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Issue 237, Sunday April 17, 2011
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Pacific Pingpong

There is a relationship in plate movement, particularly between easing of pressure in Asia and the pending S America roll. During four days in April this could be seen in activity in Asia and in the region of Central America. A pingpong, or back and forth effect, was obvious. On April 3, 2011 the little Fiji platelet sustained a magnitude 6.5 quake. Per the Zetas, this platelet will be a loser in the crunch as the Pacific compresses.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2011: The primary devastation will come during the hour of the pole shift, but the devastation has started during the 7 of 10 adjustments. The little Fiji Plate, as the recent sinking indicates, will be a loser, pushed down into the notch as the Pacific Plate presses ever westward.

On April 5, 2011 the plates on the move in Asia were outlined with quakes on IRIS. The plate tongue holding Indonesia was outlined. The Indo-Australian Plate rising at New Zealand was outlined. Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia had a series of quakes upwards to magnitude 6, right on the Philippine Plate border. The Philippine Plate is folding, sinking under the Philippine Islands while tilting.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/19/2011: Look at the point where the Pacific Plate noses into the plate tongue holding Indonesia. This again is a pressure point, and the fracture of small platelets there shows how much pressure has been applied in the past.

On April 4, 2011 buoy 56001 just under the plate curve beneath Sumatra and Java went on alert. Following this, a magnitude 5.9 quake occurred off the sinking edge of Sumatra. The buoy is letting us know that a sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia occurred prior to the quake. Sinking is an otherwise silent process.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/18/2010: Already there are many periods when quakes line the plate borders, and hammer there. During one such episode, the elevation will start to drop. It will be a steady sinking, in short bursts. S America will be right behind Indonesia in this regard, starting its roll.

As the Zetas predicted, plate movement in S America and the Caribbean will be right behind the changes in Asia, as there is a domino reaction. On April 7, 2011 a second buoy went off - 56001 under the curve of Sumatra was joined by buoy 42407 south of Puerto Rico. Once again, the buoy is alerting us to plate movement, in this case the lifting of the northern side of the Caribbean Plate while the plate tilts down, is pushed down, at the southern edge.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: The Caribbean Plate will lift, slightly, on its northern edge, while plunging greatly on its southern edge, being pushed down by the overriding S American.

This was accompanied by quakes along the Caribbean Plate border and at Chiapas, Mexico where the Cocos Plate pushes under southern Mexico during the westward push of the Americas.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/4/2010: Overall S America now has 250 miles to roll, dragging the Caribbean and pushing over the Cocos and Nazca plates before it.

And the coastline along Ecuador shows the effect of land on the pushing edge being pushed over the Nazca Plate. Anconcito is right on the coast, at the point where the S American Plate is pushing over the Nazca Plate, and at the point where the N Andes fault line emerges to touch the coastline. Yet more evidence that plate movement in the region has occurred during the April 4-8, 2011 period.

Ecuador: The Ground Opened in Anconcito
April 08, 2011
Several houses are on the verge of collapse. Risk Management of Santa Elena reported that 86 families will be evacuated and housed in shelters.

Now back to Asia, where on April 7, 2011 the Japan region had more quakes, a 7.4 in Sendai, where earthquake lights produced a flash. LISS showed a global quake at this time, registering on all seismographs worldwide.

And showing unmistakably the absolute relationship between the plate movements in Asia and the plate movements in the Caribbean, both buoys 56001 and 42407 were on alert at the same time during this period. As the Zetas said, the S American roll follows right on the heels of the changes in Asia, and this relationship can be seen even prior to the roll.

Rescue Exhaustion

The Zetas warned that before the pole shift that emergency management teams would be exhausted and that government assistance would not be able to address all the problems. As disasters compound, we can see the trend today. Using the disaster in Japan and the results of the sinking of low-lying areas in Indonesia as examples, we find crop failure, depression, homelessness and stranded survivors wondering where to turn. The Zetas warn that when anticipating the pole shift, each family needs to look to themselves and not expect rescue.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/27/2007: To date, disasters are singular, happening one at a time with a chance afterwards for the system to recoup. What we have predicted are multiple and continuous disasters, with no letup. This is coming, and each family, each individual, needs to anticipate saving themselves and taking themselves to safety, to safe locations, well before these times arrive.

In Japan, suicides due to the loss have begun and attending to the homeless in the midst of a nuclear disaster has overwhelmed the Japanese government. Clearly, the tsunami has destroyed crops and farms in the area.

City Seethes in Radiation Zone
April 9, 2011
One evacuation-zone resident pondered his future after losing his house, truck, tractor and combine to the tsunami. The 72-year-old farmer said he would gather other survivors and demand compensation for radiation-related losses.
Back from the Brink: A City in Ruins Looks to the future
April 10, 2011
For some, the psychological impact is only beginning to sink in now. "There have already been suicides," says Saeki Yuji, a clinical psychologist who has been voluntarily working in the coastal city of Ishinomaki, which lost 5,200 citizens in the disaster. "When you ask people in the northeast, 'Are you OK,' they always say 'yes.' But they're not OK. They're grieving."

Where the disaster in Japan got international news coverage, the sinking in Indonesia did not, but the grief is just as great and has affected a larger number of people. Many have lost everything, without hope of compensation since the sinking has not been acknowledged by the government. Relief in the form of food and blankets is limited, and parsed out for a limited time period. Like unemployment insurance, it is assumed that the citizen only needs temporary relief.

