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Who Knows?

Prior to 2003, when Planet X entered the solar system, knowledge of the coming cataclysms, the pole shift, as limited to a few people.
The common man had prophecy and folklore as a clue, and of course ZetaTalk pointing at the inbound path of this monster magnetic planet, the exact coordinates in the night sky, but as the establishment controlled the media and NASA and observatories, official proof of the looming presence of Planet X and its sling orbit through the solar system was something the common man did not have.
Thus, there were meetings in smoke filled room about the matter, kept close among few, but not extensive concern about discovery.

ZetaTalk: Who Knows?, written Mar 3, 2004
We have previously stated that knowledge of the coming cataclysms, the Planet X body and its path, was restricted to a very few countries such as the US, Russia, and Britain - those considered the world powers at the time of Roswell and needing to participate in any large cover-up of the alien presence. The existence of Planet X as a body due to come into the solar system in 2003 was a matter learned by MJ12 from their contacts with aliens, ourselves in particular. As the US was nervous that they would not be the only country contacted, they shared this information with their partner countries. MJ12 as a body included only about 2,000 individuals. These 2,000 members were carefully chosen, included the very wealthy as well as members of government, and the rules strict about profiting from the information they learned or leaking the information. This was considered very serious business. Thus, knowledge other than rumor about Planet X and the coming cataclysms was very limited prior to 2003 when the earth changes and visibility of this monster looming into view changed the modus operandi.

Many meetings between the Bush Administration and heads of state had as their basis bribery and threats to go along with the cover-up, which was explained as necessary so that panic would not ensue. Planet X was explained as something that would pass through the solar system and go on its way, causing no more than the earth changes experienced to date. It should be born in mind that most countries do not have the ability to peer into space, the Space Station and Hubble and probes restricted to the US and Russia. Observatories are expensive and as funded enterprises the wealthy can exact the equivalent of national security oaths from astronomers working there. These restrictions and a few obvious assassinations keep this information close, not in the public domain. Does this mean that today, few are aware of the presence of Planet X, its effect on the Earth, and the possibility or even likelihood of catastrophes equivalent to those in the past, which the Earth stands witness to in her geology? Hardly. This is the talk in smoke filled rooms, commuters sharing cars, coffee break rooms, and cafes and bars everywhere. The Sun and Moon are out of place, often, the Earth tilt such that noon shadows are wrong, and the Second Sun at sunrise or sunset or other light phenomena of Planet X seen by many and if not talked about in the media, are shared in conversation everywhere.

But in the summer of 2003, when the Second Sun was distinct and clearly visible, stress on the cover-up picked up.

June 3, 2003
My roommates work for CBS News. Everbody in the biz knows something is up. The local stations reportedly are taking dozens of calls a day about that anomaly near the sun. Planet X is not hidden, if you can´t see it, you´re lying.
Aug 8, 2003
I just was astounded when I saw at approx 4:00 pm from Victoria Australia a planet just above the Sun. At first I thought that it was the moon but realized that this could not be so as the moon here it is seen starting out from the east and the Sun and planet were northwest. It really blew my mind. As I was travelling onto town this was seen and on my return at about approximately 4:45 I watched as the planet set in front of the Sun. I could see this quite clear as the Sun's brightness was dim. The following day I was able to show two friends the same thing.

The visibility of the Second Sun required weather forecasters, or certainly the stations taking calls from the public, to be included in the cover-up.
In 2003, earthquake activity was also picking up, and the cover-up spread to include geologists and the USGS.

