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Issue 378, Sunday December 29, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Wobble Obvious

The Figure 8 of the daily Earth wobble is showing up in a rather obvious manner on the quake map page provided by the Global Incident Map site for December 8, 2013. During the polar push when the Sun is over New Zealand, the N Pole of Earth is pushed away, giving eastern Russia, the Kamchatka region, a clearly colder climate than the N American coast at the same latitude, or further west into central Russia at the same latitude.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/21/2007: Planet X has turned in place so that it is now pointing its N Pole out toward Earth. The wobble has consequently become more severe because the interaction between Planet X and the Earth is driven by a N Pole push. Each day, when the Earth's magnetic N Pole comes over the horizon so that it is facing the Sun and the bully magnet Planet X, the Earth receives a shove from Planet X, pushing her magnetic N Pole away.

Then the Figure 8 swings the N Pole first to the right and then to the left, causing the globe to lean in this or that direction. In the lean to the right, the region of central Russia is getting more Sun, as can be seen from the lack of snow. Yet land to the east and to the west is covered by snow. Moving west for the Figure 8 lean when the Sun is high over Italy, one sees the same warmer temps in eastern Europe and Sweden. Yet the coast of Norway on the same latitude does not enjoy that. The final leg of the Figure 8 wobble occurs when the Sun is high over the Americas. This is the bounce back, recovery from the polar push. Here the N American continent gets more Sun than expected, and Alaska and western Canada are virtually roasting in the heat! Yet eastern Canada has snow and cold at the same latitude.

Setting aside the influence of oceans on coastal temps, look at what is happening in the center of large land masses! There’s your proof.  The wobble has become so very obvious, an issue covered in recent newsletters such as Issue 372 on November 17, 2013 and Issue 359 on August 18, 2013 and Issue 357 on August 4, 2013 and Issue 343 on April 28, 2013.

Planet X Surprise

One of the personas of Planet X or its Moon Swirls is the Monster Persona, wherein light from the object, spreading in all directions, is bent back by gravity toward the Earth. The resulting pale orb, seen from Earth, does not represent the true size of the object, but merely the periphery where light rays are being bent toward the eye or camera. On November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s SOHO and Stereo images to watch the dramatic swing of ISON around the Sun, a Monster Persona of Planet X itself appeared in the Stereo Ahead red and blue images.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: What is the Stereo Ahead satellite seeing on November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s satellite images, looking for comet ISON? All eyes were on ISON, and no one, including NASA, knew what to expect. Images were rolled forward to the eager public, escaping the usual scrutiny for signs of Planet X, which have in any case escaped the editing process and given the public dramatic proof of Planet X from time to time. The Stereo Ahead image made it to public view, perhaps because someone checking the image was confused and thought it might be ISON. Once being circulated on the Internet and in the forums, it was too late to retract it. A rare capture of Planet X by the NASA satellites during the excitement of the ISON watch.

Evidence of the presence of Planet X in the NASA satellite images is hard to come by, as there has been an official cover-up over its presence and NASA has regularly airbrushed evidence from the images provided by SOHO or Stereo. Still, due to the vast tail of Planet X which wafts about and is full of debris and the Moon Swirls of Planet X, evidence of the tail can be collected almost daily, as this Pole Shift ning blog shows.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: To understand the scene, the public must be aware that since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system and blocked the path of the Earth, halting its orbit, NASA has altered its images. At first they were taken by surprise by the blocked orbit, thus comets came early in the Spring of 2004. The halted orbit was denied by NASA, as to admit it would have required a discussion about Planet X and the alien presence, both issues which were being denied by the US government. NASA first began by airbrushing any evidence of Planet X out of the scene on SOHO and Stereo images. Since Planet X appeared in the same region of the images day after day, this was most often done by a cut and paste. The edit lines caused by this operation can easily be seen. Then NASA found it necessary to paint in background stars and passing planets. What was left? The solar activity and occasional evidence of the Planet X complex that slipped by the intensive editing process were the only real items on this made-for-the-public NASA movie process.

Where are the Stereo satellites positioned, vs a vs the Earth and Planet X, that they captured this Monster Persona of Planet X? The Stereo satellites were released to float in opposite directions on either side of the Earth, moved steadily by measured propulsion into these locations. At first, close to the Earth but increasingly at a greater distance from the Earth in their shared orbit. In the diagrams NASA presents, they show the Earth centered between the Stereo cameras, but due to the halted orbit of Earth, which has been pushed back into the August position, this is not real. As with the SOHO images, background planets are painted in, but Planet X can sneak into the images. This happened in 2010, when Planet X was caught on both the Stereo Ahead and Behind images, simultaneously. Since 2010, the Stereo satellites have progressed along their orbit path.

