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Issue 708, Sunday April 26, 2020
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10 Days of Darkness

The Secret War to take down the Satanists breaks into the public view on occasion, as when the Notre Dame Cathedral was torched or when nuke sniffer planes flew around NYC or over Denver, or a missile  being shot skyward from Whidbey Island when President Trump was supposed to be flying overhead. Then there are the multiple coup attempts to displace President Trump and replace him with Pelosi, the third in line. Treason was the primary reason Obama, Hillary, McCain, Pelosi and Schiff were executed, though the truth of all this and the associated Moloch child sacrifice has been kept from the public.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2019: Is there a relationship between the crackdown on the traffic in human babies for Moloch worship and the sudden push for late term abortions in New York and Virginia states? Another nexus is the connection to Democratic personalities such as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, who both promoted John of God. Hillary and Podesta were solidly connected to the Spirit Cooking of the Moloch worshiping crowd. Though such personalities are prosecuted by the Tribunals, they are allowed limited public appearances under guard as Trump’s Junta deems the extent of their crimes too shocking for the public to digest. The prosecution of those involved in human trafficking is in process, despite the support it got from the rich and politically powerful.

The Tribunals in operation since the start of 2019, under the authority of President Trump’s Executive Order, have made steady progress on both fronts. Satanism and Moloch child sacrifice are embedded in European royalty and the Bush/Clinton Cabal in the US. The Deep State and most of the media are owned and complicit. Tribunals have resulted in the execution of numerous politicians, celebrities, and individuals of wealth and influence. All of this is carefully kept from the public too, with Q explaining that the hospitals would not be able to accommodate all the heart attacks were the truth to be known.    

The Moloch practice of rape to terrify young children, and the harvesting of the resulting Adrenochrome to give the Satanists a high, is of course hidden, but did emerge in 2018 when a rape camp was discovered along I-19 in Arizona. Thus the traffic in the tens of thousands of young children required has been driven into Deep Underground Military Bases, or DUMBS. The Zetas confirmed that these tunnels exist and have and are being used to traffic children. Surveillance is difficult due to the cooperation of Deep State participants, who warn the traffickers. How then to catch them in the act? 

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2020: Rumors continue to emerge about caged children held for Satanic rituals in underground facilities in the US, some of them on former military bases or DUMBs. It is certainly true that the child sex trade desires storage of small children where they would not be discovered. The discovery of the rape camp near I-19 shows what happens when their practices are above ground and in the open. From the Bush administration to the Clinton administration, the Cabal was able to facilitate using the US Military for their ends, and sleeper cells remained. This cleanup progresses, but does not include nuclear explosions, though collapsing the DUMB does require explosions. The current war being waged against the Satanists is a silent war, with the execution of major players such as Cummings and even the Queen being denied by the use of doubles or claims of a natural death. The public is only told a small part of the story.

On November 5, 2017 Q posted an enigma, which is not unusual for the enigmatic Q. He stated “Disinformation exists and is necessary. 10 Days. Darnkess. War. Good vs Evil.” This soon became known as the 10 Days of Darkness puzzle, though Q did not specifically say that darkness would last 10 days. Notably, the word Darkness was misspelled, being “Darnkess”. The dots were connected on this clue when an Anon discovered a book about sex abuse and rescue just before Easter. The book was titled 3 Days of Darkness but the title page was misprinted. It said “Darnkess”. The Zetas explain.

BREAKING! 35,000 kids rescued from captivity in New York, California, Florida, Washington
April 3, 2020
Pentagon 1 confirms children continue to be rescued in locations that include New York, California, Florida, Washington, and the numbers have seen a dramatic increase. Pentagon 1 said the number increased from some 3,000 children to 35,000 and advised there is “more coming”. The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is currently assisting the U.S. Military with actionable intelligence and will continue to report developments.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/30/2020: Q described a game theory in one of his earliest posts - #97 – in 2017. The enigmatic Q was known for puzzles and speaking in code, so his reference to what is taken to be 10 Days of Darkness actually includes a misspelled word. “Darnkess” is a misspell found in a book about sex abuse of children – 3 Days of Darkness - and their rescue going into Easter. Connecting the dots, Qanons have speculated that the time is now, 2020, with the start on April Fool’s Day and the ending on Good Friday.

Due to the pandemic, the hospital ships Comfort and Mercy have been deployed and temporary hospitals have been erected in New York City and elsewhere. It is being speculated that this effort is to comfort children brought from the tunnels. Because of the social isolation orders, there would be few citizens to witness such an effort. It would be under cover of Darkness, thus. We have confirmed that underground bases and tunnels exist, and have and are being used to supply young children to the pedophile and Moloch worshiping Satanists.

Those involved in the child sex traffic cease operation if they think they are being observed. The “Darkness” Q referred to is not due to a lack of sunlight or an Internet outage, it was that surveillance would cease. The network assumes they are free to operate, and thus are identified. Yes, “Darnkess” was a deliberate misspell on Q’s part. Yes, the lock down orders in many parts of the country are allowing the US Military to expedite the rescue of small children being rushed through the tunnels.  Were it not for the Covid-19 virus, this operation would have been done with more stealth until the public is deemed able to process the information without undue distress.