June 5, 2003
I have lived in Charters Towers [Australia] for 26 years or so and never have experienced tremors since that time. Except for the last fortnight. These tremors are not big but are noticeable and so is the moaning around the city. Being a concerned resident I rang the department of natural resources who put me through to the geographical survey. I discussed this problem with them and they said the information has been suppressed but there's nothing to worry about. Correct me if I am wrong, but if there is no problem why suppress the information!
Sep 26, 2003
For the last 24 hours there has been a strange rhythmic tremour here in the UK. The tremours we are experiencing are both physical, (we can actually feel the flat shake) and there is a very low audio rumble when it happens. We live in a small city with no subway. We are on the south coast of England.
[and from another report]
I live on the south west coast and both me, me old man and t´mother have felt nightly vibrations. It´s like either us or the ground is rapidly vibrating. Only notice it at night.
[and from another report]
South east coast here, but did notice strange rythmic sounds last night. Thought it was harvesting machines running but all the fields are harvested already.
Sep 22, 2003
Last night, in Scottsdale, AZ the Earth tremblings were so acute that I got out of bed and packed an emergency kit and placed it by the front door. It was about 9:00 pm.
[and from Australia]
A rumbling noise was heard and vibrations were felt including rattling windows on the southern side of the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia for 10 seconds. Seismic registers said it wasn't an earthquake. Authorities said they suspected military aircraft created a sonic boom. However there were no military aircraft (as far as the local authorities were aware) conducting exercises at the time on the Gold Coast.
Oct 12, 2003
Seattle 'What on earth - or more accurately, what under the earth is causing a strange banging sound in west Seattle? The thumping noise is loud enough and has the ground vibrating enough to have people concerned and saying, what is that?

And amateur astronomers!

July 24, 2003
While out doing errands today [July 24] I encountered an astronomer, who just happens to be looking for something coming in from the direction of the Sun and has had knowledge of it for some time. [He is] an amateur astronomer from Michigan who claims to be tracking a 'serpentine-like' reddish object heading in from the sun. He did not seem to want to identify the 'what' however.

Then there were the rumors of people in the know or friend of friends of people in the know who had gotten the word, wanting to head for the hills!

June 9, 2003
A friend of mine runs a small moving business in Vancouver. He recently got offered a big job to move some stuff from the airport to a couple houses into the coast mountains. Nothing too odd. This kind of stuff happens quite a lot, he says, rich people moving stuff to/from their ski cabins. He takes the job, and when he gets to the airport it turns out that the stuff he´s moving up there is very odd, not the usual kind of cabin stuff at all. Rather, canned food, batteries, boxes upon boxes of bottled water, that sort of stuff, and lots of it! When he gets to the drop-off, it gets even weirder. These places are literally Drilled into the side of the mountain! The woman who hired him pays him well (quite well, actually) and tells him if he doesn't spread word around, they have more work for him, seeing as all their friends are coming up too. It looks like people with the means to do so are holing up deep and for the long haul.
June 17, 2003
Saw another military convoy in and around St. Louis around 9:00 pm. A friend of mine and I decided to follow it. The convoy comprised about 20 trucks painted in camouflage green and they met up with another larger group of trucks approximately 50 miles due south of St. Louis. They drove to a very remote area south and west of Frederick town off of Hwy C. At approximately 11:30 pm the trucks all turned into a very crude driveway on the back side of the Mark Twain Forest. The area was not marked with any type of military signs. My friend and I parked and walked into the drive on foot. For approximately 1000 feet there was a very crude grown over tractor path. After that was brand new black top road that appeared to go on for miles. Feeling a bit uneasy about this we did not go any further. Approximately 75 military vehicles disappeared down this remote road in a very hilly, dense forested area of Missouri at almost Midnight. If we did not see where they turned we would have never known about this secret road.
July 24, 2003
My friend was told that a number of people in the US were building domes for many of the military and NASA folk. She and another friend of mine acting as an independent witness, personally met with one dome builder, on his own front porch, and were told that the US military and NASA are certainly expecting an object and they call it Planet X.

So with the Second Sun, the new visibility of Planet X, and all this activity threatening to blow the top off the cover-up, what to do?
First step - muzzle the media.

ZetaTalk: Cover-up Cracks, written July 5, 2003
Cover-ups meet their demise based on several factors, which vary depending upon the scope or longevity of the cover-up: how many people need to know, the demonstrable evidence that can be used to counter the lie, the ability to hide or destroy such evidence, and the benefit to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up. Take for example the JFK assassination. Where the general public suspected the truth, few people knew it and many were quickly assassinated to reduce these numbers to those in the government. Demonstrable evidence was Kennedy's body and brain, which were eliminated, and physical evidence such as bullets likewise quickly eliminated. Those in the know stood to experience the wrath of a nation, so the cover-up had no cracks and has stood the test of time. Compare this to the Planet X cover-up, which includes evidence that a pole shift is imminent. How many people need to know?

