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ZetaTalk: Good or Evil
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002

During the period between Roswell and the present, the alien presence has been variously presented to mankind as evil to good. During the early years, the predominant presentation was evil, intending to enslave mankind and dominate the globe, perhaps eating man as a snack. This view has migrated to the comic, as in the movie Men in Black, where a giant bug is fought off by good aliens and mankind as a team. This trend, of reporting the alien presence as evil, is based in large part by the perception of MJ12 that the aliens they were first dealing with were of this mindset. This perception was correct, as they were first contacted by the ilk of the Omnipotent Krlll. The extent of this group, during the time they had influence over MJ12, ran into many atrocities that the general public is scarcely aware of. However, Nancy, in her engagement with MJ12, encountered these atrocities, and fought to alert MJ12 that they could Just Say No, as we have stated. What were these atrocities? We will list a few.

It has been reported that street people were picked up and delivered for experiments to evil aliens in underground complexes. This is true, and the experiments horrified those in the military assigned to deliver these hapless souls. These experiments, akin to those used by the NAZI during WWII, were to instill a feeling of hopelessness in the bums picked up on the street, so to drive their souls into the Service-to-Self orientation. Enslavement, the sense that one cannot resist, the sense that one should align with the strong and turn on the weak, are techniques used to drive souls toward the STS orientation. These experiments included maiming humans so their legs pointed backwards, or they could not stand up straight, but must assume humiliating stances. There was no end to the creativity of these Service-to-Self soldiers, who were specialists in these settings during Transformation times. In addition, the CIA, created in the main from the folding NAZI SS, were influenced to abduct and kill babies, in the theory that aliens might be inhabiting baby bodies as an infiltration means. These innocent babies, abducted in the 1940s, were killed in horrendously painful ways, the theory being that the aliens inhabiting their bodies would leap out and reveal themselves. As with Satanism, the only accomplishment was that the CIA and military assigned to assist them turned increasingly to the Service-to-Self orientation.

Thus, even in 1994, when Nancy entered her engagement with MJ12, some of these actions were still in process. Thus, stories about street people reporting being taken underground, or about evil aliens lurking underground, have their basis. Nancy volunteered to meet, for instance, a Dino, which did his best to intimidate her. Suffice it to say that she gave him the finger, in challenge, with no repercussions. She likewise repeated this, going into the chambers where street people were maimed, inciting a rebellion among them when she demonstrated Just Say No. These chambers are now closed, as MJ12 realized they likewise could say no. There was a small segment of MJ12 which insisted the Service-to-Self aliens they had long had a relationship with should not be just rejected, out of fear. They argued that retaliation might result. Where they refused to provide human experiment subjects, they allowed these aliens to continue to live in underground chambers. Thus, until MJ12 disbanded upon the Bush election coup, there was contact. These aliens have since vacated, in that the benefit of rattling around down there was no longer evident. They were needed in the battle for Africa, which is heated at present, having lost the battle for the American mind, in essence.

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