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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 9, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

If it's true that as the Zetas told us we were "between a 2 and a 3" entering the year, and by the end of this year we will be at a "6", and we are currently at a "4-plus" now, why are things quieter now than they were when we were at a "2"? The zetas were asked if the tornadoes that were so prevalent several months ago would settle down or get worse, and the zetas said no, they would only get worse. Yet over the past couple of months, the incidents of tornadoes really have gone down; are we not being told something here? Is there a "2 steps forward, 1 step back" principle at work that we haven't been told about yet? Can the zetas comment on these discrepancies?

We are in August here, and only at the start of the month too. Did we say that the increase would be linear?

In Tulare California, they recently had a worm/catapillar invasion. Any comment on this?

Drought, deluge and the pre-earthquake stress of rock were the reasons for many of the plagues of Egypt ahead of the last pole shift. Insects as well as animals flee when they sense electromagnetic emanations from the rock. This makes them uncomfortable. Man has become too civilized to listen to his senses, so ignores the warnings and gets headaches instead.

It seems as those that have awareness of the passage of Planet X and resultant earth changes prepare and wait for what is to come, the bigger benefit seems to be knowledge of what is upon as we work through the years as we mentally and emotionally prepare. The shock of this world as we know it ending will be tremendous and apart from physical preparations in rural areas, the mental preparations seem to be just as important. Can the zetas comment? How do people that are STO like Pelosi deal with the knowledge of what is to come and the necessity of remaining quiet?

Pelosi sorts through what would happen if she were to try to openly warn people versus the approach she is taking today. Since proof of the presence of Planet X is being withheld from the public, she would be ridiculed, as Nancy Lieder is currently ridiculed by those at NASA, etc. Her sanity would be questioned, and there would be motions to have her removed as Speaker of the House. It is certainly the case that mental preparations are as important or more important than the physical. The physical situation can change, but with the right attitude, adjustments can be made.

The zetas have suggested moving to rural settings if individuals want to survive or assist loved ones to survive. This is logical as cities largely cannot support life in a stand alone mode. Is there any consideration of organizing cooperatives or communal settings by people like Gore, Pelosie, other STO individuals that are likely to be in power or is this unworkable?

And who would be included or more importantly excluded from these cooperatives? It is a sociological nightmare. These communities will form without the assistance of those in government or leadership positions. Those humans who are preparing are doing so because they have given the Call and been informed by their alien visitors of what is before them. In almost all cases, they are operating with subconscious knowledge. They are guided, if they need help, to the right locations and where to meet others of like mind. They begin cooperative interactions, and are a community before the last weeks arrive. This works better than any effort by the government, as announced survival communities will be inundated by the selfish and lazy, looking for a handout and to be taken care by others. Or then will be inundated by those looking for victims to take advantage of.

I've heard discussion regarding a 'null point' during the shift. Is this something that is/will happen and can you expand on the subject?

We presume you mean a "pivot point", which is assumed by some to be present during a pole shift. The theory is that there are two spots on Earth, exactly opposite each other, that will not move at all when the Earth turns 90°. In theory this is true, and one could stick a couple of pins into a globe in the middle of the Pacific and the Congo and simulate the crustal movement we have predicted and find that these are a couple points that do not need to move. What is wrong with this theory is that the crustal movement is not without hurricane force winds worldwide. All parts of the globe experience this, and all parts of the globe experience magnitude 9 earthquakes. How would they not, when the plates are slamming into one another, like dominoes?

What are the chances that the Russian-Georgian conflift could escalate out of control? In the past the Zetas said these issues between States would be mostly talk.

This conflict is already essentially over. Georgia did not anticipate that Russia would defend their breakaway state, that portion of Georgia close to Russia that declared independence from Georgia. They were betting that Russia would make noise but not enter into a fray. What now? The breakaway state will remain separate from Georgia, as before.

Do Obama and Bush 3 clone have some kind of a deal that would cause the Obama campaign to put out a statement that says (if elected) he (Obama) "will prosecute only the most egregious of crimes", instead of a more principled statement that says "we won't go on a witch-hunt but will prosecute any crime found"?

No. The criminals within the Bush administration have buried evidence, murdered witnesses and believe they can evade prosecution in the future. They are smug because Congress has not as yet produced a smoking gun. Even the treasonous lie that got the US into war, the WMD lie, is not enough. The claim is that there were statements in this direction and that direction, and they chose to listen to this expert rather than that expert. It becomes muddy. What may happen is that the facts could be laid out for the American public to examine, in a way not formerly done. Thus, the criminals will be tried in the eyes of the public, and their life will not be pleasant afterwards.

