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Issue 679, Sunday October 6, 2019
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Area 51 Bust

Some of the first questions asked of the Zetas at the start of the ZetaTalk saga were about Roswell and Area 51. What goes on there, and are captured or crashed alien ships held there? Is the surviving member of the Roswell crash alive and held there? Of course, he is our Skinny Bob, shown on a released vid of the little guy, but per the Zetas he returned to his planet years ago. And per the Zetas, Area 51 is now empty, everything moved elsewhere. But the public still hungers to see for themselves.

Storm Area 51: Hundreds of People Gather at US Military Base to 'See them Aliens'
September 22, 2019
Fears that thousands of alien hunters could attempt to “storm” Area 51 after responding to a viral Facebook event have proved unfounded, with fewer than 200 people turning up at the gates of the secretive US military base. Most of those left peacefully after "heated warnings" from police, although authorities said two people were arrested at perimeter of the remote facility in Nevada. It was a far cry from the millions who signed up to Storm Area 51

ZetaTalk Answer 8/15/1995: Out in the Nevada Desert lies the most watched air base in the United States. You know the one, it's the one that doesn't exist, the one with no name - Area 51. Are flying saucers being dismantled, assembled, inspected and flown by humans at Area 51? Not any more, though until quite recently this was one of the activities going on at this ultra-secret, hush-hush base. Due to your government's request of us, ongoing activities at Area 51 are not a matter we can divulge. Suffice it to say these other activities do not involve the alien issue, but fall within the purview of normal government activities. Area 51 is all the more in the news because of its desire to be secret. At this point, should they throw open the doors and let the public wander through, everyone would be disappointed. A tomb. Empty, or virtually so, in preparation for just such public exposure. Where did the space ships go, and how did the military come into possession of them? The ships were moved by the alien groups who provided them to the military, and the whole operation has setup elsewhere, not on a military base.

ZetaTalk Answer 7/15/1995: Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years.

Deflecting Asteroids

In November, 2011 asteroid YU55 came within 220,000 miles of Earth, within the orbit of the Moon. Then in June, 2012 asteroid LZ1 came within 14 lunar distances of Earth. On January 8, 2013 asteroid Apophis came within 9,000,000 miles of the Earth, close enough for inspection. In the year 2029 Apophis is expected to sling by within 18,600 miles of Earth. On February 15, 2013 asteroid DA14 was expected to pass within 21,000 miles of Earth, closer than some of our satellites, and return in 2020 for another close pass. On Halloween asteroid 2015 TB145 came within 310,000 miles of Earth - nearly as close as the Moon. The Zetas had long predicted this.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/14/2009: Earlier such debris was called space junk, until this excuse was overused and the public beginning to raise a suspicious eyebrow. Then the increase in fireballs was noted by the public. We have often stated that the debris in the tail of Nibiru, the moon swirls, are likely to be called an asteroid swarm when they become noticed. They are getting the public ready for such an excuse.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/22/2003: We anticipate NASA will explain the Nibiru complex as any number of things, or rather their lackeys, who will natter the word on every Internet or media source that allows their nattering - asteroid bunch, passing comet, unusual comet, Mars closest pass in many eons, or whatever.

Deflecting Asteroids was one of the subjects debated on the sci.astro Usenet in 1996. Jonathan Tate of Space Guard UK joined the discussion, and insisted that Asteroids could be deflected. The Zetas disagreed. Now in 2019 JXAX in Japan and the AIDA partnership between NASA and the ESA are actively testing deflection methods, but most tests planned for the future. Japan raised some dust on the surface of an Asteroid, but no deflection resulted. The Zetas recommend the Chelyabinsk method.

‘Insurance Policy for Planet Earth’: Space Agencies to Smash Spacecraft into Asteroid at over 14,000 mph
September 19, 2019
The joint asteroid impact and deflection assessment (AIDA) project launched by the ESA and NASA in 2015, and Earth’s champion selected for the mission will be NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft. When the Japanese space agency JAXA bombed the asteroid Ryugu in April, it made a far bigger crater than anticipated. Additionally, the material on the surface behaved like sand, which may impact the effectiveness of deflection. The DART will ram into Didymos B at 23,760 kilometers per hour (14,760mph). However, all that force will only translate into a change in the asteroid’s velocity of just a centimetre per second or so, which could change the orbital period from almost 12 hours to a mere matter of minutes. The mission is set to launch in July 2021, with the impact expected in September 2022. The ESA’s Hera observation spacecraft will launch in 2023 and take observations starting in 2027 to give the final appraisal of the mission.
Check out the First Pics of the Asteroid Crater made by a Japanese Spacecraft
April 25, 2019
In the first week of April, a Japanese spacecraft blasted a small crater into an asteroid more than 180 million miles from Earth.