What was the view from the Stereo Ahead camera on November 28, 2013? Earth was pushed back in her orbit. Planet X is doing the pushing, coming at Earth in its retrograde orbit, and thus is to the right of the Earth and directly in the field of view of the Stereo Ahead camera.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: What is appearing in the Stereo Ahead image is a monster persona of Planet X itself. The Sun is to the right, so close to the line of view that a CME is showing up at the bottom of the image. The image is a 2D image, and thus one cannot tell from the image the distance between objects, unless they appear in front of one another.

Satellite Battles

Is the Council of Worlds battling with Russia and China and Brazil, preventing the launch of Earth viewing satellites to be used for the benefit of the elite? It would certainly seem so. In 2011 the Russian Telekom-3 communication satellite aborted at liftoff and in 2013 the Russian Glonass GPS satellite flamed out dramatically at liftoff. Per the Zetas, this was a message from the Council of Worlds.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/6/2013: This is not the first time that Russian satellites have been disabled upon launch, an obvious warning to the Russian establishment to cease and desist. Their stated intentions do not reflect their real intentions, which are to spy on drowning migrants heading toward Russian territory in the future. The Russians are not clumsy, but in fact technological wizards, having launched Sputnik ahead of the US in the race to space. It was a message! During the severe flooding that will occur during the Last Weeks and Pole Shift, bombing those desperate to escape is a misuse of authority.

Yet the UrtheCast satellite was allowed to launch, successfully. Per the Zetas, UrtheCast is being made available to the common man as well as the elite, and thus was allowed.

Watch Earth Spin From Your Browser
November 25, 2013
For free, Internet users will log on to anytime to see the beauty of the big blue ball we live on. The crisp resolution will let them see not only the Earth -- with all the accompanying weather patterns and seasonal changes -- but moving vehicles, large crowds, boats and buildings. UrtheCast will share the data with their Russian partners, who in the meantime get a payload of positive publicity for their space program.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/3/2013: Having been warned that access for the elite, and the elite only, would not be allowed to succeed, the Russians had a backup plan. They would install a view of Earth on the ISS, paid for by Mother Russia, to be made available to all of mankind free of charge. For every benefit to the elite, who wish to block migrants to their enclaves or government operations, there is equal benefit to the common man, who would be able to assess the flooding in their paths, assess the weather to gauge any violent storms that would capsize their boats, and determine volcanic activity that would bury them in ash. Thus, this time, the Russians have a winner!

Now, in a seeming Déjà vu, China and Brazil are having the same sort of launch problem on another Earth viewing satellite. This one, the CBERS3 satellite, purported to provide Earth viewing imagery to the public, but per the Zetas this was deceptive. Old or errant images were going to replace current or accurate views, to misinform desperate migrates. Oops, another launch failure!

Chinese Rocket Failure Destroys Earth-Observation Satellite
December 9, 2013
CBERS 3 was the fourth China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite launched since 1999. Its three predecessors are no longer functioning. China and Brazil started cooperating in Earth observation programs in 1988. Brazil uses CBERS data to monitor wildfires and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, observe crop yields and trends in land use, manage water resources, and study urban development. Like its Landsat counterpart in the United States, the CBERS project distributes imagery for free on the Internet.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/14/2013: China is historically expert at launching satellites, even successfully launching a lunar probe. Though touted as an Earth observing satellite, with images available to the public, as with Russia’s failed launches in the past the main use of CBERS3 was to serve the elite.  The public was to be misled, if necessary, with older images being provided so that current changes were disguised. Thus if drowning migrants from the Caribbean were trying to pass through the Amazon basin to southern Brazil, extensive flooding of the Amazon would be disguised to mislead migration.

Media Battles

Just ahead of the announcement, both Russia and China seem to be making media outreach changes. Could this be related? Russia suddenly reorganized its state-owned news channel RIA Novosti into a state-owned news channel Russia Today, citing cost savings. Per the Zetas, this has nothing to do with cost savings and everything to do with media control after the announcement.

Russian News Agency RIA Novosti Closed Down
December 9, 2013
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has abolished the country's state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.
In a surprise decree published on the Kremlin's website on Monday, Mr Putin announced it would be replaced by a news agency called Russia Today. The new agency will be headed by journalist and keen Kremlin supporter Dmitry Kiselev.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/14/2013: Clearly announcement related, the openness and debate formerly allowed on RIA Novosti is being blocked for a more controlled news outlet on Russia Today. Rioting can be controlled by the military or police. But more than rioting can erupt if the public feels their needs are not being taken into consideration. Rebellion, within Russia, can be fomented. An open forum such as RIA Novosti had been would support debate where both sides could be heard. Russia Today will speak with a single voice.