Roswell Rock Matches August 2, 1996, U. K. Crop Pattern "Nine times out of ten when I put a magnet over the top of the pattern side of the rock, the rock wants to spin counter-clockwise." - Robert L. Ridge, Roswell, NM Whats the truth , could the Zetas help understand this?

There has been more than one instance of an ancient coin, carved rock or piece of pottery matching the current crop circle formations. The Roswell rock is one such instance. This gives added weight to those hearing the news about crop circles today. This also helps those hearing a mixed message, about humans hoaxing crop circles, to sort out the truth. If this is the case, why were these ancient affirmations created? Who made these ancient previews? Humans, who had given the Call and felt impelled to produce them, but in some cases, as with the Roswell rock, by alien hands alone.

Is the ISI now completely in control of the Taliban/Al Qaeda? And do you believe that Musharraf will indeed be impeached?

Pakistan, and Musharraf, are in a dilemma. The Taliban has always been strong in their country, and has infiltrated the ISI. Look to the US, where the CIA has many sides and has interfered with democratically elected governments around the world for decades. Are there purges within the CIA as a result of this? The innocent would get eliminated while the guilty continue, acting smug. Musharraf knows he could meet with an accident, and thus reasons that little good would come from a strong stance on his part. He hopes for change in the future, and meanwhile steps through the political mine field carefully.

A lot on the Montauk Monster in the news. Is it a devil dog, i.e. chupacabra?,2933,398322,00.html

The key is in the skeleton. This is a raccoon, where the upper front teeth have fallen out as the body has been rotting in the water for some time. Thus the bone structure looks like a beak at the upper jaw. This has such a simple solution. Check the skeleton of a raccoon against these photos!

Last week in response to a question on the German Horb crop circle the Zetas clearly implies that the tip over into the three days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise west occurs before the Planet X crosses the ecliptic. Is that the case?

Yes. The pole shift happens when Planet X is free to leave the solar system, having at last crossed over the ecliptic. Planet X has up until this point been fighting the backwash of particles returning to the Sun at the ecliptic. Once into the realm of the magnetic field on the northern side of the ecliptic, Planet X rapidly aligns with these magnetic field lines with another 270°, this one rapid, and zooms out of the solar system. It is the second 270° roll that in fact causes the pole shift. We have not detailed this, other than to mention a dual 270° roll, as by this time mankind could care less and is in a state of shock and panic. What they know is that the crustal shift happens within the span of an hour, and life afterwards is drastically different. Beyond that, mankind does not care.

Can you tell us why the human was designed to have multiple brains whereas the majority of other races have one brain?

Man has undergone multiple genetic engineering projects to reach his current state. The ape does not have both a conscious and a subconscious, for instance. Suffice it to say that the same engineers were not in charge each time. Just as multiple cooks can spoil the broth, multiple engineers can spoil a genetic engineering project. In the future with the Zeta/human hybrids, this problem will be resolved. The hybrids do not have a conscious and subconscious that is capable of operating separately as man does. For those who might feel resentful of the confusion that a split brain can cause, for instance in the amnesiac state, let us inform you that on some worlds the intelligent life form has more than one head, each with a separate brain! Mankind could be worse off!

Can you tell us what China thinks of Russia's invasion of Georgia in the middle of their 40 billion dollar Olympics? They can't be happy that the Olympics are being overshadowed by various other more important news, can they?

The Chinese are ecstatic that the weather is cooperating, the skies are clear and smog free, and that their dramatic opening ceremony went without a hitch. For any who are giving a thought to the world outside of Beijing, the thought is that the Gods must be angry at Georgia and not with China! Don't argue with success, in other words.

Can you tell us any characteristic to identify which type of star seed one is? I know there's no way my soul is a native to this planet. I'm not like everyone else. This world is so cruel in my eyes, this is definitely not a world to raise a child on. And I have felt a mission to warn as many people possible of the incoming planet via youtube. I know I'm a star seed but which race is the question.

If you are indeed a Star Child, you know your prior incarnations and what life form you were in former incarnations. Your soul has this knowledge. Make inquiries by going within!

This 8/08/08 cropcircle? And this crazy crop circle?

