning blog was established to track such revolutions, and lists recent protests in Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, India and Malaysia in Asia, and Swaziland in Africa. With the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime in Libya, the Arab Spring is marching strong across the Arab nations of north Africa.

Most of Tripoli Under Rebel Control, Celebrations in Green Square
August 21, 2011
Rebels say up to 85 per cent of Tripoli is under their control, except for Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah compound. They also claim to have taken control of the state TV building. Some estimates put the death toll from this weekend alone at more than 1,300 people, with around 5,000 injured. Two of Gaddafi's sons have reportedly been captured by the rebels. According to the Libyan leader's spokesman, Gaddafi is prepared to negotiate directly with the head of the rebel transitional council, but says the rebels are not ready to listen.
'Protesters Attacked in Saudi Arabia'
August 18, 2011
Saudi Arabia, a key US ally in the Middle East, is an absolute monarchy that does not tolerate any form of dissent. Protest rallies and any public displays of dissent are considered illegal. The government has become increasingly nervous about the protests that have taken the Arab world by storm, toppling the Egyptian and Tunisian leaders, and which reached Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.
India Faces Risk of its Own Arab Spring Over Anti-Graft Protests
August 17, 2011
An anti-corruption movement led by the feisty 74-year-old social activist Anna Hazare is snowballing into one of the biggest challenges in decades for the ruling Congress party and if not contained risks sparking India's own version of an Arab Spring revolt.
Wave of Nationwide Social Protests Hits Israel
August 14, 2011
The "social justice" movement in Israel started in mid-July with a tent-city in Tel-Aviv, where people complained about the all too high housing costs. After four consecutive weekends of protests, the public's rage has extended to other economic issues, including the cost of food, petrol and education. The previous weekend Israel saw the largest ever protest in its history when more than 300,000 people turned out to demand urgent reforms
Swazi Democracy Talks Stumble
July 30, 2011
Talks on democratic reforms in Africa's last absolute monarchy stumbled Saturday as the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions, the country's largest labour group, walked out of a civil society meeting. The king - whose fortune is estimated at $100 million - is famous for his jet-set lifestyle and lavish spending on his 13 wives, each of whom has her own palace.
Malaysia King Urged to Adopt Reforms
July 16, 2011
The opposition insists that the ruling National Front coalition led by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has long relied on fraud to manipulate election results and maintain its nearly 54-year uninterrupted grip on power.

Moon's Face Torque

After Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, the Moon developed an extreme tilt in his orbit. The Zetas used the analogy of a hat placed on a head. The Moon orbits the Earth once every 28 days. It seems to those on Earth that it is moving along nightly, but this is due to the rotation of the Earth. We move under the Moon. The Moon travels in a nearly circular orbit, around the Earth's middle with only a 5° offset from the Ecliptic. This places the Moon very close to where the Sun is seen during the day, when visible during the day. But this had changed by early 2004, to be seen, as the Zetas explain, like a hat tilted on a head.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/11/2005: The Moon, as a bead on the edge of the hat rim traveling around the hat, is seen in the extreme North during one part of the month, and at the extreme South two weeks later. Why? A turmoil, mostly present at the Ecliptic, which the Moon normally rides. The easy out for the Moon is to avoid the crowded lane, which it does by being too high, and then too low, for the majority of its orbit.

This tilted orbit does more than put the Moon in the wrong place in the skies, too far north or south, depending on the time of the month. It rotates the face on the Moon, which is the aspect that most people notice. The Moon will appear to be upside down if viewed from the S. Pole vs the N. Pole, and every change in latitude skews this view. But the view for any given latitude should vary only by 7° 7 minutes over a 24 hour period, a movement called Lunar Libration, equivalent to the hour hand of a clock moving a mere 1/2 hour. In 2004 the face was observed moving up to 90° in a 24 hour period. In a mere 3 hours on February 27, 2005, it moved almost 30°.

