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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 24, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Where did Noah land with his Arc after the Deluge? Was it really mount Ararat in Turkey? Where is the true site of the famous Arc?

Noah's Ark has never been found nor will it be. The displacement wave that roared into the Persian Gulf from the vicinity of Antarctica rose into a tidal bore as it tore into the region of Turkey and Iran. Thus, it clearly overran lowland areas and rose up against mountain ranges. But it hardly climbed to the level of the top of Mount Ararat, some 16,000 feet above sea level. The precise location in the highlands where the Ark found the water no longer supporting it, being left high and dry as the waters receded, is not of importance, but the search should concentrate on rolling hills, not mountain tops. The Ark was tossed about on the roiling water and did not come to rest until the waters were steadily receding, and as the waters were not all that high to begin with, it came to rest not in riverbeds or lowlands but in the hills surrounding such lands. It was abandoned, and its wood removed to be used for dwelling places, and thus no trace of it remains today.

Zetas have said that this current depression is caused primarily by Planet X induced climate change, and the Bush factions efforts to wrest control from the Puppet Master via the US military and control of oil. Because of the food crisis I am concerned about the following scenario. China has a huge population that is growing increasingly restless, and there is concern about the Chinese Communists maintaining control in the face of massive potential food riots. As a result, China has been accused by incoming Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner of manipulating its currency - beggering thy neighbor by keeping goods for export artificially cheap. This is causing friction. China funds most of the US debt and owns most of it in Treasury bills. The United States is still the bread basket of the world. As food gets increasinly scarce, it makes sense that China will want to use its dollars to buy American food, and not more American debt - forcing it to sell Treasurys and essentially breaking the "bond bubble". If the US government allows China to use its dollar reserve to bid against the American people for it's 2009 harvest, we could see hyperinflation in commodity and food prices. The US government can attempt to prevent this by refusing these "foreign" dollars to re-enter the US commodity market - which would force the Chinese to stop buying Treasurys altogether in retaliation - causing a massive funding crisis and foreign flight from the dollar as other countries would expect to be next on the "your dollars not welcome" list. So I see either hyperinflation in necessities, or complete collapse of the econonmy due to trade tarriff wars. Can the Zetas share their outlook on this?

The current depression is caused by the cumulative effect of weather irregularities (which have caused not only crop shortages), earthquakes and stretch zone accidents (which have destroyed infrastructure and factories and housing), and the manic attempts by the former Bush administration to maintain a façade that all is well with the US economy. The housing bubble and all manner of speculation were allowed to occur and infect financial systems around the world with mortgage backed securities (which were worthless). Of course there will be intense competition for food, but any country that has foodstuffs and wants to feed its citizens will refuse to export, by law if necessary. China holds many dollars as it was supporting Bush by buying bonds when he was plunging the US into debt, but the only trouble it can cause the US is by refusing to buy more bonds and dumping dollars. Neither move is likely to create a collapse within the US financial system, as the US can print money, has been doing so, but will not yet get to the point of a collapse of the US system before the pole shift arrives.

Hello to all of the Kursk sleepy that I even slept in the last time! Now think of different ways, to what life depends. Questions (I hope that Google will translate correctly), and the answer glyanu day when awake:
1) It is the spirit (I found a medium in one of the forums, in person at the session was unable to attend), but at the meeting, he said that this is not possible, what can I do?
2) Have on other planets poltergeist and ghosts, and how they get there?
3) How people can get into a parallel world?

We can only address those questions Nancy understands as she must be on the same page as ourselves in order to record our answer, else translation errors might occur. Poltergeist activity, as we have explained, is caused by a person nearby, who is angry. Ghosts are spirits not ready to leave the vicinity after death. Depending upon the intelligent life-form on a planet, poltergeist activity might occur, and certainly souls can linger on any planet so ghosts can occur. There is no such thing as a parallel world.

Is making the records of past President more accessible a way for Obama to slowly release information about Planet X?

No. He intends to be more transparent on presidential decisions because this is proper. Sealing records is an attempt by past presidents to cover crimes, as everyone knows. Permanently sealing records was a move by the Bush administration to prevent their crimes from ever coming forward, as they fear prosecution.

Were the Clintons instrumental in keeping Robertson off the Obama team? What happened with Carolyn Kennedy?

The Clintons had no influence in Obama's decisions, nor did Hillary try to influence the governor of New York regarding her replacement. What is being reported gives sufficient hints as to why Kennedy did not get the appointment. She failed many tests, and was not ready.