The "8" crop circle shows a conflict, with planetary magnetic fields brushing each other but in conflict with each other. We have described the approach of Planet X as a situation where the N Pole of Planet X is pointing almost directly at the Earth just ahead of the tilt into 3 days of darkness on Earth. One planet gives in, and this is of course the smaller planet, Earth, which looks inward rather than reaching outwards as Planet X is able to do. The Avebury crop circle, interpreted to show the solar system in 2012 except for the orbit and location of Pluto, was addressed by us weeks ago. This crop circle also had a larger depiction of a solar system with constellations on the outside, which is a clue to what will be in the skies at that time. You may need to research ancient depictions of constellations to understand this circle’s meaning.

I live in the Bronx and my question is about the black culture. It seems like so many of them hate cops, and commit many crimes. I don't think it's genetics at all, just cultural influences, glorifying crime in rap music, street credibility, etc might really influence the immature. But still there are just too many vicious crimes committed by many blacks. My question is are there a lot of STS souls reincarnating into African Americans, polorizing, preparing themselves for the soul's future in STS 4th density?

The most serious Service-to-Self crimes are those that are done by powerful individuals smiling and claiming they care about others. These people can start wars, maiming thousands. They can pollute the world in ways that last for centuries and affect millions. They can enslave people in debt all the while claiming to help them enjoy life. Those who are oppressed often react with rage, regardless of race or culture, and this is not in and of itself a sign of being Service-to-Self.

Reference to an earlier talk: ../density/d14.htm This says that even the sky will change as what we would see would be a sky in the 4th density. My question has that happened before on earth's past with previous passages of Planet X. My guess is that although Planet X comes every 3657 years or so, the shift to the 4th density is happening first time and it should be milleniums till we would pass to next higher density. Is that correct? Also, do we ever move back to a lower density, I mean as a civilization? If yes, how often? A planet once moved to a higher density would never move to a lower desnity? Does earth also continue to exist in 3rd density at the same time just that we would be unable to see it or the ones in 3rd density unable to see us?

Read further in the Density section for your answers. Basically, the Earth will move to 4th density in approximately 100 years after the pole shift. This will be transparent to any life on Earth, any humans still in human form, except that they will be more aware of their spiritual side and less aware of the physical. There is no moving back. As we detail in the Density section, part of the Sun and part of the Earth will remain behind in 3rd Density. We are not taking mosquitos and tapeworms with us, for instance. For the Annunaki, who are not making the leap to 4th density with mankind and the Earth, it will seem as though the Sun has died and life on Earth with it, the next time Planet X loops through the solar system.

Will the Perseid meteor shower happen as predicted this week (peaking on Tuesday morning 8/12 before dawn in the western US)? I am concerned that it won't given that the Zetas say that the Earth is halted in its orbit, thereby not being in the proper place to cross the path of the particles that cause the meteor shower.

For us, creating a meteor shower is as simple as picking your up a handful of dust and tossing it. If mankind needs the illusion that his universe is normal, then events like this are simulated.

You said that you cannot go back to your home planet since you won't be able to readjust. In the first place when you came to Earth, you had to readjust so why the re-readjustment back to your old planet not possible since you are also so advanced that you can do without food, sunlight etc?

The primary adjustment is to gravity. Our worlds are larger and have a stronger gravity pull. One can adapt to a lesser gravity pull, as mankind did on the Moon, but once the bones and organs have adjusted to this lesser gravity, it is not possible to go back at a moment’s notice. It takes time to adjust, if possible at all. Man has the same problem when out in space because if out there too long, in weightlessness, astronauts could not return to Earth without death ensuing.

Based upon the Zetas' scripted drama, I anticipate the winds coming from the north as the crust moves under the air mass toward the north. Is this assessment accurate and if so, when the land masses have stopped, will the winds then swirl from the south, having been dragged by the crust? If this is accurate, do the Zetas recommend constructing shelter openings toward the current west and east?

You are correct that for those on the N American continent the winds during the hour of the shift will come from the northwest, as this is the direction that the globe is turning. Each part of the globe, each continent, has a different analysis. The winds during the pole shift are not like the winds during a hurricane, which swirl from the time the hurricane forms over water until it dissipates over land. Pole shift winds are straight line, but once the pole shift is past, there will of course be places of high pressure or low pressure that will equalize. Once shifted, the globe starts rotating again, and the prevailing westerlies resume. Of course, west is now what was formerly north, for the northern hemisphere.

Is this more consolidation of power or governments working together in preparation for the pole shift? "Secret EU security draft risks uproar with call to pool policing and give US personal data."

