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Issue 141, Sunday, July 12, 2009
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Quake Patterns

The Zetas predicted that earthquakes would be on the increase, no longer a linear increase but similar to an exponential increase. Have quakes increased of late? Statistics often report deaths or destruction of structures, the dollar impact.

Massive Increase in Earthquakes in 2008
December 9, 2008
Most Earthquakes occur around the Pacific Rim on what is known as The Ring Of Fire. In 2008, there has been a true explosion of deadly quakes. There are initial deaths in a lager temblor, but the aftershocks actually kill more, and this often happens during rescue efforts. End Of The World enthusiasts are all abuzz about the prophetic implications of this increased seismic activity.

Statistics compiled from the Berkley database for all quakes between magnitude 6.0 and 9.5 during the four year period encompassing 2005-2007 show quakes increasing from a total of 150 in 2005 to a total of 196 for 2007, but this is scarcely enough to account for the death and destruction portrayed in the USGS chart on death and destruction. Why the difference? Did quakes suddenly decide to strike cities only in recent years? It's clear the USGS is lying about the number of quakes and their magnitude. This trend was noted years ago, in 2003, when the quake increase was to be suppressed as part of the cover-up over the arrival of Planet X. This was documented on January 8, 2003 when differences between live helicorders and live seismographs were noted, and July 1, 2003 in the USGS quirky explanation for why live seismographs were shaking worldwide, and July 4, 2003 with an analysis of the reported and apparent Richter, and August 16, 2003 with data showing the Richter is radically unreported, and September 2, 2003 where the primary quake in China was dropped while the aftershocks were retained, and September 9, 2003 where both quakes in China and Greece were reported in the news but dropped from the USGS quake database entirely, and Nov 17, 2003 where a series of four quakes on a single day were all registered as a 7.9 to avoid moving to a magnitude 8.0, for statistical purposes, and June 6, 2004 where complete control by the USGS over other quake reporting databases is shown.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/24/2009: What is in fact going on and what the public is allowed to know are two different things. If the globe were experiencing magnitude 8 quakes on a weekly basis, how would you know? They would be called magnitude 6 quakes, or eliminated from the database altogether if not in a populated area. The number of people who have become aware of a hum or rumble underground, or felt their house shake but find no quakes ever recorded by the USGS, is rising. The day your house falls down while the establishment claims no earthquake occurred is the day your element of doubt will cease, presumably.

In addition to the obvious increase in destructive earthquakes, the pattern shows that the diagonal pull zones have more than their share of earthquakes. The N American Continent is being pulled at a diagonal, per the Zetas, and this shows up in the charts.

Prediction 2/10/2006: This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping. Ripping the St. Lawrence Seaway open. The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe.

Where the USGS is attempting to hide any quake increase, researchers in Berkley, California researches are reporting that stress on the San Andreas is increasing, exponentially.

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault
July 9, 2001
Scientists have detected a spike in underground rumblings on a section of California's San Andreas Fault that produced a magnitude-7.8 earthquake in 1857. What these mysterious vibrations say about future earthquakes is far from certain. But some think the deep tremors suggest underground stress may be building up faster than expected and may indicate an increased risk of a major temblor. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, monitored seismic activity on the fault's central section between July 2001 and February 2009 and recorded more than 2,000 tremors. The tremors lasted mere minutes to nearly half an hour. Unlike earthquakes, tremors occur deeper below the surface and the shaking lasts longer. During the study period, two strong earthquakes hit-a magnitude-6.5 in 2003 and a magnitude-6.0 a year later. Scientists noticed the frequency of the tremors doubled after the 2003 quake and jumped six-fold after 2004. Tremor episodes persist today. Though the frequency of tremors have declined since 2004, scientists are still concerned because they are still at a level that is twice as high as before the 2003 quake.

Second Sun Struggle

Since the Second Sun has made a re-appearance, as noted in the May 9, 2009 Newsletter and has been appearing on SOHO images as a Winged Globe, as noted in the April 5, 2009 Newsletter and again in the June 14, 2009 Newsletter, the establishment feels the need to respond in some way. Since the Second Sun appears to rise just ahead of the Sun at dawn in the northern hemisphere, Astronomy Newsletter is pointing to Venus as an explanation. Venus, as the Morning Star, does not look like this.