Where at first the cover-up of Planet X entailed NASA employees, who routinely take a National Security Oath, and key employees of major observatories who likewise are required to take this oath, when Planet X announced its presence with red dust, a blazing double sun, and a glowing orb alongside the sun appearing in numerous photos on the web, this group increased to include media spokespersons, newspaper editors, and staff members at observatories and scientific centers assigned to answer public inquiries. A mob. What demonstrable evidence exists that can be used to counter the lie? The Big Lie, that Planet X does not exist, is being countered primarily by the red dust in the Earth's atmosphere, dusting the ground and creating blood red sunsets and moons, unexplained by any excuse that the Sun is undergoing an extreme solar cycle. The Big Lie is also being countered by weather extremes without explanation, earthquake increases causes tremors in places not used to any quakes, and UFO sightings and crop circles en mass clearly seeking to warn mankind of something around the corner. This evidence is growing, and is a growing concern to those perpetrating the cover-up.

Can the cover-up hide or destroy such evidence? When evidence can be destroyed, or contained, a cover-up has a life, but where the evidence is in the sky, falling from the sky in the form of red dust, and available to every individual on the face of the Earth, controlling the evidence is not possible. Attempting to suppress discussion of the Second Sun only invokes more suspicion that the cover-up exists. To the extent that control lies in the hands of those perpetuating the cover-up, such as SOHO images, Hubble images, and statements issued by scientists employed by the government or universities or major corporations, such evidence will be countered, but not destroyed. What are the benefit to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up? Clearly, the establishment in the know about the coming cataclysms stands to benefit from a continuing cover-up. Public knowledge would cause their empires to collapse, banking failures, a stock market crash, corporations devoid of workers, security workers vacant from their posts, crowded highways, looted stores, and an infrastructure no longer there to support the elite high in their perches above the common man. How does this benefit the virtual mob that has been enlisted to maintain the cover-up?

With the exception of looting and lawlessness, their view is that the cover-up has no justification, and their expectation that the police and military would function during any exodus to safety. Thus, there is division in the cover-up crowd. As the moment when it is clear that disaster is upon the inhabitants of Planet Earth, with rotation slowing such that sunsets and sunrises are hours late, with the skies so red and gloomy with red dust that myths and lore about the coming times are the only topic under discussion, with quakes so numerous and devastating that the infrastructure of cities is faltering and road and railways becoming blocked, with inundation's along coastlines causing frantic exodus, the cover-up will crack wide open. Admissions will be made to clear the conscience, to save those who have been lied to, blurted out in the news in a moment of astonishment or grief, discussed openly in a moment of forgetfulness, and spread like wildfire on the Internet or by word of mouth. What will the reaction of the elite, those who directed the cover-up from the start, be to such a cracked cover-up? They will retreat, to their enclaves, to their bunkers, surrounded by the Military whom they assume will remain loyal or by well paid mercenaries, leaving the phone lines dead, the offices and swank homes vacant, no explanation, and no one home or in charge.

Sharing the Secret

What's the plan? To maintain the cover-up as long as possible, deny deny deny, and then run for the bunkers?
Not everyone agrees.

ZetaTalk: Lesser Evil, written Oct 30, 2003
The plan, for the approaching Planet X emergency, was laid out over a decade ago. Stage 1. The public should not be aware of anything wrong at all, no abnormal weather, no abnormal quakes, economy blazing along. This was the hope, but never achieved, but its aftereffect can still be seen in the chirpy media reports, the statements that the economy is on the uptick when all indicators are otherwise, the artificially maintained DOW, the false polls on Bush and Blair, the attempts to distract. Had Planet X not entered the inner solar system, this would have prevailed.
Stage 2. Was to go into place when measuring the public unease determined that they no longer bought into Stage 1, began to feel they were being lied to, and looking elsewhere for answers. At this point, various excuses lined up to take the blame, to be the reason, were to get extra attention. Global Warming was floated out early to account for weather changes, but failed as an excuse as corporate interests did not want to comply with the Koyoto Agreement, and oil was to be the energy commodity of the future, so conflicts were inherent. The Sun and asteroids were deemed better villains. The Sun having a 14 year cycle was announced early, well before 2000 when the end of the cycle was to occur, and Near Earth Orbit asteroids also were given the spotlight. Difficulty with Stage 2 is timing. For a NEO or X Class flares to cover for Planet X caused events, their timing needs to be correlated.

