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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 5, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Last week the Zetas mentioned that dogmatic idiots are still with us today despite our advance science. What percentage of reincarnating humans are dogmatic idiots? And does it have more to do with genetics or their souls? I imagine they really hold back progress.

The soul dominates during the incarnation, though some incarnations are a struggle for the soul. Dogma is a defense that weak individuals take, as dogma gives a sense of certainty which is interpreted as security. This is especially true if the dogma promises some kind of reward to the weak individual. Religion is an example. Those who are told they will go to Heaven if they follow certain rules and cling to certain beliefs do so because they like the blanket of comfort this holds for them. They turn their brains off, in these cases, for security.

In mountains of Republic of Georgia people often find very strange symbols and pictograms on stones. They seem to be very old (thousands of years) but the problem is no scientist of the world can understand who wrote it and what their meaning was. Here you can see some examples of those pictograms: especially this one is very interesting Could Zetas explain please who wrote them and what is there written?

There are many archaic languages, and early language is replete with signs language such as hand signals or drawings of animals. Most early language has not developed into any modern language, as the tribe using it was either absorbed into another tribe or died out. What it says, or who said it, is irrelevant. Should we, at this time in history, look back instead of forward? Are you ready to help the orphans that will be left during the coming pole shift? What are your plans, for them? Have none? We thought so.

At the beginning I thought the most dangerous thing we should prepare for is the pole shift hour, but when I read your posts on 22 August, I understood, more terrible is the situation after the pole shift. You have mentioned looting, cannibalism and people dying from depressions. I would like to know what the main reason of those depressions is. Loss of family members?

Loss of the status quo, of possessions, of security, of a comfortable and predictable routine, an inability to see an action plan that will allow the emotions to engage in action rather than turn inward in depression. In short, all the reasons for depression in today's world. Loss of job, loss of the home by default on the mortgage, homelessness, and a sense that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no way the individual can turn, thus being blocked from any course of action. That is today's reality. Same cause, same result.

In the summer, in 2010 parade of planets at which at once 6 planets of our Solar System will be built in one line is expected. Really Planet X will receive a push because of it? Please, give on this situation more detailed comment. [and from another] It is interesting to note that there IS this discussion about July 10, 2010, a crop circle analysis. The Furze Knoll crop circle. The number of scallops can be computed to arrive at July 10, 2010. There was an earlier crop circle analysis that turned out to arrive at the big series of quakes that happened 9/29-30/2009 along with the magnetic changes we have been seeing, S Pole missing, etc. Both these dates, the Summer, 2010 and the end of September, 2009, are dates contactees have arrived at. This was all discussed on an earlier newsletter. ../newsletr/issue158.htm Of course, the Zetas cannot tell you what will be happening on this or that date. They are forbidden to do this.

There is no relationship to the passage of Planet X, nor is it true that a lineup of planets in this manner causes pole shifts or any Earth changes. Such a lineup happens periodically, with no result on Earth.

Do the Zetas have computers that allow them to do extreme calculations or easily access information just by thinking about it, almost as if their own brains did their calculations, but instantly? Can the Zetas implant such a device to work with a human?

Are you hoping for this, to become a math genius? We use computers, organic computers, for many reasons, and have robots too to do work. We also are highly intelligent, beyond what humans can imagine, frankly.

Without giving a clue as to date, but as a sequence of events, is the world going to experience worse events than the New Madrid quakes before the New Madrid fault snaps?


Do humans have a "Higher Self" as some aspire to reaching?

This term is used loosely to indicate seeking counsel, and it is not the self, the indwelling soul, that gives counsel but Spirit Guides or visitors.

It seems to me that we will have very deep context once the shift is finally upon us, apart from those in permanent denial as several entities and events are at work. Will a significant portion of people be able to accept the transformative nature of the shift along with the obvious horrors?

You are asking for percentages, how many will remain in denial and how many will see the future in positive, transformational, terms. We will simply say that more people will remain in denial than not, and that few people will see the positive aspects of what is happening to the world.

Any chance of the US redirecting some of the horrendous and waste full defense spending we are still gorging ourselves on? Much of that money could certainly be put to better use and one assumes that the rest of the world is tired of lending it to us for that purpose?

In that any major change in the way governments work would be questioned by the populace, asking why these changes are taking place, the status quo can be expected to continue. There is great drag with the status quo, as if it changes there is hue and cry by those who benefited from the status quo. This is in addition to the main factor, which is that those who know what is coming greatly fear public reprisals if the public were to realize they have been preparing for their own safety while denying the facts to the taxpayers.

