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Issue 610, Sunday June 10, 2018
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Dark Twin Distance

Photos of the Earth’s Dark Twin show that unless presenting as a Monster Persona, the Dark Twin appears to be far away. But how close is it in reality? The Monster Persona, as detailed in Issue 579 of this Newsletter last November, is not the true size, as it is represented by light rays that have gone out into space, then been turned back toward Earth by the gravity of Earth. Monster Personas of the looming Venus and of Nibiru have also been captured on film.  Normally positioned exactly behind the Sun, on the opposite side from the Earth, the Dark Twin was known by the ancients, by various titles.

Recently images captured from the ISS live feed on May 23 have been documented by Mr MBB333. The Dark Twin appears, and Mr MBB333 ponders if it is the Earth’s Moon. The captures occur when the ISS is on the bright side of the Earth, over the tip of S America and around 10:30 am Mountain Time. In that images captured in the Southern Hemisphere are essentially upside down, the Sun shadow on the right hand side of the Dark Twin in the images equates to a Sun shadow on the left hand side in the Northern Hemisphere. The Dark Twin, as is known, is approaching the Earth from the West in their shared orbit. The colors match a naked eye report on May 25 from Michigan at 11:22 pm.

Looking Northwest from Central Michigan. Earth's Dark Twin appeared as bright Red-blue planet/star setting rapidly to the West. I was able to get off a few shots before it quickly disappeared beyond the horizon. Time was 11:22pm

Another capture of the Dark Twin from the ISS on June 2 shows this rapid descent to the horizon when the ISS is located further to the North and West over the Pacific. The camera is looking toward Azimuth 212, toward the West. Here the Sun is shining on the Dark Twin from the right, the correct side from the Northern Hemisphere or when close to the Equator. The globe is also approaching dusk, where the ISS is located. The size of the Dark Twin in all these ISS images is the correct size, not a Monster Persona.

Comparing the size and appearance of the Moon to what Mr MBB333 captured, one can certainly see the difference. The Dark Twin is Earth sized, thus their sharing of the same orbit, balanced on either side of the Sun under normal conditions. Kojima of the Pole Shift ning has computed the distance of the Dark Twin in these recent ISS image captures, as the Earth’s size is known, the Dark Twin’s size is known, the Moon’s size is known, and the Moon’s distance from the Earth is known. Using the curvature of the Earth in the images, Kojima computes the Dark Twin to be 12 Earth diameters distances away. That’s close!

Earth in the picture: zoom-out, x1/5,15.6 cm (diameter): 78 cm
Dark Twin in the picture: zoom-in, x10, 2 cm (diameter): 0.2 cm
Thus the apparent size ratio viewed from ISS is,
Earth (390) vs Dark Twin (1).
Per the Zetas, the Dark Twin is approximately the same size as the Earth.
So the distance ratio from ISS is,
ISS-Earth (1) vs ISS-Dark Twin (390).
ISS orbital altitude (ISS-Earth): ca 400 km, thus
ISS-Dark Twin: 400 km x 390 = 156,000 km.
Diameter of Earth: 12,752 km (156/12.8 = 12.2)
The gap between Earth and Dark Twin is 156,000 km, which corresponds to approximately 12 earth.

I-19 Rape Camp

A disturbing discovery off I-19 south of Tucson, AZ was reported on June 5, first in the alternative media and then gradually in some of the main stream media. This was apparently a holding site for small children, with restraints described as rape trees, condoms, porn, and children’s toys and clothing. At present it appeared to be a deserted camp, across the highway from a suburb. This was discovered by chance by Veterans on Patrol (VOP). But the camp is located along I-19 which leads from Tucson to Mexico, so could logically be a holding area for children being sold to pedophiles or worse.

Homeless Camp or Child Trafficking Den?
June 1, 2018
Veterans on Patrol said they followed a solar light, and in the middle of a heavily wooded area by the Santa Cruz River, they saw the camp. Straps tied to trees were used as restraints. News 4 Tucson toured the site with Veterans on Patrol and noticed structures in the camp were tied together using similar straps that they described as restraints. The area used where they claim the children may have been kept could also have been used as shelter to get out of the heat or place to sleep.