Stage 3. Given failure to explain earth events in light of the favored excuses, solar events and NEO asteroid passes, reducing panic in other ways is required. Panic includes panic in the heads of state in countries around the world that have been bullied into remaining silent with the panacea that Planet X would simply pass, and panic with resultant riots and looting the real danger. Stage 3 was to be instituted due to either a failure of the public to buy into excuses for earth changes or due to earth changes to the extent that panic occurs anyway because of flooding, volcanic eruption, quake damaged cities, starvation incited riots, and the inability of governments to placate and reassure the public. Stage 3 is to include reliance on religion where this reliance already is in place, but this is not deemed in place in the western world to any appreciable degree. Where brutal dictatorships are in place, repression of panic is assumed to be done by increased brutality. Immigration attempts handled by slaughter. Rioting controlled by mowing the rioters down under gunfire. None of this is new.

To keep the wheels of society running in those areas where the establishment lives, so they can have comfort up until the last moment, requires something else, however. It requires more honesty, and a plan, so the public will not panic. The establishment has neither of these. Honesty requires they admit they have been lying, an impossible step. In addition, credibility will not lie with liars. The establishment also does not have a plan, outside of saving themselves and continuing their comforts at all costs. They cannot offer a plan, nor even conceive of one, as their minds do not work in that way. Thus, they will increasingly give into what will be considered the lesser evil to them, allowing the truth to come out, and survival plans to be discussed in the media. This will be closely monitored for its effect. Reducing panic and keeping people walking in their ruts, like mindless drones, will be the criteria. Desertion in the ranks of the working mass required to keep the establishment in comfort and their assets secure will be considered a failure in this regard.

To the extent that more honesty and frank talk of survival plans is considered no less an evil than the current course of complete denial, it will be encouraged. The establishment has determined, through various tests, that when informed and having a plan for survival, workers tend to return to focus on their jobs, versus endlessly distracted with worry about an unseen and unknown event heading their way. Sacrificial lambs will be offered. Thus, where a media head controlled the media cover-up, it will be interim managers who are sacrificed. Where the banking system is very much top down controlled, it will be the heads of arms of this large system that are found to be thieves. Where NASA has been completely controlled for decades, part of the cover-up, it will be found that certain nervous managers have been withholding data.

But the cover-up is not cracking yet, and in the meantime, tight control over any information that might get in the public domain continues.
Nevertheless, among those in the know, friend of a friend of a friend information often flows.
In June, 2005, I received an email describing such a situation:

A high level manager I know has been invited to join a firm sponsored building project somewhere in the US (didn't tell me where) that would get him a bunker of sorts in their survival project, which is said to be quite luxurious. Seems only top managers were invited until the last six months. Suddenly they've become much more inclusive. Apparently they've revealed to him that they have had inside info on Planet X for several years and have been planning to survive for a year or two now. Poured lots of money into land acquisition and construction. The senior guys have flatly told him he won't have much more time - the end as they call it is that near in their opinion. Their inside info source is reputed to be the Federal Government at some very highly placed persons. This info has been disseminated to selected parties for several years. It's nothing new to them. They are telling my friend that they believe they're all going to be starting over and beyond food and shelter, their material possessions won't be worth a damn. No need for Bentley's and Jaguars. No need for much of anything but a way to seal ones self off from the world for a while - and make sure that they can eat while sealed off.

And from another email, also in received in June, 2005

Your public profile is increasing lately [Jun 2]. More radio, more comments quoted, etc. While of course you're aware of the increased interview schedule, are you also aware that ZT and you are being quoted in water cooler conversations at some large (Century City / $500 hr plus / kind of) lawfirms in LA? I've some minor connections to a HUGE lawfirm that represents presidents and former kings, dictators, entertainment industry players, major celebs, etc. Even in those rather lofty circles, they do seem to have some passing familiarity with Ztalk and you. Thought you'd be interested (if not exactly flattered) to know that fact!

