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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 28, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

There is a discussion on the Pole Shift ning about this crop circle. Care to comment? Rough Hill, nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June.

In a year when crop circles had assumed the shape of familiar animals or insects, the familiar mushroom emerged. The flight of Planet X has been compared to the flight of a bird or an insect, as its approach in the last weeks will be seen as unrelenting. But what of the approach at the current time, when Planet X is almost always lost in the glare of the Sun, and the dark coverof the cover-up is in place. Mankind has been left in the dark, due to the cover-up, to grope about for meaning in the increasing earthquakes and fireballs. The wobble, signified by the shifting positions of the orbs in the mushroom cap, will become increasingly erratic, swinging from side to side as we have explained, during the severe wobble going into the lean to the left. Meanwhile, like the spores from the bottom of a mushroom cap, debris from the tail of Planet X are making news on Earth. Still, the public is not told the truth. Mushrooms also appear unexpectedly, and it is in like manner that Planet X will appear to mankind.

We're writing to you from Magnitogorsk, Russia. We are interested about the destiny of Russia, espesially Ural region and the city we live in - Magnitogorsk. We are asking for more information about our country. What will be the safest place near our city? Will it be safe to stay in the city or we'd rather move to the country? How the policy of the russian government will look like? Will they let the people know and how soon it will happen? What can we do to make more people believe except just spreading information? What main problems with environment we'll face with here in our region? How is gonna be with floods here? Will there be fractures in Urals? Is there a possibility of hard earthquakes? What buildings will sustain? Is there any channel (contacteer(?)) close to us? There is a Iron and Steel Works in Magnitogorsk. Will it somehow influence the environment? How will people mostly act? What singns will be usefull to us? Will the shift in 4th Density happen during the life of generation of 90th?

You should read the Safe Locations information, which includes Russia and the Urals. Choose a place that will not be flooded by rivers over their banks, nor in the lowlands which will become swamps shortly after the pole shift. It is always wisest to leave a city, as the buildings and overpasses will collapse, creating hazards. Plus, the country is where you can grow and raise food. Whether the Russian government chooses to inform its citizens is in the hands of man so we cannot predict with accuracy. We are asked how to inform family and friends, who are either in denial or skeptical. Our statement has been to point to geological changes in the past, which are periodic, and to folklore. Then let the matter rest as pressing the issue only increases denial. The Urals are old mountains so rock and roll is not expected. The Eurasian continent will be pulling apart, instead. It is up to you to locate Russian prophets with credibility. Industry will not continue after the pole shift. As to the signs to look for, this has been detailed endlessly in ZetaTalk. They are the same for Russia as for elsewhere in the world. The shift to 4th Density will be about 100 years from now.

"In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The woman swears she has never met the man in her life. That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist's desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life. The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as this man. From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Dehli, Moskow etc. At the moment there is no ascertained relation or common trait among the people that have dreamed of seeing this man. Moreover, no living man has ever been recognized as resembling the man of the portrait by the people who have seen this man in their dreams." [and from another] So who this man is and why he appears in an apparently pattern-less array of situations in the dreams of such diverse human subjects?

This apparent puzzle can be solved by two statements. Contact is often revealed during dreams, which are in this case recall of content during the Alpha brain wave state which is the same state that is present during meditation or hypnosis. Aliens frequently use a screen memory, if the human would be upset by the appearance of the alien, and thus the human recalls the screen memory when recalling the visitation.

Last chat when I asked to comment the phenomenon of telekinesis you set the link about ../beinghum/b36.htm. And what can Zetas say about telekinesis as intentional, volitional influence on objects ? Can somebody demonstrate it or is it just delusion?

Those with this ability can learn to control it, yes.

Why are the republicans so against 911 trials? Are they afraid bits of truth around 911 might leak out? Is this a possible avenue to a limited back door disclosure?

911 happened on Bush's watch, as did the errant War in Iraq which has been proven not necessary as Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on 911. All this is extremely embarrassing to Republicans who have lost control of the White House and the Congress, both of which they formerly controlled. Their only hope is that the public forget who was responsible for all the missteps done by Bush/Cheney. They want no reminders.

The Zetas have mentioned repeatedly that the shift does not cause large numbers of individuals to migrate to the STS camp. Is there a as of yet some undisclosed plan to alleviate the fear that the shift and all of the events leading up to the shift will cause? The fear generated by these events will be immense and the Zetas have admitted that fear can drive one to STS.

The Service-to-Self camp is those who think of themselves 95% of the time. Where there are those who lean in this direction, such an accomplishment does not happen just due to violent Earth changes. Those who are highly Service-to-Self use their unease to intimidate and abuse others, in an attempt to enhance their personal security. Thus, they do not feel fear as much as anger and rage at their inability to control and dominate their environment. It is that fear will cause the undecideds to abandon others, and then have regrets, which we wish to avoid.