I guess the Zetas can consider the following questions unimportant in the light of their main purpose - alarming us about the pole shift but as I am a historian these questions are like a pain in the neck.
1) Some scientists say Stalin was planning to strike first against Germany in 1941 but Hitler ruined his plans and stroke first in the 22th of July 1941. Was Stalin planning to start the agressive war in 1941 first?
2) Was the Russian Tsar Nikolay's family killed in 1918?
3) There was a great hunger in the USSR in 1932 - 1933 and nowadays the Ukrainian government is fighting for the world community to accept that famine as a purposeful genocide of bolsheviks' regime against Ukrainians. Was that a true genocide? Who is guilty in that hunger? How many people died from hunger in the USSR at that time ?

We ask the following questions of you. Are you planning to survive the pole shift, and if so are you planning to save just yourself or to help your neighbor? What are your plans for children left without parents, bereft and injured, and without shelter or food, suffering from a sense of abandonment? How do you plan to address those who are injured? Will you walk past them or give them aid? And if planning to aid them, what steps will you take? Do you know how to garden or hunt or fish? Do you know how to save seed and store foods though a winter? Do you know the relative safety of your area? And what are your plans to direct those who survive to safer ground if your area will be flooded after the pole shift?

So Obama is gonna release UFO files, so does this mean disclosure is finally gonna happen?

Obama has not made any statement about disclosure, nor is this a priority on his agenda. He is trying to end the War in Iraq, trying to settle a powder keg in Afghanistan and Pakistan, trying to abort a depression in the US and in other countries affected by extension with the problems in the US, trying to negotiate a health care system for all within the US, and get the US on a footing where it will be energy independent. Where on this list do you see disclosure?

I have one more portion of questions that are more important I think. I use the russian site devoted to David Wilcock. This man considers himself to be a reincarnated Edgar Cayce and says he contacts with High Intellect. He has put the notes of two different channelings on his site, that were received from 2 Serving-to-Others substances by different contacters in dfferent time: of the 5th Density, named Seth and of the 6th Density, named Ra. These substances call themselves "totalities of social consciousness" and their words often coincide with the Zetas' ones, especially when talking about Densities, reincarnation, orientation. Is that all truth? Can I believe to these channelings? I have a book also published in Ukraine in 1990 by two painters (both named Irinas). There is a long poem in this book and Irinas wrote that this poem was dictated to them form the inhabitants of Neptune. Should I beleive to that also? Do not think that I am joking, please.

Nancy makes clear in her chat introduction that she will not address questions about what others say unless these others can predict with accuracy. Does David Wilcock do this? Do the Irinas do this? No? They why have you posted these questions?

Was the mix up on the Oath of Office for Obama from Justice Roberts anything other than an honest mistake?

This was not an honest mistake, which is why Obama took the steps he did to correct the situation within a day. There have been many attempts to create the situation where Obama might be seen as illegitimate, among them several attempts to claim he was not a natural born citizen. These cases rose to the level of the Supreme Court, which is packed with Republicans who were willing to give the presidency to Bush in 2000, so it would be assumed they would also deny the presidency to Obama. But the case on citizenship is fraudulent, and if it had been pursued it would have created an uproar around the world and rebellion within the US, and thus was put aside as it should have been - dismissed. But those who wanted to enact another coup at another time wanted some rationale, and the failure to take a proper oath was seen as one such means. How could such a simple oath, which one can read from a book, be bungled? Especially when Obama himself paused, indicating it should be checked, in front of the whole nation. The cabal that Bush had put into place is still not at peace, but they can see they are not going to win.

If at some point the seasons will all blend into one, how will crops grow at all, or is that the point that they won't? What is the criteria for allowing a wobble but simulating the seasons?

The factors that go into the logic that the Council of Worlds applies regarding an element of doubt about the alien presence and an element of doubt about the coming cataclysms are complex, but we will try to explain some points here. The Council wants the level of anxiety to be reduced, as then empathy and love can reign as the stronger emotions rather than fear and protection of the self. Thus, until a community is comfortable, in the main, with the idea of the alien presence this community will not experience mass UFO sightings. Thus, until the progress of the passage of Planet X is at such a point that the last weeks are imminent, allowing a simulating of the seasons or moving planets to effect an anticipated eclipse will continue.