And the Zetas explain:

ZetaTalk: Shared Secrets, written June 7, 2005
We explained during the Elite Exodus that occurred in May/June of 2003, that the grapevine of information about Planet X and the impact of its passage is shared between the very wealthy that essentially own and control the world, and the corporate and political puppets they control. What has changed in the last two years? The cover-up is eroding, not just because it has become increasingly difficult to maintain, but because a controlled implosion is considered better than the chaos and panic that would erupt if the public were kept unaware until it was obvious they had been lied to. Directing the public rage toward a scapegoat is part of the plan, Bush Busting as we have called it. Thus, where those in the know were tense in 2003, and felt they had to keep the information close and the public utterly in the dark, they have lately relaxed. Enclaves for the very wealthy have always been planned in areas where they control the country and the country is considered stable. This stability includes a leadership respected by the people or a dictatorship accepted by the people, and thus political cooperation and control of the military can be assumed. All of these original plans have eroded, during the past two years, as these are times of great change. Where plans for Australia and Kazakhstan and Wyoming remain unchanged, Botswana looks less inviting due to the Marburg outbreaks and Argentina has moved left.

When the pole shift did not happen shortly after May 15, 2003 in accordance with our White Lie there was a collective and audible sigh, not the tense silence that was present leading into this date. As the Earth changes have steadily increased and challenged the cover-up, the cover-up becoming more ridiculous to the point of openly being discussed even by those NOT in the know, more and more quiet conversations among friends occurred. 'Can this be due to Global Warming? All these volcanoes exploding?' Where in the past the response would be a shrug and no comment, now a murmured admission about Planet X, passing along a rumor, but of course the recipient should keep it close. What happens when those in the know see the Earth rupture as occurred in Sumatra last December? Or the weather become so erratic that snow in Summer is occurring even in the tropics in Somalia? Rumors are more easily passed when the recipient is receptive, and those shocked by these Earth changes and looking for answers are that ready recipient. But beyond this sharing causing increasing awareness that Planet X is the culprit causing these Earth changes, and that ZetaTalk and ZetaTalk alone has both a comprehensive explanation and an astonishing track record on predicting the stages the Earth will go through as the passage approaches, this sharing opens avenues for future bunkermates to meet one another.

They discuss what to do, where to go, and whom to include. Where the common man likewise goes through these steps when realizing what is coming, there are significant differences. The wealthy think of nest eggs, stocking supplies to get them through years of enclave living, and bristling with guns on the periphery. What they fail to compute is the psychological games that will go on when their militia realizes their masters have no power to punish them, and the current king of the hill can be toppled. The common man, used to being jerked around by a boss, told to toe the line and punished severely for every infraction, and accustomed to living with little, barely surviving, will have a different attitude. Here partnerships will be the mode, sharing skillsets and assets so that as a team they form a whole. Defense is less an issue, as what is there to steal? Those wanting to loot will not head for the shanties of the poor, they will head for the wealthy enclaves and plan, like cockroaches and mice, to work their way in to topple the defenses. Enclaves will not find themselves self-sufficient, despite the best of plans. There will be items forgotten, items desired, a desire to import servants, or the desire to travel when contact by phone or radio prove useless. All this provides a breach in the walls of those who would be king.

If such sharing of secrets goes on, what do the heads of state know about the coming passage?
Prior to 2003, little was known, surprisingly.
Per the Zetas, the status in the year 2000.

ZetaTalk: World Leaders, written Feb 15, 2000
Much information can be relayed simply by body language. For instance, if a politician is having an affair, and it is a dangerous affair as he is becoming susceptible, how would this information be relayed to other world leaders? Perhaps it is not a proven thing. It may only be a rumor. One raises an eyebrow, shakes the head, casts a solemn look for a moment. In this way a message has been relayed. In regards to [Planet X], MJ12, the secret government, became aware of the [approach of Planet X] and the time frame shortly after Roswell, but said nothing as they had not located it themselves. They located it in 1983 after having searched for it for a few years, and have been watching and monitoring it ever since. So what do world leaders do? Does the US President know? The US President knows, but only from the standpoint that their may be cataclysmic changes. It is always a maybe, and here are the possibilities and options of what might happen. We may declare martial law. We may have crop shortages. We may have to do this or that.

This is treated no differently than a nuclear war and these possibilities. A drill is done. The major superpowers, allied with the United States, know. They are told, absolutely, to keep their mouths shut and not relay this to a family member or make any moves. There are some rumors that fly about, and there are always leaks, but leaks are controlled so that those outside of the superpowers are not aware, per se, or have this information in their hands. If it looks like they may be leaning in the direction of learning about the approach [of Planet X], they get a visit and this information is relayed in part so that the party who is getting the information feels that now they are in the inside circle, but they are not. In any case, any politician who has a slip finds that they have had a heart attack, a skiing accident, or whatever, and there is more of this that goes on than most would believe.