Vigilante Group Claims they have Uncovered a 'Child Sex Trafficking Camp'
June 5, 2018
A vigilante group claim to have discovered a child sex trafficking camp with an underground bunker, a so-called 'rape tree'. The abandoned camp near Tucson, Arizona, was uncovered by Veterans On Patrol, which helps ex-servicemen who have become homeless. The bunker can only accessed by a small opening and was found stuffed with children's clothing and toys. The veterans claim this was where children were locked up and held captive. Meanwhile, Jon McLane, 35, chaplain of Bravo Base, a nearby homeless camp, found a tree with hand restraints and a swing, which he described as a 'rape tree'. 'The straps are embedded into the tree in a way that whoever was tied to that could not get off.
US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp in Arizona
June 3, 2018
Veterans on Patrol stumbled upon the encampment in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, but it wasn’t a typical homeless camp. In the middle of the desert, they found trees with restraints on them at the site, children’s clothing, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, pornographic material, hair dye and a five feet tall underground cave that had a dresser and crates. The cave was not big enough for an adult, but a child could easily fit inside.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2018: The explanation by the local media and police, that this was a homeless camp, is plausible on its face except for several obvious clues that do not fit that scenario. Homeless people do not leave clothing and toys and strollers behind. They have few possessions and value them. Items such as soap and flea shampoo would be taken along. The camp does not look abandoned, it looks like repeated use is expected. A homeless encampment would be known to the locals, as they look to be fed, go begging, and at times go shopping looking haggard and unwashed. Yet the suburb just across the freeway was oblivious of this camp, and even the VOP group had not heard of it by rumor.

Located in an industrial area, in thick woods along a river bank, and with a busy super highway separating the camp from any human residences - it was highly private. It was indeed a temporary holding place for children smuggled in from Mexico and Central America. Such children, infants and toddlers, were drugged to be quiet, and as orders came in they were repackaged into vans for delivery elsewhere. The Moloch worshipers, famous and wealthy, would often require a dead body for Spirit Cooking, so the Adrenochrome to be harvested from a terrified child and the ritual rape would be done at the camp.

In that those running this camp never expected to be discovered, much less investigated, this is an opportunity for law enforcement to catch this network in the act. For the rich and famous, participating in Moloch horrors is hard to prove. Testimony from other participants is not considered legally binding. It thus requires evidence from the traffickers who can be caught with the goods. However, if they cooperate with law enforcement they fear being eliminated. But infiltration has occurred, thus the discovery by VOP, and more to follow. The rich and famous will stop their practices for fear of discovery.

The I-19 rape camp was located on industrial land owned by CMEX, which is owned by Carlos Slim, a wealthy Mexican who is very much a Hillary supporter and Clinton Foundation donor.

181 Clinton Foundation Donors who Lobbied Hillary's State Department
April 28, 2015
The size and scope of the symbiotic relationship between the Clintons and their donors is striking. At least 181 companies, individuals, and foreign governments that have given to the Clinton Foundation also lobbied the State Department when Hillary Clinton ran the place.
New York Times’ Top Shareholder Is a Clinton Foundation Donor
June 10, 2015
Slim, a Mexican telecom tycoon whose net worth of nearly $80 billion makes him the second richest man in the world, became the top shareholder of the New York Times earlier this year after he doubled his shares to take control of 16.8 percent of the company. Not only has Slim contributed between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation, but his company Telmex has contributed an additional grant between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 through its foundation. Slim has also pledged $100 million to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.
Carlos Slim
From 2010 to 2013, Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world by the Forbes business magazine. He derived his fortune from his extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso. As of March 2018, he is the seventh-richest person in the world according to Forbes' listing of The World's Billionaires with a net worth estimated at $70.5 billion.

The CMEX facility at the rape camp (32°07'38.0"N 110°59'20.7"W) is currently inactive, an idle facility, but the land is owned by Carlos Slim.

