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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 14, 2015

Would the Zs care to comment on this. On the surface it looks like a type of discharge. I was just wondering if PS related. Static discharge to the tail of Nibiru etc. [and from another]  Light beam seen during Michigan power plant explosion. February 2, 2015. Around 1:30 a.m. Feb. 2, an explosion at an Escanaba Power Plant substation caused widespread power outages across the city. [and from another]

As we have often mentioned the St. Lawrence is splitting open due to the diagonal stress on the N American Plate, which will eventually cause the New Madrid fault line to tear. The N American continent cannot roll, having a flat-top at its junction with the Eurasian Plate that prevents a roll. Thus as the Atlantic spreads and the Pacific compresses, the N American Plate is put under a bowing stress with Mexico pulled toward the west.  That the seaway is ripping open, all the way through Wisconsin and Minnesota, has been apparent in the I-35 bridge snap over the Mississippi at Minneapolis to the Michigan Upper Peninsula crevasse to the Wisconsin booms that traveled down along the Wisconsin rip line and evidence of a Green Bay split in warping roadways.  

The explosion signature when a transformer explodes is the usual explosion signature – heat and light in all directions at once. For a beam of light to emerge directly overhead is not the normal signature. As the video captures clearly show, there were multicolored earthquake lights in the sky prior to the explosion. The ground was stressed, the rock stressed, and the electromagnetic screech in the rock allowed electrons to coalesce and flow toward the transformers, creating an explosion. That the ground tore during this stress is shown by the light tower which is methane trapped in the ground being released and rising straight up, alit.

What caused such a surprise visit Hollande and Merkel in Moscow? It is obvious that the debate is about the announcement and migration. [and from another]  Angela Merkel and François Hollande met Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin in an attempt to prevent a major escalation in the Ukraine conflict, as Washington weighed Kiev demands for arms supplies. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the talks involved the three leaders alone around a table, without the presence of delegations, aides or experts. As the day went on it became increasingly clear that Merkel and Hollande had come to Moscow not with a comprehensive plan but rather a response to proposals Putin had sent them in letters earlier in the week, in which he envisaged an expansion of territory left under rebel control. The Ukrainian government, however, is insisting that any new ceasefire agreement should be based on the frontlines Russia agreed to in a truce brokered in Minsk last September. Merkel and Hollande met Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, in Kiev on their way to Moscow, and promised him that any new peace deal would involve guarantees of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. [and from another]  In addition a short summary of today's (various) German medias: Five hours talking Angela Merkel and French President Hollande in Moscow behind closed doors with Kremlin leader Putin. The result is nothing one could announce to the press.  … Without a word leaving Angela Merkel and François Hollande the Russian capital. … Which is not quite clear, whose idea was this meeting. After presentation of Russian media, it goes back to an invitation Putin. The governments in Paris and Berlin make the journey, on the other hand, as a Franco-German initiative. … The Attention is now directed to the Munich Security Conference: There should this Saturday not only Poroshenko and Merkel speak, at the podium also sit the US Vice-President, the US Secretary of State, and the Foreign Minister of Russia. … There should now be provided a document, about how an in the Belarusian capital Minsk in September agreed peace plan could be implemented, Peskov said according to agencies. ... For this purpose, there should this Sunday a phone call, from Merkel, Hollande and Putin, with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. … Then Merkel will travel to Washington (Obama). [and from another]  Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian state energy giant Gazprom to cut supplies to and through Ukraine amid accusations that its neighbor has been siphoning off and stealing Russian gas. Gazprom cut gas exports to Europe by 60%, plunging the continent into an energy crisis. Gas companies in Ukraine confirmed that Russia had cut off supply; and six countries reported a complete shut-off of Russian gas. Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller later added that Russia plans to shift all its natural gas flows crossing Ukraine to a route via Turkey.

This high level discussion is clearly about the Ukraine conflict, which has again heated up. Both sides are again pointing fingers and claiming the other side started the shelling. As it is clear that Kiev has never been truthful about the shootdown of MH 017, which was without a doubt brought down by those in Kiev with their SU 25 fighter jets so clearly caught on radar. The 30 mm bullet holes where the pilot of the plane sat are proof beyond a doubt. Yet the West does not provide this to the public, but rather continues to state that Russia is somehow responsible. The downing of MH 17 and Kiev’s attempts to frame the Russian separatists did not rally NATO to attack the separatists on behalf of those in Kiev, and NATO members knew the truth even if it was not publicly admitted.

Russia waited until mid-Winter to lower the boom. Europe is absolutely dependent upon Russia for gas, most of which arrives via pipelines that pass through Kiev. Russia has long stated that Kiev steals gas from them, does not pay, etc. Europe can be served by the pipelines that flow into Belarus and Turkey,  however, so Russia has just recently announced they will cease pumping gas via the Ukraine pipeline after this Winter, stating they can service Europe via their other pipelines.  Thus, Kiev is once again trying to rally the West to regain their territory in eastern Ukraine, now claiming that the separatists are lobbing missiles. This is once again Kiev lies, and Germany and France know this.