Country by Country

For those countries where the citizens are used to being taken care of by the government, with extensive social services, the issue of telling the populace about the coming pole shift is especially difficult.
Where life is grim, hand to mouth, in any case, and the government not rescuing its citizenry to any degree, he citizen is expected to take care of themselves.
No change.
But where social services are extensive, the populace would make demands on the government.
How will you care for me in the event of a pole shift, would be the demand.

ZetaTalk: Stunned Silence, written Oct 15, 2000
If news of a Stock Market crash or hurricane cause hesitation before announcement due to the damage that a wrong prediction might cause, what type of hesitation would result before announcing a worldwide cataclysm likely to destroy all major cities and drown coastlines? Those in government assume the role of protector, in their minds, and feel they must have a solution and steps the populace is to follow before announcing bad news. The hurricane is approaching but evacuations are being facilitated and centers with blankets and hot coffee and cocoa are being erected. The Stock Market is crashing but has been closed and the prices frozen for a week to allow a cooling down period. What steps are the governments to take to accommodate a displaced and angry populace? Empty the cities and place the residents where? Feed them what, in an era of crop shortages and depleted stores? Reimburse those losing homes along coastlines and on earthquake faults, with what funds? How long would any dollar have value if the governments were to print money for such a reimbursement, and how to deal with the banker's rage upon such a move? Since no possible steps are open to a government, the announcement of the fast approaching pole shift is blocked. The closer [Planet X] comes, the more paralysis sets in. A fear of evoking the rage of superiors, of being the messenger punished, adds to any other hesitation already in place. Thus, not only blockage occurs, constipation occurs, with no laxative but the actual shift itself likely to break the silence and cause information to flow.

So just what countries WERE aware, early on, that Planet X was approaching, in say, for instance, 2001, and how are they expected to react to the Earth changes?

ZetaTalk: Certain Countries, written on Dec 15, 2001
In countries where caring concern exists, such as the Scandinavian countries, it could be expected that announcements close to the truth are made to the public. The public would move inland, and be supportive of each other, in the main, with little rioting. In countries where the elite deal harshly with the public, living in great wealth while misery lies just outside their doors, a cover-up can be assumed to occur. Where such wealthy elite learn of coming changes, they will think first of themselves, and flee if this is called for, to safety, or stock up and batten down against demands from the starving public. In those countries where disinformation and denial are in place, such as in the US where the warming core of the Earth, increasing earthquakes, and crop shortages are simply not discussed in the news nor admitted to, this status quo can be expected to continue. Any facts and figures that would alert or alarm the public will kept from the direct or mainstream news, but will be allowed on the Internet or back page news. The reason for this seeming contradiction is that the powers that be, the controlling elite, feel that unless some steps to prepare for survival are taken, the elite themselves would not have a serf or working class to rule.

How many governments are aware of the approach of a shift? Few. A half dozen are in the loop, with another dozen suspecting but not told. This is of course not a change from the status quo among governments. In the past, economic conspiracies would exist, be suspected, but never proven. The CIA, working for the US as a democracy, has destroyed and brought down many fledgling democracies, elected governments. This is known, was known, yet the CIA never called to account. Those countries outside of the inner circle have been there all along, so suspecting yet another conspiracy of silence is not something they would loudly proclaim. They have long since learned to live with this situation, and understand that more information is learned from those closely holding their tongues, who can be trusted to do so. Thus, the industrialized giants - the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan are in the know. Countries suspecting are those surrounding these - Canada, Mexico, and the EU. Those watching nervously as the US treats global warming as a nonentity to be dismissed, while the weather howls, include the rest - China, Africa, Australia, and South America.