Recently you, Zetas, were asked to comment Russia's President Medvedev's words about reduction of quantity of time zones in this country. You said "This is as suspected to confuse those within Russia during the time when slowing begins." I am sure Putin was aware of this project and, as Zetas say he is leaning to STO, had to resist it. As I am sure he knows about Pole Shift, I see disparity here.

You, as those who constantly expect Obama to lead the US out of the wilderness, are under some naïve assumption that a single person in a leadership position over a country controls everything that the country does! Most government actions are not top down, and do not involve the top people.

As far as the Rules of Engagement: if a group came up with a virus like the H1N1, and it was known that it would kill millions of people, for example. To what extent are STO aliens allowed to intervene? Why allow genocides and world wars when it doesn't seem balanced at all?

Rules of Engagement are in place between alien groups, primarily Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self group interactions. What controls interference on Earth is the Rule of Non-Interference which controls alien interactions with humans. Very few exceptions are allowed.

Are the same Entities that brought us the Urantia book, from the same density of the STO groups sugar coating the Pole Shift?

No. It is irrelevant what group does what, frankly, and not a worthwhile question as we will refuse this type of idle curiosity in the future.

Is it possible for an undecided individual to have two tracking implants, from the STO and STS crowd at the same time?


To help give a little more perspective, my question pertains to the progression of our modern-day technological/industrial advancement. Yes, I fully believe there were much more technologically advanced civilizations throughout the history of this planet. Most having fallen by the way for reasons lost to us of today. But, we have come much farther than the PSs of the biblical Noah reference, and the subsequent Jewish/Egyptian Exodus. Did we progress of our own volition? Or were we helped along the way, whether by STS or STO intervention. I ask because I've always found it curious that in the grander scheme of things, we became industrialized seemingly overnight. Would the Zetas speak to this?

Science and technology build upon the stepping stones put in place by prior science and technology, so progression is normal. Indeed, though prior civilizations had theories about disease, their observations were somewhat limited in that they could not use a microscope to locate germs. This does not explain why man thought the world was flat, when astute observers noted that this did not fit with what they were observing in the skies. Still, frightened and dogmatic idiots are with you today, despite your advanced science. It is no secret, however, that the current level of science and technology HAVE been assisted by aliens answering the Call of those who were curious. The purpose, as we have stated in the body of ZetaTalk, was to raise the awareness of those who will be moving to high tech societies in their next incarnation, to lessen the shock. It is transitional, in purpose.

Are Zetas and Cassiopeians one and the same?

No. Obviously not!

Does the magnetic sphere changes have an influence on human emotion?

It has an influence on the wellbeing, as magnetic nausea is common. Other than the effect that feeling sick and somewhat helpless to understand the cause might have, no direct effect upon emotions.

Can Zetas answer please (I'm Sorry for Bad English). Does the whole experience repeating in circles of lives, does the souls of higher density learning the same lesson as others at the same time or they have another lesson, the souls of 5th density or higher have their own kind of work they have to make?

Lessons are many. Some entities have the same lesson before them almost endlessly, as they struggle with it. Meanwhile, they progress on other lessons.

There are many videos on YouTube pretending to show photos with ruins of buildings, some artificial objects on the Moon and Mars. There are also several amazing videos with astronauts wandering among these ruins and near these objects (on the Moon). Sure it is unlikely to ask Zetas whether this or that photo/video material is true. Let's limit us to some general answer. Does any true video showing any artificial objects on the Moon or Mars available for public (e.g. on YouTube)?

No. Such videos would not escape the hands of NASA, and if appearing in a public forum would be quickly removed.

What is Zetas opinion about this site

This individual is attempting to do a service, allowing images of the Sun, the space near the Sun, to be available to the general public. He is attempting to fine tune his technology, and could use your help.

I know that evolving circumstances affect some ZetaTalk predictions. Is the post-shift globe pictured in New Geography ../poleshft/p10.htm subject to change if new inter-planetary or astronomical developments arise?

That diagram was based on known magnetic handles on the Earth, such as the Atlantic Rift, and the fact that Planet X would lock the Earth in its path during its approach. Thus, there will be no change as these factors do not change.

Would you say that being in the right place locationally and having a positive attitude and hopeful outlook towards the shift times will help others by example? Also will attention to others and "the call" to Zetas or like minded space brothers be helpful? Or is just helping other humans and wishing the Zetas the best, a better way to go? In other words is making the call (and knowing when to say no) at this late date helpful? Should we just be preparing ourselves and others?