And the beat goes on. New apparent Doubles have emerged among the Satanists. The Spirit Cooking queen - Marina Abramovic - has been switched as of March 2020, as has suspected pedophile Tom Hanks who was closeted in Australia due to a reported Covid-19 infection this past month.

New Madrid Reminder

The Zetas have warned that the New Madrid adjustment is close, and will happen before the end of 2020, before the time in January 2021 when the establishment can no longer deny the presence of Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Timeline 3/5/2019: Is there such a worldwide program that has a deadline of 2021? Every country has one. They have been told, via face-to-face meetings between heads of state, that this is the year when Nibiru will be close enough that denial is no longer feasible. What programs are being put into place? As Nancy has noted, Russia and China have firm plans. The US will be dealing with the New Madrid by then, and fully into Martial Law programs with FEMA.

Thus the Zetas seem to be giving warnings via UFO displays during the month of April. Displays were presented in two places along the St. Lawrence Seaway – Detroit and Cleveland - which will spread and slosh during the adjustment. A display also was presented to Mexico, the tip of the N American Continent bow, where a release of tension in the bow will result in a lurch there too. This all coincided with a release of CO in western Kansas, where heaving ground due to the New Madrid pressure had occurred in recent months.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/30/2020: We have detailed the degree to which the St. Lawrence Seaway and the states running along south of the Seaway will participate during the New Madrid adjustment. The Seaway is already ripping open all the way to the Black Hills, and will do so again, though not to the degree anticipated for the Pole Shift adjustment. The New Madrid Fault Line turns toward the East when it reaches the Chicago area, and runs along under the Seaway all the way to the New England region. Thus Detroit and Cleveland will both be affected when the big New Madrid adjustment occurs.  

The Detroit UFO display shows an expanding line, moving at both ends of the display. Detroit already has a persistent hum, as it is ripping apart along the course of the river between the Great Lakes on either side – Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Cleveland is directly on the Seaway, and will find sloshing water from the widening Seaway to be a rapidly diminishing problem. Thus the UFO display in Cleveland seems to disappear. Do these displays, coming at this time, mean the New Madrid rip is close at hand? Yes.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/30/2020: As we have repeatedly explained, during the pending New Madrid adjustment, that portion of the US lying to the East of the Fault Line will move toward the NE while that portion of the US lying to the West of the Fault Line will remain in place. Mexico is at the tip of the bow formed by the N American Continent. When the tension in the bow is released, as the Fault Line rips, there will be an adjustment in Mexico too.

Those parts of Mexico to the East of the bow line, and along the Gulf, will ease and slide toward the North. This Mexico adjustment is clearly shown in the UFO display, as the UFO line is at first conjoined, then separated, then the right side (East) moves up (North) while the left side (West) moves down (South). Crevasses along the line of adjustment might appear, not an unusual occurrence in Mexico due to the bowing tension it endures.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/30/2020: A massive release of CO has occurred before in the N American Continent, because of the bow stress associated with the forthcoming New Madrid adjustment. In 2016 a CO release 180 times normal occurred over the West Coast due to subduction of the Pacific Plate under the N American Plate. Due to the lack of oxygen underground, CO accompanies the methane gas released when rock layers slip apart and release gasses from rotting vegetation. Note that the CO release in western Kansas occurs along a line paralleling the New Madrid Fault Line. This release is also to the West of the Ozarks, along a line where the hard rock under the Ozarks ends. The New Madrid Fault Line will soon rupture. 

Earth Wobble Influence

The Daily Earth Wobble whips the top of the globe to the East and then to the West, exacerbating the African Roll. This has caused explosions in Nigeria recently. Nigeria is the pinch point in Africa, where the roll causes compression between the top portion of Africa (which is moving East) and the bottom leg of Africa (which is nailed to Antarctica). Where the explosions puzzled Nigerians, since it had no relationship to gas lines or meteors, it has a simple explanation. It is the African roll pinch. The Daily Earth Wobble lean to the East and West also whips the winds, causing the Coriolis Effect winds to be misplaced over southeastern Europe.

Meteor or Bomb? Explosion Destroys over 100 Houses in Akure
March 28, 2020
Over 100 buildings, school, churches were destroyed by an explosion in Akure, the Ondo State capital. While many attributed it to bomb explosion, others said it must have been a meteor fragment from outer space that hit the earth with devastating effects. There was a similar explosion at Abule Ado in Lagos recently. There is no oil pipeline close to the Eleyowo village where the explosion happened.
Explosion Rocks Akure, 100 Buildings Allegedly Affected
March 28, 2020
According to residents of the community affected, the blast which occurred in the early hours of March 28, cut off the ever busy Akure /Owo road while many people were said to have been injured.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/30/2020: We have addressed the pinch that Nigeria sustains as the Africa Roll progresses. As the top part of the Africa Plate rolls toward the East, the tip is anchored at Antarctica. This causes a pinch, or collapse, at Nigeria. This pinch emerged in 2017 when Nigeria had excessive earthquakes. Rock forced into a bend will explode outward. This explosion on Akure, at the heart of the pinch, was not caused by a meteor as there wasn’t any scream or roar during entry, nor any bright lights in the sky in the dead of night. Was this a sneaker meteor? It was the African Roll pinch, exploding.  