You stated about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's STO orientation several times. If so, why does he deny Holocaust and say something like "Israel must be razed to the ground" ?

Were his words to be taken as they were spoken, instead of with a twist, it would be obvious what he has said. He is angry, as are most Arab states, at what Israel has done to its neighbors, which is frank genocide and theft of land. It is pointing the finger at those in Israel who moan about their abuse in the past, which is of course quite real, while ignoring their own role in today's holocaust against the Palestinian people. Look at his statements in that context, rather than following someone else's interpretation.

I've read in the ZetaTalk archives that "spirit guides" don't interfere in humans' lives because human incarnations are self-teaching experiences. My question is: are there entities whose job it is to interfere -- what I would call "guardian angels"? For instance, are there beings who would prevent an impending automobile accident from happening? Last year when I was driving home on the Interstate in icy weather, a car that was a couple of lanes over from me began skidding. I watched in horror as this out-of-control vehicle slid toward me. The vehicle came within inches of my car, then began skidding in another direction and eventually landed on a grassy median without having hit any vehicles. Could a guardian angel have come to the rescue here?

Protections are few, and must be done only when the Council of Worlds allows this exception.

Do entities Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed prophesy to mankind through somebody on the Earth now?

No. They proceeded to other worlds to engage in similar missions.

I know over time denial makes people change certain facts into something more tolerable. The questions is, did Jesus really look the way he is shown, nice swimmers body, blue eyes, tall, really good looking for a human?

Get real.

NASA is going to launch a powerful infrared telescope "WISE". On the base of its creators' announcements some mass-media made a noise that WISE was designed to search for Planet X. Is that right ?

If such a leak was made, it will be downplayed by the media elsewhere. They deny they are looking at all. We have stated that all efforts by NASA are to triangulate and attempt to ascertain the trajectory of Planet X. All efforts.

Zetas have said that in 100 years there will be no human on earth. So what is the point of preparing for after times. What is the point of grow the saved childs trying to save the human race? Even we know that there is no death so the ones that didn't have the time to learn to be STO will have the oportunity in their next life, on earth or not!

This seems to be a question that is endlessly asked, almost every week. Even though the human race will die out, the souls currently incarnating human life will remember devastation and hopelessness, abandonment and pain. It is this you should be trying to avoid! Love the child, give it security and comfort. Or is letting it suffer in pain and anguish, crying itself to sleep, preferable in your mind? How can you not understand this?

Earthquake's and higher ocean levels have arrived, but volcano activity seems static, any reason?

Volcanic activity may not be surging beyond what it was yesterday, but compare it to where it was 20 years ago! Or to where it was only a year ago.

Much talk is out there about 4th and 5th D beings that have been controlling humans from behind the scenes as a slave race. Some call "Reptilian Agenda", eluding to death of humans in 3D as the Final Abduction once reaching the Astral. It is said they have been rounded up and taken from Earth to prison planets. It seems pretty obvious that we are still dealing with STS ET groups here for the Harvest as it all seems to be intensifing. Any truth in that?

There is no greater percentage of Service-to-Self souls in reptilian bodies than in hominoid bodies, for instance. Both types of species spark souls that move in the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other direction is very comparable percentages. Yes, those in the Service-to-Self orientation who have been here counseling humans are eager for their harvest, just as those in the Service-to-Other orientation are eager. Nevertheless, they can only harvest those souls who have made their own determination to be Service-to-Self.

I had a recall of a dream in which we were on a space ship and we literally pick others contactees up on our way and we get dropped off like if this was a bus service, from back yards, one by one. Is this how this happens usually? Isn't this time consuming?

This was your dream and we don't do dream analysis. But we will say this. Depending upon the number of ships available for a large meeting, a given ship will either deliver a single contactee or many, so such a routine is quite possible, yes.

I have heard from other sources that the "cigar" shaped motherships belong to the "bad guys", my question is do any STO groups operate these cigar shaped craft.

We won't address the cigar shaped mothership issue as this is hearsay from another, and our rule is that unless the other can predict with accuracy, no comment from us. There is no shape that is used exclusively by an orientation, however.

Also when I asked about the waterworld and the intelligent octopus I was dismissed as curious, as the majority of the earth will soon be incarnating into these creatures soon a little more information could make the transition a little easier.