All the things you mentioned are helpful - a positive attitude, a desire to help others, giving the Call so as to be working with others of like mind, and preparing. You can do all of this simultaneously!

I have been preparing for the shift for months, reading all I can and buying survival supplies as I can afford them. One of my continual worries is that I don't have enough money to buy all that is needed. However, I've made several fortuitous purchases recently, making me wonder if an unseen hand is at work. For example, a few weeks ago when the large plastic storage containers I wanted at Lowe's were out of stock, the salesperson offered me containers that were almost twice the size for the same price as the smaller containers, saving me just under $100 from the sticker price of the larger containers. My question - Could spirit guides or aliens be intervening in situations like this? It seems intervention would violate the Rule of Non-Interference, which I've read about in the ZetaTalk archives, but perhaps not?

Non-Interference does not mean failing to give advice or to place humans in contact with one another. Most likely, you met this salesperson on a space ship and discussed the issue.

Big scandal this week called "Climategate". Thousands of scientist e-mails, showing the numbers for "global warming" were rigged, have been leaked. They said either hacker or inside job. What's the story and why are the mainstream media and White House ignoring it?

Global Warming, as we have long stated, is not the cause of the current Earth changes, but is rather a cover chosen to explain many of the anticipated Earth changes. All was well as long as the media and the supposed scientific consensus made the statement that Global Warming was evident and undeniable. Since most people in power in the establishment are aware that there is a presence in our inner solar system likely to pass at some point, and since the establishment has the opinion that panic in the masses is the thing to fear, they pressed all those under their control to go along with this cover-up story. It is no secret that under Bush, scientists were told what to say, ordered to toe the line. The media is controlled. Al Gore went forward like a sacrificial goat to tout the line, knowing that eventually he would be shamed for this. Now that a leak has been accomplished, those in charge of the cover-up are stunned and not sure how to proceed. Their first approach is to see what the fallout might be, if excuses can suffice.

Greetings from Bogota, Colombia! Is this UFO footage real, it looks too damn good. Are the "better caught on pic or tape UFO sightings" begun? If it is real, do we have to worry?

UFO sightings have not progressed to the extent that they are close to the ground, clearly delineated in shape, which demonstrates that this video is a fraud. Everyone wants to be on the map, UFO wise. Supposed alien bodies are filmed regularly, looking suspiciously like putty or some dead animal.

What's the story behind the two uninvited people sneaking into the state dinner and meeting Obama? Secret Service is very upset and embarrassed.

They were simply opportunists, who hoped to meet people and further their careers, which were in show business. They in fact hoped that no one would call them on their affront, so they could participate fully and get away with it. In future, the Obama administration will be more careful.

Are the Council of Worlds the most advanced beings the Zeta's have met? Do the Zeta's feel that the Council of Worlds hold back information from the Zeta's and therefore hinder and withhold the Zeta's from further spiritual advancement? I feel that because the Council of Worlds won't let the Zeta's have individual contact with humans (on a conscious level) that the Council hinders our development.

You are naïve. They hardly hinder your development. You are making demands and pouting, such is your maturity and insight.

Why in some situations, people show such ability (heard that the woman was able to grab the bumper and stop the car, which was traveling on a child and a lot of this), to which has been excluded by the structure of the organism?

There are many stories of superhuman strength, where the human broke their bones in an effort yet appeared to be feeling no pain, when trying to save another. This is physically possible, due to adrenaline. The human cannot accomplish more than their body can sustain, however, and they invariably sustain injury. Under normal circumstances, the pain of their effort, their breaking bones and tearing muscles, would stop such actions.

Does the alleged health practice of "oil pulling" or the swishing of oil in the mouth to supposedly improve health and cure diseases have any real benefit besides slightly improved oral hygiene?

If there are benefits, then human science would support the practice. Does it?

Battle of Los Angeles 1942 - this event was before, I believe, the decision to keep contact in the subconscious. Was this a genuine alien contact event? Which group was responsible for this event? If true aliens, what were they trying to accomplish?

This was wartime, and the US feared attack by Japan or from others on its West Coast. Thus, a blackout was imposed, and flares sent aloft to light what might be planes. It did not take a UFO to spark panic, as nerves were on edge. When nothing emerged, those who overreacted allowed the public to speculate it was a UFO.

Zetas, are we at a 7 yet? [and from another] I know you must be sick of the question "are we at a 6/7?" So I will say it as a statement. Based on everything the world has gone through in 2009, the economy, fireball increase, earthquakes and insane weather, I feel things have really sped up this year and we are edging on 7. This is just my feeling.

Nothing has changed since November 7 when this question was last asked. You will know when we have arrived at a 7, without question.

