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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 27, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

With the Chile 8.8 quake, are we yet at a 7 of 10?

As we mentioned during past chats, there will be no question when the Earth has arrived at a 7. This will not be a single quake or a series of quakes, it will be plate movements that are strong enough, significant enough, that shock would be the word to use in describing the reaction of the populace. We are hardly there yet.

Jupiter apparently moved behind the Sun in the SOHO images. I checked for a recent passage of Saturn and it took 3 weeks between November 26, 2009 through December 9, 2009 and this passage of Jupiter seems to be pacing in a similar manner. Jupiter is an outer planet, taking many years for an orbit, but would certainly be out of place for an Earth in a stalled orbit since December 2003. It's been 7 years! The constellations can be simulated as they are overhead all the time, day or night, and can be seen when the globe is tipped to reduce the glare of the Sun, and even in a stalled orbit they can appear only slightly offset from their approximate place and time as you have demonstrated, and moving the Moon during an eclipse can effect apparent precision, and Venus can be pushed back and forth within the cup, well in view of the satellites for an appearance of normalcy, and little Mercury is a lightweight planet easily bullied by alien manipulation. But having Jupiter exactly opposite the Earth is hard to fathom after a 7 year stalled orbit. In addition, the Earth has supposedly been pushed back to almost the end of August position, and the calender date is now some 5 months different, at the end of February. Jupiter should be behind us, not in front of us as we look at the Sun. So what is going on here?

The SOHO and Stereo satellite cameras were designed to take images of the Sun - activity around and on the surface of the Sun such as solar flares, sunspots, and the occasional comet rounding the Sun. It is incidental for these satellite cameras to be capturing the progress of the other planets as they pass into or out of view, or to be capturing the stars in the background. Thus, great precision and clarity are not required of the background, as the central character is the Sun. When the Earth stalled in her orbit at the end of 2003, the establishment was taken by surprise, and thus had already issued specifics on the anticipated comet trajectories for C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7. They were out of place in early 2004, from where projected, but in place for a stalled orbit. But the establishment, desperate to conceal the reality of Planet X in the inner solar system, plotted to abort other such accidental revelations. As it obvious from the many times SOHO has shown edit lines or planets lurching about that the images are manipulated. This goes beyond air-brushing out the presence of Planet X, which has lately become problematic for NASA as the tail is wafting about. Their manipulation includes the placement of light bursts where the other planets should be, on schedule. This is certainly a simple matter, and can be programmed to be included with the images before they arrive on Earth at the SOHO repositories. The occasional edit line blooper shows the operation of such programs, as a computer program cannot gaze at the overall and see slight shades differences as the human eye can do. Thus, Jupiter is passing, on schedule, behind the Sun where in reality it is not there at all!

How your predictions, estimates are accurately in percentage terms? Please answer for each item.
a.) Rise of sea level?
b.) The height of the tsunami waves?
c.) The event - pole shift?

Accurate on all counts, but sea level and tidal waves will vary depending upon region. Those regions that experience land rising will find less than 675 feet above sea level necessary in the Aftertime. Those areas experiencing a drop in land may find themselves under water even without a sea level rise. And the height of tidal waves depends on many factors. We give a guide intended to provide safety for all. The Safe Locations documentation should be examined for clues for your region.

Why STO aliens are more powerful than the STS in the fourth density?

They are not restricted in their activities, as they can abide by rules and agreements and are not unscrupulous, and they cooperate with each other well.

Is exposure to too many electromagnetic fields hazardous to one's health? The list of common devices that generate electrical impulses keeps growing and is of mounting concern to some health experts. Not only do most U.S. households have TVs, radios, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and the like, but power lines are everywhere, and computers, cell phones, and other technology that uses wireless frequencies have become ubiquitous inside and outside the home and office.

Yes. This is well known, as those living under high power lines have a higher cancer rate, especially brain cancer. There have in the past been warnings about too much exposure in front of PC monitors, CRT's, and TV's have likewise been suspect. Changes have been made to eliminate this danger, but it still exists to some extent. Recently, the use of cell phones and their relationship to brain cancer has raised a flag.

Could you please comment on today's earthquake in Chile and whether or not we are slowly approaching an eq in California or the New Madrid fault line area?

The Pacific is compressing and the Atlantic widening under the influence of the daily wobble. Just when any quakes happen, or where, is not something we are allowed to comment upon.

What can I do to try and get my relatives to prepare for possible disasters in the years ahead. They are working class folks that haven't a clue or don't want to think of anything bad that things might be going down hill soon.

Our advice has been to point to geological history, folklore that speaks to past pole shift, and prophecy that speaks to the future. Planet X is visible on the SOHO images, and during Second Sun sightings. There are signs in the sky such as the Norway swirl. The Moon is not in the right place for most of the month. Then back off and don't press the issue else denial builds into a solid wall. They will come to you when their personal unease with the situation the world is in reaches a certain point.