But after 2003, this situation changed, as concern over the Earth changes and awareness of the visibility of Planet X near the Sun was widespread, and more conspirators were needed in order to maintain the cover-up.
When Bush attended the G8 meeting on May 28, 2003, more than money and mending fences over the War in Iraq were discussed!
28 May 2003
Following is President Bush's itinerary: President and Mrs. Bush, will arrive in Krakow, Poland, the night of Friday, May 30. Bush will then have a bilateral meeting with Poland's President and Prime Minister before departing later that afternoon for St. Petersburg, Russia. That evening President and Mrs. Bush will join Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Mrs. Putin and their guests in celebrating the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg. On Sunday, June 1, President Bush and President Putin will meet. Later that morning Bush will depart St. Petersburg for Geneva en route to Evian, France, for the meeting of G-8 leaders. Bush will lunch with the meeting host, French President Jacques Chirac, and with the other G-8 leaders. At the lunch Chirac will also host many other heads of state as well as the leaders of several multilateral organizations. All of these leaders will then participate in a meeting later that afternoon.

The evening of June 1, Bush will meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao. Bush will then dine with his fellow G-8 leaders, and the heads of the member nations of the New Partnership for African Development. Monday, June 2, the G-8 leaders will hold a working session, and then Bush and Chirac will meet together. After that there will be a working lunch of the G-8 leaders. Later that afternoon on June 2 Bush will depart the G-8 for Egypt. The morning of June 3 Bush will hold a bilateral meeting with Mubarak. Mubarak will then host a meeting of Bush, Crown Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah of Jordan, King Hamad of Bahrain, and the Palestinian prime minister. That will be followed by a working lunch of that group of leaders. Later that morning, Bush will meet with Prime Minister Sharon. The president will then depart en route to Qatar. That evening, President and Mrs. Bush will depart for Washington, arriving home on the night of June 5th.

Per the Zetas, these meetings included informing heads of state that Planet X was a presence, denying the seriousness of the situation, claiming that the real danger was panic in the populace, and intimidating or bribing all to cooperate with the cover-up.
I recall seeing on TV, African leaders standing side by side with Bush, and they looked like they were horrified, had heard some awful news.
Very distracted, none of this explained by the subjects under discussion.

ZetaTalk: The Scapegoat, written Jan 5, 2004
Throughout 2003, cooperation among world leaders was garnered by a promise that the passage of Planet X would occur with little more than minor earthquakes and tides and meteor showers, and the admonition that the greater threat was panic among the masses who would desert their jobs to loot and pillage and make unreasonable demands on their leadership. The leaders agreed, especially since they were bribed and threatened to encourage them to do so. That odd meeting in France, where all heads of state were in attendance to ostensibly talk about Iraq and mending fences, had a different agenda indeed. Now that earthquake damage has become a daily affair, along with exploding gas lines and fields, plumbing water main breaks, dropping structures and bridges, and high tides washing inland even when the land there is not sinking, all this cooperation is weakening.

An example of how awareness of the approach of Planet X, the rumors, was out and about in the world is this episode in Argentina in March, 2004.

A very rich and powerful politician in Argentina named Rodrigues Saa is in very deep trouble. He's getting the heat as the new Argentinean president decided to go after corruption. Rodrigues Saa came out to the media, the TV, and gave a conference, trying to uncover the whole thing and take down some with him. He said 'its all a US CIA complot, a planet called Hercobulus (Inca name for planet X) is coming. Its up there and they want to take over after some climatic problems. I don't know what TV station it was on, but for sure it was on a couple. Everybody commented about this guy in deep trouble coming up with that answer!

What is likely to happen, around the world, as evidence of the presence of Planet X becomes undeniable?
Country by country, their reactions will differ.
In truth, this is a difficult message to deliver, because so little can be done by a government to help its peoples.
Here again, this differs, country by country, as the impact will differ by country.

ZetaTalk: Around the Globe, written Apr 13, 2002
When to tell. Even in those countries where the leadership is aware, they hesitate for the following reasons. The argument that a wrong warning can do more damage than waiting, keeps those who would issue a warning in check. What to tell. The issue of what a crust shift would mean, what direction, what speed, what impact on coast lines, is so much in doubt among scientists discussing this that the political leadership hardly knows what to say. Should they just relay what ZetaTalk states? This results in so much heated debate that it never moves forward. Since the leadership does not know what to say, in explaining what they expect to happen, they cannot move forward and fall mum.