East Nusa Tenggara
April 4, 2011
594 victims of flash floods in Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) still survive in refugee camps. They rely on bananas as a daily diet because food aid is channeled government is very limited. Meanwhile, the pool of water in the residential population is still about 30 50 centimeters (cm) from the previous 1.5 to 2 meters.
Failed Harvest, Flood Victims Need Food
April 6, 2011
The government needs to think about food reserve for people who are victims of flooding in Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Maybe there are only a dress on the body because of all their possessions, livestock and plants they had brought floods destroyed.
Thailand Flooding Kills 61
April 9, 2011
Almost 81,000 people have flood-related illnesses from colds and foot fungus to post-traumatic stress disorder or thoughts of suicide. Medical teams dispensed stress-relief pills to 223 patients whose conditions will be monitored for improvement. The Health Ministry has dispatched personnel to the regions of Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani to educate them on ways to protect themselves from flood-related diseases such as dengue fever, leptospirosis, diarrhea, malaria and conjunctivitis.

All told, among the countries on the plate tongue holding Indonesia, millions have been affected, and almost none of this reported in the major media due to the cover-up over Planet X related disasters. Since ZetaTalk predicted it, it will not be acknowledged. Such are the stingy hearts of the establishment, who fear panic above all else.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/18/2010: The 7 of 10 will unfold but not as expected by many. It will not be a dramatic announcement on the news, as the establishment is ready for this, due to the extensive discussions. As we stated, there would be large quakes when Indonesia sinks but not the major quakes one would expect, not magnitude 8-9. This will start slowly at first, the trend already noted, but the quakes starting to pick up as Indonesia sinks. Thus it will not be before the early part of 2011 before the full impact of the prediction accuracy is noted by the world. Meanwhile, the establishment will try to cover with lots of talk about storm surge, Global Warming, and high tides.

Crop failure is repeatedly reported in the local press in Indonesia, however, with the mention of "stagnant water", "sea water" inundating crop lands, lands "still awash", and "rotting" crops. Reading between the lines, this is stating that sinking has occurred. Java, at the sinking edge, has been most gravely affected, as sinking has been occurring there since December 23, 2010. The sinking on the plate tongue holding Indonesia may be taking longer than originally expected, but as these 453 news articles from newsletter periods dated January 19, February 3, February 10, February 15 for Jakarta, February 23, March 3, March 17, March 31, and April 13 show, the flooding has affected several hundred villages in 216 different locales in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Name, and the Philippines. And per the Zetas, we are still not at the finish line.

Floods Soak Beans Dozens of hectares of fields, farmers Hundreds Million Loss
April 7, 2011
Flooding that hit Deliserdang District, has been soaking the beans. This condition has been detrimental to farmers hundreds of millions of dollars. So many have rotten.
Trang Flood Water is 1-2 Meters High.
April 8, 2011
The water level in the second district continues to be influenced by sea water. Because sea water the domestic rice farmers and palm oil. Still awash. Combined with flood water detention for a long time.
1000 Hectares of Agricultural Areas in Tuban Still Awash
April 3, 2011
At least 1,000 hectares (ha) of agricultural area in the eight villages in the district Rengel, Tuban, East Java are still inundated with water levels up to 50 centimeters (cm).
Flooded Rice Fields in Indramayu
April 8, 2011
Hundreds of hectares of rice fields in three villages in Indramayu district, West Java, inundated as high as one meter. Farmers worried about stagnant water immeasurably damaged their paddy.
Rotting Hundreds Hectares of Rice
April 8, 2011
Tens of hectares of rice crops in the village of Teguhan, Grobogan, Central Java rot.
Wet Always Floods, Crop Yields Minim
April 5, 2011
The consequences are always flooded, farmers should also be harvested in the fields still flood thighs.
Due to Floods, 196 ha in East Java Agricultural Puso
April 07, 2011
The floods that inundated parts of East Java since the last few weeks to make at least 4,000 hectares of farmland submerged. In Jombang about 494 hectares, Gresik approximately 766 hectares, 888 hectares Lamongan and Bojonegoro 1308 hectares. In Tuban alone, the total area of submerged land area of 549 hectares.
Lamongan to Gresik Still Awash
April 8, 2011
It's been three weeks floods submerging roads.

Folks, don't have any illusions about rescue from your governments! Even in the best of times, this is limited or virtually absent! Take matters into your own hands, and move to your safe locations, getting into gardening early. Why delay?

ZetaTalk Advice 11/3/2007: We have predicted that 90% of the world's population will die as a result of the coming pole shift. Most die not because of direct injury from the pole shift, but because of starvation, depression, illness resulting from poor nutrition or a depressed immune system, and injuries that lack medical attention. What should be done? Certainly those who can should arrange for a safe location, a place to flee to when disasters begin to befall the area where they reside, work or attend school. Better yet is to move to such a safe location and become familiar with gardening, saving seed, and flock or herd management. What are you waiting for?

Blue Spirals

When the Norway blue swirl appeared on December 8, 2009, captured on photos and videos, the Zetas predicted that more such swirls would be making an appearance.

Are the elite now trapped with their cover story of a Russian missile to debunk the latest neon spiral? One might assume that may more such spirals will manifest and it will not be credible for TPTB to suggest mis fired Russian missiles will be responsible for the spirals to come. Are the spirals that are so often represented by petroglyphs showing us what man saw during previous Planet X passages?

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/12/2008: Spirals were present in the skies, as signs in the skies, during prior pole shifts, yes. This is a matter we withheld up until now, because of our desire to surprise the establishment as much as possible, to hopefully shake the cover-up and allow admissions of the truth to blurt out. The establishment will cast around for explanations before simply falling silent on the matter. The time is coming when silence will be their only defense, so that the common man looks elsewhere for an explanation.

Now these neon blue spirals have appeared in the skies over Hanti Mansijsk in central Russian on April 5, 2011 and Christchurch in New Zealand on March 29, 2011.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/9/2011: These are not UFOs! These are electromagnetic swirls, only captured on film because they occurred over populated areas. The Earth can begin to expect an increase in such signs in the skies.

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