Families often form a united front when family members misbehave, providing alibis while they try to deal with the misbehavior privately. The teen age daughter gets pregnant and has an abortion while visiting relatives in another state. Father slugged mother once again but her back eye was due to the dog jumping up for a dog bone. Meanwhile, solidarity is asserted. The Ukraine is not considered part of the European Union, but as a former Russian satellite is in the buffer zone, as is Belarus. The solution here is for the West to admit they have a problem child, and refuse to allow Kiev to use western media as a propaganda tool. This is unlikely to happen, but rather yet another standoff.

There is a video on a mysterious ash on CNN. Ash or from the tail of planet X? [and from another]  Would they care to share info on this? A mysterious 'milky' rain has been falling over the Pacific Northwest that is baffling meteorologists. [and from another]  An ashy rain dribbled onto Washington and Oregon on Friday, and people rubbed a dusty film off of their cars, took photos of their fingers and posted them online. They described it as "white stuff" or "milky rain."  Could the jet stream have tracked it over from the hyperactive Shiveluch volcano in eastern Russia? It pumped volcanic ash 20,000 feet into the sky in late January. The dust settled as far away as the American Northwest. Then again, there are other active volcanoes that could be the source, including one that belched ash on Wednesday in Mexico. Or did winds blow up a different kind of ash from last year's forest fires in Oregon or Idaho? Or was it just dust whipped up by high winds?  [and from another]  Residents of Washington, Oregon and Idaho have been filling up glasses of the unusual substance trying to determine what it could be. One strong possibility is that the weather system has been infected by eruptions from Japan's Sakurajima volcano. Last week it sent an ash plume of three miles billowing into the sky.

We asserted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the Jet Stream would be affected by the approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru and that this rather than a lowered Jet Stream was responsible for the increasingly erratic weather. We asserted a decade ago that Jet Stream tornados were caused by the daily Earth wobble. Without admitting that Nibiru exists, mankind struggles to explain the erratic weather and tides. Under the influence of an increasingly violent Earth wobble, blending of the seasons has almost becoming the norm. Now the establishment is faced with yet another example that the Jet Stream is rising and dropping erratically – volcanic dust carried half way around the world.

In February 2014, NASA predicted an asteroid would be visible, but it did not materialize (Moby Dick). January 26, 2015 another asteroid prediction by NASA, which did appear, with its own Moon. Has NASA changed their approach to coverage of asteroids? Note that the recent asteroid fly-by was an asteroid discovered in 2004, when Earth had halted in orbit. Also, considering the closeness of this fly-by, at what point was NASA sure it would miss Earth? Would they even announce an Earth impact? Or would they want to avoid panic and let it occur unannounced? [and from another]  The asteroid, called 2004 BL86 will come about 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) from Earth, or about three times as far away as the moon. It will be the closest known asteroid this large to pass near Earth until 2027, when an asteroid called 1999 AN10 flies by. [and from another]  You may have dropped by to watch Slooh’s live coverage of asteroid 2000 EM26 as it passed just 8.8 lunar distances of Earth. Surprise – the space rock never showed up!  Slooh’s robotic telescope attempted to recover the asteroid and share its speedy travels with the world but failed to capture an image at the predicted position. Now nicknamed Moby Dick after the elusive whale in Herman Melville’s novel of the same name, the asteroid’s gone missing in the deep sea of space.

When the Earth first halted in her orbit on December 25, 2003, encountering Planet X in her path, NASA as well as others in the establishment were taken by surprise. They had confidently published comet trajectory predictions for C/2002 T7 and C/2001 Q4, schedule to be overhead in April/May 2004. The comets promptly arrived two months early in Februrary, 2004 as the Earth was not in the expected position. Thereafter NASA began to pay more attention to our predictions. We predicted that the Earth would be pushed back into the August position by the time of the Pole Shift, and by 2007 it had moved back to the September position. By late 2012 it had already crossed the line into the August position, and is trapped there still.  

NASA struggles to keep up. Large asteroids discovered years ago have well published orbits. Moby Dick, 2000 EM26, which failed to even show up in February, 2014, was discovered in the year 2000. The published trajectory was expecting Earth to be in the February position, when the Earth had already been pushed back to the August position. But the recent success for 2004 BL86, which was discovered after the Earth had already been halted in her orbit, and after NASA began taking our ZetaTalk predictions more seriously, was due to the expectation that the Earth would be in the August position. 2004 to 2014 is a full decade, so this assumption was a safe bet.