Retrograde Nibiru

The retrograde rotation of Nibiru is the reason the vast tail of Nibiru, blowing out from its N Pole, swirls around in a retrograde direction. Nibiru is located (in the view from Earth in the Northern Hemisphere) at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun. Thus the clockwise swirl of the tail throws the tail under the Sun and thence to the left and above the Sun. This can be seen in SOHO captures and in Alberto’s photos, which match.


Nibiru has a retrograde orbit around the Sun during its passage, a retrograde rotation, and consequently a retrograde swirl in its vast tail. This has been known since the ancients, as noted by Zecharia Sitchin. Where all the other planets orbiting the Sun proceeded in a counterclockwise manner, Nibiru (Marduk) orbited in a clockwise retrograde manner.

Plato in Politicus
At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.
The Official Website of Zecharia Sitchin
Zecharia Sitchin made the audacious assertion that not only do extrasolar planets exist, but that other planetary systems can come into being, exist, and can also meet a violent end. The Summaerians named it Nibiru; the Babylonians renamed it Marduk in honor of their national god. That scenario, which explains a host of astronomical enigmas, was illustrated in the book.

ZetaTalk: Signs of Change July 2005: Sling orbit, retrograde orbit, and retrograde rotation are involved. Planet X not only passing the Sun in a retrograde orbit, it rotates in a retrograde manner. This creates a direct clash with the Earth when the distance between them closes so their magnetic fields engage, ultimately slowing the Earth's rotation to a stop during the passage.

The Zetas described the reason for the retrograde orbit as an attempt by Nibiru to avoid the sweeping arms of the Sun, large bands of solar emissions that sweep along with the Sun’s rotation. These bands of solar emissions are the reason the planets that orbit the Sun in the inner Solar System all sweep along in the same direction. It’s like a broom. And Nibiru found that at a distance it could not keep ahead of the band, so was forced to jump over the band, thus beginning its retrograde motion. This was clearly shown in the Path diagram the Zetas provided for Nibiru’s approach during 1983-2003.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/15/1997: As the sweeping arm of this energy field passes the 12th Planet, which in no way could stay ahead of this sweeping arm at the distance it is from the Sun, the 12th Planet's reaction to the bulk of the energy field is longer lasting and begins to produce a retrograde orbit for its approach to the Sun. Thus, during 1995 through 1998, the 12th Planet will drift left and up toward the elliptic, aligning itself in the same manner as the planets to the Sun's sweeping arm, but due to its mobility out in space, its distance from the Sun, it develops a retrograde orbit and begins to move to the right, in the manner the ancients recorded.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/4/2017: We stated early in the ZetaTalk saga, even before Nibiru became visible in observatory sightings in 2001, that it has assumed a retrograde orbit. It did so to evade what we have called the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, which reaches out from the Sun as it rotates in a counterclockwise motion. The Sun rotates in this direction, and forces all the planets in the inner Solar System to orbit in this direction. As can be seen by photos of the Nibiru system, this tail curves out from Nibiru in a clockwise manner, a retrograde manner, curling under the Sun and thence up to the left. Nibiru itself also has a retrograde rotation.

That Nibiru is coming at the Earth, and the other planets in the inner Solar System such as Venus, has been depicted in Crop Circle designs. The clockwise (retrograde) orbit around the Sun is clearly depicted, as is the impact a retrograde planet would have on other planets it encounters moving in the traditional counterclockwise manner.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/30/2012: Planet X has a retrograde orbit and this design shows this clockwise progression. Going into the passage, Planet X will grow in size, looming as large as the Moon or the Sun in the sky, while also continuing in its retrograde orbit so it will align in front of the Sun, rather than to the right of the Sun in the view from the Northern Hemisphere as it does today.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/11/2015: This design depicts a retrograde orbit, which Nibiru, aka Planet X has. When looking down at the solar system, the view astronomers prefer, the Sun rotates in a counterclockwise manner, as do all the planets that go round and round in orbit around the Sun. Nibiru deals with the sweeping arms of the Sun when it approaches for its periodic passage by hopping over the sweeping arms, thus passes through the solar system in a retrograde manner – clockwise.