Similarly, China is tightening its grip, refusing to renew visas that come due this December.

China’s Strong-Arm Tactics Toward U.S. Media Merit a Response
December 8, 2013
China’s rulers fear that the free flow of information would undermine their grip. The Times and Bloomberg have nearly two dozen journalists whose visas are up for renewal by the end of the month, and they may be forced to leave if the visas are not granted.

Rioting Triggers

Riots can have many tipping points, but usually there is an underlying smoldering issue as a cause. For Turkey, it was the tendency of the new Prime Minister to push Islam on a democracy. When a public park was demolished to build a mosque, riots broke out. For the Ukraine, it is dissention among the public divided in support of Yanukovych’s allegiance with Russia and pulling toward the EU.

Protests in Turkey
June 3, 2013
An undercurrent of explosive anger at the government of Turkey found a fuse on May 31 as a protest over the demolition of a public park in Istanbul quickly spread to other cities and encompassed simmering passions on broader issues in Turkish political life.
Ukraine Protests: it is Time to Go, Opposition Leaders tell President
December 2, 2013
Parts of Kiev remained under the control of throngs of anti-government protesters. Police have deserted the centre of the city. Yanukovych was blindsided by the ferocity of the protests against his decision to turn away from an integration pact with the EU in favour of improved relations with Russia.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/1/2013: The Ukraine is on the edge where some of its land will be above the waves, but all to the east in Russia will be flooded. Russia does not want Europeans bridging over to Kazakhstan, which will already be burdened with migrates from Russia. Negotiations are thus in process!

In Asia, recent rioting in Thailand is claimed to have at its base corruption among its leaders, though Thailand, especially Bangkok, has been afflicted with sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements. The anxiety caused by the subconscious realization that the elite have their options during such sinking, while the common man is blocked, is behind this unease. A case in point is the rare case of rioting recently in Singapore, where the laws are so strict in this regard that several years in prison can result. Workers from India were rioting. India of course is steadily sinking, and the worse yet to come.

Thai Protesters Seize Several More Ministries
November 26, 2013
The public protests erupted last month over a government-backed bill that could have granted amnesty to the current premier’s brother, ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawat.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2013: What will happen in Asia? India considers itself a stable government, but when running from flooding lands the desperate will riot as they have no other option. Southeast Asia will find the common man impatient to get the same rescue as the elite, when pushed out of their homes and livelihood by the rising seas. In times of plenty, where life does not seem to change from one generation to another, acceptance of the status quo prevails. But when the elite are being protected by the military and are compensated for their losses, rage will develop.

Worst Riots in Singapore for 40 Years
December 9, 2013
Hundreds of foreign workers set fire to cars and clashed with police during a riot in Singapore tonight.
The disorder, which is rare in the city state, broke out in Singapore's Little India district after an Indian worker was reportedly hit and killed by a bus. Incidents like this are rare in Singapore, which has tough laws on rioting that carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison and possible caning.

Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin is a recent phenomenon wherein funds are converted from one currency to another, and passed via the Internet. A virtual bank, its popularity has increased because there is no apparent physical location where the funds can become entangled and no way for the tax man to easily trace the funds. On the flip side, it’s virtual money, and thus can disappear along with the Internet.

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer electronic money and payment network introduced in 2009 by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto".Bitcoins are increasingly used as payment for legitimate products and services, and merchants have an incentive to accept the currency because transaction fees are lower than the 2 to 3% typically imposed by credit card processors. Some have suggested that Bitcoin is gaining popularity in countries with problem-plagued national currencies, as it can be used to circumvent inflation, capital controls, and international sanctions.

The Zetas have predicted the world will shift to the barter system as the Pole Shift approaches. How are Bitcoins different? They still represent a form of money, a medium of exchange, but have several points where they are strikingly different from traditional banking. Bitcoin will not outlast the Internet, which will falter during the Pole Shift and essentially disappear. But Bitcoin is a step closer to the barter system than traditional banking. Per the Zetas, there are three reasons for bank failure as the Pole Shift approaches. How does Bitcoin compare?  

ZetaTalk Comment 12/7/2013: First, the level of bankruptcies creates instability. The entire banking system is a parasite on the flow of goods and services, as bankers collect salaries. A rising tide of bankruptcies stops the cash flow, especially when the bankrupt collateral cannot be sold due to damage or economic collapse.  Second, cooperation and friendly extensions between countries and banking entities ceases, as all are desperate to survive. This increases the rate of bank failure until only the strongest survive. Third, the barter system will thrive. Banks become more particular about loaning funds, worried about repayment, so the populace starts to look outside of the banks. In all of this, where does Bitcoin fall? This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously. As long as the Internet functions, Bitcoin is likely to do so also.