I am related to one of the scientists who took part in researching the Project Bluebook files. It is due to his work and the work of his colleagues under J. Allen Hynek that it was determined that the data in the files could not be completely debunked and that there still was an element of doubt (in other words, that there were phenomena that could not be explained and were likely real). This person recently passed and I have been going through his files. I found these images which I have scanned. I am wondering if he had kept them in his personal files because these in fact were real. Are these real extraterrestrial space crafts?

One of these ships is real, the other a hoax. The UFO with a lit windshield, exuding light, is genuine. Note the attempt to befuddle the Blue Book investigators, the lint and dust on the lens above this genuine UFO. The second photo, the hoax UFO, has a pasted and stretched overlay so a dust particle taken from another part of the photos appears oval rather than round. That they occurred in the same set was intriguing to the Blue Book investigators, because it was clear from the hoaxed portion that the photos were provided to test the Blue Book group. So why then did a real UFO appear in the set? The visitors often did these types of maneuvers. Blue Book was setup to show that the alien presence was not real. The visitors were sabotaging these efforts.

Drudge has the reputation of being the first to know. Is the announcement about to be allowed? Drudge is doing more than commenting on Obama's appearance. He is cluing his friends in that the jig is up! He did this once before with a tweet, "Have an Exit Plan" which the Zetas said was telling his ultra-right buddies that they could not stop the announcement. All efforts had failed. [and from another]  Arguably one of the most influential people in global media, Matt Drudge is known for his breaking stories and connections to Washington politicos. It is said that he often drives the news cycle with over 1 billion monthly readers, many of whom work in politics and media. When Drudge says something people listen, because if there’s anyone who might get the heads up about events before they become public it’s him.

What is Drudge signaling in this tweet? He outright states that Obama “knows something terrible coming” and uses the word “unsettling”. This type of cryptic coded warning had been used before by Drudge a year ago, when he stated without explanation that his readers should “have an exit plan”. We stated at that time that all attempts by the cover-up crowd to defray the announcement had failed, and this was the substance of the Drudge warning. The announcement, scheduled for October 20, 2014, appeared to be on schedule. Although this date was missed, once again blocked by those controlling the media, the Council of Worlds has now gone to war with the cover-up crowd.

Though the public is not privy to what goes on behind closed doors or in the halls of power and can only watch the carnage when key banks or media outlets suffer setbacks, the Council of Worlds will certainly win. From the Swiss Franc unpegging from the Euro to HSBC prosecution to Netanyahu blunders to the Sonny hack to Redstone seemingly resigning from CBS and Viacom to the influential Brian Williams losing his position at NBC to a former IMF chief caught in a prostitution scandal to Prince Andrew caught in a pedophilia scandal to Blair’s double dealing the elite blocking the cover-up are being damaged. The only question is when.

We described what the Council of Worlds is doing to the elite as akin to Chinese water torture. It is incessant, and will not stop until the goal is met. The elite know this and have started turning against each other, and as most are solidly Service-to-Self this can get vicious. There is no loyalty, no partnership that stands, no certainty, and anger and fear become prevalent. Those blocking the announcement have begun to see the announcement as the lesser of evils, and the holdouts are under aggressive insider attacks. Drudge is aware of this, the face of Obama being used to represent the pain among the elite. Brace yourself, the announcement is imminent, is his message.

I see well over 150 sunrises and sunsets every year as I commute at those times of the day to my school-year job. I have been watching in the past year in particular to watch for tail/dust sightings, but because I live in the hills, it is often difficult to get a direct line of sight to the sun at the perfect moment. Since the end of January, I have been observing something I have never seen before. At sunset, I have been looking to the east (I drive home north-east at that time) - AWAY from the sun, and seen some very peculiar events in the sky. Keep in mind these are all opposite from the setting sun.  January 27, 2015 - seems like either a light source to the east is blocked in the middle, or rays from the setting sun are significantly blocked (not by a mountain or cloud as I could tell). February 9, 2015. This is EAST at sunset - looks like a light source projecting rays up onto the clouds (sorry for blurriness). Feb. 10, 2015. Same appearance as evening before, but on the flats east of the Black Hills. Easy to see against the cloud layer, again, looks like a light source in the EAST at sunset. I don't know if these are caused from tail dust, or a phenomenon that I just never noticed before. A quick search on Google shows others are spotting this as well. YouTube video from Dec 2011. This is exactly what I am seeing in South Dakota. Another video on, from 6/25/2014. I would really appreciate gaining an understanding of these rays of light, so I can point it out to others as evidence if it is related to Planet X. [and from another]  12/3/2011. NSW Australia. Mysterious light source in the east at sunset. [and from another]  Published on Jun 29, 2014. The Sun had already set. This occurred on 6/25/2014 at 8:34pm. I was driving North. This is a result of Nibiru; the whole northeast was lit up for about 20 minutes. Some of the clouds even looked like cloaked "UFOs." It was amazing. [and from another]  I tweeted some similar pics looking East at sunset a while back, in Denver CO.