ZetaTalk Overview 9/30/2019: The debate about deflecting asteroids that threaten Earth has been under discussion in ZetaTalk since its inception. In 1996 we debated Jonathan Tate of Space Guard UK on the sci.astro usenet. We argued that deflection in space simply does not work because the asteroid is attracted to a gravity source, and being deflected merely means it will move to the side and then proceed on its way toward that gravity source. Vaporizing the asteroid is required, but mankind’s solution to try deflection with a nuke will not work either. On Earth, the explosion cannot push the Earth aside, but in space the force of explosion will dissipate in all directions.

We have recommended that mankind follow the Chelyabinsk example, where a large bolide was captured by Earth’s gravity and was rapidly descending when the missile struck. Deflection was not an option as the gravity pull was too strong. The Russian missile was thus able to create an explosion that vaporized the bolide. Just where, in the atmosphere above Earth, this line is drawn where the gravity pull of Earth is sufficient to allow bolides to be vaporized is a matter for Earth scientists to establish.

Magnetosphere Assault

Meanwhile, the Earth’s magnetosphere is under attack. Nibiru is a giant magnet, only 4-5 times the diameter of Earth but so dense it is, per the Zetas, 23 times as massive. During its approach, it is pointing its magnetic N Pole directly at the Earth, and this combined with swipes by the charged tail of Nibiru are devastating mankind’s electronics on Earth. President Trump’s EO and the DARPA testing in underground parking lots in DC is an admission. Proof that this comes from Nibiru has been faithfully covered on the Pole Shift ning. But the cover-up over Nibiru lives on.

The iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System - iSWA / NASA was down beginning September 13 and returned sometime late September 18. Most of the timestamped images were there to see from 13-18. Of course there were the usual missing frames during Polarity Increases and Mangled Magnetosphere postures. Lately there has been no shortage of events. I would like to add many times this past year I have posted images to the Pole Shift ning only to see the ISWA Magnetosphere cygnets go down shortly after. To be honest I'm amazed it has lasted this long given how much it has been an asset to counter the "Blaming the Sun" lies put forth for these time.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2019: The cover-up over Nibiru is in full swing, but not all Earth changes can be hidden from the public. Earthquake magnitude and frequency can be hidden when quakes are recorded in the databases with a reduced magnitude, or removed altogether. They are currently being reported -2 magnitudes below their real magnitude. Volcanoes are the exception as their eruptions cannot be hidden from the public, though the compliant and controlled media avoids this subject just as they avoid the increase in bolide traffic.

President Trump’s EO on the US defenses and the DARPA testing in underground parking lots in DC is the exception, as it is an implicit admission. Nibiru’s influence on the Earth’s magnetic field is such that the field turns into a spaghetti mess with the bow shock facing Nibiru becoming an inflamed red, and the Poles forced into a Dipole Axis lean.

Magnetic field modeling relies on numerous sources that cannot easily be forged.  The government is aware of how much these models are being accessed, and those trying to maintain the cover-up are frantic. The common man does not know how to read the models and graphs, and they had relied upon this. But it does not take a genius or PhD to compare a chart from the past to charts in the present or to compare them to current images of the Sun. Until Nibiru is admitted, expect this data to be increasingly denied.

An astute BATSRUS magnetosphere image watcher also noted that the blasts from Nibiru on September 18 are showing and causing the Daily Earth Wobble! Within 4 minutes time, the Dipole Axis Lean moved! The wobble does indeed move that rapidly, witnesses reporting that the shadow on the ground moved that rapidly, or the Moon raced across the sky. This has been caught on camera in the past, by Gordon Gianninoto in 2012, who captured the Moon on the move. Meanwhile, mankind’s rattled infrastructure suffers during the Earth Wobble as the lurching about stretches thin places in the crust, pulling pipes apart.

Fire & Explosion Reported at Pemex Oil Refinery in Southern Mexico
September 17, 2019
Parts of the Antonio Dovali Jaime refinery in Selina Cruz, Mexico could be seen emitting thick clouds of black smoke in video footage posted online. It is not clear what caused the incident, and so far no injuries have been reported.
Italy: Explosion hits Oil Refinery
September 17, 2019
A huge explosion occurred in the Italian commune of Sannazzaro de Burgondi in the north-east of the country. Italy's largest oil and gas company Eni is the owner of the plant. Authorities are working to establish the causes of the explosion.
Video Footage Captures Explosion at Philadelphia-area Oil Refinery
June 21, 2019
A fire broke out at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery after an explosion. The refinery located outside Philadelphia is the longest continuously operating refinery on the East Coast.
"I Feel Anxious": Explosion at Texas Oil Refinery Highlights Uneven Impact of Energy Production
July 31, 2019
Dozens of people were hurt after an ExxonMobil oil refinery in Baytown, Texas, exploded and caught fire on July 31. It was the latest in a series of industrial fires this year in the Houston area, known as the energy capital of the world. The same ExxonMobil facility caught fire in March, and blazes broke out in March at a petrochemical terminal in Deer Park and in April at the KMCO chemical plant in Crosby.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2019: What is the commonality in the recent refinery explosions? All occurred in stretch zones. All occurred in low lands that are indicative of thin crust easily pulled apart. These explosions did not occur because of any political agendas or battles for supremacy among oil companies. Pemex in Mexico. Exxon Mobil in Baytown. Eni in Italy. And Philadelphia Energy Solutions in Pennsylvania. We stated in 2008 during a pipeline explosion in Texas, and in 2009 during a Puerto Rico explosion, and in 2009 during a Moscow explosion that land in a stretch was the problem. It still is.