The Zetas have stated that the spirit of Abraham Lincoln occupies the physical body of President Obama. Have other notable U.S. Presidents, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, reincarnated into the physical bodies of any of today's high-profile political figures?

Not politics, but beyond this we decline to specify. This is idle curiosity only, and not how you should be spending your time.

Previously you mentioned that chemtrails were being sprayed to cover the Second Sun (Planet X) at sunsets and sunrises. Why are chemtrails also being sprayed in between sunrise and sunsets, some days all day long and sometimes at night.

The goal is to diminish the view, fog up the view, between large population centers and a sunrise or sunset. The wind drift is calculated, so that the fog can drift over a large population center at those times.

There was a fairly direct history channel show this past week. PX was mentioned by name, 3600 year periodicity was mentioned, pole shift was mentioned, historical and geological records of past shifts were mentioned. One assumes that as there was no panic from this that this form of disclosure will increase and continue?


Can the Zetas comment on the Federal Reserve statement this past week that the Fed will no longer fund us government operations at the level they have been due to debt concerns? What has changed?

The US is bankrupt, and those who would be required to endlessly support a debt soaked creditor have their limits. For China to buy US bonds when their worth would diminish below the purchase price is not fiscally sound. The Rockefeller and Rothchild investments into the Federal Reserve likewise are not endless and their financial advisers are horrified at the potential loss.

Can intellectual plants or mushrooms exist?On the worlds where intelligent plants exist do they have mobility or are they held in place with a root system as Earth plants are?

Where one normally assumes that an intelligent species would be an animal, rather than a plant, there are those worlds where the evolution is otherwise. Yes, highly intelligent plants can and do exist. Both mobile and rooted situations can exist. You have plant forms today that have mobility, as the simple algae does.

Considering the pole shift is at hand, surely marture STO human souls like Obama, the Dalai Lama, and Gore feel they can't maintain their silence for much longer. As the Zetas stated; knowledge of Planet X ( pole shift) will not cause mass panic and I'm sure the above individuals know this. Even if one of these individuals came forward and considered nuts by the public this would at least get the public talking, .a small price to pay, if any. Am I missing something here?

Each of these individuals must weight the potential impact they can have if they are allowed to remain with access to the media, versus the benefit that would arise if they attempted to blurt out the truth during a particular media event. There are more people, in power positions and in the media, who are fearful of the cover-up dropping than would be supposed. Obama and the Dalai Lama and Gore do not operate in a vacumn!

Below are SOHO C3 images of what appears to be PX on Feb 1st and Feb 26th 2010. Feb 1st: Zoom: Feb 26th: Zoom: The Feb 1st image shows PX at the 4:00 position relative to the sun and the Feb 26th image shows PX at the 3:00 position. The Mar 27, 2009 SOHO C3 image on ZT ../index/zeta550.htm shows PX at the 5:00 position. Questions:
1. Is this upward movement from 5:00 an indication of PX's approach toward the ecliptic?
2. And if so, if it took PX 10 months to go from 5:00 to 4:00, and only 1 month to go from 4:00 to 3:00, does this mean PX is increasing it's speed toward the ecliptic?

Nothing can or should be surmised by any movement of Planet X vs a vs the position of the Earth relative to the Sun. As we have stated many times when explaining some techniques we use to simulate the seasons on Earth, we allow the Earth to drop below the Ecliptic, or rise above, in order to gain more or less sunlight. The SOHO satellite likewise is not as stable as would be assumed. Planet X will pierce the Ecliptic during the last weeks.

Did Dick Cheney have a melt down tantrum which caused his resent visit to the ER and if so can you tell us what set him off?

He has been under tension as his attempts to dominate his surroundings have consistently failed. He cannot use the resources of the US government, and his moles and insiders have either been ejected or turned on him. George Herbert Bush could not elicite an agreement for extra protection from Obama, and Cheney knows any attempt on his part for such a deal would fail likewise. Those who are highly Service-to-Self assume that others think like they do, and thus he looks at his private guards and worries about what their plans might be for his estates. Karma can be a bitch.

Why do any people consider that STO is slavery and STS is a way to freedom?

Those that think like this are already thinking as Service-to-Self entities, and consider any consideration of others to be an imposition.

Have the frequency of earthquakes increased and their magnitude? And will this continue in the forseeable future? Argentine had a 6.9 today. Makes u wonder don't it.

Yes, and yes.

Do you live in Nancy's house for a time, getting any skin maladies as supposedly Dan Burisch worked to help with? Or do you just pop into the area for the discussion? Or work in teams?

We pop in for a visit or Nancy is taken up into our ships or teleported, but neither of us suffers from such contact. As to the validity of any other reports, consider the source.

