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Issue 844, Sunday December 4, 2022
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FTX Reveal

The Crypto platform took a major blow on November 11 when it reported a ‘hack’. Lacking the resources to support the investments entrusted to the FTX board, FTX was suddenly bankrupt. In other words, someone robbed the bank. And the CEO - Bankman-Fried – reportedly fled to Argentina. Bankman-Fried’s mother was a heavy contributor to the Democrats, second only to Soros in this regard. Is there a relationship to the election losses for the Democrats on November 8? There is an alleged relationship to funds sent to the Ukraine by the Biden Administration, which were laundered back to support the Democrat campaigns.

Cryptocurrency Platform FTX Goes Bankrupt In US, Boss Resigns
November 11, 2022
FTX Group announced in a statement that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. This week’s financial chaos at FTX has seen major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, plunge.
FTX was founded in 2019 and somehow managed to quickly become the biggest name in crypto. His mom is a major dem operative.
Democrats' 'Newest Megadonor' plummets on Election Day, forced to Sell Crypto Company to Biggest Rival
November 12, 2022
Bankman-Fried, 30, was the second-biggest individual Democratic donor this election cycle behind top-ranking liberal billionaire contributor George Soros.

FTX Hit by Mysterious $662 Million Outflow Amid Revelation that SBF Implemented Bookkeeping "Backdoor"
November 12, 2022
Bloomberg cited data from blockchain analytics firm Nansen, which said $662 million in withdrawals flowed out of FTX's US and international exchanges. But in a separate analysis, research firm Elliptic noted $475 million had been stolen from FTX in transactions via stablecoins and other tokens that were converted into Ether.
Hundreds of Millions Vanish from Collapsed Cryptocurrency Giant
November 12, 2022
An estimated $662 million in digital assets has reportedly been withdrawn from FTX in ‘unauthorized transactions’. The Bahamas-based FTX and about 130 affiliated companies commenced Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware. The firm also announced that Democratic Party donor Sam Bankman-Fried had resigned as CEO.
Failed Crypto Exchange was Money Laundering Operation
November 13, 2022
FTX launched crypto donation platform Aid for Ukraine in March, setting itself up as the central clearing house for all cryptocurrency donations to Kiev’s war effort. While the exchange was supposed to route those donations to the National Bank of Ukraine, the report suggests it funneled at least some of the money back to the US through political donations.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/12/2022: We warned in 2013 when BitCoin first exploded in popularity that cryptocurrency was ephemeral and could go poof at any time. Cryptos have no backing from a country, as national currencies do. Cryptos are a currency without a country or even a physical location, often residing on servers in the custody of crypto dealers. The FTX disappearance of almost a billion dollars will prove to be the collapse of the crypto gambit – a get-rich-quick scheme from the start. This outcome is also certain for Digital Currency, which will likewise vaporize into zero value if allowed to be legal.  

It is no coincidence that the FTX collapse is happening at the same time the Ukraine money laundering network is faltering and the Democrat election fraud maneuvers are about to be exposed. Biden administration funds sent to the Ukraine were only on paper, not a real thing, and intended to be a sting operation by the Junta. After arriving at the Ukraine, the recipients and disbursement were noted and tracked. Arrests will soon follow. Will the FTX tokens ever be recovered for investors? Gone like the wind.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/7/2013: This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously.  Unlike national currencies, where the government of a country stands behind the bills they print, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have only a network of servers that can be hacked and corrupted. A country can go bankrupt and its currencies become almost worthless, but one knows where to go to demand repayment. Not so for Bitcoin which can go poof.

RSV Epidemic

The RSV surge is due to the push to get the Covid-19 vax to younger and younger children- something the Biden Administration is pushing even after the harmful effects of the vax weakening the immune system are known. Now in addition to the evidence that the Pfizer vax shrivels placentas, causing abortions and infertility, we have yet another assault on the very young.