There is a threshold, when it will be no longer possible to deny the presence of Planet X - for instance, the rolling of Earth into the 3 days of darkness, or the lean to the left that precedes these days of darkness. There will be increasing evidence for those who can address reality such that they can make their plans for themselves and their loved ones. But at the same time, there will be an appearance of normalcy for those who would be gripped by fear and driven into hardened denial. Thus, a duality which has been emerging will be evident with an even stronger polarity. For those who need denial, hallmarks of normalcy will be present. For those who can handle the truth, the Earth changes will become stronger and the wobble more apparent. Both will be present, simultaneously.

The Zetas have mentioned the state of affairs in the UK now adays as it moves to the police state that Orwell warned of. Is there anything the residents of that country can do besides leave? Even though parts of it will still be above water per the zetas, for many reasons if one wishes to survive it seems to be a dire place to be.

Britain has certainly experimented with Draconian measures for controlling its populace, and this trend was started under Blair. The Queen is planning to leave the island altogether when the time comes, deserting her people. Our statement has been that where a country has been used to democracy, it will not tolerate martial law for more than a few days, and this is true of Britain as well as the US and Canada. Thus, though plans have been laid, they are unlikely to be implemented. The government will be in chaos, and deserted.

I've heard numerous people state, who were at Obama's Democratic Convention and the Presidential Inauguration, that they percieved an energy of pure joy, for the lack of a better term. This joy was not coming from any one person, place or thing but it was noted as an unsual phenomonon by many at these two large gatherings. What was the cause of this?

This was evident to those watching the affairs on TV too. During the Bush administration, the Constitution was trashed, openly, by Bush and Cheney and those around them. Torture was approved, civil liberties such as the right to privacy were ignored, election rigging occurred in 2000 and 2004 and though this did not get into the courts or get media attention, the public sensed this and was alarmed. Obama promises to return America to the ideals it once held, not the prison state the Bush administration attempted to make it. Obama is attempting to counter the current economic plight by the same simple means that President Roosevelt did - a new deal, putting people to work on government funds. Obama has a practical alternative to America's dependence upon foreign oil in focusing on green and renewable energies such as windmills. The public sees him addressing the problems head on in a practical manner, whereas Bush was plunging the US into the Dark Ages, outlawing science, outlawing liberties, and favoring the rich over the poor regardless of the pain such policies brought. Why would there not be joy?

With the January 26th in the south Pacific at sunset - can we see the eclipse?

Yes, because such events are needed by many who would go insane if they realized that the presence of Planet X and the pending passage are real. These individuals will go insane when the time comes, but until the last weeks the Council of Worlds has deemed it important that the influence of their self-focused insecurity be kept at a minimum. Many of these individuals are the parents of young children, or influence dependents in other ways. When the last weeks arrive, changes will be necessary and those who are highly Service-to-Other will be taking practical steps, so the insanity of these insecure individuals leaning to the Service-to-Self will not have the impact that their derangement would at present.

Gordon Brown has made it very public that he was the first European leader to talk with the new President (in true polititian style) but what can we expect from the new special relationship? I'm sure they didn't kick it off with pole shift discussions but given that they are both aware of Planet X (as per the Zeta's previous comments) and that Blair and Bush made it the focus and motivation for their combined actions, what if anything can we expect on that front from the new 'dynamic duo'? Something good I hope!

They talked about cooperation in Iraq and mutual plans to stimulate the economy and shore up the banking systems.

Is there a ZetaTalk explaining why the Moon does not rotate? I looked on and couldn't find anything.

We have made the statement that the Moon itself does not rotate. The Moon completes its orbit every 28 days while it has one-half of its sphere constantly facing the Earth, glued to the Earth. Thus, the Moon orbits but does not rotate. If the Moon were not in a perpetual dance with the Earth, it would not move at all. Rotation is driven by a liquid or semi-liquid core, not homogeneous, which has parts that attempt to move toward attractants and other parts which attempt to escape elements that repulse. The core is swirling about, like a dog chasing its tail. The Earth would rotate even without the presence of the Sun or other planets nearby. The Moon would not.

Simple easy peasy question for you Nancy. When will Planet X be visible to everyone?

During the last weeks.

Now that Obama is fully inaugurated and rolling along, can the Zetas release any new info on what he might do in regards to disclosure?

Obama has requested privacy, and we are acquiescing with his request. Thus, questions about his intent, unless otherwise obvious from his announcements, will be ignored.

What are infrared cameras capturing when they capture UFOs that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. Are they all visible in that infrared range? There seem to be lots of people capturing photos and films of UFOS with infared cameras including the Mexican Air Force. Care to comment on infrared tech?