The light from the Planet X complex is most often noted in the Moon Swirls, which form long tubes funneling light down their length so the intensified light comes out the end like a flashlight. When seen, the light from the end of a Moon Swirl is far more brilliant than any from Planet X itself. Planet X itself is closely shrouded in dust, so sunlight bounces back toward the Sun and Planet X is seen more as a dark fuzz ball. The tail of Planet X is blown from the right, where Planet X rides when seen from the Northern Hemisphere, to the left of the Sun. This can consistently be seen in Alberto’s photos. During the day this is seen as an extra bright sky, the Sun too intense. But after sunset, when Planet X and the Sun have dropped below the horizon, light reflected from the Moon Swirls remains.

John Stewart has been fighting the GOP and Fox for years. He has done so much to help bring their corruption to light. Is his retirement now indicative of the president's imminent announcement? [and from another] Why did Jon Stewart abruptly resign, or was fired, by Comedy Central? Ironically it's Stewart who's considered more of a worthy "newsman" these days by the younger crowd, while Williams has become more of a clown, particularly after the latest revelations.  Did this happen because of Stewart's biting send-off to Williams - gaining him one of his biggest laugh-lines of his career - when he savaged Williams' role as a liar justifying the Iraq war and openly mused about when the entire war would be as exposed as Williams' lies?  That this happened on the same night as NBC announcing Williams' "lay-off for six months without pay" is surely no coincidence, or is it? [and from another]  According to a [2/10] tweet from CBS News, Stewart told fans he had felt "restless." The show is Comedy Central's longest running program, other than "South Park." At its peak, "The Daily Show" boasted over 3 million nightly viewers. It has won 19 Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, and inspired three popular spin-offs: "The Colbert Report," "Last Week Tonight," and "The Nightly Show." Stewart took a leave of absence in 2013 to direct the film "Rosewater."  [and from another]  CBS News correspondent Bob Simon died Wednesday night [2/11] in a car crash. Emergency responders found Simon unconscious in the backseat with injuries to his head and stomach, CBS said. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center. The driver was listed in stable condition at another hospital, and no charges have come out of the accident. Simon's award-winning career spanned five decades and took him from Japan to Egypt, and from Vietnam to Paraguay, according to CBS. Simon joined CBS News in New York in 1967 after serving three years as an American Foreign Service officer. The Bronx native graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brandeis University as a history major. He is survived by his wife, Francoise, and daughter, Tanya, who is a producer for 60 Minutes. [and from another]  NBC News is suspending Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams for six months, without pay. [2/10]

The synergy of announcements on the death or retirement or suspension of NBC and CBS stars is notable. On February 10, 2015 NBC announced that Brian Williams would be suspended without pay for 6 months. On February 10, 2015 Jon Stewart announced his retirement from his Viacom (owner of CBS) show, to take place toward the end of the year. On February 11, 2015 long time 60 Minutes journalist Bob Simon was killed in an auto accident that left the driver virtually unscathed. Both NBC and CBS were stations that had snubbed Obama last November when he gave his historic announcement on immigration reform. Is there a connection?

Brian Williams has been puffing his resume for years, with many stories, all the while ignored by NBC as his nightly show was a top ratings earner. William’s lies were broadly covered by other media after he repeated his Iraq story once again on January 30 and were heavily ridiculed by CNN and on comedy shows such as the Daily Show and Conan. As we earlier reported during the Council of Worlds war on the cover-up, this has reached the point where media elements are attacking each other. Some want to capitulate, others resist. NBC and CBS were holdouts.

Of course, when we speak of NBC and CBS, we are not just talking about the editors and talking heads. Media networks are run by the owners, the major shareholders, as they are the ones hiring and rewarding the editors and talking heads. Conan is TBS, associated with CNN, and both ridiculed Brian Williams. Stewart is Viacom (owner of CBS) and often ribbed CNN and Fox News, but neither suffered ratings losses because of this. The Brian Williams case is different as the top rated late night slot was clearly going to die when Williams left. Jon Stewart and Conan would benefit from this.

NBC has retaliated, literally, hiring hit men. Jon Stewart and his family were threatened. To make their point, NBC assassinated another CBS star, Bob Simon, who was beaten to death and placed in the car before the accident. This was both retaliation and a warning. Both Jon Stewart and Bob Simon were truth tellers, and could be expected after the announcement to ridicule or expose the cover-up, against the wishes of the holdouts at NBC. We stated that the elite had begun attacking each other, and this is just an example. Ridicule and expose are not so easily evaded, however.