COVID-19 Vaccination for Children
October 5, 2022
CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone ages 6 months and older, and boosters for everyone ages 5 years and older if eligible. COVID-19 vaccines available for children include: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

Another Pestilence: RSV Is Cutting Through the U.S. Like a Blowtorch Through Butter
November 13, 2022
We are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) all over the United States right now.  RSV is the leading cause of both bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children under the age of one in this country, and globally we normally see somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 babies die from the virus each year.  The only disease that normally kills more children is malaria.  But this year RSV could potentially take the number one spot because the virus is spreading like wildfire and hospitals are rapidly filling up.
Pandemic ‘Immunity Gap’ is Probably behind Surge in RSV Cases, Scientists Say
October 28, 2022
The measures that helped keep us safe from Covid-19 over the past 2½ years – lockdowns, physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands – also helped limit the spread of other viruses. As people return to school and work and take off their masks, those viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus and flu, are back in full force. That “immunity gap” from the last few years is probably behind the “unprecedented” early surge in RSV infections this year, scientists say – and it has thrown other seasonal respiratory viruses out of whack around the world.
These Missionaries Will Spread Disease to Isolated Tribes, Not the Word of God
April 14, 2020
In 1987, missionaries with Ethnos360 (then called New Tribes Mission), made contact with a small isolated tribe in the northern state of Pará, Brazil. The western missionaries tried to coax the tribespeople into interactions by offering them “gifts” in hopes of eventually convincing them to accept the word of Christ. By 1991, 45 members of the tribe had died of imported diseases like malaria, leaving their numbers at a dismal 133 people. It took intervention from the Brazilian government to force the New Tribes Mission to cease contact and withdraw from the area.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/13/2022: Why is there an epidemic of the RSV virus during the Spring of 2022? This is being blamed on an “immunity gap” due to lockdowns, which means that the vulnerable age group, infants under a year old, did not get exposure in 2020 or 2021 so now in 2022 there are a greater number of vulnerable young children. This is certainly a factor, and as mothers and Kindergarten teachers know the first year of school for a child is one where they play catch-up and seem almost constantly sick when they are exposed to so many germs for the first time.  

Lockdowns are lifting, mask mandates have eased, and childhood play-dates have undoubtedly returned. But if this were the sole factor, then the RSV cases should have shown a gradual increase in the very young, a cumulative effect, rather than a dramatic spike in the Fall of 2022. It is the push by Pfizer in 2022 to push their vaccines onto the very young as a means of maintaining their exorbitant profits that is not being taken into the equations. Just as the mRNA vax is destroying the immune systems of adults, it is no less devastating to infants and toddlers. 

Per the Zetas the establishment pushed the vax as part of a campaign to keep the populace locked in their houses and off the streets. They feared an eminent awareness of Nibiru in the skies would cause panic and riot. Pushing the vax was part of the fear campaign, even after the death and injury from the vax surpassed any that the Covid-19 flu was causing. But little by little resistance to the lockdown and passport demands is emerging.

Premier Danielle Smith Apologises
October 28, 2022
Alberta, Canada, becomes the world's first government to formally apologize for violating the civil rights of unvaccinated people.Today, Premier Danielle Smith apologized for harming unvaccinated workers' rights. She offered them their jobs back and said discussions are underway about dismissing all lockdown prosecutions.
Three Police Forces had Doubts about Use of Emergencies Act
October 25, 2022
A growing body of evidence from police forces, presented to the inquiry, that challenges the federal government’s argument that the act was needed to end more than three weeks of protests that threw the country’s capital into chaos, upended daily life, and subjected residents and businesses to uncontrolled and at times dangerous protests.
Blue State Supreme Court Delivers Massive Victory for Terminated Unvaccinated Employees
October 26, 2022
The city of New York fired employees who refused to be vaccinated for COVID, but the New York Supreme Court ruled that the city had to rehire and pay back wages to the employees fired over the vaccine mandate.
Chinese Cities Cancel Mass Covid Tests in Easing of Measures
November 26, 2022
Multiple Chinese cities have cancelled routine mass Covid tests this week, days after Beijing announced limited relaxations of its strict zero-Covid policy which raised hopes of China’s eventual reopening.

ZetaTalk Opinion 11/30/2020: We stated that the European lockdowns were due to worry about riots after Nibiru is admitted - the public angry that they have been lied to for many years. While Europe is in a draconian lockdown, exaggerating the Covid-19 deaths, and while Democrat States in the US likewise exaggerated the Covid-19 risk prior to the 2020 election to force the use of mail-in ballots, the rest of the world did not adopt this mode. Europe is concerned that during the chaos that might ensue after Nibiru is admitted or the European tsunami strikes, that ISIS sleeper cells will attempt to take control of Europe.  In the US, as predicted by many, the lockdown craze has eased as soon as the November 3 election passed. President Trump was not responsible for the lockdown craze in the US, which was always a press by the Democrat States. 