Astronomy Newsletter
May 29, 2009
June sky highlights - Venus blazes before dawn. Both inner planets gather in June's morning sky.

Since the Russia video was produced, just above the Black Sea, there have been numerous videos on the Internet claiming a capture of the Second Sun. Almost all are lens flares. But now and then a capture with potential appears. The public is looking! Examples are a video capture from Bangkok, Tailand on July 3, 2009. The Second Sun is behind a cloud, so is not a sundog. In addition, the photographer states he has been seeing it naked eye.

Another example is a photo taken during a Michigan sunset on June 25, 2009, posted on the GodlikeProduction message board. The sunset photos appear to be a valid capture, where the sunrise photos posted appear likely to be lens flares.

I'm the OP for the GLP "Something in the Sky" thread. I decided to come up with my own proof of Planet X so I took pictures over several days. A couple of the photo's even show a tail. Please look this over and verify if it's the real McCoy. [and from another] I live in Michigan too. In kalamazoo to be exact. I saw the second sun myself back in March with the naked eye. For some reason it just didn't quite register and I just shrugged it off with a "naw."

Falling Down

In the May 23, 2009 Newsletter I listed a number of instances where buildings, otherwise sound, had just collapsed, seemingly without cause. This trend continues! On July 1 in Atlanta, Georgia an exterior spandrel beam popped out of its cradle, causing the partial collapse of a parking garage. The garage was relatively new, built in 2004. Out of the blue, boom.

Parking Deck Collapse is a Puzzle for Engineers
July 01, 2009
On the surface, designing a parking deck seems a simple business: four walls, some ramps, painted spaces and tons of concrete and steel. But structural engineers say the design specifications of a parking garage are just as exacting and important as those for a 100-story signature building. Even using the wrong size bolt on support beams or changing the angle of a joint can one day reduce a parking deck to concrete pancakes. The floors collapsed because a "spandrel" beam - an exterior beam that extends from column to column and marks the floor level between stories - "popped out." What couldn't explain is, what forced the spandrel beam out. That discovery will be critical, structural engineering experts said. Parking lots, like most structures, are "over-designed" to handle weight that is much more than designated, to allow for increased stress and to allow for small mistakes during construction.

An electrical fire under the streets of San Francisco that erupted on June 5, 2009 still does not have a cause, and likely never will. But something destabilized the situation there in San Francisco, which straddles the San Andreas fault line.

PG&E Stumped on Source of Underground Fire
Jun 12, 2009
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. crews have been working around the clock to repair underground equipment that was damaged during an electrical fire in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. On the day of the fire, crews rescued people from elevators that lost power and initiated a shelter-in-place for hours because the billowing smoke was toxic. Nearly 4,000 customers lost power. Some people didn't get it back for 30 hours. Investigators still don't know what sparked the fire.

On July 2, 2009 in New Jersey a sinkhole appeared in the Lincoln Tunnel. No cause was given. If the ground is dropping near the river, is this not a concern?

Lincoln Tunnel Sinkhole
July 2, 2009,
A sinkhole inside the Lincoln Tunnel caused major traffic problems heading to New Jersey. Traffic appeared to be at a virtual standstill. Crews have fixed the problem.

Calgary, Canada is finding sinkholes increasingly common. And the reason for this increase? No reason given.

Sinkholes in Calgary Becoming More Common, City Official Says
May 5, 2009
The third time a hole has been found near the site in the past 10 months. The first appeared last July, when a sinkhole in the back parking lot forced an evacuation over fears the building was unstable. The second was found last fall on 2nd Street, between 13th and 14th avenues, and was repaired by the city's roads department. No connection has been found so far between the development and the holes. Fourth Street S. W. between 10th and 11th avenues is still closed as city officials and another developer try to pinpoint the cause of a sinkhole at the Gateway-Midtown development.

Video Clips on Air France, Imploding Buildings

The Zeta Report 31 - Planes and Trains out of control. Is Planet X interfering with electronic controls? Click on the image or click Here to watch.

The Zeta Report 32 - Falling down - imploding buildings, huge crevasses, and a sinkhole epidemic. Why is this happening and what will drop next? Click on the image or click Here to watch.

These new videos will also be on the Revver website collection of the Zeta Reports, soon.

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