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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 3, 2007. Note no Live Chat was held, due to technical difficulties.

Al Jazeera: U.S. Jets, Not Israeli, Attacked in Syria [Nov 2] http://www.israelnational The fallout of conflicting information regarding the alleged strike against a Syrian nuclear facility in September continues. Al Jazeera Channel's website quotes Israeli and Arab sources as saying that the attack was carried out by U.S. warplanes, which used mini-nuclear bombs to destroy the unfinished facility without killing any people. Israeli Air Force jets only provided cover for the U.S. jets, according to this version of the event. Previous reports have said that the raid was carried out by the IAF, or that U.S. jets provided cover for the Israeli fighters.

Various stories have floated about regarding the Israeli raids into Syria on September 6, 2007. Israel was at first mum, allowing rumors to float. That this happened the day after the attempted theft of nukes from the US arsenals at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakoka is significant. One of the rumors floating about was that these nukes were to be used by the Israelis on their raid. This is true. When the nuke theft was discovered, Israel proceeded with their planned raid, holding back on an explanation until the dust had settled. They wanted to see the official US explanation for the attempted theft from the US arsenals before proceeding with their own explanation for the Syrian raid. Thus, the odd Israeli silence on the Syrian raid for weeks. That the attempted theft from Minot Air Force Base occurred on September 5, 2007 and the Israeli raid occurred the very next day is not coincidence.

Israel expected to drop a nuke or two on Syria to bolster their claim that Syria was developing nuclear material. Radiation from the US nukes would thus be claimed to be radiation emanating from Syrian nuclear development. Thus is the mindset of those who would dominate the oil fields in the Middle East. So what is the truth in this latest rumor spread by Israel about the Syrian raid? The US was not involved, at all. The US did not provide nuke loaded planes. This is another Israeli lie. The Israeli raid fell flat, and Russia has been jamming Israeli air waves from a location in Syrian in retaliation ever since. Israel is trying to regain the high ground in this public relations battle. They wish to be seen as powerful, feared, with powerful allies. Thus, they are now floating the story that the US participated. Syria and Iran know the truth. The Al-Jazeera report is taking care to only quote sources, not to pronounce the statements as true. Look for countering statements to be made in this war of words.

One million people affected by Mexico floods [Nov 2] Rescuers worked Friday on rescuing hundreds of thousands of people trapped by the worst floods ever recorded in Mexico's southern state of Tabasco, with more than one million resident affected. The oil-rich state is now 80 percent underwater. "New Orleans was small compared to this," said state Governor Andres Granier, comparing the disaster to the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Area rivers continued to swell due to the non-stop rain, and more than 850 towns have been flooded in the Gulf of Mexico state, officials said. Of the 2.1 million Tabasquenos, more than half are suffering from this serious problem that has not been experienced in the history of Tabasco.

As with the scope of the California firestorms, what is notable about this flood is its scope. Not just one river in the area burst their banks, but many did. Most of the state of Tabasco was under water, with the residents having nowhere to flee but their rooftops. We have mentioned that going into the pole shift such emergencies will pile on top of one another, such that emergency management teams are exhausted and unable to attend to those in distress. During the California firestorms this was not the case, so rescue operations proceeded steadily and those stranded were taken to where they could get food and clean water. But what if such rescue were not possible because the teams were busy elsewhere? What if neighboring states and countries were overwhelmed with their own problems? What would the populace of Tobasco do if there was no water to drink except the dirty water flowing past their rooftops?

We have predicted that 90% of the world's population will die as a result of the coming pole shift. Most die not because of direct injury from the pole shift, but because of starvation, depression, illness resulting from poor nutrition or a depressed immune system, and injuries that lack medical attention. What would have happened during the California firestorms if the emergency management teams had not been able to move people from the path of the storm? How many smoke inhalation and burn victims would have resulted and not been attended to had these teams been occupied elsewhere or unable to travel due to road upheaval or windstorms preventing air travel? How many Tabasco residents would be suffering from cholera had rescue not provided them clean water to drink? These types of disasters, compounding and without letup, create additional disasters in human suffering and a health crisis.

What should be done? Certainly those who can should arrange for a safe location, a place to flee to when disasters begin to befall the area where they reside, work or attend school. Better yet is to move to such a safe location and become familiar with gardening, saving seed, and flock or herd management. Those living in large crowded cities are living on borrowed time, as the earthquakes will come to these cities well before the pole shift, dropping the buildings into their foundations and bursting gas, water and sewage mains, creating not only injury but a holocaust, all amid rubble and broken roadways that prevent escape. If you have the ability to move to a safe location where clean water is at hand and gardening skills can be gained, what are you waiting for? Many cannot move, or cannot move until the last weeks when it is clear what is unfolding without abatement. These individuals may have responsibilities to others, be the mainstay for a family, and thus need to work in a dangerous locale. But can the family move, with the wage earner visiting on weekends? Disasters such as the California firestorms and the Tabasco floods can happen suddenly, or be a steady state affair such as the rising water along the Louisiana coastline. Each area differs as to its vulnerability. But the message is clear. These problems will not go away, but will only increase.