Stew Peters just provided a new hour long video called Dies Suddenly, with lots of testimonials, evidence from embalmers finding clots and heart attacks in the young, pilots and bus drivers suddenly dying while on the job, and the huge increase in still born or aborted babies. The spike protein causes an increasingly depressed immune system, similar to AIDS. This of course ties into the depopulation agenda of the elite, who want the population small enough and weak enough to be able to control in the future.

Died Suddenly
November 22, 2022
World Premiere: Died Suddenly.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/31/2022: The Pfizer mRNA vaccine is implicated in sudden heart attacks in healthy young people, massive clotting seen by morticians, triggering abortions even in healthy full term pregnancies by shriveling the placenta, AIDS caused by depressed and exhausted immune systems, and autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barre. But this information does not appear in the Main Stream Media.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/30/2021: There were concerns that the spike protein designed to induce an immune reaction against Covid-19 in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, had similarities to syncytin-1, a natural human protein required for placenta health. These concerns were dismissed by Pfizer, but now that millions have been vaccinated over this past month, spontaneous abortions among women with healthy pregnancies are rising. These abortions, and other fertility abnormalities such as menstrual irregularities and lactation reduction, have occurred even among those not vaccinated, but in near proximity to the vaccinated.

Much is made by the Democrat Trump bashers about Trump’s roll in implementing the rollout of the Covid-19 vax. President Trump recommended HCQ. Doctor Zelenko in New York City found HCQ, in combination with Zinc and Azithromycin, an antibiotic, to be 100% effective. Out of 350 patients, no hospitalizations or intubations. Studies all over the world showed HCQ highly effective. President Trump took HCQ for 14 days to show it was safe, and then placed a massive order for HCQ from India for the US.

President Trump was also concerned that the impact of job loss, depression, and drug and alcohol use would be more harmful than any vax. At that time, in early 2020, the harmful effects of the vax were not known. Many countries began vaccine production. Sputnik in Russia was considered the best, though Iran and China also went into production. In the US it was Pfizer and Moderna and Astro-Zeneca. Dr. Fauci, the claimed expert, discounted HCQ and preferred another anti-viral – Remdesivir. This was the status when President Trump lost the White House due to the 2020 election.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2021: We detailed President Trump's position on the vaccine last June. He was aware that there were side effects from the mRNA vaccines, but understood they would be temporary and fade with time. He considered the suicides and increase in drug and alcohol abuse that would arise from draconian lockdowns in the US to be the greater danger. Now that herd immunity has been established worldwide, what is the harm in espousing the vaccines?  Those who have refused the vax will continue to do so. And those who have already gotten a vaccination will likely not go for more. Why is President Trump espousing the vax at this time? As is known the Junta wants to reinstate President Trump but fears civil war. The Junta and President Trump are taking any steps they can to minimize differences between the current Biden Administration and what a reinstated Trump Administration would present. Then President Trump can tweak the rules.

Light Towers

Like a high-powered beam of light, Light Towers have appeared since Nibiru arrived and began wobbling the Earth back and forth daily. The Plate Movement stretches rock layers so trapped rotting vegetation releases methane, which rises while it burns. These Light Towers have been evident since 2008 in Siberia near the Ural Mountains, and in Belgorod Russia in 2022.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2022: These yellow towers of light are appearing in Russian cities that border Europe but are not yet appearing in the Eastern half of Russia. Eurasia is being pulled apart and releasing Methane towers. Eurasia is in a stretch from the West coast of the UK through to the East coast of China, and more is to follow.

The USA has had Light Towers too, as a collage of photos from 2015 shows. The ZetaTalk Followers  site has recent examples from West Texas and Alberta, Canada.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/22/2015: A light tower of burning methane burns directly upward as methane is lighter than air and rises quickly in the atmosphere. Released by shifting rock or rock layers under a stretch during plate movements, in most cases this methane whooshes upward and disburses.