As we have explained, UFO sightings are what aliens are allowing humans to see, not the sum total of their activities. We are normally cloaked. We arrange for visibility when a sighting has been planned. If normally invisible, i.e. not on a sighting mission, but captured via infrared, this is not anything special. We're just at work, busy as always.

Can the zetas comment on the "Nazca lines"? Who Why When?

The Annunaki required landmarks for those times when their home planet was in the vicinity and delivery of gold was required. During those times, rocket ships from Nibiru, aka Planet X, would descend upon the Earth, and needed clear indications as to where to land.

Socrates said "He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature." Can this explain why the elite always want more money and can never be satisfied? They aren't content with their millions?

Wealth means power as well as security, and however wealthy an individual is there are always others who are likewise gaining wealth and power. Those of the Service-to-Self orientation want to be on top of the pile, at the top of any pecking order. Even when they manage to attain this feeling in their local area, they sense that they are not at the top in the larger scheme of things. Perhaps they are top dog within their country, but not internationally, for instance. Thus, greed knows no bounds, as the competition is always present.

I would think the Annunaki being near the Earth now can pick up our TV and Radio transmissions with ease. Is this true that they are learning from us?

The Annunaki do not speak the same language as any on Earth at present. They are content to imagine what Earthlings are like and do so as an extrapolation from their time on Earth in the past. They are aware of man's probes, having encountered them near Mars. They certainly note the activities of man, such as the ISS, shuttle runs, and evidence that man has visited the Moon. The Annunaki have their own probes. Where man has not sent a probe to Planet X, except to view it from afar - triangulate its trajectory and the alignment of its magnetic fields - the Annunaki satisfy their curiosity by sending probes around the Earth. If Google can image the Earth's surface, why should the Annunaki not be able to do this?

Any explanation for unexplained satellite failure? [and from another] The Astra 5A commercial telecommunications satellite is out of control after an unexplained failure Jan. 15 and is drifting eastward along the geostationary orbital arc, with ground controllers pessimistic about their ability to re-establish sufficient communications to guide it into a graveyard orbit.

We predicted satellite failure and satellites have been increasingly failing. The articles announcing these failures no longer even try to offer excuses. Fireballs have been also increasingly evident, as the tail of Planet X has been turning toward the Earth and much debris is in the tail. This is a charged tail, being hosed out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X, and thus satellites get an onslaught of electromagnetic pulse on occasion as well as being peppered by debris. This trend will only increase in the future.

Just this past Saturday, Edmund de Rothschild died at the age of 93. Was this the Puppet Master? The default member of MJ12 that Bush 3 was living with for quite some time? The man that set out to decapitate the Bush Administration? His Obituary states he had two son's and two daughters. The Zeta's also mentioned elsewhere he had two sons. If this is the Puppet Master, what does his death mean to the Zeta's, MJ12 and the future as a whole?

The Puppet Master is not known to the public. This person you mention is not a Rothchild. He is of the Rothchild family, but a descendant of females, not of a male lineage. The Puppet Master, and his children, and his children's children are all off the books. Completely untraceable.

I've expected a more severe or noticeable wobble at this point by now. Or at-least an increase in more major substantial earthquakes. I haven't seen enough big changes to convince me yet so the element of doubt is working very well.

What is in fact going on and what the public is allowed to know are two different things. If the globe were experiencing magnitude 8 quakes on a weekly basis, how would you know? They would be called magnitude 6 quakes, or eliminated from the database altogether if not in a populated area. The number of people who have become aware of a hum or rumble underground, or felt their house shake but find no quakes ever recorded by the USGS, is rising. The day your house falls down while the establishment claims no earthquake occurred is the day your element of doubt will cease, presumably.

Why doesn't boring long exposure photography of the night sky (no telescope necessary) demonstrate any wobble? There are hundreds of pictures online from ten years ago up to last week and none show a wobble.

The wobble occurs at 4 points during the 24 hour day. In forming a Figure 8, a right angle turn is effected 4 times. If a long exposure occurs that includes one of those right angle turns, it is considered a failure and retaken, the assumption being that something is wrong with the setting or camera. You see the success, not the failure, in the pictures provided to the public.

A quick question - will Planet X be sighted during the solar eclipse on January 26?