Zagreb's Air is still Bad, there is still Desert Sand
March 28, 2020
According to data from the Swiss site IQ Air, which compares air quality in the world, this morning at 8 am, Zagreb was ranked fifth in the world rankings for air pollution. This is a slightly better situation than yesterday afternoon when Zagreb was at one point the first in the world to be contaminated by the high concentration of desert sand particles that reached Croatia from the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan yesterday.
Trade Winds
The trade winds or easterlies are the permanent east-to-west prevailing winds that flow in the Earth's equatorial region (between 30°N and 30°S latitudes). The trade winds blow predominantly from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere and from the southeast in the Southern Hemisphere, strengthening during the winter and when the Arctic oscillation is in its warm phase.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2020: In general, the winds in the Northern Hemisphere roll West to East, pushed by the rotating globe to curl clockwise in the Coriolis Effect. Thus the prevailing Westerlies roll across the US and assault the coastlines of Europe. So why would Southern Europe be getting dust drifting over from the Kara-Kum Desert of Turkmenistan? This would be a prevailing Easterly wind, blowing East to West. Where the Trade Winds returning air to the Equator do sustain an East to West direction, they are found much closer to the Equator, within a belt 30 degrees from the Equator.

That portion of Southern Europe finding itself bombarded with dust from Kara-Kum is being pulled into a Southerly lean by the Daily Earth Wobble, which has in the past done a slight lean to the East when the Sun is above India, switching to a slight lean to the West as the mid-day Sun moves over Italy. What these leans do is pull that part of the globe facing the Sun to drop closer into the atmosphere that had formerly been closer to the Equator. By slinging to the West after slinging to the East, Southern Europe is in effect double dipping into the dust storms of Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Where Nibiru causes the Daily Earth Wobble, it also impacts the normal flow of gravity particles in and out of Mother Earth, our own beloved gravity sink. The Zetas have explained that the Auroras are not caused by a flux in magnetic particles, but by gravity flowing in and out of the poles, thus bending light rays. Thus, the puzzle over “STEVE” - horizontal Auroras in the lower latitudes - has a simple explanation. Once again, it is the nearby presence of Nibiru, which the cover-up will not allow the media to mention.

A new Aurora? Researchers say 'the Dunes' aren't like the Usual Lights in the Sky
October 7, 2018
In October 2018, several aurora enthusiasts who regularly photograph the shimmering lights noticed something unusual. Where the lights of regular auroras are typically arranged vertically to create a rippling, curtain-like effect, the skywatchers instead saw luminous green arcs structured horizontally and extending hundreds of miles toward the horizon. In addition to their horizontal alignment, the lights appeared to undulate like a wave in the night sky.
Mysterious Ribbons of Light Dubbed 'Steve' are Not Auroras
August 20, 2018
STEVE was initially given its name in honor of the 2006 film Over the Hedge, and the title was later accepted in the scientific community as a ‘backronym,’ standing for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2020: Early in the ZetaTalk saga we explained that Auroras were caused by light rays being bent by the Earth’s Gravity Field. Where gravity particle flows have many aspects poorly understood by mankind, such as the Repulsion Force where accumulated gravity particles explode outward from a gravity sink, a Gravity Field emerges at the poles and returns at the Equator. Mankind’s probes have established this Gravity Field shape, modeled as a potato shape for the Earth, but mankind clings to the notion that Auroras are caused by magnetons emerging or returning to the poles.

In 2006 a new Aurora phenomenon emerged  - a skyglow near the Equator which was dubbed STEVE. While theories and speculation abounded, mankind remained tangled up in confusion because they could not switch from the magnetic theory to our gravity explanation. How could the large gravity sink represented by Nibiru, which is 23 times as massive as the Earth, cause increased skyglow? As is well known, light rays bend easily, as anyone looking at their feet while standing in water knows. Prisms are another such proof.

When two gravity sinks are in the same vicinity, a dance ensues. A single gravity sink dominates to form a single Gravity Field. This is a complicated symphony where the repetitive Repulsion Force is a drum beat but the steady flow of gravity particles downward toward the center of the gravity sink is a lilting soprano. Amidst this is a throbbing chorus of gravity particles flowing into and out of the center of the gravity sink. While still afar, the Gravity Field of Nibiru is interfering with Earth’s Gravity Field, creating discord.

If Auroras at the poles are light rays flowing with emerging gravity particles then what is the STEVE skyglow? Just as the Earth has lower and upper atmosphere levels, a Gravity Field likewise has levels of intensity. We stated that Nibiru is creating conflicting directives. The gravity particle flow normally involved with the Earth symphony is now being diverted, such that the particles returning to Earth’s center linger at the Earth’s gravity troposphere, undulating. Where the gravity particles linger, they bend light rays, which also appear to undulate. Thus this new phenomenon, still being called an Aurora.