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ZetaTalk: World Leaders
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Much information can be relayed simply by body language. For instance, if a politician is having an affair, and it is a dangerous affair as he is becoming susceptible, how would this information be relayed to other world leaders? Perhaps it is not a proven thing. It may only be a rumor. One raises an eyebrow, shakes the head, casts a solemn look for a moment. In this way a message has been relayed. In regards to the 12th Planet, MJ12, the secret government, became aware of the 12th Planet’s approach and the time frame shortly after Roswell, but said nothing as they had not located it themselves. They located it in 1983 after having searched for it for a few years, and have been watching and monitoring it ever since. So what do world leaders do? Does the US President know?

The US President knows, but only from the standpoint that there may be cataclysmic changes. It is always a maybe, and here are the possibilities and options of what might happen. We may declare martial law. We may have crop shortages. We may have to do this or that. This is treated no differently than a nuclear war and these possibilities. A drill is done. The major superpowers, allied with the United States, know. They are told, absolutely, to keep their mouths shut and not relay this to a family member or make any moves. There are some rumors that fly about, and there are always leaks, but leaks are controlled so that those outside of the superpowers are not aware, per se, or have this information in their hands. If it looks like they may be leaning in the direction of learning about the 12th Planet’s approach, they get a visit and this information is relayed in part so that the party who is getting the information feels that now they are in the inside circle, but they are not. In any case, any politician who has a slip finds that they have had a heart attack, a skiing accident, or whatever, and there is more of this that goes on than most would believe.

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