Your request for us to linger on what life as an intelligent octopus is like is declined, as what the soul experiences in its first few moments after birth will have more impact. These experiences are not intellectual.

Back in 2003 I personally and many people that they believed in Zetas made many preparations giving all their money and made strong arrangements to get prepared. Many of them along with me nearly destroyed economically and socially. Almost all of them changed their mind and they become deniers. I still believe and I get bad comments from people for that. I know that the reason was important but was it so important to do so bad to sensitive people who believed in you and still believe? Don't Zetas afraid that a second white lie will disappoint even the last strong believers? Don't Zetas think that a second white lie will do more bad than good this time?

Our statement was that those who prepared for 2003 would not ultimately have regrets, and we still stand by it. We did not advise people to ruin themselves economically or socially. This was in their own hands, as their life in general is. When the last weeks are upon mankind, those who have not prepared, and are in the wrong place or without the ability to move to safer locations or sustain themselves will have deep regrets. Did the White Lie accomplish its objective? Try to imagine the world under the Bush dictatorship, and how many people would been harmed by this instead. Think big, not focusing on yourself or a single individual who made personal mistakes. Nancy fully believed that 2003 was a true date, and went deeply into debt due to this. She worked for years after that point, and lives a life close to poverty still, as she has during much of her life. Yet she will tell you she has no regrets for being in a location where the soil and water are good, the target climate more temperate than Wisconsin has today, and for having established a garden and having learned how to save and store seeds. She was not such a fool as to flush her life down the toilet or slip into lawless behavior over her feeling that 2003 was a true date. Those who were fools have no one to blame but themselves.

I was shocked Tuesday night to see the North Star 15° to 20° to the left of where it should be. Which means that we were tilting to the right looking at the US, or to the left looking towards the Sun. That was the biggest tilt that I have seen since I starting checking 10 years ago.

Yes, the wobble has gotten stronger, which is obvious for those who merely look.

On a magnetic compus map I see that an almost straight line runs North and South through Wisconsin. Everywhere else magnetic North is not as close to true north. So my question is this, does that fact have a bearing as to where on earth (which state or country or Lon. and Lat.) will the earth pivit from onto its side? Or is it a simple matter of anywhere when we get close enough to Planet X?

Wisconsin will move during the pole shift, greatly, as will the rest of the world. It will move toward the NW while the Bulge of Brazil is pulled toward the current N Pole location. We have stated that there is no pivot point on Earth where the pole shift winds or quakes will not occur. All participate. All move. All slam when the plates stop moving.

Hello star ancestors, on my island of Rarotonga, many of the elderly speak of tales of seeing pale coloured hominoids that emerge from natural spring water holes, would that mean many islands being in the period of Lemuria have bases of ETs within the islands which are old mountains and in the oceans which is the old land of Lemuria, as many also seen space craft emerge like a whale and fly off. Is there truth to our stories?

Absolutely. We have explained that there are space ship bases underwater on Earth, as this is vast uncharted territory for man, who cannot see what goes on underwater. Motherships hovering in the air must cloak themselves, bending light rays so they appear to be invisible to mankind, but motherships or bases under the water need not bother.

Why do the Zetas refuse to give sky coordinates for the "Dark Twin"? People will think you are hiding something.

The issue of just where the Dark Twin lies, back along the orbit shared with Earth, moves about. The Earth is moved up and down, above and below the Ecliptic during our efforts to simulate the seasons, so the northern hemisphere gets more or less sunlight, for instance. Venus and the Dark Twin are likewise caught in the cup, and batter each other, then ricochet away. Things are in motion. Were we to give coordinates, the next day they would not be correct! It is like asking where Menow is, his coordinates. He might be in the toilet, or at the gym, or having coffee with debunker control, his manager, and thus one simply cannot say!