When one wins a lottery, is this always purely by chance?

Most lotteries are entirely chance, and are closely watched. But fraud is possible and does occur.

Can the Zeta's comment on why there wasn't a large tsunami with this earthquake today?

Tsunami occurs when a plate drops or rises so that water rushes into a void, and beyond, or is pushed away. A rising or falling plate under the water is key. The Chile quake was caused by subduction under the Andes, which compressed the water against the Chile coastlines and thense a force away into the Pacific for equalization. But the plate did not drop or rise significantly, thus, water was not displaced or compressed significantly.

For most of us that will be transplanted to another 3rd density world in octipi form, what can we expect? I mean, do they have homes, do they communicate by skin color alternations, etc?

Study what octopi experience today, and other such marine life, to get a clue.

Last year the Congress manipulated the tax structure in such a way that (supposedly) less money would be taken out of some individuals' paychecks. Some critics claimed that this "help" would have to be paid back at tax time. Now, many, who could count on a modest refund in the past, are discovering they owe quite a lot. Those who are barely keeping above water will have to pay fines and penalties to the IRS, if they can't pay the tax bill in one sum on time. Did Congress know this would happen? How does this help struggling workers? Any comment on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Short term aid is always more attractive than long term aid. Those in Congress constantly think about their next election. To see the effect of long term aid on the polls, just look at where Obama is now! He is trying to put long term aid into effect, and suffers for it.

The earthquake in Chile has generated a great deal of raw footage. If this footage were to be studied by people would they be able to gain some idea of what the quakes during the poleshift will look like. Or was the Chile quake not comparable to what we will experience during the polshift, in it's intensity? Can the zetas tell us if the footage coming from Chile can serve as a lesson for us to learn from.

All current Earth changes carry a lesson or a message - land dropping in stretch zones, exploding volcanoes, imploding buildings, and tidal waves.

I don't understand the bit about the Zetas moving Venus around so it looks like it is where it should be. Venus is never more than 45 degrees approx from where we see the sun. If we are not orbiting, then how do the Zetas do this? Even if they moved it so the position was right, the background of the stars would be wrong and the dates for occultation and maximum elongation and conjunctions would be off. If we are in the August position, then Venus should be visible with constellations like Leo and Virgo in the sky, but they are not. Are you saying the Zetas employ holograms to fool us, and why do they go to so much trouble to hide reality but they take the time to warn us through you? Wouldn't it be easier to convince people if we could see things are messed up in the sky?

It is NASA who is manipulating the SOHO images, and astronomers acting as professional debunkers who assert that all is normal, intimidating the public into hesitating to question what they see. We detailed in the past what to look for, and how to determine both the wobble and the halted orbit. Go out and actually look at the night sky, and the position of the Moon and Sun. Be sure to determine your absolute N or S not by compass but by a survey or street layout that can be relied upon. Where Venus should be, in man's view, is within a limited scope to either side, because the orbit of Venus is smaller and tighter than that of the Earth. Thus, moving it from side to side, or bending light rays headed for Earth, is not that difficult. As we have explained repeatedly, almost weekly, the requirement of the Council of Worlds is that those in the establishment on Earth, who would panic and murder millions if they feared their perch to be threatened, should be in decline before the situation is made patently obvious. The Element of Doubt thus must be maintained if that point has not yet been reached.

How do Zeta know exactly what can be discussed or revealed to humans during these chats?

How do you know how to drive on your roads, and whether to stop at a red light or not? Same process. Read the Rules section of ZetaTalk, where the rules guiding alien visitors are explained.

Pesticides are in our soil, our water, our bodies and probably in the air in some places. It's possible to avoid using them in our homes and in our gardens. Are pesticides really as necessary as the companies who make them would have us believe?

No. They paint a picture that any germ, any bug, any weed is a problem. Yet other cultures learn to utilize or eat bacteria or insects or weeds. It is the nasty profit motive at play.

News says scientist eye a trip to Mars. Is this someones planning to get outta dodge? [and from another] Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars [Feb 26] A journey from Earth to Mars could soon take just 39 days, cutting current travel time nearly six times, a rocket scientist who has the ear of the US space agency NASA has said. Former astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says reaching the Red Planet could be dramatically quicker using his high-tech VASIMR rocket -- now on track for lift-off after decades of development. The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket -- to give its full name -- is quick becoming a centerpiece of NASA's future strategy as it looks to private firms to help meet the astronomical costs of space exploration. NASA, still reeling from a political decision to cancel its Constellation program that would have returned a human to the moon by the end of the decade, has called on firms to provide new technology to power rovers or even future manned missions.