Aftertime Partners

Since Putin and Modi struck a deal on development of the Far East, India has been invited to join the Tsentr-2019 military exercises. Combined with the “Stan” countries the participants form a solid block, a contiguous land mass. The focus of the exercises is to counter terrorism and Islamic extremists. Iran, an ally of Russia, has pointedly been excluded. Iran is also a major oil source for China, though China has its own oil reserves. Are we seeing the formation of Pole Shift and Aftertime Partnerships?

Russia, China and Central Asian Nations Hold First Ever Joint Military Exercise
September 19, 2019
The drill, known as “Tsentr-2019,” began in Orenburg, south of the Urals in Russia which is near Kazakhstan. According to UPI, troops from several Central Asian states, India and Pakistan (which have been involved in tensions over the disputed Kashmir region), will train in Astrakhan Oblast, the North Caucasus region of the Russian republic of Dagestan, Chelyabinsk Oblast, the Siberian Altai and Kemerovo. This year’s drill is also noteworthy for the joint participation of Pakistan and India, traditionally bitter rivals who are currently engaged in heightened tensions over the long-standing Kashmir dispute. The joint-exercise aims to boost cooperation to tackle international terrorism and prevent Islamic extremists from entering Russia through Central Asia.
Russia Conducts Massive Military Drills with China, sending a Message to the West
September 17, 2019
Russia is carrying out a series of large-scale military exercises with China, India and Pakistan in what experts believe is Moscow trying to send a powerful message to the West. The military drills take place annually but Russia has upped the ante this year by inviting forces from China, India and Pakistan (as well as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) to take part in the drills.
China, Russia, Iran ‘plan Joint Naval Drill in International Waters’
September 21, 2019
Iranian news outlet quotes military official as saying exercise will be held soon, but Chinese media silent on reported manoeuvres.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/30/2019: It should not be surprising that India was welcomed into Russia’s military exercises, given the technology and immigration arrangements Modi and Putin recently reached for development of Russia’s Far East. We have often stated that Russia and China have each other’s backs, neither invading the other nor allowing invasion from elsewhere. It should also not be a surprise that the “stan” countries, former Russia satellites, are asked to join. But there is far more to the partnership than merely resisting terrorism, as publicly stated.

What is to be made of the reluctance to invite Iran, an ally of Russia? Iran is dominated by hard line Islamic rulers, and both Russia and China have had problems with some of their Muslim enclaves, such as the Chechen rebels in Russia and the Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang region. Islam is prone to Jihad and Sharia Law suppression of women. From the Taliban in Afghanistan to the religious leaders in Iran and the wars between the Shia and Sunni in the Middle East, these attitudes are not welcome. India is predominantly Hindu, China Buddhist, and Russia Christian.

What is to be made of the lack of any inclusion of countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, or Australia? The answer lies in the Aftertime maps we have drawn for the public since the start of the ZetaTalk saga. India is expected to be the new S Pole, but her peoples will be welcomed in Russia’s Far East because of their proven track record on being industrious. We have predicted that Iran and other countries bordering India will freeze, including Indonesia and the southern China provinces. Russia, China, and the “stan” countries thus form a block, contiguous and cohesive.

N America is presumed to form its own block with the US and Canada. Due to the expected devastation of Central America and the Caribbean, S America will also form another block. The remnants of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe will all be island nations. Africa is expected to be invaded by migrants from Europe, which will find its lands flooded, unable to migrate east because of the inland bay driven up through Persia toward the Ural Mountains. This migration will be joined by Muslims wishing to leave the chilly Middle East, and thus Africa will find itself quite diverse and contentious.

Looking at the New Geo map based on the ZetaTalk predictions, one can see how the blocks form. Geology forces the grouping, in most cases. India is included in the Russia/China block in part because India is a BRICS member (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S Africa), but also because of Putin’s welcome to the Far East. The Far East not only has high land, it will have a very temperate climate along the new Equator, which will run through the Bering Straits. Both the N America and S America blocks will have high land along their West Coasts, which will likewise run along the new Equator. The N America block will incorporate Greenland.

The remnants of Australia and New Zealand may form a mini-block. Korea is expected to be washed over during the Pole Shift, and Japan will likewise be devastated by its volcanoes. Japan was likely not invited to join the Russia/China block because of its historical animosity toward both those countries. Europe is expected to be a series of islands, with ocean fishing and a very temperate climate along the new Equator making survival possible. The Islamic nations of the Middle East may continue to squabble, but due to the proximity to the new S Pole over India will migrate toward Africa or freeze to death.