Nancy recently described a vision that she and other contactees received (original post): "The Mediterranean is shown, while Africa rolls somewhat. This opens up the southern Mediterranean above Algeria such that the Mediterranean floor there is a crumble, not supported. Then over to India where the western side of India sinks significantly, the plate tipping sideways a bit, raising eastern India during this process. Then islands in Indonesia sink, the plate supporting them sinking more than the surrounding area. Over to S America the Andes are shown doing mountain building, while some islands in the Caribbean are sinking, their plate pushed under as S America rolls. Southeastern US is pulled down slightly, while the land just to the west of the Mississippi drops slightly. As the Atlantic rips open, this causes water adjustments. First water rushes from elsewhere to fill the void, then piles up, clashing in the middle, so that a tide rushes toward Europe, assaulting the lowlands there." The impression that Nancy and others were left with is that the vision is indicating a major, worldwide event that will occur prior to the pole shift. Last week the Zetas were asked if we are at a 7 yet. The Zetas replied: You will know when we have arrived at a 7, without question. The implication is that something major and substantial will occur when we reach 7, outside of what we have been experiencing in terms of earthquakes and weather extremes. Can the Zetas comment on the vision given to Nancy and others. Does the vision represent the next major event? Is this the event that will bring us to a 7?

The vision Nancy and others received described changes to many places on Earth, which will not necessarily occur simultaneously nor in close succession. The vision described what those in various parts of the globe can anticipate for their area. Given what the globe has experienced to move from a 2-3 at the beginning of 2008 to a 6, recently, what is described is rather radical. If any of those changes described in the vision were to happen, there would be few that would hesitate to say that we had moved to a 7 of 10. However, the severe wobble and lean to the left will result in even worse Earth changes than those described in the vision. It would be safe to conclude that the changes described in the vision are closely associated with a move to a 7, yes.

Is there a War Going in Above Our Heads? What is he watching in "night vision goggles" since the 1960's? Many are talking about "Allies" here for the changes. Can Zetas give any comment on this?

The only wars that occur are between STS groups, and these groups are not allowed to display their pecking order battles to young worlds. If someone is observing movements in the skies that are not your airplanes or meteors, then these are likely simply UFO sightings. To ascribe them as "battles" is to think of the Universe in only human terms.

From your 4D point of view, do you see our 3D world as a dream (a nightmare more often, as portrayed in the Matrix movie) and your 4D world as the real world, or are both worlds inside the Matrix, dream worlds and the only reality being the spiritual world?

Neither. Both are real.

I am interested, as may others be, to hear a sample of Zeta Music. Is this possible? Can we have a sample of your music to listen to?

What is music to one species is merely noise to another. Thus, this would be irrelevant. And such a revelation would be a failure to maintain the Element of Doubt rule.

If Nibiru does indeed have white gold glass chips suspended in the atmosphere to diffuse light to the surface or reflect incoming light away by changing the angle configuration of those chips. Then wouldn't it stand to reason that the whole planet could be effectively cloaked by a similar means? Much like a fiber optical cable can bend light so too should be the capability of such a shield.

This is pure speculation and impractical. Even if possible it would not cloak the planet, it would make it as flashy as a mirror reflecting a flashlight. They are not trying to deflect heat and light, they are trying to retain it. What is above their atmosphere is a dust cloud, which is so thick that they do not see blue sky but rather a cream colored thick dust. To see the stars they must rise above this close hugging dust cloud by rocket ship. Such is their existence.

If a person is currently STS is it possible for them to change to STO. Do entities or people ever go back and forth from bein STS and STO?

Souls can and do switch orientations, though this is extremely rare. It is a process, in most cases. Moving from a firm Service-to-Self orientation back into an undecided posture, such that the reincarnating soul is required to go back into a 3rd Density existence again, is more common. This is likewise true of a Service-to-Other soul becoming an undecided soul again. As the soul may be accustomed to a 4th or 5th or even higher density when this happens a different school setting is arranged for these dithering souls, so they can remain high tech and continue their lessons while sorting out the orientation decision again.

Are shrines to dead Saints a waste of time-by human praying and novena's?

We have mentioned that prayer is a type of Call, and as such is answered by visitors from either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation depending upon the nature of the Call. If the human giving the Call is self focused, asking for themselves, then they will get a visit from the Service-to-Self. Likewise, if they are asking that others be helped, sincerely asking this, then they will get a visit from the Service-to-Other. Prayer is thus no more a waste of time than any other type of Call, such as curiosity, or a frank request for counseling.

We are clearly not as intelligent as the zetas, and within our own species the majority of humans appear to be less than stellar compared even to our own intellectuals. Is wisdom tied to intelligence? Does the ability to retain information and to recall that information help spiritual growth, when spiritual growth is what is sought?

There is no relationship between wisdom and intelligence. Many highly intelligent humans are fools, foolish in their goals and actions, focusing on goals that in the scheme of things are worthless or self indulgent. Many retarded individuals have a good grasp of what the human existence is all about, and apply themselves accordingly.