What to advise. Even should the leadership of a country decide that they must say something in warning, and at least can explain the various theories about potential impact, they are left with the issue of what to advise. Even good hearted leadership might be stymied if there is nothing the populace can do, in the main, to save itself. What would the leadership of India say, for instance? You could leave the country but no one will take you, so prepare to die? They feel their countrymen are already in this position, so why repeat the message. What would the leadership of European countries say? Invade your neighbor in the highlands? This would be considered inciting war, or riot, and if the pole shift did not occur the person would have many regrets. The bottom line is that unless a country has options, and feels they might be able to support their citizens, they are unlikely to speak out at all.

Face to Face Meetings

Beyond discussions among those heads of state aware of the presence of Planet X and its likely impact, there are discussions about how to divide the Earth, dominance and kingships in the Aftertime.
There were recently two visits to the White House in the Spring of 2006, where, per the Zetas, the coming pole shift was front and center on the agenda.

ZetaTalk: China Visit, written Apr 21, 2006
What was discussed during Hu's visit? Where will China sit? What will China do? What will the US do? At what point is there a border that is considered sacred? Or are there borders that are considered mushy? What lands that the US might want to invade or take hold of during the pole shift would China allow in US hands. What does China consider sacred? What lands around China were considered too close for comfort? Stay out of Iran, because we would not allow the US with the greatest military in the world to rush over into China's borders. What about Japan? The US is an ally of Japan, but Japan is small and expected to be devastated during the pole shift. It's on the Ring of Fire, with so many volcanoes. Up for grabs. Korea likewise. The US is already pulling troops out of South Korea, and telling South Korea 'you're on your own'.

So this was a discussion about territories, and also along the lines of China's alliances with Brazil and alliances in South America. The Bush administration would like to consider all of South America their back yard. They're already trying to get a foot hold in Argentina and conducting military games down there and being told 'we would like you to leave'. Israel is also down in Argentina, as it is presumed to be a country that will do well after the pole shift, not be flooded like Brazil. What does China mean by selling armaments in South America, and how does the pushing and shoving and the desire of the Bush administration to control both of the America's fit? Basically, China told them not to consider South America their playground, that Russia and China are making alliances there and would like to continue those alliances even after the pole shift.

Within a month, there was a flurry of meetings in the US, a visit from Tony Blair, Fox from Mexico, and someone from Israel, all at the White House at the same time.

ZetaTalk: Face to Face, written May 27, 2006.
Indeed there are hardly any such visits, where heads of state meet, that the coming pole shift is not talked about, especially among the countries that are aware of what is coming. We were questioned perhaps 2 or 3 years ago on who the major players were, who was aware. In the past it was US and Russia, Britain and Germany, Japan and Israel as strong partners with the US, and the other countries in the main simply not sure, speculating, having heard the rumors, but not sure. In [May] 2003, Bush called all heads of state around the world for meetings in France, all simultaneously there, ostensibly there to mend fences over Iraq. The shocked faces coming out afterwards for photo opportunities showed that something devastating had been discussed. We stated at that time that there was an admission that there was a presence in the inner solar system causing disturbances on Earth, but it was expected to pass and the only danger was going to be panic in the public. Therefore keep your mouths shut, we'll make it worth your while - bribery, intimidation, whatever was required in every country's case to gain cooperation.

Obviously the media is part of this, brought into the know. If you carry out a cover-up like this you're going to start with the observatories, which are funded by governments in the main, and all have a connection to the US Navy as a timekeeper and a coordinator. Universities get their funding from the government and therefore any observatory activity at universities is brought to bear under a national security pressure. It can be a national security requirement such that to talk about Planet X can put you into a criminal posture, so everyone must be quiet. Any astronomer not cooperating meets with an accident - there have been plenty of those. In the media, it also goes down the line from the heads of major media outlets, which are often wealthy and controlling many assets and not at all interested in seeing bank failures and the collapse of civilization. So they are willing to cooperate in any case. News casters are told that there are certain subjects that simply cannot be talked about - it's on the list and for the hosts, show hosts or their editors, that's how it gets controlled. It's simply not out there in the news. What news?

And the public is unaware unless they notice something on their own as the Moon being out of place or the Sun being out of place or some such thing and wonder about the wild weather. So because of the danger of phone calls or email/electronic communications being tapped, even if encoded, heads of state meet on these issues face to face. They fear the word would getting out, for instance, on the internet, and there you'd have it and you'd have to be admitting to the populace that the cover up is in place and what has been going on. They have, since that time, since the Fall of 2003, only been meeting face to face.