Have things gotten worse or gotten better? A recent discussion on a Pole Shift ning blog shows that the 90° movement in the face of the Moon is still being observed, this time on August 15, 2011 within a 12 hour period. Because the Earth wobble has gotten more extreme, however, the Moon may appear in a more extreme position in the skies. No, its not your imagination. Others are observing it too!

I noticed that the moon appeared to have rotated about 15-20 degrees (clockwise) three nights ago; but chalked it up to a rabid imagination. [and from another] I've seen a 70 degree rotation within hours. Also, the angle of illumination is also often wrong. [and from another] The moon last night rose about 15-20 degrees further north than the previous night - when viewed from my southern hemisphere (my latitude is approximately 41 degrees 52' south). I understand there is an offset angle from the ecliptic which makes it rise in slightly different locations during the course of the month but this was a massive apparent shift in a 24 hour period. It also followed an abnormal path across the sky. [and from another] Two nights ago it rose in the E, then last night in the NE until it lands somewhere in the S or SE. [and from another] I also noticed the tilt of the moon to 90 degrees last Saturday night Aug 13th. I saw it rise and then when I observed it again a few hours later it was tilted 90 degrees. [and from another] Maximum libration (the normal rotation of the moon is about 7.6 degrees - ever). The moon on Aug. 13/14 showed a libration of about 60 degrees.

Windsor Rumble

Recently the Zetas were asked about a UFO display in Roseville, MI. The Zetas predicted that this land link between Lake Huron and Lake Erie will likely split open during the New Madrid adjustment, and predicted "terrifying rumbling noises" as part of the process.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/16/2011: Roseville lies on a line between the two Great Lakes, where St. Clair lake lies. This will split open as the Seaway splits open, at some point, but likely during the New Madrid adjustment. Tearing open creates crevasses, dropping bridges, heaving roadways, collapsing homes and buildings, exploding gas and water mains, and often lots of terrifying rumbling noises. Tearing open can occur suddenly and all at once or in stages over time, the more likely scenario. As always, those under a UFO display are receiving a telepathic message, while entranced with the display, focused on this and in wonderment. There are few competing distractions during such times, so the message gets center stage in the subconscious.

So what's just hit the press, just a month later, in nearby Windsor, Ontario? Both Roseville and Windsor are close to Detroit, Windsor virtually just across the river and Roseville just up the river on the Michigan side of the river. Per a blog on the Pole Shift ning Windsor is having regular rumbling between 1-3 am. Per the Zetas, this shows that the stress on the Seaway is related to the daily Earth wobble.

Ontario City Mystified by Whole Lotta Shakin' Underground
August 12, 2011
For months, residents of south and west Windsor have been wondering and worrying about vibrations of unknown origin. The city councilor said that at one point, he put a half-full water bottle on the ground and could see the vibrations causing ripples on the water's surface. At another point, he could hear the aluminum siding of a house rattle due to the vibrations. So far he's received about two dozen calls and a half-dozen emails from different people in his ward with complaints about the rumble. When he followed up on some of the recent reports, two homeowners agreed to let him on their properties and investigate. The time period between 1 am and 3 am was chosen because that's when the vibrations are reportedly the most distinct.
The 'Hum' is Real
August 10, 2011
MoE has ruled out all the usual suspects, like explosions at the salt mines, Zug Island, lake freighters and planes arriving and departing from Detroit's Metro Airport. We're not surprised by that assessment, since the rumblings are recent.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/20/2011: The Seaway is ripping open but until the real drama ensues during the hour of the pole shift, there will be much stress on the rock, pulling apart. A hum has been reported in July, 2011 in Roseville, near Lake St. Clair, which is in the same vicinity as Windsor. Hums have been reported on the border between Wisconsin and the Michigan peninsula, where a large and growing crack appeared in October, 2010. The hum has been around in many places around the globe for years, but hums are on the increase due to the Earth wobble increasing in violence and the plate movements which has begun during the 7 of 10 scenarios. That the Windsor hum occurs at a specific time of the night, between 1-3 am, is a clue that this hum is a result of stress caused by the daily wobble!