In fact, the opposite is occurring, with each nation looking inward. There have always been strong alliances between the US and many countries in Europe, so sharing data is not a surprise.

Are these ancient scripts legitimate and do they speak of the passage? "The ancient scripts that predate - and might rewrite - the Bible"

It is no secret that many of the myths surrounding Jesus are simply stories or predictions that have been around for many years. The public anticipates a person to step into the prediction and when someone who seems a likely character arrives, he is assumed to be fulfilling the prophecies. We have stated that the story of Jesus arising after 3 days, rising from the dead, is simply the practice of a proper burial within this time frame for these cultures. What about this mysterious explosions that rocked Kincardine July 31st? Was this an earthquake since this is close the the St. Lawrence seaway.

Snapping rock is noisy. Rock under stress can create a hum, described as a motor running somewhere underground or nearby. But when the rock snaps it is not just a vibration. The seaway is tearing open! Many in Ontario and nearby New York state report a hum or vibration. Codex Alimentarius" (meaning food code) -- a set of regulations that aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale. Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Some US companies are trying to patent seeds so farmers must buy only from these companies and cannot save their own seed year after year. In like manner, some pharmaceutical companies are trying to patent vitamins and herbal medicines. Vitamins are everywhere in nature, if one simply learns their sources. This is likewise true of herbal medicines, which are hardly going to be stamped out just because some laws are likely to be passed.

The Zetas have said that cancer is a bullet in the CIA assassination bag and that the Bush crowd is trying to clean up potential incriminating information sources. Are we watching an assassination with Novak's cancer?

Yes. You will recall that he was the first to speak for Rove and Bush in the Valerie Plame matter, exposing this CIA agent so she could no longer work on Middle East investigations. This was going beyond punishing her husband, the ambassador. It was also a means of stopping her work, which threatened the WMD lie the White House was promulgating. Novak knows too much, and those seeing the Bush administration coming to an end are eliminating those who were formerly considered allies. They do not want any testimony from the living when the White House changes hands. Dead men tell no tales.

Do the Zetas have any updated information regarding the impeachment of George W. Bush and/or Dick Cheney?

We have made this statement before and will repeat it. Impeachment won't happen for all the reasons we stated before.

Conserving food is a partial solution to spiraling food costs but not an explanation. Why would a government focus on a wealthy nation's waste of food as a partial explanation and solution for increasing food costs when it has scarcely been an issue since WWII? Though proper and prudent, it seems to me that is a governmental response to a crisis beyond their control. After all, why would the United States and Great Britain allow food staples to be used as bio fuel if it is allegedly creating a shortage in the food supply? That is something that can be controlled. Are they consciously choosing civil unrest over feeding their citizens?

You are assuming perfect government coordination and control of all matters. The various agendas are vectors that point in different directions and have a life of their own. Even a single individual often has problems coordinating his life into a perfect flow. His social life conflicts with his work life and both conflict with his wishes to blend in at church! The cost of oil and press for alternative fuels is one vector, and developed steam before the current worldwide crop shortages were a factor. Thus, biofuel laws and plans are in place. Governments of the world were not necessarily reading ZetaTalk and anticipating crop shortages, and have been taken by surprise by the current worldwide food shortages caused by crop failures. These governments are not being honest with their populace on how depleted each country's food stores are at present. Thus, a sudden promoting to eat less and waste less is a short term solution when no other solutions are available.

Recently, a well known prize winning author Ron Suskind released a book documenting how the White House has authorized the CIA to create false forgery signed documents that Iraq has WMD and etc. What I was shocked about was he did not mention that it was the Bush Administration who were planning to plant fake WMD on Iraq to make their case. Did he omit this out to prevent outrage from the public and a mass protest or perhaps from being ridiculed? Or is he limited in his understanding only to his sources which happened to be former CIA officials? I hope certain CIA/White House officials get subpoenaed in having to testify.

There is already conflicting testimony on this matter, and it will be blurred so that prosecution never occurs. As we stated, there are many assassinations occurring at the present time, and the individuals involved in Suskind's assertions are aware of this. The big picture is available on the Internet for those wanting to see it, but this is unlikely to get the kind of attention that treason should, for all the reasons we have earlier detailed. The likely Obama presidency will have its hands full with a world spiraling out of control and in desperate circumstances. Prosecuting for Bush/Cheney crimes will not be a priority unless the matter is obviously ripe for conviction.