Planet X was seen in the evening sky in early spring 2003, as a dull, throbbing, red complex near Orion. It was seen as dramatic Second Sun sightings by many in the summer and fall of 2003, as sunlight bounced off the dust cloud and headed directly back toward Earth. But as the angle changed and Planet X stood between the Earth and Sun or too close to the Sun to be differentiated, sightings became difficult. At present sunlight bounces back toward the Sun, and what Earthlings see is a dim fuzz ball, hardly something they would assume to be a monster planet 4 times the diameter of Venus. During the last weeks, two things will happen that will allow mankind to realize with certainty that Planet X is real and about to pass. It will come close enough to Earth that the angle between the Sun and Planet X will become extreme enough for a sunlight bounce, and secondly, it will be close enough to be visible through the dust cloud and will be assumed at first to be an asteroid complex nearby.

Are you looking for a steady, sensible disclosure about your presence, in such a way, that by the time there's any "official" announcement via government and the media, that the general public will already know? You agree there has to be a fine balance between too little information/disinformation and "damning" evidence, that people should be "weened" on information, over time?

The Awakening proceeds apace, always with increased contact, increased sightings, and a collapse of the cover-up. It all goes hand in hand. Disclosure is often merely a case of the government refusing to stop their disinformation. Say nothing, if you cannot say the truth. This in fact speaks volumes to people, who note that the government has stopped fussing and issuing ridiculous statements about air balloons and the like.

With the removal of the Bush cabal in DC, will the Zetas finally stop simulating the seasons (and "arranging" expected solar events), so we can see that something is definitely wrong, and preparations made?

Where Bush and especially Cheney were most resistant to disclosure about the alien presence and the presence of Planet X, they were not alone. Such matters involve packed, smoke filled rooms and endless arguments. There are those who fear how the public will react, fear rioting and lack of cooperation with the arms of the government. The greater the lie, the greater the resistance to admitting that the lie exists. Small lies can be confessed, but big lies result in a fear of retribution. Honesty about the pending passage of Planet X has taken the form of made-for-TV movies about disasters and an attempt to talk about cataclysms under the guise of 2012 predictions and documentaries. It is entirely likely that an honest explanation about what is coming may not occur until the last weeks. But we anticipate a blurting out of the facts on occasion by those who are wracked by their conscience for having participated in the cover-up. Such individuals will be whisked away and termed temporarily insane, but the incidences of disclosure will be discussed on the Internet.

Can the Zetas comment on this?[and from another] Seasonal Peaks Coming Two Days Earlier [Jan 23] Not only has the average global temperature increased in the past 50 years, but the hottest day of the year has shifted nearly two days earlier, according to a new study by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University. Whatever the cause, Stine said, current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models do not predict this phase shift in the annual temperature cycle.

There is more awry than a 2 day shift, so once again you are being told something that is supposed to make you think that science has noted the weather irregularities. They move an inch, when they should be taking giant steps.

There's information out there stating the Carolyn Kennedy's life was threatened. True?

Her life was not threatened. She withdrew when she learned unofficially that she would likely not be chosen. She dithered only because it was not an official announcement. The reasons she was not chosen are obvious to anyone watching the circus. She was arrogant, not prepared, and not the best qualified.

Last week in Saudi Arabia people claim to see a UFO crash and we know you said there were no recent UFO crashes or will be. Was this another meteor sighting instead?

Fireballs are on the increase around the world. The establishment is unprepared to explain why fireballs are suddenly screaming across several countries or states, highly visible and often occurring on the same day. Wacky excuses may be conceived to explain such fireballs, as the truth is considered too threatening. Eventually, NASA et al will manufacture some sort of asteroid swarm to explain the incidence of fireballs.

The live internet Seismic Server is going off again each twelve hours but is now doing it at 0200 and 1400 hours. What is the real reason for this and what are some of the distorted cover reasons the USGS are using? Frankly, it seems like it is just being ignored.

The late hour, a two hour delay in each case, is due to a combination of the position of Planet X slightly to the right of the Sun, but also due to whatever magnetic pole of Planet X is facing the Earth. It is primarily the tug by Planet X on the Atlantic Rift that causes the global shudder every 12 hours. Previously, Planet X was pointing its magnetic S Pole toward Earth which caused less contention with the magnetic field of Earth, as the S Pole is a magnetic particle flow intake. Now that Planet X is pointing its magnetic N Pole toward Earth, increasingly, the twice daily grab of Earth's surface magnets occurs when the magnetic S Pole of Earth is facing Planet X, so this element is factored in. It is no longer merely the Atlantic Rift that is involved as a surface magnet. The grab now includes the magnetic S Pole which comes into view somewhat after noon UTC.