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ZetaTalk: Stunned Silence
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The Secret Government, MJ12, learned of the approach of the 12th Planet shortly after Roswell, when we, the Service-to-Others Zetas, contacted them. Our announcement was viewed with skepticism, as our description of the approach and orbit did not fit with human astronomical understanding. In part, MJ12 had been jaded by their dealings with the Service-to-Self aliens who preceded us, but this soon changed. Setting up routine observation of the object we described as the 12th Planet, they soon found it’s path and characteristics in line with our description, the Sun’s dead twin dark and immobile behind it in space, and quiet alarm set in. This evolved to the search for Planet X in the early 1980s, and with its confirmation by infrared readings in 1983, to intense and multifaceted observation. Since then, MJ12 and the astronomers under their control have watched in horror as the behavior of this rogue planet lined up, impeccably, with our predictions. Stunned silence has resulted.

Although seemingly a contradiction, the worse the news, the less likely it is to be announced. Mild weather changes, the chance of rain, is highly likely to be announced, as this might cause a change in picnic plans or a decision to carry an umbrella to work, nothing more. Minor swings in the Stock Market values are also regularly reported, as they result at most in a flurry of activity among traders or private individuals closely watching market values. Hurricanes are reported more hesitantly, as if the predictions are wrong the announcer has caused towns to be evacuated, putting homes and businesses at risk of looting, and job loss or reprimands of the announcer are distinct possibilities. Likewise, a severe downturn in the Stock Market results in closed door sessions between the news reporters and bankers and their regulatory agencies. Steps are taken to stabilize the market before an announcement is made, as panic activity among stock holders is anticipated. So what kind of hesitation might result before a prediction of a worldwide catastrophe would be announced, and what are the hesitation points?

The behavior of the 12th Planet is so far removed from any description supported by human astronomers that an announcement of its approach would involve discrediting the entire astronomical society. The planet is simultaneously a brown dwarf and wandering planet, and in both cases falls outside of human expectations which assume a brown dwarf to be large and hot and unable to sustain life, and all planets to orbit a sun or suns in a nice circular orbit. The orbit of the 12th Planet is like a long narrow track between its two suns, and this also is outside of human expectations which assume all orbits to be circular or some variation of that. The comet-like behavior of the 12th Planet, which drifts slowly between its two foci but plunges past one or the other of the suns and then makes a 180 degree turnaround, in place, offends several human theories which have comets circling a sun and making a long loop out in space. And as the 12th Planet has already, in 2000, swung up to the ecliptic into a counterclockwise orbit, and then switched to a retrograde orbit, human theories of what causes rotation have gone out the window too. In that any announcement of the 12th Planet’s nature and path would involve discrediting an entire scientific community and dealing with the uproar that would result, this announcement is blocked.

If news of a Stock Market crash or hurricane cause hesitation before announcement due to the damage that a wrong prediction might cause, what type of hesitation would result before announcing a worldwide cataclysm likely to destroy all major cities and drown coastlines? Those in government assume the role of protector, in their minds, and feel they must have a solution and steps the populace is to follow before announcing bad news. The hurricane is approaching but evacuations are being facilitated and centers with blankets and hot coffee and cocoa are being erected. The Stock Market is crashing but has been closed and the prices frozen for a week to allow a cooling down period. What steps are the governments to take to accommodate a displaced and angry populace? Empty the cities and place the residents where? Feed them what, in an era of crop shortages and depleted stores? Reimburse those losing homes along coastlines and on earthquake faults, with what funds? How long would any dollar have value if the governments were to print money for such a reimbursement, and how to deal with the bankers' rage upon such a move? Since no possible steps are open to a government, the announcement of the fast approaching pole shift is blocked.

Punishment of those in a position to know secret information, if leaks occur, is severe. Death is mild, in most cases, as torture in some form is likely to precede death or a fate worse than death result, a living hell. Those with security clearances, and this involves ALL who hold absolute proof of the alien presence or the approach of the 12th Planet, understand this if not from personally knowing someone who ran amuck of these rules, then from the rumor mill. Those in government who could make the announcement, and who hesitate, would not hesitate to blow their rage at their impotence against a leak, as tension is at an all-time high. Thus the closer the 12th Planet comes, and the more the planets and sun give evidence of its approach, the more paralysis sets in. A fear of evoking the rage of superiors, of being the messenger punished, adds to any other hesitation already in place. Thus, not only blockage occurs, constipation occurs, with no laxative but the actual shift itself likely to break the silence and cause information to flow.

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