Can, or are Star Children, also being visitors, be a part of the Hybrid program? Will Star Children stay and acquire hybrid bodies after the PS? If there are other STO ET groups being a part of the Transformation here on Earth, why do they not be as available and helpful as Zetas are? Has the job been left up to Zetas only? Are Zetas the only group that give answer to a Call? Can Star Children giving the Call connect with their ET group?

Each Star Child has a mission of their own and thus there can be no blanket statement about continuing on Earth as a Hybrid. This would certainly be allowed, if requested. ZetaTalk is unique and has proved to be uniquely successful. This is due in great part to Nancy's ability to focus on our voice, excluding distractions, and to her dedication to the job. Obviously, the Call is being answered by over a billion entities in service on Earth at this time. We are only one of many groups in this service. The rules guiding how Star Children interact with other alien groups in service during the Transformation are already detailed in the body of ZetaTalk. They can answer the Call, soul-to-soul, but do not give the Call.

I have been trying to memorize the sequence of events of the PS and wonder about the hail of stones -- is this event global or will certain areas of the world see heavier hail amounts than others. If the hail is so damaging, would it be better to store things like greenhouse construction supplies and build after the PS than building now while trying to prepare?

Hail is part of the tail lashing that the Earth sustains during the last week, and as with red dust will affect that part of the globe facing the approaching Planet X more than that portion on the dark side of the Earth. Some places get a lot, some almost none. Reports from Egypt during the last pole shift were that crops and young trees were ruined, stripped of vegetation, but there are no similar reports from the new world, the Americas, or Europe, for instance. As with preparations to shield supplies from the hurricane force winds and being washed away by floodwaters, supplies should be shielded from hailstones. Put a board over what might break!

I would like to ask you what things do you know about Hugo Chavez, I mean if he is right about some things like the recent problem about the EEUU military bases in Colombia and if he is right when he criticizes the Elite and etc.

Chavez is highly Service-to-Other, and has good intelligence not only from human sources. He is a contactee, and is right in what he purports more often than not.

Why is there a lack of Annunaki artifacts north of Mexico? Was it covered in ice until 3600 years ago? Was "animal sacrifice" a practice that came from the slaves cooking their masters a feast?

The Annunaki went where Gold could be located, as this was their primary objective on Earth. They sought to control their slaves by cruelty, but animal sacrifice is prevalent in many human cultures due to their concept that God would want whatever humans wanted, and thus a good meal would be desired. The Annunaki simply instructed their slaves to go hunt or bring supper, without fanfare.

Amityville Horror - STS spirits playing tricks or a clever hoax?

This was a truly haunted house, but many of the effects remembered by the humans interacting with ghosts there were in their minds, and did not actually happen. Soul-to-soul contact is something a spirit can effect with a human, if the human allows such contact. We have described this as a type of contact between alien visitors and humans, but ghosts can try to utilize this route too, and do.

Greeting Nancy, and the Zetas. I would like to now what are your feelings around the ABC television series "V"? If you you know how to read between the lines there is much there. I feel as though there is some information there that we should listen to. Is it just Hollywood entertainment, or a sign of things to come.

This theme, where aliens infiltrate human society, is an old one, holding no truth. Aliens are not allowed to infiltrate humans society, by the Rule of Non-Interference. It is merely a logical conclusion by humans who realize they can infiltrate other societies, act as spies, to bring their enemy down. Thus, the story.

Is the earth home to a high stimulation environment for young souls trying to determine their orientation? If this is so, does this make for great confusion and difficulty for most to make a decision? The undecideds next incarnation environs would seem to be low stimuls. Is this low stimulus environment going to be easier for most to make a definitive decision? Am I getting this right? High stimulus environs are good for growth yet difficult for final choice whereas low stimuls is not so good for growth but much easier for making the final choice. Is the earth a typical 3rd density environment for learning souls or has it been a bit of a fasttrack setting? Have we been part of a new experimental 3rd density model?

There is nothing unique about Earth. There are countless 3rd Density worlds. Despite the settings appearing to be different - water worlds or land based development, for instance - the young soul is confronted with the two choices, to care for others or be self focused. We have made the statement that the turmoil of the last weeks, the tension of realizing that the status quo will be upset and is unlikely to return, is not a good setting for growth towards a firm Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self stance. This should not extrapolate into your conclusion that a sleepy pace is best. Most of life on incarnated worlds is not horrific turmoil, but yet offers countless opportunities to make the choices that lead toward a firm decision. There is periodic turmoil, instead.

If ancient man was "guided" by intelligent ETs, i.e. taught language, writing, etc., how come none of the ancient cultures had the same language, or writing?

Physical land barriers. It is well known, for instance, that Europe has so many languages because of the many mountain ranges in its terrain. They weren't all jetting around to different countries in those days.