There are those within the elite who still hope to ride out the pole shift on Mars. This will not succeed, as we have often explained. Man does not have the capacity to manage this themselves, but some elite have been promised by aliens in the Service-to-Self that they will be assisted in this, and thus still hold out hope. However, the Service-to-Self lie, and count only on the sense of hopelessness that such abandonment will engender to reap recruits for their ranks. Mars is out of reach, and going to the Moon is foolish given the effect of the tail on the Earth's atmosphere and the Moon's surface. The elite are stuck on Earth with the common man, as it should be, true karma at work.

I understand that creativity doesn't have limits. Just to understand the infinite possibilities of science, can you write an Operating System way better than ours to be used in our primitive hardware?

We are not allowed to parse out gifts to mankind, as has been explained. This is your schoolhouse, not a place where candy is parsed out. You are supposed to figure out how to help your fellow man, and to grow spiritually. Are you doing this, or gaming around?

Is there any other resource about Planet X ( pole shift) that we can refer to that hasn't already been discussed through ZetaTalk? If so, what is it?

Much of the folklore about Planet X, also known as Nibiru or The Destroyer or by many other names, are now common knowledge by those accessing the Internet. There are of course more obscure sources, but these are unlikely to provide any information beyond what is already known or surmised.

If modern man descended from primitive apes and if 85% of humans have the rhesus positive blood factor, was the remaining 15% of the rhesus negative blood factor inherited from Annunaki/human crossbreeding?


NASA stereo images has been showing a string of pearls in many of the images lately. Are these the moons of Planet X? One image had the target="_top">string of pearls stretched almost across the whole image.

The moons of Planet X move in long tube like swirls, which when seen from the side can appear to be a string of pearls just a line, and when seen from the end funnel light down the tunnel so it appears like a light orb, quite bright. Minor strings can stretch out from a single large Moon too, at angles from one another due to the charged nature of the dust that surrounds these Moon Swirls.

If we gave the Call to allow more SOHO pictures of Planet X and it's moons to be exposed, would this Call be answered as was the Call to prevent voter fraud during the Obama's run for the presidency?

It can't hurt.

When the 3 Days of Darkness happens in the northern hemisphere, will it actually be pitch dark or will it be more like twilight?

This of course depends on where in the northern hemisphere you are during this time. If close to the Equator, or in the southern temperate regions, it will seem like moving during the day from pre-dawn to dusk, without ever seeing the Sun rise. If in the northern regions, it may seem like perpetual night.

If someone alive today has no knowledge of the pole shift what happens if they die before the pole shift - do they suddenly became aware of what is about to take place on earth when they die and are discarnate, are they told by spirit guides and can they therefore hang around to watch loved ones during the pole shift. Are they made aware of other things, for e.g. if they were a Christian in life would they become aware they had been mislead by the the Bible and church once they die?

This is a possible scenario. It depends. It depends on what the Spirit Guides feel is best for the education and growth of the young soul. Some are hustled off to their next incarnation.

In the year 2001 some people felt things are not right even if they did not watch the news on TV about World Trade Centre. In the year 2004 some people felt things are not right even if they did not watch the news on TV about Tsunami. In the year 2005 some people felt things are not right even if they did not watch the news on TV about London Bombs. In the year 2008 some people did not felt things are not right. They found out after they did watch the news on TV about Sichuan/China. In the year 2010 some people did not felt things are not right. They found out after they did watch the news on TV about Haiti. In the year 2010 some people did not felt things are not right. They found out after they did watch the news on TV about Chile. What is the reason that sometimes we know/feel that something bad/wrong is hapening? Why sometimes we do not feel bad vibrations at all?

There are subliminal clues that things are not right, not normal. This can be as pervasive as the emanations from the core of the Earth, which is causing more albinism in wild and domestic life but also has effects in general. It can be increasing illness from the magnetic disturbance or greasy elements in the atmosphere, both caused by the presence of Planet X. It can be electromagnetic emanations from rock under stress, the same clue that drives pets to leave home, anticipating an earthquake in the areas. It can be the body language the talking heads on TV give, or the sense that the weather and seasons are off kilter and none of the excuses being given explain this properly. Or for those astute enough to know where their Moon should be during the month, or noting the sunrising or setting askew from where it should be, sensing that they are being lied to when the establishment ignores what their very eyes see.

I read in Hybrid section that human animals as one of today's inhabitants of Earth planet next to Men in Black or others (planet that every astronaut will confirm its beauty) do not use any of Star Language. Nancy has helper in her brain and others do not. In the transitional time when there are still humans in todays form out there what language will be used between STO. Humans do not have the telepathy capacity that Nancy has. Humans do not have the telepathy capacity that Hybrids has. Will they get implant too?

It will be as today, when humans use their verbal language, or body language, or the vibes that souls in communication use. Alien visitors already use telepathy among themselves, and during contact with humans. And the Hybrids likewise use telepathy as we, the Zetas, do.