Paul as Skinny Bob

There is a battle for public perception ongoing in the movie business. One side - the view that aliens are evil and are here to either colonize us or eat us, mass invasion, presents the view from the standpoint of the recent movie Skyline and the TV series Falling Skies. This view is nothing new, the dominant theme in past movies such as Independence Day and War of the Worlds, but the recent overtures show that the determination of the government and religious groups trying to dissuade mankind from talking to aliens has not slacked off. In Skyline, the invasion is to snatch the brains and spinal cords from humans, eating them on the spot, and in Falling Skies young humans are enslaved with a harness embedded onto their spines. What's next, alien pedophiles?

Per the Zetas, there is a core group among the elite who fear the alien presence, for many reasons. MJ12 initially met aliens from the Service-to-Self, who indeed would love to colonize Earth, though they are prevented from doing this by the Council of Worlds. Then there is the religious elite, who have for eons been telling the public that man is the only intelligent creature in the Universe. Lies put egg on faces when the lies are revealed, so falsehoods tend to get perpetrated. Knowledge is power, and if the public, who are increasingly embracing the alien presence and making contact, get chummy with the aliens, then those in political power, and their militaries, fear they will not be held in respect. It is well known that fighter jets chasing UFOs get nowhere. So much for the power of man. Thus, for this crowd, aliens are presented as evil, and the faster the Awakening proceeds, the more horrifying the alien presence is depicted in the movies. There is indeed a war going on - for the perception over the alien presence.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/2/2002: During the period between Roswell and the present, the alien presence has been variously presented to mankind as evil to good. During the early years, the predominant presentation was evil, intending to enslave mankind and dominate the globe, perhaps eating man as a snack. This view has migrated to the comic, as in the movie Men in Black, where a giant bug is fought off by good aliens and mankind as a team. This trend, of reporting the alien presence as evil, is based in large part by the perception of MJ12 that the aliens they were first dealing with were of this mindset.

But per the Zetas, most of MJ12 gradually came to realize that the vast majority of aliens are Service-to-Other, and that rules are in place to restrain the 5% of so of aliens who are Service-to-Self. In fact, the only Service-to-Self entities who can do damage to mankind or the Earth are the human variety! An example is a recent CNN interview, Paul Krugman's view. His idea? Lets fake an alien invasion to stimulate the economy!

Paul Krugman: Fake Alien Invasion Would End Economic Slump
August 15, 2011
Paul Krugman is so frustrated by the lack of support for another round of stimulus spending that he's now calling for a fake alien invasion of the United States to spur a World War II-style defense buildup.

So how is this nonsense countered? Of course, in the past, movies such as ET and Close Encounters presented the truth, and recently there was a May, 2011 release of a real live alien on film from MJ12 days - Skinny Bob.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/7/2011: Would former MJ12 members release a video of an alien apparently in their custody? The presumption is that this is the surviving member from the Roswell crash. A grainy video, showing age, and a Zeta head not unlike the face on the ZetaTalk page, with a tiny almost vertical nose, a mere slit of a mouth, high cheekbones and thin neck.

So he's cute, adorable in fact, but how is he in interpersonal relationships? It seems it is no coincidence that the movie Paul debuted round about the same time, on March 18, 2011. I recently watched Paul on TV and was stunned at the similarity - the large head lobbing out mostly in the back and an expressive forehead, for instance. Paul shares freely and cares and swears, has no secrets and smokes pot, heals his friends but can't drive a car or a space ship without crashing, and is unabashed about loving chocolate candy. Who's not to love?

And oh yes, the bad guys are evil MJ12 humans trying to dissect him. The movie is a spoof, including many flashes from other alien movies - the theme music from the Star Wars bar scene, Devil's Tower in Wyoming as in Close Encounters, Men in Black in sunglasses, dissecting living aliens as in Star Man, and ET trying to get home.

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